HostStage Review for 2024: Really Best Hosting For Digital Marketers? Read this first!

HostStage hosting prides itself as being the best web hosting provider for digital marketing? Is this really the case?  Read this HostStage review for 2024 to see the truth!

Being that I am a digital marketer and also promote some digital products online, I wanted to check them out to see what they offer.  This way I could provide an honest and unbiased HostStage review that you could trust in before buy it.

hoststage review

What Is HostStage Anyway?

HostStage is a web hosting provider that was founded by internet marketers in 2010 and is based in Carnac, France. As the best web hosting service in France & for marketers globally, HostStage offers a wide range of services such as shared web hosting, Windows VPS, Windows Dedicated Hosting, Unmanaged & Managed Dedicated Server Hosting.

Since their launch, they have built over 23,568 websites and host over 8,563 VPS clients.  As a web hosting provider driven by digital marketers, they web hosting is ideal for online small business and entrepreneurs.

Is HostStage Legit?

Yes they are 100% legit. Although HostStage offers different types of hosting, they are one of the fastest-growing VPS hosting providers online. So if you are looking great deals on virtual private servers, then I recommend using them.

They have a pretty large following of users on social media also with Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube.

HostStage Pricing for Shared Hosting

HostStage has 4 shared web hosting plans that digital marketers can use for creating websites online. They are really for beginners online and are very scalable according to your need of resources.

Authority Website Plan & Features:

  • $3.95/month
  • 5 GB SSD NVMe
  • 5 Add-on Domains
  •  15 Subdomains
  • 15 MySQL Databases
  • cPanel Access

Business Hosting Plan & Features:

  • $5.95/month
  • 15 GB SSD
  • Can Add-On 20 Domains
  • 50 Subdomains
  • 50 MySQL Databases
  • cPanel Access

Internet Marketing Hosting Plan & Features:

  • $9.95/month
  • 20 GB SSD
  • 10 GB SSD DDR4 ECC
  • Can Add-On 100+ Domains
  • 100+ Subdomains
  • 100 MySQL Databases
  • cPanel & WHM Access

Online Empire Hosting Plan & Features:

  • $15.95/month
  • 50 GB SSD
  • 20 GB SSD DDR4 ECC
  • Can Add-On 100+ Domains
  • 100+ Subdomains
  • 100+ MySQL Databases
  • cPanel & WHM Access

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HostStage Pricing For Windows VPS Hosting

When it comes to Virtual Private Servers, there are many benefits to having them. They are faster page loads & performance than shared web hosting. There are 5 HostStage Windows VPS  hosting plans:

  • Soldier
  • Battalion
  • Armored Division
  • Air Force
  • Black Ops
  • Nuke Blast

Pricing ranges from only $8.95/month – $89.95/month USD. You have your selection for cores,  Intel SSD, and resources. All Windows Virtual Private Servers come with several benefits.


  • SEO tools
  • Remote Desk Access
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Virtualization
  • Dedicated Resources / IP Address
  • High Processing Power
  • 10 GBPS Unmetered
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Windows License Included
  • Tiers 4 Infrastructure Certification
  • Snapshots From Control Panel
  • Scalability & More!

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HostStage Pricing For Unmanaged Dedicated Server Hosting

There are 7 HostStage Unmanaged  Dedicated Server plans: ranging from only $29.95/month to $375.95/month.


  • Dedicated Server Control Panel
  • cPanel Instant License
  • KVM Access
  • IPMI Access
  • Plex/Seedbox OS
  • ESXi/Promox OS
  • DDoS Protection
  • IP Mac Manager
  • rDNS Manager & More!

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HostStage Pricing For Managed Dedicated Servers

There are 4 HostStage Managed Dedicated Servers offered:

  • Dedi OPS 16G for only $89.95/month
  • Dedi OPS 32G for only $109.95/month
  • Dedi OPS 64G for only $159.95/month
  • Dedi OPS 128G for only $239.95/month


  • Unlimited SSL Certificates FREE
  • FTP Access
  • WHM/ cPanel License Included
  • Softaculous Premium Licenses
  • IP Failovers
  • Up To 10 IP Addresses
  • FREE Website Express Transfer
  • Network Intrusion Monitoring [Security & Firewall]
  • Rootkit Daily Scan
  • Malware Daily Scan
  • HS DDoS Shield & More!

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Something that is really unique is that HostStage accepts several different types of payment web hosting. You can use Paypal, 2CheckOut, Skrill, CoinGate, Blockchain and 40 different cryptocurrencies.

I have hosted with several hosting companies over the years and have never such flexibility. Users globally will have more options to create websites online using these different forms of payment.

