High Profit Check System Scam or Legit? Read this First Before Getting Suckered!

Is High Profit Check System Scam or Legit? If you are reading our High Profit Check System reviews, likely you are wondering can you really make 5-6 figures from home like they claim? Or is it just a complete waste of your time?

I know that you just like most have seen these crazy videos all with YouTube ads with people just showing envelope after envelope after envelope with large checks. I see these videos every time I’m on YouTube. These checks appear to be real, but are they really created from their secret system? Keep reading to see what I discovered about High Profit Check System!


high profit check system scam

Disclaimer: These are 100% honest High Profit Check System reviews. No income guarantees are made. For informational purposes only. This website is NOT affiliated at all with High Profit Check System.

High Profit Check System Scam

If you want to make money online, you will be met with tons of opportunities that promise a lot, but may not deliver. This is the case especially for the so-called get rich quick schemes that are so abundant these days. Whether you are offline or online, these money making scams are everywhere. So how do you know which ones are scams versus the legitimate ones?

Legitimate money making opportunities do exist, however they are like a diamond in the rough which are hard to find. Does High Profit Check System make the cut or are they just a BIG SCAM? This is what we will discuss that way you can avoid lots of headaches and frustration like so many others!

Perhaps you saw this claim on their website or somewhere on the internet. It’s very catchy being most sincere people actually do want to escape the rat race and find what they call financial freedom. Everyone wants to spend more time with their family and travel.

It’s true that you can make money by working from home. Since the pandemic started even more people seem to be working from home. However, the way to go about quitting your 9-5 job is not by joining a cash giving scam or get-rich quick scheme.

high profit check system scam

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Should You Join High Profit Check System To Make Money From Home?

The quick answer to this is a FLAT NO! Do NOT join High Profit Check System SCAM. If you do, then you will lose your money. They call it a NO FAIL SYSTEM that supposedly works for ANY person with no skills. This High Profit Check System Scam says that they are in the eLearning space. This means that they sell information that doesn’t require any shipping. You can resell this info to others using their system.

Why is this a really bad idea? When you really dig deep into their website, you will notice that all of the High Profit Check System products are just digital information. Frankly all of the information that is promoted in these products can be found for 100% FREE online on Google or YouTube.

  • Online Security
  • Market Research
  • Sales Funnels
  • List Building
  • Video Marketing for Newbies
  • Productivity & Time Management Tools
  • Content Creation
  • How To Create A WordPress Website
  • Lead Generation

There are tons of FREE video step-by-step tutorials that will show you exactly how to do these things. This way you can learn these skills WITHOUT having to pay someone THOUSANDS of dollars.

Being that we live in the era of BEWARE, I decided to so some research online to learn more about the background of High Profit Check System Scam. On their website there is a phone number, but it’s designed to funnel people and leave messages so someone will call you back.

There is no real contact information found on their website to speak to real customer support representatives. Neither can you find info on the company owners nor how long they have been in business. For a company that has supposedly so much success online, I would expect to see more positive High Profit Check System reviews on different outlets. There are video testimonials of people just showing checks and that is it. No external feedback on social media or anywhere from others which doesn’t sound right to me.

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How Does High Profit Check System Work?

What is profit scam and how does it work? This cash giving scam basically promotes a platform through its users that gets people to send the money based on 4 levels:

  • Gold Level
  • Platinum Level
  • Diamond Level
  • Royal Level

They claim that you can create wealth with “minimum effort”. They claim that they will train you to setup your business from scratch and give unlimited access to their digital products and courses.

High Profit Check System wants you to invest into their lead generation system and when these people that you refer buy via your affiliate link, you get get a check. Their lead generation is based on Youtube and this is probably how you heard about them initially.

They encourage you to buy one of their 3 lead generation packages which are generated from the very same Youtube Ad Campaigns. Packages are $500, $1,000, or $1,500. Note that these are separate prices NOT included in their costs to join the program. See below.

What they are doing is promoting what the FTC calls a coaching program scam. Everything they have on their website www.highprofitchecksystem.com describes exactly how typical coaching program scams operates. You should completely AVOID these pyramid schemes.

high profit check system scam

The High Profit Check System Scam says that they will give you an affiliate website and that their success coaches will close all of your sales. When you check out their website, they want you to watch a 22 minute video that basically repeats the same information over and over again. They put so much hype into how much money you can make.

