Does Site Traffic Affect SEO? 7 Factors That Affect SEO Rankings!

If there is one thing that we all want for our websites is to rank higher in search results, right? But does site traffic affect SEO? This is a question that many people ask especially when trying to create content online that ranks high in search engines. Do you want more web traffic that converts? If so, then keep reading this review to some of the top factors that affect SEO rankings! If you don’t fix them, then you will regret it later!

What To Expect In This Review Today?

The truth out of the gate that you must know and understand is that website traffic in itself doesn’t have any affect on your SEO rankings. However, there are several things that you do need to check that actually WILL affect how high you rank in the search engines. I will go over each of these below and help you to see why they are important to give attention to today. By looking at each of these you will how to improve your SEO rankings for your website!

Some Factors That Affect SEO Ranking: 

1. Quality Content

The saying that “Content is King” is a really old one, however still holds true to this day. Why? Because it doesn’t really matter how much content that you pump out and publish everyday, if it’s not authentic and quality content then it won’t rank.

It is true that Google loves to see fresh content coming from blogs, but why publish mediocre content that is just too short? Why publish content that is not unique? Google will actually punish your website by dropping its SEO rankings.

The truth that I have learned over the years is that Google favors blogs and websites that actually deliver specific results that searchers are looking for online.

For example, today you came here because you wanted to know “does site traffic affect SEO?

Obviously if you are asking yourself this question, then you are someone who actually cares about the content that you publish. And the truth is that Google and your audience also care about the quality of your website content. So if your content doesn’t answer a specific query does if or not a website’s SEO is affected or not, then it will cause the visitor to bounce off of your website. When a person bounces off of your website then it sends a signal to Google and the search engines that your website is NOT a good match for xyz keyword.

2. The Length of Your Content

This is a question many may have different opinions on. However, according to some studies conducted by SEO authorities like MOZ, they suggest that most blogs posts with an average of 2350 are in top 10 results.

Yoast suggest that blogs post around 2500 rank higher in search results. So this gives you a ballpark range more or less of how long your content should to rank higher.

Of course if your blog posts are shorter than this, say 300, 500 words they will not rank so high. So again you can see that if you want higher SEO ranking and more web traffic, then you must create longer blog posts to compete. This higher your SEO rankings, the more site traffic your website will receive. However, keep reading below to see simple ways that you can beat the competition.

3. Can Backlinks Affect Your Website SEO?

does site traffic affect SEO

What are backlinks? Backlinks are links that point back to your website.  On the internet when another website mentions your site perhaps in blog post this tells Google and search engines that this website is important. These are often called inbound links and are great to have to establish authority in Google’s eyes.

However, it’s equally important to have mentions or backlinks from websites that are similar in genre. For example, if your website is about web hosting, yet you have backlinks from websites about dogs and cats, the search engines don’t link this being they are not related topics.

To learn more about how backlinks work and they affect your SEO rankings, checkout this nice video by Neil Patel.

4. LongTail vs General Keywords:

It is true that your site traffic doesn’t affect SEO or page rank, however the type of keywords that you target can. Let me explain what I mean by this.

So when it comes driving web traffic especially with a blog the key will be to center your keywords that people are using to search online. There are really 2 types of keywords that people may use to find something very specific online. One are your typical every day “generic keywords” such as “SEO“. But if you were to type the word SEO in your browser you would get literally MILLIONS of results that may not be what you looking for.

However, if you use long tail keywords these are typically 3-5 words that are more specific that narrow your results down. affect how much site traffic your website gets from the search engines. So a more specific query would be “does site traffic affect SEO” which are 5 words that will give only results in talk about this.

Why should you know this? Because this will not only how much web traffic you receive to your website everyday, but also how your SEO rankings. When you focus on long tail keywords with your content, then your marketing strategy will completely change. You will see that these words are less competitive and will yield tons of web traffic. With less people actually competing for these it means that you have a greater chance to get HIGHER SEO rankings!

5. Mobile Friendly

According to more and more studies, visitors online search using mobile devices over desktop. In fact, an average of 60% of people search on Google using mobile devices according to SearchEngineLand. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly and optimized for mobile users, then this means that will abandon your website if they can’t view it. This is one of the most important factors that affect SEO that you should fix today. You can do this by using mobile-friendly WordPress plugins.

So if more people can access your website with their mobile devices, then this will also increase your traffic and SEO rankings. You can how actually arrive to your via desktop and mobile with your Google Console & Analytics dashboard.

6. Page Speeds

Have you ever searched for something online that you wanted to buy and the website took FOREVER to load? When this happens, people will abandon your website. Why? Because people today are impatient and don’t want to wait. So to avoid this your website should load within 3 seconds or less. If your website loads over 3 seconds you will lose customers and potential sales being they will abandon your website.

A good way to increase your website speed performance fast is by using a CDN or WordPress plugins for caching. These will definitely speed up your page loads and also improve your SEO rankings. As a result of this your website traffic will increase and you will have a better user experience.

5. How Your Web Hosting Affect SEO Ranking

You may not know that your web hosting service that you are using right now might also be affecting your SEO rankings. Is that the case? Does your website experience lots of downtime? If so, then it means that your website could be losing thousands of dollars. With frequent downtime your visitors are bouncing off of your website and going to your competitor’s website in the next search result. You don’t want this, do you? Nobody does!

I mention this also because when your website is down, then you are losing money online. When it is up and running, then your visitors find your website online and you will make money. So it’s important to use a reputable web hosting provider that is not only affordable, but also super reliable with great uptime performance.

does site traffic affect SEO

To make sure that your website is covered in this area, then you can checkout the best WordPress hosting providers to create websites today. The best web hosting services provide things like FREE CDNs and caching tools which will help promote faster page loads for better user experience. This in turn is another way how to improve your SEO rankings with Google and other search engines like Yahoo and Bing.

Obviously there are several things to look for in a host when creating a business website online. If you are a beginner online, some reliable shared hosting with fast page loads are Siteground, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger. However, if you want to the absolute fastest page load performance, then I recommend using a managed WordPress hosting. On this note, you can use perhaps Kinsta, Rocket, Nestify or Nexcess.

Remember, the better your web hosting, the better website performance.

Does Web Traffic Affect SEO Rankings?

I know that you came here because you wanted to know does site traffic affect SEO? As you could see with this brief review, there are several factors that will affect your SEO ranking for Google and the search engines. Although your site traffic is not one of them, the things that we have discussed today can affect how much web traffic if any that your website may or may not receive.

I hope that this tips today have provided you with some great ideas of how to improve your SEO rankings today. I have learned over the years with different websites and blogs that I have created that web traffic doesn’t come overnight. It’s also true that your website will not hit Google’s top 10 results without a good and well planned out marketing strategy.

Keep implementing these tips today and you will definitely see that your website’traffic will definite increase as you climb in the search results.

Now let me ask you something. Which of these tips will try out first to improve your SEO rankings? Also, what are some things that you have done to rank higher in the search engines and get more site traffic? I would love to hear your thoughts below!



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