How to Find Honest Product Reviews 2024 – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this review today you probably want to know how to find honest products reviews? I am guessing that you have been okiedoked, misled or even scammed online in the past, right? It has happened to all of us at some point or another. If you want to know where to find honest product reviews to avoid scams, then keep reading to see what you should do FIRST!

how to find honest products reviews

What To Expect In This Honest Product Review?

Today I just want to show you some things that you should consider FIRST before buying products or services online that might sound too good to be true. You guys know what mean and that’s why you are trying to find out where to find honest product reviews. The tips and suggestions today will be simple and have helped me over the years to save THOUSANDS of dollars. If you follow them, it will do the same for you!

So Why Are We Here?

We all love buying products and services online, right? And especially if you find or are introduced to new products or services that’s on sale! However, being that we live the era of beware, it’s important to check under the hood BEFORE giving your credit or debit to a possible scammer. This way you will avoid losing your hard earned money!

One thing that really helps to avoid possible scams, too good to be true deals is to see what others think about it first before buying.

We have always been taught that HONESTY is the best policy right? Although this statement still holds true, it can be extremely hard to find honest product reviews from people that DON’T have your best interest at heart. What do I mean by this?

You see a product on X website and everything looks good even the so-called reviews by users of the product and you may seem tempted to buy. However, in many cases the very reviews of the product that appear the website are fake. Some product reviews that I have seen on website come even from people who are paid. This means that you can’t trust in their opinions because they are biased and don’t express no reveal the true results or consumer expectations.

So what can you do? You guess it! Learn how to find honest product reviews externally BEFORE making the purchase? How? That’s what I will show next how to do.

It doesn’t really matter if you interested in money making opportunites, weight loss products, financial services, auto services, expert services, etc, it’s always good to do some due diligence FIRST before buying it.

So when it comes to where to find honest product reviews, in general there are 4 simple places that you could visit after hearing about a tempting offer. These are things that I do for just about any product that I want to purchase just to see what others think about it.

There are several money making SCAMS that I have exposed on this site that people should avoid completely: Six Figure Empire, High Profit Check System, TakeEasy, MysteryShopperOnlineJob, EPS Prospertity Hotline and more.

With ANY company, business or opportunity that you are interested in, you should always research it first to avoid SCAMS.

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Where To Find Honest Reviews Online: 4 Websites To Visit:

Trustpilot is a neutral and respected website where you can type in the name of website’s name or product in their search bar and then see reviews from users. The reviews found here are honest product reviews. They are have both positive and negative comments and feedback from people that use or have used the product or service.

Better Business Bureau

The BBB is an old time favorite that is still is great to see what people think about a service or product that you might what to buy. What I like to do in Google is to type in the name of the business name or product name + BBB. This will automatically give you a link that points to the company’s profile. Here you will also some honest product reviews that have been reported to the BBB that you should be aware of.


Consumer Affairs is another gem as well. They have search bar similar to Trustpilot where you can enter a company’s name or product and voila results. Again you will see positive and negative comments along with ratings of the company.

Federal Trade Commission [FTC]

What I love about the FTC website is they even you of scam alerts to beware of. So if you receive a call from a scammer trying to sale some unbelievable deal, hangup the phone and check the FTC website to see if it’s a scam. Likely it is and you will save yourself a lot of money and frustration. You can even sign up for email updates to hear about other things that are happening.

Use Google To Find Honest Product Reviews

There are other simple ways how to find honest product reviews. If you go to Google right now in another tab, you can type in things like:

  • the company name complaints
  • the company name reviews
  • the product or service name complaints
  • the product or service name reviews

Even if you want to search by using the person’s name who is promoting the product, service or company this method works also.

By doing this you are telling Google to do something very specific for you by using longtail keywords. You are telling Google to show you only results of people or users that have experience with the company or products. These results come directly from real people just like me and you.

Reviews like these will tell you EXACTLY what you really need to know about a product or service BEFORE buying it. These are details that you won’t always get directly from the company selling the product or service that you are interested in. These results will give you unbiased honest reviews and complaints from actually users of the product or service in question.

Also, these pages that appear in Google results typically are not from affiliate marketers or people trying to sell you something. By taking your time to read these honest product reviews from real people you will be able to have more of a complete picture of what to expect BEFORE you purchase the product or not.

