Do you want know how to create a WordPress business website for beginners in 2022? This was a question I had years before I got online and realized that it was easier than I thought! You might think that you need to be some kind of an expert to know how to create a make a business website, but that is far from the truth. Also, you might be surprised just how cheap and really affordable it is to start your new website!

Millions of people just like YOU are searching for cheap ways to create websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores online. Today’s review will show you how to do it the easy way.

I have created over 20 WordPress blogs to date. Today I will hold your hand & show you how to start a WordPress blog  for your business easily with a few short steps. This process will be great for bloggers, small business owners and others wanting to get online. Feel free to leave your comments and questions below or shoot me a personal email using my contact me page. I usually respond pretty to quick!

Being that I have been build and create several blogs and websites for customers and personal use, I truly understand what it takes to get the job done. So I take it seriously the privilege that so will have in helping you do thanks ahead for visiting my blog today!

Disclaimer: There are affiliate links in this blog post. When used, I receive a small commission that helps me to eat my favorite peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. You get the best discounts and specials by using these links, so take advantage of them!

You ready to put the pedal to the metal? Great!

How To Create A WordPress Business Website in 2022..

  1. Think of A Domain Name
  2. Get A Web Hosting Provider
  3. Install WordPress On Your Blog
  4. Pick A Theme For Your Blog
  5. Add WP Plugins That Every Blog Must Have
  6. Learn How To Write, Edit & Publish Blog Posts
  7. Learn How To Create Blog Pages
  8. Add Pinging Lists
  9. Promoting Your Blog

Thinking Of Domain Name

Your domain name is simply what you will call your website online. Common domain names of popular websites you already know are,, etc. These are what are called domain names.

Think good about what your brand will be online as this is what people will think about first when thinking about you. As for domain names I recommend choosing a domain name that is simple to remember. According to, it is recommended that you avoid using dashes or hyphens in the url as these make it harden for your visitors to remember. Also, domain names that do not have dashes and hyphens are better for search engine optimization.

You can purchase your website name by going to a domain registrar or web hosting provider. There are many web hosting providers that sell them for cheap such as Namecheap. Namecheap is primarily known online for selling cheap domain names, EasyWP WordPress hosting and their free domain privacy. But again, you can sometimes receive a FREE domain directly from the web hosting provider. 

Where To Get WordPress Hosting?

how to create a wordpress business website

Web hosting is what makes your website visible online to your visitors. Your pictures, information and data will be stored on web servers of your web hosting provider. Think of your web hosting provider as the land where your house resides. Your domain name is your physical address 123 Learnanet Street.

However, the “land” that your house physically sits on is the like web hosting. It’s a computer that runs 24/7/365 that stores your website info and allows visitors to search and find you online. Without web hosting, a website doesn’t exist online. So part of learning how to start a WordPress blog in 2021 is finding a good web hosting provider that is reliable. 

There are many web hosting providers online to start a WordPress blog online. Some common providers are: Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Scala Hosting, A2 Hosting, Siteground, Dreamhost, Mochahost, Hostinger, Kinsta, LiquidWeb and Flywheel.

All of these web hosting services are awesome, but there is only ONE that I recommend for beginners that has the best value & resources for your money A2 Hosting.

how to create a wordpress business website

I think that their StartUp Plan is really great for beginners being it only starts at only $2.99/month!

A2 hosting is also is also great for blogging if want to be a blogger like me. As you will see below, it allows you to create 1 website with 100 GB of web space & handles 10,000 visitors per month. However, if you want to add multiple domains and create additional websites, then I recommend using their Drive hosting plan. Also, you can SSL certificates if needed for eCommerce stores.   

how to create a wordpress business website


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Once you get the Startup plan and your blog continues to grow with web traffic, then you can simply scale up to the Drive hosting plan. This is the web hosting plan that I have currently and have used it to create other WordPress blogs online. Below you will see a video tutorial that shows you how to create a WordPress website using A2 Hosting. 

A2 Hosting offers a ANYTIME money back guarantee on their services and is our #1 recommendation for creating websites. They have top notch security, fast 24/7/365 customer support and awesome uptime.

In this video tutorial on how to create a WordPress business website in 2022, you will learn the following:

  • How to Install WordPress On Your Blog
  • Picking Themes For Your WP Blog
  • How To Add Plugins To Your WordPress Blog
  • Writing, Editing & Publishing Blog Posts
  • How Add/Create Pages For Blogs & More!

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Which Sites To Ping?

