How many domains can I host on Dreamhost? Read this first!

How many domains can I host on Dreamhost? This is question that many people just like yourself want to know. The answer is that you can host unlimited domains, but let me show you how! There are some things that you need to know before getting starting with Dreamhost. To discover what they are, keep reading this review to see what I found!

What to Expect In this Dreamhost Review?

how many domains can I host on dreamhost

There are a lot of web hosting providers online. Today you will learn why I love using Dreamhost web hosting over others. We will talk about the best ways to addon domains in cpanel to create multiple websites. This way you will how easily you can host unlimited domains on Dreamhost.

I imagine that if you’re asking how many domains can I host on Dreamhost that you have several projects online. I say this because many who ask this want the ability to build several sites to promote:

  • Home-Based Business
  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Shareasale
  • Clickbank
  • eCommerce Stores
  • Blogging & more!

Drop a comment below please to let me know why your reasons below.

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These are just a few of many reasons mentioned above why many business owners ask this. I decided to write this post being I prefer to use unlimited website hosting to build online. This is something that I have been doing for several years. In fact, to date I have over 30 domain names registered.

You may or may not know that Dreamhost has been around since 1997 and a.5 million domains, websites and apps. Also they come highly recommended by due to amazing performance on servers. So if the top authority in the web hosting industry recognizes this, then you know that Dreamhost is some amazing things for entrepreneurs.

Most beginners online start with what is called shared hosting. This is because it’s super cheap and great to create websites. With Dreamhost shared hosting there 2 simple packages that you select from: Shared Starter and Shared Unlimited. These are what they call the “Dreamhost Happy Hosting Plans”.

Both packages offer some amazing resources and benefits with fast website speed performance, domain privacy protection, perks and resources. Only 1 hosting plan will be best for your business website. All plans come with a 97 day money back guarantee. Which one will you choose below today?

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how many domains can I host on dreamhost

Can I Host Multiple Websites on Dreamhost?

You sure can if you doing the right way! In the graph above you noticed that there 2 main shared hosting plans that Dreamhost has beginners. The Shared Unlimited allows you to host multiple websites on Dreamhost.

There are other plans that will allow you to do the same thing. You will notice below that their DreamPress supports high traffic websites. However the VPS hosting plans will let you add additional domains in control panel.

how many domains can I host on dreamhost



Hosting Multiple WordPress Websites on Dreamhost

Once you get signed up with Dreamhost they will install WordPress on your domain or you can do it yourself. The process takes roughly 10 minutes from beginning to the end.

You will notice that on your left sidebar there several options and functions.

  • Install WordPress by logging into your control panel and navigate to “One-Click Installs”
  • Next click Learn More & Install
  • Install to: You need to select the domain name that you would like to install WordPress on. The second textbox that you will see is only if you want into a subdirectory. An example would be
  • Select Database: Most use Automatically Create Database. This will make a new database for your site.
  • Deluxe Install: It’s option to install Deluxe, but it will give some additional functions for your site.
  • Install WP Website Builder: From your dashboard, you will be able to create your site using the WP Website Builder.
  • Lastly, you will click Install it for me now button. After Dreamhost completes installation of WordPress on your website, you will get an email with some credentials to access it.

You can see a quick picture of what it looks like below. It’s different that your typical cpanel, but gives you full control over your website to have more functionality and control.

how many domains can I host on dreamhost

To create additional websites, you can repeat these same steps.

How Much is Dreamhost Shared Starter?

The Shared Starter is only $2.59/month. This is based on a 3 year term of web hosting. However, if you going month-to-month, then it will costs $4.95/month.

It is highly recommended to buy more web hosting up front for websites. The more you buy, the cheaper it is on the front and back end. But again it’s your choice.

It’s hard to find cheap hosting for your domains. Thankfully Dreamhost has super affordable pricing that is ideal for beginners on a tight budget. With this Shared Starter plan it will allow you to host 1 domain online.

How Much is Dreamhost Unlimited?

The Shared Unlimited plan is only $3.95/month and it is also based on a 3 years of web hosting upfront. With it you can add unlimited domains to create as many websites as you like. However, you want to go month-to-month, then it will cost you $8.95/month.

Note: No FREE domain names on month-to-month plans. You only get it when you purchase at least 1 year of hosting. The reason is because domain names are typically registered and renewed once each year.

How to Create a Website on Dreamhost?

The first of creating any website or blog online is get a Dreamhost domain. The domain name will simply be the name of your website. For example, the name of this website is

You will need to think about the name that you would like to use for your brand online. I recommend trying to get a .com site first if all possible. If not, then you can try a .net, .org or another extension that better fits your brand or business.

This quick video shows you how to get started in minutes.

How to Promote Your Dreamhost WordPress Websites Online

I have come to realize over the years that it doesn’t really matter how pretty your website is, if nobody knows about it, then it’s a waste. This is why you must take progressive steps to promote your Dreamhost website online to everything that breathes.