You will notice that the people cover up their names so you can’t see who they really are. Nobody explains what exactly they are doing to receive these big checks. All they seem to be doing is creating lots of hype and urgency for you to start at their highest package of $21,000. They want you to call their hotline 619-202-0770 so that you can leave a message and someone will call you back. DON’T DO IT!

high profit check system scam

So they have a Frequently Asked Questions video that is designed supposedly to answer all of your questions that you might have regarding this High Profit Check System SCAM. In their FAQ video all it does is again talk only about money and nothing else and just tries to upsell you into buying one of the highest packages. Supposedly by doing so, you will make money with their system. Not the case!

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How To Avoid Money Making Scams Like High Profit Check System Scam?

Do your research and due diligence first. How? What did you do to make it here today? Well you made an intelligent decision to search online for High Profit Check System reviews to see if it’s legitimate or not. Thankfully you made to this site and realize that these people want to take your money.

Never believe the hype! Always think clearly and don’t be tricked by the dollar signs and lifestyles that people claim to have due to their 5-6 figures. You never know what they are actually doing on the back burner to get that money. Most of the times the things they do are never disclosed as they just want your money. It’s sad that anybody can place video ads on YouTube that simply lure people in as bait to click on their links.

Always look for honest product reviews online from people that are NOT affiliates of the company that you may interested in joining. High Profit Check System reviews like this one expose things that affiliates will not tell you. Just think for moment. If a company like High Profit Check Systems is really legit, why do they have to convince with people opening envelopes on every video? Why do they have convince to join at the highest level promoting eLearning products that I can get 100% FREE on Google & YouTube?

Sometimes we just have to step back and really think about what is in front of us. Check unbiased places like the BBB, Trustpilot, FTC to see what they think about money making opportunities. High-yielding investment programs like this that encourage you to ask family members for money, cash out your IRA, 401K and other investments just to join often smell SCAM.

Some other common cash giving SCAMS similar to the High Profit Check System Scam are: Six Figure Empire, Six Figure Mentors, Six Figure Sunday, 25 Dollar 1UP, EPS Prosperity Hotline, Digital Altitude and Big Profit System.

One commonality of all of these cash-giving and coaching scams is that they all show you people opening envelopes on videos. Can you really trust in something like that? Absolutely not!

How To Find Legitimate Work At Home Opportunities

I recommend that if you really want to make money working from home, then you should think first about the type of work you want to do. What do I mean by this? There are legitimate work at home opportunities that actually offer FREE training and are FREE to join. Also, there are great home businesses that have a low startups that offer real products that people are looking for everyday.

In our High Profits Check System reviews, I wanted to shared a few legit ideas with you to consider. It may help you to find something that is related to your passion. It’s true that you want to leave the 9-5 rat race, but what should you replace it with? If you are doing what you actually love and are passionate about, then it will be like getting paid for doing your hobby.

For example, I love to write and create simple websites online that make money with affiliate marketing. This blog and the Learnanet YouTube channel helps new bloggers, small business owners and entrepreneurs to create simple sites online. I also show simple ways to promote or market their websites so that they can make money selling products or services that they are actually passionate about. Does this sound like something that interest you? If so, then you can learn how to start a WordPress blog.

Another idea is to check out some FREE platforms like:

  • Shareasale.com
  • CJ.com
  • Impact.com
  • Digistore24.com or
  • Clickbank

These are platforms that allow you to make money with affiliate programs for products that you are more interested in. There is no hype at all and nobody will force or try to convince you to do anything. You have complete control of which products you would like to promote and again it’s 100% FREE to join.

However, if you want to try a home business that offers FREE team training with a very small startup, then perhaps Livegood, LegalShield or Motor Club of America. There are many more legitimate home businesses ideas that you can try online.

If you find a company that catches your eye and really resonates with you, then don’t forget to do your own research. This is applicable even if a family member, friend or someone that you trust told you about it. In addition to checking the BBB and Trustpilot, you can research using different strings.

For example, today you wanted to know “is High Profit Check System legit or scam?” You searched for a “High Profit Check Systems reviews” and found our site. You can also research other home businesses that call your attention by typing into Google examples like these:

  • the company name reviews [shows a mix results of possible affiliates and unbiased reviews]
  • the company name or website name complaints [will show any results with user complaints]
  • the company name scam [this will show results for users who have been scammed]
  • the company name reddit reviews [this will show reddit who have experience with the company products or services]

Just like you found our reviews today that expose the High Profit Check System Scam, you can use these same strings or long-tail keywords to find a legitimate work at home opportunity.

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I know that you came here to read our High Profit Check System Reviews to find out if it was a scam or not. It is a SCAM in my opinion. But again that is just my opinion based on what I have personally investigated. If you want to invest $3,000, $7,000, $14,000 or $21,000 of your money into their system, then you can. But when you LOSE your money and don’t make anything at all, then the yoke is on you. BEWARE!

