Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review 2022: Inmotion Hosting Pros and Cons?

If you are reading this Inmotion WordPress Hosting review, you are probably wondering if they are the right choice to start your website or not? Or perhaps you are currently hosting with them and are looking for some good alternatives to migrate your website today. If so, then you have come to the right place! Whether you are a new to blogging or an expert, this Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review will explain all of the Inmotion pros and cons that you need to know BEFORE signing up!

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What to Expect In this InMotion WordPress Hosting Review?

Millions of people just like YOU are trying to find the best ways to create websites online. If you are a beginner, then you want to save money on your business. How do you know if InMotion Hosting is for you or not?

Frankly, there are a lot of providers that offer WordPress hosting services online such as Bluehost, GreenGeeks, SiteGround, Flywheel, Kinsta, LiquidWeb and A2 Hosting just to name a few. However, considering all of these options could make it hard for beginners to know what to look for in a host.

Today I will go over some of Inmotion hosting pros and cons that you should know. We will look at pricing, customer support, uptime performance.  This info will be quite helpful whether you are beginner online or not.

So what I will do next in this Inmotion Hosting Review  below is walk you through all of the web hosting plans offered along with their features.

Their web hosting plans have increased and I have updated this as follows in this Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review 2022:

4 Shared Inmotion Web Hosting Plans:


WP-1000S Plan at $6.99/month [based on 2 year term]

I think that the WP-1000S plan probably best for beginners or entrepreneurs that don’t require many unlimited resources. Small business owners wanting to create just 1 websites.

WP-2000S Plan at $9.99/month [based on 2 year term]

This plan will allow you to to create 2 websites online.

WP-3000S Plan at $12.99 per month [based on a 2 year term]

This plan will allow you to create 3 websites online.

WP-4000S is $19.99/month [based on a 2 year term]

This plan will allow you to create up to 6 websites online.

The WP-3000 & WP-4000S might be better for affiliate marketing and those wanting to add multiple domains.

inmotion wordpress hosting review

InMotion Hosting Pros and Cons: The Good Features?

Next, in this review, I will review some really good aspects of this host to consider.

  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Free Domain
  • Free SSD Drives
  • Free Data Backups
  • Free Domain Transfer
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • 2 Data Centers in US [Virginia Beach, Virginia & Los Angeles, California]
  • Free SSL Certificate

What’s Bad About Inmotion Hosting?

To keep this Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review 2022 100% honest, I wanted to tell you about some not so hot things about them. Every web hosting provider has something negative that some users will not like and Inmotion Hosting is not the exception.

I notice that when comparing their WordPress hosting plans with many of their competitors online, their hosting is overpriced. I say this because for most of Inmotion hosting competitors allow you to create unlimited websites online for the $6.99/month price point. You can check out a few of them below to see how much you save online with some alternatives to Inmotion hosting.

Of course having a website with fast WordPress performance is extremely important. However, why pay so much more when you could get the same or fast speeds, page loads with another provider? I don’t believe that you should pay more for a name, rather for the overall quality of your web hosting.

I read some time ago at how important website speed is for good Google rankings. There are many other Google SEO ranking factors to consider, but website speed is super important.

Although Inmotion hosting has good speeds, again they are more expensive for beginners when comparing their shared hosting plans with other competitors. In fact, their beginner plan is $6.99/month which is almost twice as some competitors compared below.

How Inmotion hosting Compares with Others

When you really start searching online for the best WordPress hosting services you will see that they are not only FASTER than Inmotion hosting, but cheaper. I say this because if you are a beginner online, then most likely you want to save money also on your business, right?

When you look at their beginner shared web hosting WP-1000S plan usually it starts at $6.99/month. This plan allows you to host ONLY 1 site. However, if you were to step it up a notch to the next shared web hosting plan with its competitors, then this is what you would be able to create unlimited websites online.

[Click on web hosts below for more info]

Hostinger – $2.89/month for the Premium Shared Hosting here which lets you create unlimited websites

Hostwinds – $6.74/month for their Advanced Plan here that lets you make 4 websites [Hostwinds has 99.9999% uptime guarantee]

A2 Hosting – $4.99 per month for Drive Plan here and lets you host unlimited websites

GreenGeeks – $5.95 per month for Pro Plan here lets you create unlimited websites

Bluehost – $5.95 per month for Plus Plans here allows you to create unlimited websites

Hostgator – $5.95 per month for Baby Plan here to host unlimited domains

Cloudways is another amazing super fast managed cloud hosting – FREE TRIAL HERE

So as for value, their competitors have Inmotion hosting beat on pricing and get you more value for your buck. When it creating websites, their competitors allow you to make unlimited websites versus just a couple.

So if you are a beginner online concerned about price and saving money, then don’t use InMotion hosting. You will save more money on both the front and backend with their competitors mentioned above. However, if you don’t care about spending money for less resources, then go ahead and give Inmotion hosting a try.

The 90 Day Inmotion Hosting Money Back Guarantee

Next, in this Inmotion Hosting review, it’s important for you to understand how their money back guarantee works before you signup with Inmotion.

