ecoATM Review – Can You Really Make Money Selling Old Cell Phones?

Do you have old cell phones that you are not using right now? Then maybe you should read this ecoATM review!

A few days ago I typed in the words “cash for old cell phones” on Google and got many results for companies that buy them for cash. The one in question today is ecoATM. If you are reading this it is likely that you have a phone or two that you would like to get rid of that you are using and probably wondering..can you really make money selling old cell phones?

If you check out their website online at, it lays out pretty simply how this program works to sell old cell phones for cash. Basically, you want to start off by finding an ecotam location near you.

Click here to find a location now by entering your address or zip code!

Once you find one of the ecoATM spots, you can start following the prompts on the screen. It’s quite simply to do. A few things that I recommend that you do to save you some time before visiting a location is:

1) Make sure your cell can power on

2) that ecoATM will purchase your device

3) to erase any sensitive or personal info from cell phone before selling it

To see if your devices will be accepted by the ecoATM, check their site under the tab – DEVICES. This will give you more of an idea of what to expect.


Something that you should know about this program is that if you accept the cash offer to cell your old cell phone, then you will be finger printed at the ecoATM terminal. This is required for every transaction before cash is dispensed.

Also, from the moment that a person starts to use the ecoATM to sell old cell phones they will be recorded by their cameras embedded in the machine. However, this should not alarm users as these measures are in place to prevent fraud and possible devices that may have been stolen.

Once you put your cell phone in the ecoATM, it will perform a digital scan to determine the brand and model of the device which I think is pretty cool. It will ask you then to confirm the type of cell phone you have.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Your Old Cell Phones? My Opinion

You won’t make a boat load of money selling them. Be open minded. For some phones depending on how old they are and their condition will determine how much cash you will receive. The machine scans your device quickly and determines the value. Keep in mind that some old cell phones will not have much marketability to resell them on the second market. So you may only receive a few bucks as I was offered for some really old phones I had. By telling you my results is not to suggest that ecoATM will not work for you. I think that it is a great option and starting point for anyone to consider if you would like to get rid some old cell phones that you no longer use nor have any attachment to. A few bucks are better than none at all. There are other services both online and offline that buy old cell phones and devices for cash. Try it out and tell me what you think!

I want to thank you for reading this ecoATM review. Have you used the ecoATM recently and had good results? What is your opinion of it? Your comments below..




2 thoughts on “ecoATM Review – Can You Really Make Money Selling Old Cell Phones?”

  1. It was a bad experience, I had 3 smartphones, 3 flip phones, and 2 push button phones, 2 Samsung and 6 LG’s. I was offered zip. They all worked fine. I should have thrown all in trash rather than blow an afternoon.

  2. I 1up the person above me. It’s not even worth my time reviewing them.

    My prepaid LG smartphone (still being sold by the store I was at) was worth some pettance so I brought it to my local ecoATM. Went through the process 3 times after trying to figure out a way to do it with my valid, non-expired, temporary PAPER driver’s license. I even had my PUNCHED old plastic one as well as my social security card and a debit card with my name on it. Sorry! Machines only take plastic forms of ID!

    Called customer service, was put on a music hold then brought to a ‘full voicemail box for 365410xxx(can’t remember number exactly)

    Hung up, tried calling customer service and after being on hold I got a real person. He was calm and nice, but still ‘only takes plastic”.

    Where on the website does it warn or say that it takes only plastic? Or even on the ATM?

    I wasted 15minutes of my time and I still have my old cellphone. My bad I guess, for calling customer service at 10AM on a Saturday and having a valid paper form of identification.

    The thought behind ecoATM is commendable. Implentation is 2/10. I’m going to donate my working phone to a local community aide instead.

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