Devrims Reviews 2023: Best Managed Cloud Hosting or Not? Read this first!

Devrims is the new kid on the block offering blazing fast Managed Cloud hosting services. Our Devrims reviews will explain all of the ends and outs that you must know before getting starting!

There are several great fully Managed hosting services online, so why should you use them? Read this Devrims review to the end or you may regret it and SMACK yourself later!

What To Expect In Our Devrims Reviews

When it comes to Managed hosting in general, there are many web hosting providers that promise a lot, but don’t deliver. This is something that I have noticed over the years trying different web hosts to create sites online. Some give you many unlimited resources, while others come with restrictions and will squeeze you for everything.

How is Devrims Managed Cloud hosting different? Are they really worth it? Yes! They are an awesome host, but this review will cover costs, uptime performance, security, website speed performance, customer support and more!

If you have any questions, please drop them below, okay? Alright let’s dive in!

Disclaimer: The owner of this site is a Devrims affiliate. This means that there are Devrims affiliate links in this Devrims review. Whenever you click on a link and make a purchase is made, a modest referral commission is earned. This doesn’t affect your pricing at all, rather is a THANK YOU from Devrims for referring a customer. This also provides some support for this website.

Devrims Reviews: The Company

Devrims, at is a very new managed cloud hosting provider based in Santa Ana, California. Per a recent press release, a global launch introducing Devrims advanced and revolutionizing features was announced.

Their cloud hosting is great for:

  • Freelancers
  • E-Commerce
  • Startups
  • SaaS
  • Digital Agencies
  • Web Developers
  • SMBs
  • Enterprises and more!

Their platform is powered by industries leading cloud infrastructure providers: DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services. So if you are looking for a managed hosting platform with faster page loads, reliability and resources, then you must tryout Devrims.

Devrims Reviews: The Hosting Plans

Devrims has something for everyone when it comes to building websites, blogs and eCommerce stores online. There is pay as you go pricing starting at only $10.95/month or $0.015/hour.

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Opencart Hosting
  • Joomla Hosting
  • Laravel Hosting
  • PHP Hosting
  • Magento Hosting

Tech Stack Benefits:

  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP

Overall Devrims Features:

All of their major applications can be installed with 1-click and automatically configured for you which saves time. They have fully Managed Cloud servers that allow you to pay as you go. You can tryout any of their hosting plans now by taking advantage of their 6-day FREE Trial here.

Which Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting Plans Are Best For You?

This will depend largely on what type of website you need to build and resources. On any note, you can switch between servers for DigitalOcean and AWS anytime and pay as you go. This will give you complete control over the management of your website. Although more than 60% of websites use WordPress, you may want to build using Magento or another preferred CMS.

Or perhaps you want to sell products with an eCommerce store, then WooCommerce hosting will be best for you. It all really depends on your personal goals and objectives that you have for your business online.

devrims reviews

Does Devrims Offer FREE Hosting?

Devrims does NOT offer any free web hosting. However, they do offer something that many of the best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic wesbites don’t in this space: FREE 6 day Trial. Yes, you heard it right!

Dervims Managed Cloud hosting offers a Free trial that will allow you to try out their cloud hosting now BEFORE you commit. No credit card needed at all. Sound like a plan? If so, then you can check out their official website right now here:

Devrims Reviews: Uptime Performance

Having a website with reliable uptime performance on servers is key for the survival of your business online. This is because people go to Google, Yahoo and Bing to find you online. Unfortunately, if you select the wrong hosting provider this could drastically affect your website’s availability and page experience. These are are important ranking factors that will in turn affect your brand & visitors may abandon your site.

You should, if not already know that when your website is up, then you are making money. However, if your website is experiencing downtime, then this means that you are losing money and potential sales. I say all of this in our Devrims reviews because you are about to partner with an extremely reliable Managed Cloud hosting provider with AMAZING uptime performance. There are 20+ data centers globally that give you more wiggle room and flexibility of hosting your website on servers and preferred locations.

devrims reviews

All of this is great with their blazing-fast SSD storage, server level caching, robust optimization, and ultra-fast network. With this in place, it definitely helps to increase exposure with more page views and better SEO rankings.

What To Know About Devrims Uptime Performance? 

When you notice their legal page, you will see something interesting there that no other hosts offer online. Their uptime guarantee is 99.9% or better so you can expect high availability on servers.

However, they take it a few steps further by offering clients SLA credits if for some odd ball reason their uptime performance takes a dip outside of normal maintenance! These SLA credits will be placed in your Devrims Wallet which then can be used for billing.

How does this work?

Monthly Service Availability Percentage:

  • If uptime is less than 99.9% but equal to or greater than 98.0%, then you get 10% SLA Credit
  • If uptime is less than 98% but equal to greater than 92.0%, then you a 20% SLA Credit
  • If less than 92%, then you get 100% SLA Credit

Downtime Exceptions:

  • Informed Maintenance
  • Emergency Maintenance
  • Partner Cloud Provider Services Downtime
  • Breach of Acceptable Use Policy
  • Breach of Agreement or Terms of Conditions
  • Beta Services
  • Force Majeure Events
  • Unauthorized Use Of Services
  • Downtime Due To User Actions, or Any Third-Party Acting On Your Behalf.