What is pinging anyway? Pinging is a simply way to alert other websites of new pieces of content published on your website or blog. Pinging is good way to also get backlinks, but more important for drive web traffic or page views to your website. In fact, every time you update your website with a new post or article, the search engines are alerted. Search engines such as Google in turn will come to crawl your website to then index it in their search results.

But which sites are best to ping for your new website? Well, there are many, but here is a list of just a few to add for your WordPress website. 

When you log into your dashboard, you will see the “Settings” button on your bottom left. Next click on “Writing“, then drop down to “Update Services“. Then you can add the following websites below to ping and then click “Save Changes
Do you know of any other websites that should be added to this pinging list? If so, then please share your suggestions below in comments areas. 

How to Advertise your Business Website for FREE

After you learn how to create a WordPress business website online, the next task is let others know about it. We just talked about pinging and how that helps to alert the search engines and other sites to send you web traffic. However, right now I want to talk more about some simple ways how to advertise your business website for FREE.

There are many ways that you can promote your new business blog online. The obvious thing would be to start writing blog posts centered around your niche and industry. However, before you start writing, you want to think about some long tail keywords that your potential audience would be using to find you online.

Long tail keywords are typically 3-5 words that searchers enter in Google search, Yahoo or Bing to get very specific results. For example, today you searched for ways on “how to create a WordPress business website” or “how to create a WordPress website for business”. These are great examples of long tail keywords that give your visitors exactly what they are looking for.

This method works and is so effective to drive web traffic to your website. How do I know that this works? Well, you are here reading this review, right? Why? Because of the awesome SEO of this website. The lesson? If you use examples like these while publishing your content, then it will also benefit you in this same way to promote your business website.  

This will help increase your SEO rankings, minimize or dominate your competition online especially if your blog is created in a specific niche.

Video Marketing

Another very effective way to promote your business website or blog online is by making videos. To do this, I recommend that start a Youtube channel. It’s a great way to drive FREE web traffic and page views to your WordPress blog. Also don’t forget that Google owns Youtube. This means that when you create optimized videos on Youtube, they will also rank in Google search engine results. 

You can start your channel off making videos about your brand, business products or services that you offer. Try to establish of publishing videos to your audience & always ask them to subscribe. You can use video marketing to drive web traffic to affiliate marketing offers on your blog.


You may not know, but forums are another great social media goldmine to promote your WordPress business website for FREE web traffic.

Two really great ones are Quora and Reddit where people from all walks of like ask questions about everything under the sun.  The idea of these is that you should search for a category is centered around your industry. For example if you want answer questions on how to create a WordPress business website, then you might hand out in categories like Science & Technology, Online Marketing, etc. You get the picture. There are categories for everyone. Simply look for one the corresponds to your industry. 

When people ask questions that you are knowledgeable about, you can answer then and then leave a backlink to your website. What often happens the person will not visit your website, but also share it with others. People can upvote your answer provided which gives your more exposure to your brand and FREE web traffic. 

PPC Marketing

So PPC stands for pay-pay-click and it is the absolute FASTEST way to get targeted web traffic to your business website. With this said, it is also the most expensive way to get web traffic.

How do I recommend using it?

I recommend that versus bidding on generic keywords, you should use long tail keywords which are way less expensive. You can tap into platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads.

If you are new to PPC marketing, try Bing first for testing. The great thing is that Bing get about 12.2 billion searches per month with about 13% market share while Google has 70%. This makes it come out as the second best place to use for advertising. 

However, once you start seeing web traffic converting, then you can implement these same campaigns with Google. When you consider the search engine market share, Google has a higher quality of web traffic, but also is the most expensive of bidding. 


I know that you clicked thru to this website to learn how to create a WordPress business website for your brand.  Today, you have learned not only how to create a website or blog, but also how to promote it online.

As with all of my reviews online I always like to give you a little bit extra. As you could see in the video above, creating a WordPress business website or blog doesn’t require any prior knowledge of html or coding.

A2 Hosting is an awesome web hosting provider to create your WordPress business website today. They have awesome 24/7/365 customer support, rock solid security and uptime performance. As an entrepreneur and blogger, I know how hard it is to find all of these under one hood for a great affordable price for beginners online. This is why I recommend using A2 Hosting to create WordPress websites online. Any remember they have an anytime money back guarantee!

What did you think about this review? Did it help you to start a simple WordPress website or blog online for your business? I hope so! Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments area below. Also if you learned something and found value here today, please share this post with others online with social media and other platforms.

Alright guys, as always I hope you much success with your business online in 2022 and BEYOND! 

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