The FTC is against companies that operate like this and you should AVOID it completely. There is no need to give THOUSANDS of dollars of your hard-earned money to a company that sells information that you can get FREE on YouTube.

If you really want to make some real money, don’t quit just yet. I think that if you are 100% serious about working from home, then you should have a real plan in place before dumping your job. There are a lot of legitimate companies that you can get started with today that are actually reputable and worth your time and investment.

As an entrepreneur myself, I feel that training is KEY to learn how to be successful online with any program. If you are new online, then you need someone that is experienced to hold you by the hand and show you how it’s done.

There is a legitimate program that I actually do recommend you to consider today. Check it below now.

Hey guys what did you think about this High Profit Check System SCAM? Have you lost money with HPCS? If so, how much? Or did our High Profit Check System reviews save you a lot of money and a BIG headache? Let me know in the comments below and also share this post online with others so that they can avoid this SCAM also!

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Frequently Asked Questions About High Profit Check System

Are Cash Giving Programs Pyramid Schemes?

A pyramid scheme according to Wikipedia is a business model that recruits members with the promise of payments or services for enrolling others in the scheme, rather that supplying investments or sale of products. Cash giving programs do not have any real products that are sold to customers.

Customers fall victim to so-called get rich quick money making opportunities being they don’t do their research before sending money. Cash giving programs want you to do whatever possible to sign up and often use experienced closers or rings of people who give fake testimonials. Of you send the money and you never hear from the companies or scammers that promoted the program.

Is Home Profit System Real or Fake?

Yes, the home profit system is 100% fake and a scam. Just like other cash giving programs that encourage people to send money without any guarantees. It’s a fake opportunity that doesn’t a real product or service that benefits people. You are just sending your hard earned money to unknown people. Don’t waste your time with cash giving schemes like this.

Is High Profit Check System a cash gifting scheme?

Yes, High Profit Check System is a complete cash gifting scheme. You should know that cash gifting is a way for people to give large amounts of cash to other people who don’t pay taxes. Typically these cash giving programs will advertise products that don’t really exist nor can be shipped to consumers. All you ever see in their advertisements are people just opening envelopes in front of the camera flashing cash and checks. Anyone can put money inside of an envelope or create fake checks online.  Promoters of High Profit Check System never disclose any real products for sale or what is actually required to earn this money. All they say is that you will receive these big payments in the mail.

Work at home seekers fall prey being that they are hyped up with the idea of making crazy amounts of money really fast or overnight. Cash gifting schemes like High Profit Check System want you to send thousand of dollars to other people. The end result is that you will be deceived and lose your money being that it is a complete scam.

Should you join High Profit Check System?

Being that FTC speaks against cash giving systems and the nature of this business, we do not recommend joining the High Profit Check System. You may see a lot of hype and checks shown all over Youtube ads, however they never show viewers how the money it made. These scammers make it appear that you just sit at home and wait for BIG checks to mailed to your door step without doing much work. Anytime a person or company promises quick cash or something that sounds too good to be true, then likely it is NOT true. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on High Profit Check System nor send any money to anyone.

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  1. Ads show FedEx envelope revieved with cash, dated Monday April 13. The last Monday April 13th was in 2020. More than 3 years ago. I found that highly suspect.

    1. You are right Thomas! It’s crazy how they deceive people into thinking that they can make all this money just by opening envelopes on camera. I’m glad you didn’t spend anything.

  2. Well feeling like an idiot, I fell for it. I did the 7k package 4 months ago. After throwing the money in the garbage you begin your coaching calls. Each call (assuming you didn’t buy in at 21k) is to prime you to move up to the 21 k level. After I wouldn’t move up my coaching stopped and I never heard from them again. I did several YouTube buy ins and made zero. Live and learn:)

    1. Thanks CJ for your comment. I’m sorry that you lost your money. So many scams out there and for this reason I wrote this review to warm people about these types scams online.

  3. My wife and I are senior citizens and we bought for $21,000 plus we spent $ 8,000 on advertising with zero results. Tony Bianco said if we told the truth nobody would buy. Is there anything we can do to get back our money. Please help . Thank YOU. Jim my email [email protected]

    1. Hello Mr. Lorigo,

      I recommend that you contact your financial institution today and report fraud. Let your bank know that you were scammed by the High Profit Check System company and see if your bank will reimburse you. HPCS is a complete SCAM and for this reason I wrote this review to warn consumers about this company to avoid them. Very sorry for your loss.

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