Delta Airlines Customer Service Complaints 2022: Why I Don’t Recommend Them!

It’s not often that I complain about customer service, however today you will hear some Delta Airlines customer service complaints. Have you had any issues with them recently? I imagine so if you are reading this Delta Airlines review.

Recently me and wife decided to take a trip to Charleston, South Carolina to visit some of our really good friends.  We have been to South Carolina several times before, however this is the first that we decided to fly there.

Now I would like to start off by stating that I have been using (was) Delta Airlines for years. I have used them to fly all over the USA, the Carribean, Europe, Central America and more. The Delta Airlines customer service has always been on point in the past and for this reason we have always used them over other airlines.

What Happened With Delta Airlines Customer Support?

We took our trip to South Carolina and everything went great as planned and arrived on time. We enjoyed our time there with our friends and had tons of fun. However, when returning back home on Sunday July 3, 2022, the plane stopped in JFK, New York.

The flight DL5794 arrived on time to the airport, however was taxiing for 1 hour which was a nightmare! Why a nightmare? Because finally when all of the passengers were released, we had exactly 30 minutes to make it to our next gate. The distance from our drop off with the shuttle to the gate was exactly 30 minutes running in this immense airport! When we arrived to the gate, the agent said the flight already left and as a result we thus missed our connecting flight home.

The Delta Airlines customer service agent at the gate told us to go to another JFK gate B31 that was several minutes away just to rebook our flight. When we arrived to the gate, there were tons of people waiting due to the same issue. We waited in the line for 3 hours just to speak to a rep. The reps were giving out FREE hotel rooms, FREE LYFT rides to and from the hotel along with food vouchers and compensation.  When we we finally were up to speak to a rep, they suddlenly said “We don’t qualify for any compensation nor hotels or anything”. What!! We waited 3 hours in this line extremely tired and nothing! All of these people ahead of us were on the same flight delayed by airplane taxiing, yet for some odd-ball unknown they received all of these vouchers and stuff. I viewed it as discrimination!

We noticed several people complaining, yelling and using language due to this huge inconvenience and the reps gave them accomodations. We tried to speak kindly to reps thinking this might be better, however this didn’t work.

I asked to speak to a supervisor. When he came out he spoke to me and then went inside of a little room to look at something. He returns to tell us that NONE of the passengers on our flight receive ANY FREE hotel accomodations or anything. This guy lied straight to our faces when we saw with our own eyes people sitting next to us on our flight who did receive accomodations and compensation for this huge inconvenience. Some even asked us if we received anything and we said NO so we know that this supposed supervisor was lying straight to our faces!

They claim that Delta is not responsible for airplaines taxiing or tarmac delays. However, again passengers on our same flight who were also delayed due to this “airplane taxiing” received hotel accomodations, Lyft rides, food vouchers, etc. Why is it that “some” people get these hotel accomodations while others who also spent their hardearned money all of sudden “don’t qualify” to receive it.

Delta Airlines customer service only me a $50 voucher and nothing more. We were forced to sleep inside this super uncomfortable JFK airport until the morning. We lost wages as a result of this inconvenience. This truly left a bad taste in our mouths. Hotels in the area were super expensive and again we didn’t receive any accomodations to cover this. We have been calling and emailing them left and right and no resolution yet. This is why I have written this Delta Airlines customer complaints review.

Have you experienced something similiar to this? What Delta Airlines customer complaints do you have that you want to share? Please leave them below.

Would I Use Delta Airlines Again?

Absolutely NOT! It’s crazy how much money you have to spend on travel and the Delta Airlines doesn’t seem to care at all about how much they inconvenience customers. I prefer just to use another airline all together. It’s really sad that a company mistreats their loyal customers like this.

When emailing our Delta Airlines customer service complaints, all we got was this response on July 4, 2022:

“Hello, Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Your Delta Comment/Complaint case number is 0569xxxx. We apologize that our current response times may exceed 30 days in some instances. We want you to know that we take all of our customers’ concerns and feedback seriously. Thank you for your patience as our team is working to respond as quickly as possible. You may respond to this email if you need to add any supporting documentation, receipts, or additional details, and these items will be added to your case to help expedite a resolution. If you need help before a flight, please review the following options below. This team will not be able to support pre-travel or active travel needs”.

“We understand you reached out regarding your recent experience with Delta, and you have not yet received a response that fully addresses your concerns. We understand how disappointing this is, and we apologize. Please know this is not the quality of service you deserve as a loyal Delta customer.

Then on August 18, 2022, I received yet another email from Delta Airlines Customer Support:

“We want to assure you that your Customer Care Case 0569xxxx is still open, and our team is working on a response so no further action is required on your part. If you would like to add additional information to your existing case or indicate that your concern has been handled, we ask that you please reply back to your original case confirmation e-mail. While we cannot give you a firm date for the response, please know that everything possible is being done on your behalf, and that your satisfaction is our utmost concern.

You have been more than patient during this delay, and we want to thank you for bearing with us. We look forward to being able to resolve this issue for you and seeing you on another Delta flight very soon.

With apologies,

Customer Care

Delta Air Lines

This is the only response that we have recieve from Delta Airlines regarding this incident. We are not happy at all and plan on NOT using them going forward. We are planning on booking another trip very soon to move abroad, however we will use another airline.

Delta Airlines Customer Service Reviews

So what do other people think about Delta Airlines customer service? When you look online on different outlets, you will find many Delta Airlines customer service complaints.

For example, when you look at Delta Airlines reviews on Pissed Consumer they have a 1.9 rating out of 5 stars. There people complain not only about customer service, but also about cleanliness, lack of comfort, issues modifying travel, staffing issues and more.

Also, I took a look at their Trustpilot profile and it looks like they have 1.8 out of 5 stars. Tons of Delta Airlines customer service complaints reflecting the same. There some customers also mentioned problems with baggage claim, reservation issues, overpriced seats, amongst other things.

I found this video on Youtube of an angry loyal customer who tried to get an amicable resolution, however got nowhere. As a result, he decided to go public and share his personal Delta Airlines review detailing how much money he lost due to bad customer service.

This is another video online from an African American woman who was mistreated on an Delta Airlines flight. Customer service brushed her off and didn’t want to help. However, after she contacted ABC 7 News Delta Airlines reached out to them due to the bad publicity. It’s terrible that it has to go that far, but sometimes it’s necessary especially if customer service mistreats loyal customers.


I have had other bad experiences in the past, however this one that I have shared really disturbed us and for this reason it’s posted. If I receive an update from their customer service going forward, I will update this post.

After reading this review, what Delta Airlines customer service complaints do you have? Were they ever resolved satisfactory or not? How much money did you lose? Let me know below your personal experience below in the comments.













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