DomainRacer Review 2021 – Legit Web Hosting or Not? Read this first!

If you are reading this DomainRacer review, likely you have a goal creating a website, but not sure if they are any good or not. Perhaps you have some real questions that you need answered right now before getting started. If that is the case, then I want you to keep reading this review to see the good, bad and ugly that I discovered about DomainRacer web hosting service!

Disclaimer: This website is NOT an affiliate of DomainRacer hosting nor receives any compensation at all for this review. This DomainRacer review is unbiased and for informational purposes only.

What to Expect in This DomainRacer Review:

In this DomainRacer review today I will tell you guys about the company DomainRacer, their web hosting products and pricing, customer feedback, and finally what I really think about them based on my research. You will hear the good, the bad and the ugly about this web hosting hosting service. Also, you will learn is DomainRacer good or not. Ready? Great, let’s dive in!

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What is DomainRacer Anyway?

DomainRacer is an Indian web hosting provider that offers super cheap prices for entrepreneurs. Whether you want to start blogging online to make money, create a website or eCommerce store, DomainRacer has all you will need to do it. Although they are based in Pune, Maharashtra India, they have customers all around the world. In the nearly 8 years that they have been in business offering web hosting services, they have attracted many eyeballs & gained lots of traction online. This is part of the reason why you are here reading this review.

They kinda remind a little bit of another popular Indian web hosting provider named MilesWeb. However, I think that DomainRacer is the best web hosting in India versus MilesWeb.

Since inception DR has been providing web hosting services to some 37,000+ shared websites and 1,900 reseller hosting accounts.

How I Heard About DomainRacer

As a blogger and entrepreneur online I create and publish a lot of content on this blog as well as on other websites that I have online. I imagine that if you are reading this DomainRacer review, then you probably want to do the same. If you need help, let me know by leaving a comment below. Now back to the review.

This website is dedicated to helping new bloggers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners create websites online using WordPress. To this end, one must have web hosting. So I will share reviews about web hosting providers that I love and also some that I think entrepreneurs should avoid.

Some time ago I created a nice blog post about the best Bluehost alternatives for WordPress hosting. You may not know much about Bluehost, but they are another web hosting provider like DomainRacer. The only difference is that Bluehost comes recommended by

I was contacted recently about promoting DomainRacer web hosting on my blog. Now, to be honest I am not too quick about sharing or promoting EVERY web hosting service on this blog. Why? Because some web hosting providers are good, while others are bad.

I must do my research FIRST to really see if it’s something that I can stand behind. Also, being that I really respect and value my readers, I only like to recommend web hosting services that are actually reliable and your time.

To this end, I look at things like how affordable is the pricing, the customer support, security, resources and more. I also like to see what other people think about a web hosting BEFORE signing up with them. This is something that I recommend all people to do online especially if you will be spending your hard-earned money.

Overall, they seem to have some really decent web hosting for beginners to create websites online. However, I thought that I would share what I found out with you today.

What Does It Costs To Use DomainRacer?

You should know that most web hosting providers if not all offer several types of hosting packages for all tastes. As for DomainRacer, they offer shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Reseller hosting packages.

Their promo rates on shared hosting packages start as little as $0.99/month going up to $4.29/month USD based on a 3-year term. Prices increase at renewals.

You can select from their Basic, Personal, Silver & Advanced plans. This is pretty dirt cheap and makes it attractive to newbies and beginner bloggers and small business owners online. However, if you lock in a short term of web hosting such as 1 or 2 years, then your pricing increases a bit.

Their VPS hosting runs from $8.22/month to $22.39/month USD depending on their 3 plans offered.

However, their Reseller hosting plans stem from $4.29 – $19.29/month USD.

domainracer review

Which DomainRacer Hosting Plan Is For You? 

I will tell you off back that if you are beginner online, then you don’t need VPS hosting or Reseller hosting at all. Why? The reason is because typically with VPS hosting you already have thousands of page views and web traffic to your current site. If you are a beginner starting your very first website, then this means that you DO NOT have any web traffic so this would be a waste of your time and money.