To this, you will master Search Engine Optimization or have someone do it for you. I prefer to do it myself. Once you learn about SEO rankings, then you be able to get page views to your website from the search engines.


If you start a WordPress blog today with Dreamhost, then you can easily publish content for the world. However, some thing that you want to keep in mind will be your targeted audience.

For example, who is looking for your products or services? What keywords are they using in the search engines to find you? How did you find me this blog today? You wanted to know how many domains can I host on Dreamhost?  Can I host multiple domains on Dreamhost?..

This is called a long tail keyword. These are very specific keywords that get very specific results. When blogging online, you want to use these as well to attract leads and web traffic.

Guest Blogging

Another way to promote your Dreamhost website is write content on others people’s websites. This would be good to drive web traffic back to you website. By doing so, you will be creating backlinks to your website which will help the site climb in rankings.

Do me a favor and link to my website and don’t forget to share this post today on social media!

The idea with guest posting to find blogs or websites that closely related to the overall theme of your Dreamhost website. This way Google, Yahoo and Bing can see the relation and obviously visitors referred will relate to your content.

Social Media

Do you have handles for quora, reddit, facebook, twitter or another platform? If so, then use these to share your content online. You can also use social media WordPress plugins that allow your visitors to share your blog posts with others online.

Video Marketing

Video is big and if you are not using it, then you are missing out.

Youtube is the second largest search after Google. Did I mention that it’s 100% FREE and actually owned by Google? This means that when you create videos on Youtube they will appear with minutes in Google search rankings. This will drive even more free organic traffic to your Dreamhost website.

PPC Marketing

If you want to tap into the absolute FASTEST way to drive targeted traffic, then both Google and Bing Ads are for you. They can cost a bit per click, however if you use long tail keywords then you will save a lot of moulah.

Dreamhost Happy Hosting Competitors With Similiar Features

GreenGeeks is nice alternative to Dreamhost that focuses more on green hosting and saving the environment with reused energy. As a WordPress hosting provider they have really awesome page loads and customer support. Their pricing starts at only $2.95/month.

If you want to add domains to create unlimited websites, their Pro and Premium plans will allow you to do it. Being that GreenGeeks has unlimited bandwidth, you don’t have to worry too much about web traffic. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.


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You may not know much about Scala Hosting, but they have also been around for 20 years. Although they are leaders for VPS Hosting online, they also offers nice shared web hosting for beginners. Their pricing starts at only $3.95/month.

Something that I really love about Scala hosting are their amazing 24/7/365 customer service. You can also host unlimited websites with their Start, Advanced and Managed VPS hosting plans. There is a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Another amazing Dreamhost competitor that also comes highly recommended by is Siteground. Their platform will also allow you to host unlimited domains under your account. There are 3 main shared web hosting plans: Startup, Growbig, and GoGeek.

Although the packages start at $6.99/month, I think that their page loads and performance are far superior than Dreamhost. They also have thousands of excellent customer support reviews and offer a 30 day refund policy.

I got the Growbig plan on which 12 other WordPress sites are hosted. I like this plan and it’s better for hosting unlimited domains for several projects.

Dreamhost support unlimited web traffic, but Siteground does have some restrictions with each plan:

  • 10,000/month for Startup
  • 25,000/month for Growbig and
  • 100,000 visitors/month on Gogeek

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I realized that you clicked thru this to site because you asked yourself..How many domains can I host on Dreamhost? I wanted to not only answer this question, but also give you more to work with. I believe that the more informed we are today, the better decisions we can make, wouldn’t you agree? Of course!

Something that you may have noticed in this post are other web hosting providers that compete in the same playing field besides Dreamhost.

As mentioned before in this Dreamhost review they have been in business since 1997. This is longer than vast majority of web hosting services that you will find online. Due to their high WordPress performance, they are named amongst the top 3 web hosting providers to use for creating websites. Their nice control panel is very easy to use and navigate. The cool thing is that Dreamhost will even install WordPress software automatically on your FREE domain when you get started today.

Does learnanet recommend building websites using them? Of course! There is no limit to the amount of domains that you host on Dreamhost. Although there many companies playing in the same pool, they are super reliable and definitely worth your business.

Are you a newbie online that has never created a website or blog before? If this the case, then I recommend that you get the Dreamhost Starter hosting plan. But if you are serious and really want to take it to next level with your online, then I recommend the Unlimited hosting plan. This was the plan that I selected and love it! Why? Because as a blogger and affiliate marketer, it allows me to create multiple WordPress websites or blogs on Dreamhost. This will give you more flexibility and wiggle room.

Guys, I hope that this Dreamhost review today has helped you to select the best hosting for your website. Remember that they a 97 day money back guarantee. This means that you absolutely nothing to lose. This is the easiest way to get online.

Get started today and begin building your website within minutes. Don’t forget to share this post online on social media and with others!

I hope that have tons of success online this year 🙂


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