This is one method I use all the time to research a product or service first that before spending my money and it has save me a lot of headache.

Use Forums & Social Media

You may or may not know that forums and social media are great places to also see what people think about products and services. Why? In forums, people chat and share everything under the sun. Some good places to go in addition to your social media are and Many times that when you Google a question, these very same platforms pop up on the first page being tons of have asked same questions.

At Quora and Reddit, people from all walks of life ask and answer questions about everything under the sun. So if you want to see what people think, simply type in the name of the company, product or service in the Quora’s search bar. You will likely see feeds or threads where people have asked about the product or service.

Give an eye at what they say and you will get more reviews of the product or company. Also, if you want you can also ask a question to the Quora and Reddit communities and people will answer it for you. Again, this is just another simple free way for you go about finding honest reviews online regarding products or services you may want to buy or invest in.

how to find honest product reviews

Facebook groups is another place how to find honest product reviews online. Why? Just like Quora and Reddit, people often talk about problems that they experienced with business products and services. You can also find a star rating for most businesses online that will show you how users rate the company.

Everyone uses Facebook these days and when they have a bad experience with a business, people tend to share with family, friends and local communities. This is a great way how to find honest product reviews by looking at user experiences.

Yelp Similar to yellow page listings, if you Google a company name, often you will see Yelp reviews from users. Typically businesses may use Yelp as a platform to list their location and services. Users often leave reviews of their personal experience with a given business. These can be very helpful to consider before buying or dealing with the company that you are considering.

Google My Business is of great use also for consumers to find unbiased product reviews online. When you Google a business name, often you will see some free listings that pop up in search results. They are typically the very first thing that you will see when searching for a specific topic. These also will display ratings from users that leave Google reviews about the company.

how to find honest product reviews

In the example above, you can see that Dicks Sporting Goods has a 3.6 star rating with 245 Google reviews from users. If you take your time, then this where to find honest product reviews.

So basically you just need to Google the company name or website url to search or user reviews. The more you view, the more informed you will about the business before whipping out the debit or credit card.

Work At Home Opportunities

In addition to looking for honest product reviews, you may also want to research certain work at home opportunities to make money online. All of these tips and suggestions work very well to confirm if a money making opportunity is really worth your time or not.

For example, some time ago I was interested in improving my health with high quality supplements. I did some research and came across a really reputable company called Livegood with an amazing reputation. After thoroughly researching the company and health benefits, I decided to order some products that help with cardiovascular health and weight loss. They have a really nice product called Organic Super Reds and another that I love that is an Organic Coffee great for losing weight and improving cognitive function. I noticed that the company offers 90 days money back guarantee on all of their products and ships internationally.

Something else that I noticed is that they have amazing home business that allows people to make money from home. They pay affiliates every Thursday via direct deposit and also from FREE affiliate marketing training on Mondays, Thurdays and Friday. They have 6 ways to get paid and you work with a team. If you are looking for a legitimate lucrative way to make money from home that provides lots of flexibility, then I highly recommend getting started with Livegood right now! You should start by taking the Livegood FREE Tour to check things out and then get started making money today.


In my opinion, there are several things that you can do to learn how to find honest product reviews online. Today I have shared with you a handful of great places to go to learn about user experiences with products or services before using them.

No matter how small or big a company is or how nice a product sounds, it’s ALWAYS a good idea to do your research first. Don’t believe the hype. If it sounds to good to be true, then it’s NOT! Performing due diligence will always pay off and save you headaches and frustration.

People that don’t research this first often come out losing lots of money and being scammed. Don’t let this be the case with you! People regret not taking these steps. Again, we have ALL been okiedoked at some point in the past and I know that it can be painful. This is why I decided to write this review on how to find honest product reviews to help you.

Now, let’s open it up to you. How did these tips and suggestions help you to learn how to find honest product reviews online? Have you ever been scammed or misled by a product or service advertised before? If so, which one and were you able to get your money back some how? It’s your time to shine below with your comments..

Thank you guys for reading this review today! Please share this post today with online so that they too can avoid scams online.




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  1. Thank you for giving your honest opinion without beating around the bush!! Unfortunately, I’ve had a lot of being taken advantage of since I had to start using technology bc of my children’s school work😑! I am forever checking things out before jumping in with both feet bc of that. So again, I say thank you!!😊
    Best regards,
    K. Wesley

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