How Do Bloggers Make Money on Youtube? 5 Things To Consider First To Make Money On Youtube!

Have you ever wondered how do bloggers make money on Youtube? Is it really possible to do or just a waste of time? If you have a personal blog and looking for additional ways to make money online, Youtube is a great place to use.

Recently I wrote a post about how to make money blogging here, but today I will provide some brief suggestions specifically about how do bloggers make money on Youtube.

I always find it really interesting to see on Youtube how so many funny and rare videos just go viral online and become overnight sensations! Sometimes these viral videos may be about silly things young kids say or do that is unbelievable, or sometimes things that are trending. Whatever the case, these Youtube grab the attention of the masses. How can bloggers do the same? Well consider a few things below that are important to help you appreciate really how do bloggers make money on Youtube.

#1 Be Yourself When Making Youtube Videos

BE YOURSELF. We all have seen YT videos online about supposed products that a marketer has tried and used and now is recommending to you. We can often and quickly notice if the person is lying or really telling the truth usually by the tonality and delivery of the material.

As a blogger, I think it is always good to actually buy and use a product before making a video about it online because you can provide your Youtube audience firsthand with “YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE” that does not have any hype and your review will be expressed in your own sincere words which all of us really appreciate at that end of the day.

Viewers will actually visit your website if you mention it in the video and want to know more about the service or product that you recommending because you actually took time to personally connect with them.

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#2 How Long Should A Blogger’s Video Be on Youtube? 

There are mixed feeling about this topic. I hate videos that are too long and know that most people’s attention span is about 10 minutes long before getting distracted with something that’s more interesting.

Have you ever noticed that most of the videos on YT that get a lot of views are those that typically last anywhere in the ballpark of 5-10 minutes? Most of the videos that I have on my channel are about this length.

Something that I have learned that is important is grabbing a viewer’s attention in the first few seconds. Why? Most viewers that are searching for information on a topic want an answer quick. If your videos are way too long, in many cases the viewer may get tired or distracted & will likely stop the video or click away to look at something else if they think your video answers the need. So keep the videos short, sweet and to the point always driving traffic to your personal blog or website.

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#3 How Do Bloggers Make Money on Youtube By Buying The Best Video Cameras?

Most of the Youtube videos online get the more hits due to the quality of the camera used. Smartphones have really revolutionalized that way today’s viewers access material and make it easy to view in the palm of your hands. However even with smartphones, you have to hold in your hand steady while filming. I hate seeing a video where the person is filming themselves and the camera is like constantly shaking and the voice quality is not so clear. It makes you dizzy right? If you are blogging and promoting a product on YT and a viewer can not even see or hear you, they will likely not be so interested in clinking through to your link.

There are some great cameras online to help you make money on Youtube. You can search on Amazon and find some really great inexpensive HD quality cameras with stands or tripods to make your videos to upload to your channel. You can also checkout these resources here.

#4 How Do Bloggers Make Money on Youtube with Google Adsense?

There was a video some time ago that I saw online that went viral and resulted that the owner of the channel was to now send her 8 yr old kid to college due the earnings she made from Google Adsense on the video. His video got like 1.3 million plus views and counting! These means that he will make money for the rest of life every time people see his video about toys. I mention this quick because you blogger and share videos on Youtube talking about anything. You never know what video might catch the eye of the viewer 🙂

When you signup to participate in the Google Adsense program, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee of a set income to expect. All income generated is solely dependent on the clicking of the little ads from your Youtube viewers that are conveniently placed at the of the videos and advertisements during the videos. So this is another avenue that helps you to see how bloggers make money on Youtube.

Note: Please DO NOT click these Google ads on Youtube as this will get you banned for life from using Google Adsense and their program. As a blogger, you should know that these ads that are positioned on Youtube are there because advertisers pay for them to advertise their products and services. So do no click nor incite others to do so.

There are many helpful Google Adsense guides online that I have found.

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# 5 How Do Bloggers Make Money On Youtube By Building Subscribers?

One of the main things to never forget in a video is to ask a viewer at some point to subscribe to your YT channel before finishing your video. It’s true that with videos online, viewers will automatically subscribe for some channels with extremely funny videos, however that is not the case for all. This is important because with any new videos that you release about your niche, all of your subscribers will see them.

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Youtube Subscribers are like the bread crumbs to your channel that you can continue to promote your blog posts and drive even more traffic to your blog if you give them what they are searching for. Encourage your subscribers to comment on your videos and also on your blog posts by visiting your link placed in the video description area below the video. The more comments you have on your Youtube videos, the higher up in search Google displays them and gets you more traffic back your blog which means you can make more money. This will doubt help your SEO rankings also!

Hopefully this share today was great to see how do bloggers make money on Youtube and provides you with some more ideas to get your blogging off to good start on Youtube.

If you are a blogger who uses Youtube, what have been your results been and what suggestions do you add to make money on Youtube? Your comments below please 🙂