I love that Devrims provides these SLA credits because MOST web hosting providers online [shared and managed] typically DON’T reimburse you for downtime.

This is certainly the case for many cheap web hosts owed by NewFold [previously Endurance International Group]. If you are currently hosting with an EIG provider with bad uptime issues, now is the time to migrate FREE to Devrims. They are super reliable. Don’t settle for less!

devrims reviews

Devrims Security

devrims reviews

So next in our Devrims reviews I want to talk security. It’s great to have a web hosting that is affordable with great uptime performance, and great customer support. However, you also need a provider that fights hard to protect your websites and data online. Thankfully, Devrims does an amazing job also with cybersecurity and this is another big reason why I recommend using them.

So what do they have in place to protect your sites?

  • Hardware Firewall
  • SSH/SFTP Security
  • IP Whitelisting
  • Fail2Ban
  • SSL Certificate
  • Database Security
  • Website Backups

All of these measures in place help to block and combat spam, malware, hackers, data breaches, brute attacks, and DDoS attacks and more. With real time monitoring of your site you can be a few steps ahead of the game to keep your websites protected online.

Devrims Refund Policy

Most web hosting services online offer a 30 day money back guarantee to clients. This is quite typical in the web hosting industry.

However, with Devrims, being that you are not charged upfront for anything, there is NO money back guarantee. Just as with most managed hosting services that use platforms like DigitalOcean or AWS, you are charged according to what you use. It’s basically a pay as you go hosting that works by using a postpaid hourly billing method. There are no surprises.

I like that you are only billed for what you use and not charged a big monthly fee for unused resources. Nobody wants that. There are no long term commitments. Get started right now by using their 6-day FREE Trial here!

Devrims Customer Support

Another thing that I wanted to highlight in our Devrims reviews is their customer support. On top of their great page loads and server performance, they also have great customer support.

They are very fast in responding, but you should know that it is only chat-based. If you look on their contact page, you will notice that there are no phone numbers listed.

You must you either their chat-based support or send an email. But as a new Managed Cloud hosting provider, I would say that they are doing an amazing job overall. I love that they always have reps ready to answer your questions immediately when you land on their website.

Now when it comes to cloud hosting providers that don’t have phone support, there are some awesome ones that fall into this same boat: BionicWP, HostStage, Hostinger, Dreamhost, Nestify Namecheap, and Cloudways just to name a few. They all have awesome 24/7/365 customer support, but it’s chat & email based.

I mention these Devrims competitors only to highlight that it’s not such a big deal to not be able to pick up the phone and call someone if you are that kind of a person. As long as you get fast responding representatives that answer questions and resolve issues, this is what matters most. This is exactly what I get from Devrims customer support.

Now when you checkout places like Trustpilot there are just few Devrims reviews published there. This is because they are so new on the block. Of those ratings, they have a 5 out of 5 stars by users. So this is pretty good for a start and definitely work trying them out.

devrims reviews

Devrims Alternatives and Competitors

Although Devrims Managed Cloud hosting is amazing for building websites online, I wanted to mention some Devrims alternatives and competitors. Why? So that you will be reassured that our Devrim reviews are 100% honest and unbiased. This is what my readers love and depend on.

There are many Devrims competitors and alternatives that I seen who offer comparable pricing & similar resources. All of the following have pay as you go options.


Cloudways, cited above also specializes in Managed Cloud hosting services. However, something that is very unique about them is that they not only offer DigitalOcean and AWS, but also Vultr, Google Cloud and Linode. Although Devrims has 20+ data centers, Cloudways offers 60 data centers globally which gives you more servers to select from. Similar to Devrims, they do offer a FREE Trial for users to tryout their hosting. No credit card needed at all.

To get started with Cloudways right now, checkout their FREE Trial Here!


devrims reviews


Nestify is another Devrims alternative who specializes in Managed Cloud hosting services. Their pricing is similar to Cloudways, rather starts at only $9/month.

Their platform is powered by AWS Graviton processors which optimizes it for maximum speeds with 63 data centers. All plans allow you to create unlimited website and receive unlimited visitors. They also offer a 7 day FREE Trial + a 60 day money back guarantee for users to try out their Cloud hosting. No credit card needed.

To get started right now with Nestify, checkout their FREE Trial Here!


devrims review

Another one of Devrims competitors to consider is Kinsta. Their pricing starts at only $25/month and you will get 2 FREE Months on annual plans.

They also specialize in Managed Cloud hosting and have 25+ data centers globally. With their Google Cloud platform you will get free CDNs, SSL certificates, user activity logs, uptime monitoring, two tier firewalls, Cloudflare DDoS protection, C2 machines, Nginx to support for high volumes of traffic.

To get started right now with 2 Months FREE OFF Kinsta, go here

How To Deploy A Website On Internet Using Devrims

As part of our Devrims reviews, I wanted to show you how to deploy a Devrims website below. Once you signup with Devrims today, then you will be able to test out their Managed Cloud hosting.

