How does Bluehost affiliate program work? Is Bluehost good for affiliates?

Wondering how does Bluehost affiliate program work?  Wondering if it’s a good additional income stream to add your blog or not? Is Bluehost good for affiliates or not?

If you are scratching your head asking yourself these questions, then keep reading to see what I discovered about this web host and their web hosting affiliate program! This was a question that I had myself that I had to answer…

how does bluehost affiliate program work

Bluehost just like any other web hosting offers what’s called an affiliate program. An affiliate program is a program that pays a sale or commission each time the affiliate (you) refers someone who buys the product or service. On their site, they detail how does Bluehost affiliate program works, and how you can take advantage of this to make money from home. But one thing that I really like is that provide support and tools to help you all the way.

Why I am discussing how does Bluehost affiliate program work today?

  1. I am an affiliate of the Bluehost affiliate program and,
  2. I have made money promoting this affiliate program and I want to help you do the same.
  3. I think that it is very appropriate to share with you a few things that I have learned while promoting the Bluehost affiliate program.

How Does Bluehost Affiliate Program Work?

When you signup for FREE with the Bluehost affiliate program their official website, they will give you a free affiliate tools to help you promote it. Thes include affiliate link that includes your user name, banners to embed on your site such as seen on this site.

Example of your Bluehost affiliate link =>

The “xxxx” would represent the username the you create when signing up. This is user to track any sales that you refer through your site & videos online.

My personal link is:

Basically you will drive traffic to these links and banners to refer to Bluehost. All of your sales are tracked and calculated by their system.  Payouts are accumulated and issued once per month by Paypal. Whenever a click-thru from your affiliate links results in a sale by the customer, then you get paid a commission and notified by email. Make sure that the email that you provide is a legit email because this will be the one that Bluehost uses for all communication.

This entire process, if you don’t know already is referred to what is known as Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is simply where you act as a middleman between Bluehost and the potential customer that buys through you affiliate link.

All web hosting affiliate programs work in the same fashion. They only real difference is how each company pays out and the frequency. But in a nutshell all web hosting affiliate programs work the same. For additional ways to monetize your blog with website, checkout also Siteground, Dreamhost, Ipage, A2Hosting, and WP Engine.  These are just a few of many out there guys that have good affiliate programs.

So with that said…

How much does Bluehost affiliate program pay?

Currently, the Bluehost affiliate program typically pays out a whopping $65/signup via Paypal! That is great considering other web hosts typically payout an average of only $50/referral such as Hostgator.

Bluehost pays above average. $65! However, during flash sales(Cyber Monday, Black Friday, holiday, etc, Bluehost typically raises it to $100 payout per signup!!

Get started here at!

If you have any Bluehost banners on your website they will adjust according. They also provide you with affiliate links that reflect the new prices running. For example, right now there is great deal running for $2.95/month special on the Bluehost website.

Is Bluehost Good for Affiliates? 

We have already discussed in part how the Bluehost affiliate works. Now let’s talk about you. I don’t know you personally and you don’t know me. But the Bluehost good for affiliates? Sure! But this is truly a question that only YOU can answer. It is definitely a legit way to make money from home.

NOTE: You know that the Bluehost affiliate program is NOT a get rich quick or fast money gig.

Although FREE, it’s a real business that requires real work. So if you are looking for get rich quick opportunities, then you should NOT become a Bluehost affiliate.

There are so many factors that you would have to consider that I don’t have the time to cover here that have a bearing on your income.

Things like:

  • Your website content
  • Marketing techniques to drive targeted traffic to your site
  • Time Invested among other things

The truth is that every affiliate program works if you know how to work it. I have created videos on Youtube to drive traffic. You can do the same. Doing reviews, tutorials of how to use Bluehost web hosting, etc help. You can see some examples of these by googling in another tab the terms:

You will see that my videos rank very well. They are #1 on Google! So what does this teach you? That videos work to help drive traffic. The more exposure, the more potential Bluehost affiliate commissions you could potentially make. [See Disclaimer]

Make some videos yourself and then include a link back to your blog (backlinking) that has your affiliate links and banners in the post.

According to the Bluehost website they boasts paying out over 5 million last year alone to affiliates! Will you be one of them for 2019 or going forward? Again, “Is Bluehost good for affiliates“? Only you can answer this..


I want to challenge you to join the Bluehost affiliate program here and prove to yourself that you can make money from home with this.

One thing that really helped me to understand how to promote the Bluehost affiliate program was to signup for the Bluehost web hosting itself. This is will give you a good idea of how everything works and specific things to discuss in your Bluehost reviews.

Bluehost has 3 main web hosting plans: Basic, Plus and Prime. I personally like the Prime packages and its features being that it always you to host unlimited websites. However, most people just get started with their cheapest Bluehost Basic Plan.

Now that I showed how does Bluehost affiliate program work, let me hear what you think below. Will you add Bluehost affiliate program as an additional income stream to your site today? Also, have you tried any other web hosting affiliate programs before that have made you money from home? If so, what has been your experience? Your comments below..

If you like this post today on how does Bluehost affiliate program work, share is caring.

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