FastComet Affiliate Program Review 2024: Make $200/Sale Really? Read This First!

If you guys are checking out this FastComet affiliate program review, then likely you want to know if affiliate marketers can really make up to $200 per referral with this cat or not? Or maybe you want to know if FastComet web hosting plans are really the best for beginners online to create websites? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then sit back and relax because this FastComet affiliate program review will knock your socks off!

I think that the FastComet affiliate program is one of the hottest affiliate marketing programs online that you will find. To discover why I say this, keep reading this FastComet affiliate program review to the very end or you might SMACK your later!

Disclaimer: You should know that this post has affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase using these, I may receive a modest commission. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all, rather lets me eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. No income claims are made.

fastcomet affiliate program review

What To Expect in This FastComet Affiliate Program Review

Hey in today’s review of FastComet Affiliate Program I will go what I think about them, how much does FastComet pay affiliates, and some practical methods to make money with promoting FastComet. This will be an in depth review that will explain everything that beginners need to know before getting starting.

Unlike other FastComet reviews online, this one here will NOT have any hype in it nor make any out of this world claims about money making. This will help you make a firm decision decision about using FastComet. Ready to start? Okay, let’s dive in..

How I Heard About FastComet Web Hosting

I came across their FastComet hosting some time ago from a Youtube video I saw. To be honest, I didn’t really think too much about them initially being I have tried several of the best web hosting providers over the years & had different experiences.

Some time passed and I was exposed to them again, so I decided to look into what they offered and I’m glad that I did!

Something that really impressed me about their hosting is how affordable it is for all pockets. Also, another impressive thing was their amazing customer support, uptime performance and all of the security measures that they have in place to protect websites online.

Of course, when you try something that you love, then you must share it with others. To be honest, I can’t say this about every web hosting service. As a result of my great experience, I decided to join the FastComet affiliate program.

How To Get Started With FastComet Affiliate Program

No doubt there are many ways that you can go about promoting the FastComet affiliate program and hosting plans to others.

The first step is to get started with their program by going to very bottom of the FastComet website here at You will then see a link for the “affiliate program“. Now after you set up your free account today, then it’s just a matter of starting to share their web hosting with others.

Now if you are new to affiliate marketing, then there are some basic things that you need to know. As a FastComet affiliate you will have access to free affiliate links and banners that can be used to promote their cloud hosting online. Whenever someone makes a purchase using your links, then you get paid! That simple.

Something else that you should know is that FastComet cloud hosting plans are super affordable for beginners. This along with all of the tools, resources and value packed in them makes it easier to promote online.

Their shared hosting starts at only $2.19/month for FastCloud plan, $3.29/month for FastCloud Plus and $4.39/month for FastCloud Extra plan.

I decided to get their 2nd tier FastCloud Plus hosting plan being it allows you to add multiple domains to create multiple websites online. I love this plan and I think it’s great for those that are serious about doing affiliate marketing or want to take their online business to the next level.

Keep reading this FastComet affiliate program review to see some great ways to promote them online.

How Much Does FastComet Pay Affiliates?

Fastcomets affiliate payouts start at $50 for 1-5 sales referred. However, as you can see with this graph below, the more sales that you can send, the more money you can make with FastComet affiliate program.

For example, if you can send 20 or more sales, then the FastComet affiliate payouts increase to $125 for shared hosting, $150 for VPS hosting and $200/sale for their Dedicated hosting.

fastcomet affiliate program review

Now this is amazing and surely you can see a huge potential earnings if you hit it hard.

Although this is not the highest paying web hosting affiliate program, I highly recommend it to add additional streams of income to your blog or website.

Something that you need to learn is how to market your business online. One great way successful affiliate marketers promote online is by writing FastComet reviews.  To do this the honest way, I recommend that you tryout their web hosting services FIRST that way you can write about your experience using them. This is not required to join their affiliate program, however will increase your conversion rates for sales online.

When you write a FastComet review, you should focus on perhaps one type of FastComet hosting that they offer and use long tail keywords to promote it. For example, there are shared, cloud, VPS and Dedicated hosting plans. This will increase your SEO, pageviews and drive targeted visitors to your personal FastComet website. Of course, all of the clicks and sales generated from your affiliate links and banners can be viewed in your FastComet affiliate dashboard.


fastcomet affiliate program review

fastcomet affiliate program review

Something I wanted to highlight in this FastComet affiliate program review is that they allow you to set tracking codes for sales. This is good for any affiliate marketer, but for this I always prefer using an external url shortner to track for any affiliate program links. The one that I recommend that you checkout is ClickMeter.

Benefits of Using ClickMeter While Promoting FastComet Web Hosting:

  • Used By Over 100,000 Big & Small Businesses
  • Custom your links with your domain names
  • Get 99.99% Uptime Performance [Amazon AWS Servers Hosts ClickMeter Links]
  • Cloak Affiliate Links to Protect Commissions
  • Lets You Run Split Tests
  • Tract Sales Conversions
  • Use Vanity Links that increase SEO
  • Helps To Boost Sales & Commissions
  • Tract Sales Conversions

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers

FREE Ways To Promote FastComet

Another thing that I wanted to mention in this FastComet affiliate program review is that you can use video marketing such as Youtube. There are several ways how to make money on Youtube with affiliate marketing & by promoting FastComet web hosting.

