Have you ever got an email message from WordPress support stating that you have broken links on your website? Did one of your readers tell you? What does this really mean and what affect does it have on SEO? In today’s review, I will show you a super easy way how to fix broken links in WordPress!

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO is something that can either break or make a website online. When it’s done incorrectly or neglected, then it can have some bad results.

We all are super busy each and everyday and even more so if we run or manage a blog or website. It doesn’t matter how small or big of a website you have, writing content with great SEO is key to out rank your competitors online. However, as you publish more content regularly online on your website and begin to link to external pages, it is possible at some point or another that you will get a broken link 404 error.

What are 404 errors?

These result primarily when a website that you link to has made change in the url or permalink of a post or article. Perhaps the webmaster or owner of the website or blog updated a post or article or even did a redirect. Well, don’t fret! This is something that happens in the industry often with websites and it is to be expected.

It’s terrible when a visitor lands on your page and get a message “Oops, this page doesn’t exist” or that the link to doesn’t work. Although it’s not the end of the world, will this have an affect on your website SEO? Keep watching to see..

What Can You Do to Monitor and Fix Broken Links in WordPress?

As mentioned in the video, this is a really great question that I found a simple answer to some time ago and I wanted to share it with you today. The secret is all inside of a simple, but very needed WordPress plugin called Broken Link Checker by ManageWP! Obviously you can stay awake 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. But this is exactly what plugins like BLC are doing for the SEO health of your website.

NOTE: 700,000+ installations by users have already have it on their WordPress websites.

I’ll be honest and say that when it comes to installing WordPress plugins, I don’t personally believe in having too many of them on my website. In fact, the truth is that you don’t really need too many installed on your website for it to perform its day-to-day functions.

I kind of compare plugins to apps for phones, if you have too many of them downloaded on your phone, it can take of too much space and essentially  cause your phone to run slow or even malfunction. The same is true with having too many WordPress plugins.

However, the¬†Broken Link Checker WordPress is an absolute amazing awesomeness of a plugin that I think every blogger MUST HAVE to save you a lot of time, frustration and stay up to date with your links. It’s the best solution on how to fix broken links in WordPress.

It basically performs daily scans of your website to check for missing images and broken links on pages, posts, and blogrolls. Even you if you update posts on your blog, change permalinks or do redirects these errors could also result.

how to fix broken links in wordpress

Other Broken Link Checker Alternatives:

Why Is This Important To Fix Broken Links on WordPress Websites?

If you take the time to learn how broken links affect SEO, you will definitely see the need to take action fast when you get these 404 errors in your WordPress dashboard. If you ignore them, then this may have a bad effect on your website rankings and user experience. So to avoid this, it would great to install the Broken Link Checker by ManageWP.

You can easily do this by logging into the dashboard of your WordPress website. Scroll down to “Plugins” and click on “Add New”. You can then type in the words “broken link checker” in the search bar and it will appear. From this point, you will just to Install & Activate so it can start running scans immediately on your site. This is the best FREE way to start monitoring and fixing these errors so they don’t your Google rankings.

broken link checker

One way that your rankings could start to plummet is if visitors land on your website and start reading your post, but suddenly bounce off quickly. They may click on an internal or external link on the article and if it’s not working, then this is a huge problem. Why? Because when it comes to visitor’s retention, Google monitors every second that a you are on a site. So if of example I had a broken link on this page, you would likely bounce off my blog and go to the next listing. But you are still here which is awesome and I really appreciate you reading this review.

But going back to how broken links affect SEO, it could leave a bad taste in your visitor’s mouth and actually hurt your brand. You see the reality is that the less time people spend on your website, lower Google will rank you in the search results. However, the longer period of time and interaction that you spend on this site for any reason, it sends a signal to Google that learnanet.com has got it going on and that it should rank higher and STAY on its 1st page. This is something that I work very hard on to learn how to fix broken link in SEO quickly so I can maintain great rankings and user experience on this blog.


To date I have created several WordPress blogs and websites in the past 3 years. Some have been created using web hosts like Hostinger, A2 Hosting, Siteground, Namecheap and others.

Every time I addon a domain to create a new site with the web hosting service, I always run a checklist of the best WordPress plugins for business sites recommended to install.

When it comes finding easy non techie solutions on how to fix broken links in WordPress & SEO, I always remember to install the Broken Link Checker WordPress by ManageWP because it does all the hard work for me. They send you the email notifications and you simply need to update links when prompted. That’s it!

Hey guys, so what do you think about this particular WordPress plugin? Do you personally use it already? If so, how has it worked for you thus far with monitoring broken links in WordPress & to improve your SEO? I want to hear your thoughts below..