If you are reading this FastComet WordPress hosting review, then you probably wondering is FastComet good for WordPress or not? Perhaps you are one tight budget and want to create your first site online? Or maybe you host with another provider and would like to migrate your website today? On any note, you are not alone. THOUSANDS just like have ask the same questions. This is why I decided to write this FastComet WordPress hosting to share things you need to MUST know before buying FastComet!

Millions of new entrepreneurs and small business owners like YOU search for affordable web hosting to create websites and blogs.

It’s really hard to find a web hosting provider that is super reliable with great uptime server performance. No doubt there are many FastComet reviews online, this review will be 100% honest giving you the good and bad.

fastcomet review

What To Expect In This FastComet WordPress Hosting Review 2021?

Today guys in this FastComet WordPresss hosting review, we will be talking about the company, the costs of their web hosting, uptime performance on servers, security and more. As a blogger and entrepreneur myself I think that things are extremely important to know before creating your WordPress website on FastComet.

Hopefully after you finish reading this FastComet review it will clear up any doubts or questions that you may have about their web hosting services. This way you can get your website off to a great start the right way!

Disclaimer: Learnanet is a FastComet affiliate. When links are clicked and a purchase is made, you get an awesome discount and I may receive a modest commission. This doesn’t affect your pricing at all. It allows me to eat my favorite peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so I appreciate you using these links. Thanks.

FastComet WordPress Hosting Review: The Company

FastComet, at www.fastcomet.com has been around 2013 and has clients globally that host over 370,000 websites with their FastCloud hosting. Based in California, their main focus and energy has been placed on creating the fastest cloud hosting.

In addition to their Cloud VPS hosting, they also offer Dedicated, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento, and cheap shared hosting.

FastComet is mostly known and famous for their fast Cloud VPS hosting and awesome customer support. So if you want to build a website, blog or eCommerce store today, then they definitely are an amazing host that has everything you need.

It really doesn’t matter your experience level whether you are a beginner or seasoned. FastComet has something for everybody.

Although they do offer several types of web hosting, the following video will give you a really great overview of what to expect before getting starting. This way you will know what FastComet hosting plan is best for WordPress.


Is FastComet Good For WordPress? Which FastComet Plan Is Best For WordPress?

Yes FastComet is really good for WordPress! Why?

If you are a beginner online, then WordPress is ideal because it doesn’t require any skills with html or coding.

When I got started I decided to go with the 2nd-tier FastCloud Plus hosting plan. Why? Because it allows me add multiple domains on cpanel to be able to create multiple websites online. This is awesome especially if you want to create an affiliate marketing website or have several projects in the near future to do online.

Do you need to do the same thing? If so, then I highly recommend get the Plus FastComet WordPress hosting plan because it’s best. If not, then you should just grab the basic FastCloud hosting plan for only $2.95/month.

However, if you would like to more freedom and resources than what shared hosting offers, then I recommend using their Cloud VPS hosting services. If you have right now or are expecting to have higher volumes of web traffic or page views, then maybe FastComet managed WordPress hosting or dedicated hosting is best for your needs.

The cool thing is that you can gradually scale up whenever you want with your website resources.

At the end of the day this will be your decision. Think about exactly what you need for your business. You first need to get your FastComet domain name and preferred web hosting package and you are all set!

FastComet Security

The next thing that we need to discuss in this FastComet WordPress hosting review is the security. This is something every small business owner should NEVER overlook. Why? Well, we live in a world where websites are hacked and bombarded with spam and malware everyday. So it makes sense that you need a web hosting provider that not only cares, but takes proactive measures to protect your websites online 24/7/365.

Thankfully I can say FastComet is rock solid and has you 100% covered in this area.

First, lets start off with the SSL certificates. You will get these for FREE when you get started today with your hosting plan. Why do you need them? Well our friend Google’s blog in 2018 they actually state why every website MUST have them. They will not only help to improve your SEO rankings, but if you don’t have one Google will mark your website unsecure in search results. This could prove to be a huge deterrent especially if a searcher wants to click on your website.

Also, if you have a website that sells products and accepts payments such as an eCommerce store, then SSL certificates will encrypt info passing through browsers. Again, FastComet has you covered here so you don’t have to worry about this when you get started today.

Also, when it comes to maintaining the security of your website, FastComet takes it to the next level.

They provide recovery for hacked websites online. With 24/7/365 scanning and monitoring, their hosting also provides:

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Spam Assasins
  • Virus Scanners to Detect Trojans, Virus, Malware & Malicious Attacks
  • Daily Website Backs
  • Modsecurity Firewall

All of these measures and more help to keep your website secure and protected 24/7/365 so you can focus more on your business and less about the mechanics.

FastComet Refund Policy

Just about all web hosting services online offer a 30 day money back guarantee. This is quite standard in the industry and what you will find for most providers. However, I like the FastComet WordPress hosting takes a step further and gives you 45 days to try their services.

What about other web hosts? When you think many of best managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites like Kinsta, RocketHosting, BionicWP, Javapipe and Flywheel all offer a 30 day refund policy.

Hostgator, just like FastComet offers a 45 day refund policy. But I actually prefer FastComet versus Hostgator.

Other hosts like Pressidium and Hostwinds offer 60 days.

Inmotion hosting offers 90 days, while Dreamhost gives 97 days.

However, when it comes down to it, Mochahost offers a RISK-FREE 180 day money back guarantee which knocks everybody’s socks off!