As for DomainRacer reseller hosting, it’s typically for people who have started or would like to start their very web hosting business online. This would then allow you to outsource or sell web hosting to others for profit which newbies like you don’t need either. So the only real web hosting that you should be looking at closely if any is their shared hosting.

If you decide to get started with DomainRacer, they do have a simple tutorial that shows beginners how to install WordPress on their new websites. This following video shows you how to do this.

Should You Use DomainRacer Web Hosting or Not To Create Your Website?

Let me tell you that the purpose of this DomainRacer review is not to CONVINCE you about what to decide. This is a personal decision that only YOU can decide today.

I have noticed online that people either really LOVE their web hosting services or HATE it. But frankly this is the case with ANY web hosting provider that you will find online.

As for me I think that they are really okay, but there are other cheap web hosting with better performance that I prefer like Hostinger.

Hostinger is really nice web hosting provider that is super affordable and ideal for beginners online. Versus only 40% with DomainRacer, Hostinger is giving up to 90% OFF their web hosting if you click this special link here!

In fact, when you get started with Hostinger right now you will be able to create as many websites as you want online for your business. If you are doing affiliate marketing of some sort & would like to add multiple domains to create unlimited websites like me, then you will have the ability to do this also. I have been using Hostinger for 4 years and LOVE them! If you want to create a website right now with faster page loads and performance, then I highly recommend using Hostinger!

Uptime Performance

One of the big things that I get concerned about BEFORE I tryout ANY web hosting provider is uptime performance. Why? Well, it’s quite my friend. The uptime of a web hosting provider lets you know how reliable it is online. This is number that you know and be concerned because it will determine how much or litter your business makes online.

So how does DomainRacer match up in this area? I was very surprised to learn that they have a 99.99% average uptime performance on their servers!

But if you are a beginner online, you might be wondering what does a 99.99% means for you? This means in short that on “average” there is about 8 seconds of downtime “daily”. You could virtually drink a cup of water, tea, coffee or beer in about 8 seconds. This is virtually NOTHING in comparison with some web hosting competitors of DomainRacer such as Hostgator, Bluehost, and other EIG owned companies. By the way DomainRacer is NOT owned by Endurance International Group.

What contributes to this great uptime performance? Well what really pushes this performance in part are their data centers. Currently, they have data centers in USA, Germany, France, Canada, Singapore, India & Indonesia. So it really doesn’t matter where you live in the world, your speed and performance will not be affected.

domainracer review


Something else that I wanted to check was their speed and Pagespeed Score per gtmetrix. As you can see see by the screenshot below, their own website is evidence of the power of their web hosting.

domainracer review

However, let me come back to the topic of downtime. I mentioned that with DomainRacer hosting you will experience an average of 99.99% uptime performance which represents roughly 8 seconds daily. Although this is NOTHING in comparison with other big wigs you should know that ALL web hosting providers experience minimum bits of downtime. Why? This is because ALL web hosting providers MUST service or provide maintenance to their servers to continue to provide ultimate performance.

So with this said, I do recommend trying out DomainRacer for creating websites being that they do a great job in this area. However, that’s my personal opinion, let’s see what others think about using their web hosting services overall.

What Customers Think About DomainRacer Web Hosting

So this part of the DomainRacer review will have a mix of good and bad things that I think you should know about. The reason I share this with you is to help you have a BIGGER picture of what to expect BEFORE buying their web hosting. Unfortunately, customer support is one important aspect of a web hosting service that you should ALWAYS research before buying.

I myself did a quick test online at their official page and one of the things that I really like is the fast response for chat. You will notice that immediately when you land on their site, they have pop ups with representatives ready to help you. This is something that I must say is impressive. I asked questions about things that are important such as their data centers, uptime performance, and what makes them unique from their competitors.