Unlike many of their web hosting competitors online that typically give on average just a 30 day money back guarantee, Inmotion is unique in that they take a step further by giving you 90 days!

Not only are InMotion web hosting super faster and reliable, but also worth trying with this refund policy in place. However, there is only one other web hosting company that beats the Inmotion hosting’s guarantee by offering 97 days: DREAMHOST!

Amazingly they offer users a 97 day money back guarantee which gives them even more time to try their web hosting services which start only $2.59/month.

Go here to for more details on trying them today.

However, there is another web hosting provider Mochahost who starts at only $1.95/month offers a 180 day money back guarantee!

A2 Hosting mentioned above that starts at only $2.99/month offers an ANYTIME money back guarantee! To get 66% OFF of A2 Hosting, click this special link right here NOW!

Inmotion Hosting Complaints

To keep this Inmotion WordPress hosting review 2022 100% honest and transparent, I wanted to talk about some other Inmotion hosting pros and cons that others don’t mention Inmotion hosting reviews online.

All web hosting providers have complaints and Inmotion hosting is not the exception. Although a company may have overall good customer support, there are occasions where some complaints have been generated. I want to point out this will be the case with ANY of the web hosting services online.

If you were to perform a quick search on BBB you would notice that Inmotion hosting has a 1.8-star rating out of 5 per Inmotion hosting reviews from users. The vast majority rave about Inmotion and been longtime customers who LOVE their services and customer support just like me.

However, if you dig deeper for Inmotion hosting complaints on place like Trustpilot, you will see that even there they have 3.8 stars out of 5 based on 422 Inmotion hosting reviews left by users.

Why do I share these Inmotion hosting complaints and stats with you this review? Well, because I am honest and want my viewers to have the good with the bad. I think that Inmotion hosting are good to create websites online. But that’s just my opinion.

This Inmotion WordPress hosting review 2022 reveals not only what I think, but also what others think about their web hosting services overall. This way you get more of a complete picture of the good and the bad.

What I am getting at guys in this review is that with EVERY web hosting provider online that you consider for your business, you will always find negative reviews IF you are looking for them. The fact of the matter is that this actually comes with the territory. A web hosting provider can do everything under the sun and some people still won’t be happy with something that they do or don’t do.

But let’s look at something else that also important for you to consider with selecting a web hosting provider.

How Is Inmotion Hosting Uptime?

On their official website, Inmotion states having a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee with their web hosting services. I mention it in this Inmotion WordPress hosting review because you should know how dependable and reliable they are as a host.

As with any host there is always some point where you may have some down periods, but with Inmotion, it’s nothing in comparison with competitors like Hostinger.

Hostinger web hosting is the cheapest web hosting provider online that starts at only $0.99/month and awesome for beginners create WordPress websites. Hostinger is way cheaper than Inmotion hosting and will save you up 300%! This is why as a blogger I highly recommend using Hostinger if you are really serious about saving money on your website.

Hostinger is a super reliable web hosting that has better uptime performance than Inmotion hosting in my opinion.

inmotion wordpress hosting review

Uptime is important with ANY website because it determines when your website is online or not. If your website has great uptime, it means that you are making money. However, with lots of downtime your website will LOSE money online. If you have at least 99.99% or  better uptime performance, then this is something that will provide a better user experience. You will NOT have to worry about server reliability when you get started with today.

 Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review – The cPanel

inmotion wordpress hosting review

What I like about the InMotion hosting cPanel is that the setup is very similar to other web hosts such as Hostgator, A2 Hosting, Hostinger, and Siteground. You still have access to 1-click scripts such as:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Prestashop
  • OpenCart
  • Magento
  • php88
  • phpList & more!

Of all of these CMS platforms, most people like me prefer and love using WordPress being that it’s more user-friendly and easier to customize for websites in general, but the choice is yours! But again, if you decide to go with one of the cheaper Inmotion Hosting alternatives mentioned above, then you will have access to these same CMS platforms to create websites.

Inmotion WordPress Hosting Review 2022 Conclusion..

There are many Inmotion hosting reviews out there, but I hope that this info here was clear and transparent. Today I have given you a lot of information to consider to help you decide about starting your new website with InMotion hosting.

Do I recommend using Inmotion hosting to create websites online? Yes I do! There are an amazing web hosting provider with great uptime performance and security to protect websites online.

As a blogger, I realize that it’s extremely important to have dependable web hosting that is super reliable 24/7 when visitors search for you online.

Perhaps a person could reason that paying for a more expensive web hosting is better to start a website, but is it really? Paying more money is not always better. It’s always good to go with a web host that provides all the services that you need to build your new website for an affordable price that fits your needs. They are a great fit for every entrepreneur wanting to get online.

Now it’s time to hear from you. Which plan will you start your website with today? What did you like most about this Inmotion WordPress hosting review? Will you create your website with Inmotion hosting or with one of their competitors mentioned above? It’s your time to shine now below. Talk to me below..

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