Pros Of HostStage

HostStage allows you to add-on multiple domains in cPanel on ALL web hosting packages. I mention this in our HostStage review because with most web hosting providers, they only let you create 1 website at the same $3.95/month price point. This means that you are receiving  more resources and value overall with HostStage hosting and this is a better for your business.

For the year, it’s only costs $35.40 USD. This is an awesome deal for digital marketers to save money being that most web hosting providers charge on average $80-$100/year. This is why we rate them as not only the best web hosting service in France, but also globally on yearly costs for hosting.

Cons Of HostStage

There are just a few nitbits that I wanted to mention in this HostStage review that you should know before getting started today.

First, they do not have a phone number on their website to contact customer support. You can only reach them using email [email protected], submit a ticket or by live chat when landing on their page. This can be a good thing or a bad with some hosts online.

For example, if you have an emergency or issues with your website and need to contact someone ASAP, you must submit a ticket, use email or live chat. But I must say that they are fast in responding.

It’s also worth mentioning that there are several other hosts online with great customer support like HostStage that don’t have phone numbers either such as Devrims, BionicWP, Hostinger, WPX hosting, or Dreamhost. These are just a few that popped off my head, but you get the picture, right? It’s not such a big deal at all to not have phone support as long as the responses to tickets, email & live support are fast.

On Facebook, they have nearly 8,000 people that like and follow them online which is awesome!

There are only 4 data center locations to select from: France, Germany, Canada and USA.

This is important to know being that it’s always recommended to build using a data center closest to your visitors. For example, if your visitors are from the USA, then you should use the Canada data center. Why?

According to ThinkWithGoogle, a website should load between 1-3 seconds. A study shows that a 1 second delay in mobile load times can impact conversions by 20%.

The longer people have to wait for pages to load, the higher bounce rate your website will have. As as result, your website speed impacts search rankings. You know that some people are very impatient and can’t even wait a few seconds for something to warm up in the microwave! Do you think that they will wait on a slow loading website? Nope! But HostStage does an excellent job in this area.

HostStage does not give you a FREE domain with your web hosting packages as most other providers do. If you want to purchase a domain name for a website with them, then you can buy one much cheaper with them than going to Godaddy.

There are several extensions are available. However, these are the most popular HostStage domain name extensions that I think bloggers, small businesses, internet marketers might be interested in buying for website.

  • .com is $9.81/year
  •  .net is $15.99/year
  • .org is $14.70/year
  • .info is $4.71/year
  • .us is $4.50/year
  • .biz is $10.05/year
  • .fr is $7.49/year
  • .website is $1.69/year

To register a domain name with HostStage, go here now:

These are really nice deals on HostStage domain names that they offer, but I typically buy all of my domain FIRST at Namecheap and then just point it to the nameservers. I do this because most .com domains costs only $5.98/year and they also give you FREE domain privacy protection.

.COM for just $5.98 at Namecheap

Is HostStage Reliable?

Something that you should in our HostStage review is that we found they are super reliable online. In fact, they maintained a 100% uptime performance in line with their SLA agreement. This means that they are super reliable and it doesn’t matter if you need web hosting in France or another country, your website will always be online.

The uptime performance on servers is much higher than most HostStage competitors online who only average about 99.9% uptime. This is an area that is super important to know whether you are doing internet marketing, digital marketing, affiliate marketing or something else. It really doesn’t matter what your product or service is, if people can’t find you online, then they will just go to your competitors.

hoststage review

Uptime performance is really important also because it is one of many Google ranking factors. You know when someone Googles you and your website is not available, then this increases your bounce rate. It also sends a sign to our friend Google that your website is not a good fit for the keyword that you are trying to target or rank for online. As a result, this will affect your SEO rankings.

For example, you searched today to find this HostStage review. If you clicked through from the search results and this website was down, then this would be a downtime issue. Obviously that was not the case and you are still here learning about the benefits of using HostStage hosting for digital marketing.

To help maintain its rock solid uptime performance, HostStage gives you FREE Cloudflare CDN that can be enabled with 1 click activation. With these there are 150 endpoints and POPs globally.

There are HostStage data centers located in the France, Canada, Germany and USA.

I mention these things because the overall website speed performance and reliability of your web hosting can really can make or break your internet marketing business. Thankfully HostStage has 100% uptime performance and is super reliable on servers and doesn’t have a problem with this.

Is HostStage Safe To Use?

Next in this HostStage review for 2024, we need to talk security.

In 2020, 155.8 million people were exposed in data breaches according to Statistica. Some 30,000 websites are hacked daily. Hearing stats like this make us recognize the importance of protecting our websites online.