The good thing is that the representative responded pretty fast with answers within the chat sessions. But what I noticed about the answers provided is that I could find these very same answers on their websites. This is not bad, but I guess I was looking for something more unique, off the script that was not written on the printed page. But again, the positive thing is that they do have fast support.

DomainRacer Reviews

This video I found is a very positive review from a woman who is happy using the DomainRacer hosting services.

However, another great thing that I did to find out what others think about their web hosting is to check out Trustpilot. When you hop over to Trustpilot and check out their profile you will see also what other users have experienced using DomainRacer.

Based on a 5-star rating, you will noticed that they have a 3.8 rating based on 48 DomainRacer reviews left.
The breakdown is as follows:

Only 56% say DR is and Excellent web hosting service

10% stated that DR is Great web hosting service

0% rated it as Good web hosting service

4% felt that they are Poor web hosting service

29% said the it is a Bad web hosting service

Why do I shared these stats and feedback with you in this DomainRacer web hosting review? Because when I right reviews on this blog I prefer the good and bad for you to consider before spending your money.

It seems that many people rave about their service when you check out some of the comments. However, some users have complained about really slow performance on servers and lots of downtime. These are just some of the issues that were have mentioned on Trustpilot. But other than that, people seem to LOVE them. So the decision is yours.

What do you personally think at this point? Is DomainRacer worth it? Have you used them before to create websites online? Let me know below in the comments please.

However, when you compare one of their competitors Hostinger, they have a 4.4 star rating out of 5 stars on Trustpilot which is a higher satisfaction rating than DomainRacer. This higher rating was based on 2,232 Hostinger reviews from users.

Hostinger has customers not only in India, but all around the world. In fact, they have over 29 million customers in 178 countries with 8 data centers.

This is why I prefer using Hostinger to create websites and recommend them to others to start businesses online. If you want to use a web hosting provider that has a higher response rate with faster page loads, uptime performance, and technology, then I HIGHLY recommend that you get started with them NOW!

They have a 30 day money back guarantee.

Money Back Policy

According to their terms found on their official page, you will notice that DomainRacer offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This is great and quite standard in this industry for web hosting if you don’t know already. For example, some great cheap hosting providers that play in the same space with 30 day refund policies are A2 Hosting, Siteground, GreenGeeks, Namecheap, Javapipe, Hostpapa just to name a few.

However, as a beginner and newbie online I wanted to make sure that this DomainRacer review was 100% honest. To ensure this, I wanted to share some DR competitors that actually have longer refund policies.

For example, Hostwinds here at with an uptime performance of 99.9999% offers a 60 day money back guarantee.

Dreamhost here at with an uptime performance of 100% offers you a 97 day money back guarantee.

However, Mochahost here at with an uptime performance of 100% beats all of them including DomainRacer with a 180 day money back guarantee!

Again, why do I shared all of these competitors with you in this DomainRacer review? Because I want this review to be honest and not one-sided. DomainRacer excels in some areas while lacks in others. Perfection is not possible with any web hosting provider online, but I think that you should have more options to decide being spending your money.

DomainRacer Review Conclusion…Final Verdict?

So what is the final verdict on DomainRacer?

Today in this review you have learned a lot of their web hosting services. Honestly, I just wanted to give you guys so quick straight-forward info to help you make a solid decision today.

You came here because you need to create either a blog, website or eCommerce store. Like many online you probably want to make money working from home. If this is the case, then you need to get web hosting. But not just any web hosting. You need to get started today with a web hosting provider that is reliable, with great customer, uptime performance & security.

In my book, DomainRacer hosting overall is a decent web host. They are a very dependable web host with all of the resources and tools that you will need to create and jumpstart your website today! So with this said, which web hosting plan will you select to create your website today? What type of website would you like to create today using DomainRacer? I would love to hear your thoughts below guys. Or if you want to save money, you can get started with Hostinger by clicking the button below.

I want to thank you guys so much for reading this DomainRacer review today! I hope the you all are safe during this pandemic. Also, I hope that you have much success this year with your business online!