Why do I mention all of these competitors on our FastComet WordPress hosting review? Because I want to be honest with you and provide you the good, bad and the ugly. FastComet excels in many areas, while comes up short only in this one when compared with some competitors.

But overall, I LOVE what FastComet offers and think that they are an awesome provider with amazing deals for beginners. Also they give you more value for your money than their competitors💰 .

Next in our FastComet review 2021, let’s look at some additional benefits and uptime.

What I Love About FastComet?

  • Great for beginners or advanced users
  • Low introductory and renewal rates than competitors
  • Small Company = They Care MORE vs BIGGER Companies
  •  cPanel hosting with simple dashboard
  • Excellent 24/7/365 phone, email & chat customer support 
  • 200 FREE CDN Access Points
  • 11 Data Centers Globally [Closest Automatically Detected & Assigned by IP Address]
  • FREE Site Migrations
  • FREE SSL Certificates
  • Super Fast Page Loads & Caching
  • Awesome Uptime Performance

What I Don’t Like About FastComet?

Honestly, there is not much to not like about their FastCloud hosting plans. I mean really I can’t say this every web hosting provider especially those that are owned by EIG.

When it comes to negative FastComet reviews, it’s super hard to find them online even if you are looking through several pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Does FastComet Use cPanel Hosting?

Yes they do! In fact, once you setup your account today you will have access to cPanel. This is available for FREE with all of their web hosting plans: Cloud, VPS & Dedicated packages.

If you are currently using cPanel hosting with another provider now, then you will be happy to have it with your FastComet account. You can easily migrate your website from your current host by letting their tech support do it or manually.

If you want to do it manually, it can be easily done by using simple WordPress plugins like All-in-One WP Migration or Migrate Guru.

How Is FastComet Uptime Performance?

Next in this FastComet WordPress hosting review I want to talk about the importance of uptime performance.

Although they maintain an average of 99.9% on servers, you can get up to 100% uptime performance which is AMAZING! The truth is that there are not too many web hosting providers online who maintain such consistent uptime.

Why is this so important for your business website? For starters, when people go to our friend Google to search for products & services that your website offers, they will use specific long tail keywords to do it.  You remember that you did this today by looking for a “FastComet WordPress review“.

When people search for you online, if your current website has lots of downtime, then this means that you will LOSE money online.

Think about Amazon who had a 40 minute outage that costs them $5 million! You don’t want to lose money, right? Nobody wants to lose money online.

This is why you need a rock solid provider like FastComet WordPress hosting to create and serve your website.

fastcomet wordpress hosting review

In addition to FastComet uptime, if for some odd ball reason your website gets LESS than 99.9% for some odd ball reason, then they will give you a 10% Credit of your monthly fee for each hour of network downtime up to 100%. The only exception is for scheduled maintenance which ALL web hosting services need to do one and a while.

To make sure that your is always served and available online when your visitors are searching, FastComet performs 10,080 daily server checks.

There are many benefits of using a Content Delivery Network. Every website online should have one to prevent websites from crashing especially when they experience spikes in web traffic. Thankfully, FastComet also has you covered in this area.

When you get started today you will have access to 200 FREE Global CDNs Access Points to ensure fast page loads. This will allow your websites to experience up to 300X Faster SSD performance. As a result, no matter where your visitors are from they will have a better experience with your website. Also, Google uses speed as a ranking factor so this is extremely important to your business.

FastComet Data Centers

When you signup for FastComet WordPress hosting, they will automatically detect your IP address. This will allow them to assign the closet data center to your location. There are 11 Data Centers:

  • Dallas
  • Toronto
  • Chicago
  • New Jersey
  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Frankfurt
  • Tokyo,
  • Mumbai
  • Singapore
  • Sydney

At each of their data centers, there are at least 2500 Servers per data center. This is another great security measure in place to ensure continuous 24/7 uptime performance.

Should You Use FastComet WordPress Hosting to Create Your Website?


However, the purpose of this FastComet WordPress hosting review is not to convince you about what to do. We are know that FastComet hosting is AWESOME and you just have try them out today to discover it for yourself. Over 370,000 websites are currently hosted on their servers. Will yours be next? It should.

Although there are many alternatives, most of them are larger companies that fall short with customer support and may not be affordable for all beginners like you. This is what I love about using their services across the board is that they have made everything super affordable with all budgets in mind.

Again today you can get started for only $2.95/month and they do have a 45 day money back guarantee. So you have absolutely NOTHING to lose and just a few minutes away from creating your website today.

FastComet WordPress Hosting Review 2021 Conclusion

I realize that today you came here because you wanted to know is FastComet good for WordPress? Thankfully this FastComet review has addressed this question and more to help you get started with them today.

We have covered several areas such as the web hosting costs, uptime performance on servers, security, customer support and reputation. All of these areas are extremely for every new blogger, entrepreneur or small business owner to consider before creating a site online.

FastComet WordPress hosting is a rock solid option for building your WordPress website or blog today. Again they are great for those on tight budgets and everything in between. If you currently host with another provider that you do not like, then why not migrate your website today? Their tech support will perform a FREE site migrations without any downtime at all. It’s a very seamless process that is pretty quick once you get started with your account.

Remember that when people are searching online for the products and services that you sell, they depend on your website being available online. That’s why it’s extremely important to partner with a web hosting provider who has rock solid uptime performance. This is exactly what you and your business deserve to outrank your competitors.

After reading this FastComet WordPress hosting review, which of their hosting will you create your website, blog or eCommerce with today? Will you use their shared hosting, VPS or Dedicated hosting? Let me know your thoughts below please as I really appreciate them.


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