So what is HostStage hosting doing to keep your websites secure? This is a great question to answer especially while doing internet marketing and digital marketing online. No matter the CMS platform or website builder you use, your website data should be protected online.

To keep websites secure 24/7/365, they have these measures in place:

  • Free SSL Certificates [Let’s Encrypt]
  • HS Shield Firewall
  • HS DDoS Shield To Block Attacks
  • Brute Force Real Time Protection
  • 1 Click Cloudflare CDN Activation
  • 1 Click Gzip Compression Activation
  • HTTP 2.0 Ready
  • PHP 7.3 Ready
  • 115+ Security Audit Checklist
  • Website Backups
  • Malware Daily Scanning
  • Weak Password Detection & More!

HostStage hosting takes security very seriously and has taken proactive measures to protect your website data and content online.

HostStage Review 2024: Should You Use It?

Absolutely!! They are HIGHLY recommended for creating websites online for marketers.

Hoststage hosting is the best web hosting provider for digital marketing and internet marketing online.

As mentioned before they have shared web hosting for beginners, VPS & Dedicated server hosting. It’s easy to get setup and to scale up whenever you are ready. Everything is priced just right and you can create multiple websites with ANY plan that signup with today.

The purpose of this HostStage review is not to convince about how great their web hosting services are. The purpose is to provide you with an unbiased and balanced view of the pros and cons of HostStage in comparison with its competitors. This way you can decide for yourself if they are really the best web hosting for digital marketing and internet marketing online.

HostStage Alternatives For Shared Hosting

Although their hosting is really nice, there are some alternatives to HostStage for both internet & digital marketers and those in between. This way this HostStage review will remain honest and unbiased.

Hostinger has packages starting from only $1.99/month – $4.99/month with a 30 day refund policy here

Inmotion has packages starting from only $2.29/month – $12.99/month with a 90 day refund policy here at

Scala Hosting has packages from $3.95/month – $14.95/month with a 30 day refund policy here at

HostStage Alternatives For VPS & Dedicated Hosting:

Liquid Web is an amazing VPS & Dedicated serving hosting provider with 100% uptime performance. They have 8 data centers with faster page loads & 24/7/365 phone, email & chat support. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

Click Here To Get 50% OFF Liquid Web Dedicated Servers

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Hostpapa is another alternative to HostStage hosting that is based in Canada, but has client globally. They have some really VPS hosting for $19.99/month with faster CPU & dedicated resources. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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HostStage Review Conclusion

Today you were able to learn more about the benefits and features that HostStage hosting provides for entrepreneurs online. As a France-based web host with clients globally, they are an awesome option for building sites online. If you are currently hosting with another provider, then you can do a FREE site migration today.

As you noticed with the overview, they really focus on provider resources and tools that you need and website performance. Also, affordability, fast page loads, good uptime performance and security are key for ANY online business no matter the industry.

There are 4 shared web hosting plans to select from for beginners: Authority Website, Business Hosting, Internet Marketing, & Online Empire.

However, if you have a website with higher volumes of web traffic, then its recommended to use VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting. These have Nginx, caching and CDN which will give your visitors a better page experience. They also will prevent website from crashing due to spikes in page views.

Let’s turn it over to you. Which HostStage hosting plan do you think will be for your internet marketing? Shared, VPS or Dedicated? Did you find this HostStage review 2024 helpful? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts below. I hope that you have an amazing day & much success in your business year going forward!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hoststage

Who is Hoststage hosting for?

Hoststage hosting is mainly for people who are doing digital marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, MLM, etc. Basically it for any person who has a business working from home who requires more resources than most shared web hosting services provide users. Although they do have great shared hosting packages, they are really known most for affordable VPS & Dedicated server hosting services. These types of hosting packages tend to be best for experienced users who already are receiving high volumes of web traffic online.

Also, the platform allows you to have more control over the management of your websites online. Being that Hoststage hosting has 100% uptime performance on servers, it makes it a really reliable web hosting for users globally. So although Hoststage is based in France, they have customers globally they use their VPS & Dedicated server hosting services.

Is Hoststage worth it?

It’s definitely worth using their web hosting services to launch your web, blog or eCommerce store today. With their prices across the board Hoststage makes it really affordable to host websites online. Also, they have more than enough resources allotted for each web hosting package.

Another big reason to try out Hoststage is their rock solid uptime performance of 100% on servers. This is hard to find with most web hosting competitors online. It’s important to be visible online especially when potential customers are searching for your products and services. This gives you more exposure to your brand and business. Hoststage has really great page loads, global coverage, solid security.

page loads

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