Before getting online, make sure that you have a domain name for your site that you are creating today. You can upgrade at any time during your free trial, but you will need it.

For pricing, I prefer to buy all of my domains first at Namecheap, then the point nameservers to their hosting provider. You can do this also if this sounds good to you. But of course, you can get from any domain name registrar online of your preference.

This video tutorial will show you step-by-step:

  • How to setup your FREE account
  • Quick review of Devrims dashboard
  • How to do some simple configurations
  • Quick overview of plans & data centers offered through service providers [DigitalOcean vs Amazon Web Services]
  • How to setup & access your WordPress online

I hope that you enjoy this quick Devrims tutorial. If you have any questions, feel free to drop your comments below.

>>Try Devrims 6-Day Free Trial Here<<

Devrims Reviews Conclusion

There are many web hosting providers online that can be used to create your website, blog or eCommerce store. Whether you are a newbie or experienced online, you MUST partner with a reliable web hosting provider. Many web hosting providers are cheap, but not reliable for your website. This means that if your website is not online, then your business is losing money. This is why you absolute MUST have a web host like Devrims that is super reliable and keep your website 24/7 when people are searching for you online.

As highlighted in this Devrims review, you need to use ONLY hosting providers that are affordable with fast customer support, rock solid security, fast page loads and uptime performance. All of these things are extremely important for the survival of your online business.

Devrims Managed Cloud hosting is an amazing provider for bloggers, small businesses, agencies, web developers, enterprises, corporations and everything in between. They have amazing 24/7/365 customer support with rock solid uptime performance and security to protect websites online.

This is something that you MUST have in place before creating your website. Thankfully Devrims definitely makes the cut and has your back in all of these areas.

Remember that you can take advantage right now of a 6-Day FREE Trial here with Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting.

Unlike with most web hosting providers online you will not have to pay any money upfront. You get billed month to month according to the resources that you use. No surprises. There are tons of applications, CMS and features that will make it easier to create and manage your website online.

These are just a few of the things that I wanted to highlight in our Devrims reviews before getting started today.

Building websites from ground up is not hard. However, it is hard to find an affordable host that’s also super reliable web host under one umbrella. This is something that I have obviously emphasized in our Devrims reviews today. Why?

Just like you found this website today looking for a good Devrims review, people will use Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find you online. No matter the search engine used, when they click thru they expect your website to be online. If not, they will bounce off and go to your competitors. You don’t want that, right? Nobody does! This is why you need to get started right now with your FREE Trial with Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting today!

After reading our Devrims reviews, what do you think? Which hosting package will you get for your website today? Will you use AWS or DigitalOcean? I want your feedback below in the comments.

Thanks for reading this Devrims review. I hope that you have an amazing day and a successful business this year going forward!

devrims reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How many websites can I host with Devrims?

One of the great things that I really love about using Devrims is that you can host unlimited websites and domains on a server. This creates a lot of flexibility to create more sites for different projects. It’s really easy to add to new installations whether you want to use WordPress or another CMS platform to build.

What makes Devrims unique from other Managed Cloud Hosting providers?

Typically when you get started with most managed or shared web hosting providers they will automatically select which server your website will be on. Also they will give you a specific amount of resources which in many cases are shared with other clients although they should be allocated only to your website(s). All of this causes slower web speeds and page load performance which essentially causes your visitors to abandon your website. As a result, you lose money.

With Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting, you have 100% complete freedom from the getgo. They let YOU select which server you what to use. They let YOU decide what data center you want to host your site. As a truly Managed platform, they let YOU decided how much resources you need and you can increase or decrease this ANYTIME you want. Devrims gives you more wiggle room that you can make all of the decisions that you know will benefit your business most. This way you don’t have to worry wasting resources on packages that you don’t need. Also, Devrims offers a 6-day FREE Trial to test out their Managed Cloud hosting services.

Does Devrims have a contract?

No, there are no contracts at all. It’s typical that when you buy web hosting from most web hosting services you are forced to buy 1-3 years upfront. Most don’t gives clients the ability nor option of not being locked in for a long commitment. The deal is that you might like your website today, but a few months down the road change your mind. In this case, most web hosting provider will NOT refund you when paying years upfront.

The cool thing about Devrims Managed Cloud Hosting that I love is that you get as much web hosting as you need when you need it. You can pay month to month or hour to hour. This is really unheard in the web hosting industry.

Do you need to provide a credit/debit card during FREE Trial?

Once you get started today, you will not need to add a credit/debit card your account. This means that you are not obligated to anything at all. Just as you saw above with the tutorial, I showed you how to deploy a website using Devrims. If you decide for some odd reason that after the 6 day Free Trial that Devrims is not for you, then your account will automatically be disabled. It’s really easy to upgrade at any point with a click of a few buttons.

Any other questions that you have regarding Devrims and their platform? If so, then you can drop them below and I will do my best to answer. Hope that you enjoy using their platform to build and host your website today!

>>Try Devrims 6-Day Free Trial Here<<



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