You can also do FastComet reviews on video that will drive tons of FREE traffic from Youtube. When you create videos about their shared, cloud, VPS or Dedicated hosting these can appear within minutes in the search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing. When people watch your videos and click on your affiliate links in the description, then you make money when they make a purchase.

Other FREE ways that some affiliate marketers overlook are social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, Facebook and Instagram. To help you to appreciate in this FastComet affiliate program review the true power of social media, I want you to think about something.

Another great source are these 35 FastComet affiliate marketing tips for getting commissions. It really helps to build a relationship and trust with people online. People want to feel that they are being helped in some way in the buying process. This is one reason why I use social media and it works.

According to some interesting Quora statistics and facts, the platform is getting an upwards of 300 million unique visitors since the end of 2020. Why do these stats matter? This is FREE web traffic that you don’t have to pay for and another great platform to take advantage of online.

People ask questions about everything that you can imagine on Quora. People want to know what is the best cloud hosting? What is the best web hosting provider? You can answer these questions and then hyperlink your FastComet affiliate link with a url shortner like ClickMeter so that people can checkout their web hosting. Just like Reddit, many Quora threads and answers will pop up organically in Google which will gain you even more FREE web traffic directly from the search engine.

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Things To Remember When Promoting FastComet Affiliate Program

There are several things that you should remember that I wanted to highlight in this FastComet affiliate program review. These things pretty much apply to ANY affiliate program online that you may want to join and promote.

According to their affiliate terms, must have a Paypal account to participate in their programs. This is how FastComet affiliate payouts are issued each month.  You must wait until after 45 days of the sale being generated before it is approved. The reason for this is because customers receive a 45 day money back guarantee on their web hosting packages purchased.

When you purchase a domain name for a website, it can not have any trademarks or misspellings in it. Also, although you can use PPC marketing such as Google and Bing Ads, it is prohibited to bid on trademark terms or misspellings of these.

I love to use PPC marketing to send targeted web traffic within minutes to landing pages, however I prefer us to long tail or lsi keywords. These are the keywords that always appear at the end of your Google search results.

Also I like to write content based on questions people ask on Google.

For example, you are an affiliate marketer looking for a good affiliate program to make money, right? What types of things are people thinking about? See a quick example below.

fastcomet affiliate program review


fastcomet affiliate program review

You can use this same tactic to promote FastComet web hosting by thinking about keywords that people would like type or ask Google.

Again, these expressions can be centered around shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS & Dedicated hosting. Notice that people questions like “Is FastComet good for WordPress? How to create a website on FastComet? etc. You can write content to answer their questions and then get ranked high in Google just like my blog

fastcomet affiliate program review

fastcomet affiliate review

Should You Use FastComet Web Hosting Personally Or Not?

Absolutely!! However, let me tell that here to CONVINCE you in this FastComet affiliate program review.

What I recommend that you do IF you are 100% serious is to create a website or blog using their web hosting. This way you can test it for yourself and be convinced of the true value that they have when talking to others. Again, they do have a 45 day money back guarantee. This means that it is risk-free to try and you don’t have anything to lose by testing it out.

I must say that I can’t guarantee that you will make money sharing FastComet web hosting with others as this will depend on your own personal efforts and conversions. No one can guarantee this. This is just the reality with ANY money making opportunities, affiliate marketing, etc. You need to know how to market it to the right people and drive targeted traffic to your links and banners.

No doubt one of things that matters most to the majority of people in addition to affordability is customer support. With web hosting starting at only $2.19/month this is super cheap and great for all beginners online. There are nearly 2,549 FastComet reviews on Trustpilot where users rate them with a 4.8 out of 5 stars. They have excellent customer support & reputation online. You can mentioned these things also in your video or FastComet review on your blog,

FastComet Affiliate Program Alternatives

The FastComet affiliate program is amazing for affiliate marketers to join and make money online.

I mentioned earlier how the Liquid Web affiliate program pays up to $7,000 per sale. However, there are several other alternatives to FastComet that you could add to your portfolio such as:

FastComet Affiliate Program Review Conclusion

I know that you wanted to know more about how to make money with the FastComet affiliate program. For reason I put together this FastComet affiliate review for your benefit.

They have excellent customer, affordable web hosting with great uptime performance and security.

Although it’s not required, I HIGHLY recommend the new affiliates signup FIRST with FastComet web hosting before promoting them. Remember that they have a 45 day money back guarantee. If you do this, then you can convince yourself of how reliable and great their cloud hosting services are over their competitors.

Thereafter you can then start writing some awesome FastComet reviews on your blog and drive web traffic just I have done on this WordPress blog.

If you need help to learn SEO and affiliate marketing like professionals, then I recommend you take advantage of some FREE affiliate marketing training below.

After reading this FastComet affiliate program review today, will you add them to your portfolio? Which method will you to promote their web hosting online?

To checkout my #1 way to make money opportunity online for both beginners and affiliate marketers, click below now!


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