iPage Hosting Review Pros and Cons 2021 – Read this Before Buying iPage!

Do you want to create a website today with iPage web hosting, but not sure if they are for you? If so then you read this iPage hosting review pros and cons that will reveal what you MUST know BEFORE buying it!

I have been online for several years creating WordPress websites and blogs just like this one that you landed on today. The mere fact that you are here reading this iPage hosting review proves that I know what I am talking about. I have used several web hosting services over the years. Some were good, while others were not so good. This iPage hosting review will reveal how I feel about using their web hosting for beginners.

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What is iPage Anyway? 

If iPage is a foreign language to you, let me tell you that it was also for me before hearing about them.  I saw one of those advertisements promoting their cheap web hosting and decided to look in them. When comparing them to other web hosting providers online I quickly realized how much money I would be saving by using their services. Things like dedicated hosting services, VPS and shared hosting services are way cheaper with them than with others online. This makes it a lot easier to create websites online for newbies online.

In this iPage Hosting Review Pros and Cons I will cover..

  • What is iPage?
  • The Money Back Guarantee
  • The Customer Service
  • Hosting Plans
  • Pros vs Cons
  • Is iPage good to start your new website or not?

iPage web hosting is another one of the many other web host own by Endurance International Group . While EIG has been on the scene for over 2 decades, iPage has managed to host over 1 million sites on their platform and is known mostly for its web hosting under $2!

It’s not often that you find web hosting this cheap online unless it’s Hostinger which is only $0.99 cents per month. But again, iPage web hosting is like the next cheapest web hosting across the board.

I won’t talk too much about how large of a company Endurance International is as they are huge conglomerate that owns a over 80 web hosting companies. Rather today in this iPage hosting review pros and cons I want to focus in on how this little guy is doing.


ipage hosting review pros and cons


Why You Need This iPage Hosting Review?

There are many web hosts out there as you may already know, but today I am reviewing iPage because I love simply to build small websites for friends.

Secondly, I am reviewing them because there are not many hosting services (if any) under the 2 dollar threshold. With a price point like $1.99/month, other competitors don’t stand a chance. Other popular hosts Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Mochahost, Dreamhost, Hostgator, GreenGeeks run under $4 bucks per month which is still not bad, but iPage still knocks them out the ball park at a 75% savings!

So I started an account with iPage some time ago. One of the things that I noticed is that iPage web hosting performs very well and is pretty fast. Also, there are a lot of plugins and features that make it more user friendly.

I don’t want to bore you, but this iPage hosting review pros and cons will reveal later how I really feel about their service and why you should consider them today.

They have been around 1998 and since then have grown the forces to now powering well over 1 million websites. This means that they tons of experience under their belt and know what they are doing in the web hosting industry.

iPage’s 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

So iPage offers a 30 money back guarantee on their hosting services if you are not 100% satisfied. This means that it is risk free and that they stand behind a quality product.

ipage hosting review pros and cons

This is great that iPage offers this refund policy, but some web hosting providers extend longer.

For example, Hostgator mentioned above offers a 45 day money back guarantee to its clients.

Hostwinds and Pressidium offers a 60 day money back guarantee while Inmotion hosting offers a 90 day refund policy.

Dreamhost gives a 97 money back guarantee, but Mochahost knocks them all out the park with a 180 day money back offer! This is the absolute LONGEST money back guarantee that I have every seen in this industry.

Why do I share these other web hosting providers with you? I want this iPage hosting review pros and cons to give you the good and the bad. This way you can decide more easily if iPage web hosting is for you or perhaps another hosts.

iPage Customer Service

Now in this iPage review I want to discuss something that really impresses me and that’s customer service. The reps respond in a timely manner with tickets and chat. They always take care of any inquiries and issues 24/7. Knowing that someone is always there to assist is always great to know. You can call direct at 877-472-4399  or use the chat support.

iPage Hosting Plans

In case you missed it in the beginning, the hosting plans are now discounted at $1.99/month at 36 months! This huge discount here is great for all budgets. Although cheap, the hosting plans have with unlimited bandwidth, domain names, disk space, site builders, cms platforms wordpress, joomla, drupal, etc.

ipage hosting review

iPage WordPress Hosting:

Just 2 plans to choose from: WP Starter and WP Essential plans

If you have site that get lots of visitors, then the WP Essential plans is better.

ipage hosting review

cPanel or Control Panel?

They have a very special version called “control panel”. When comparing it with other platforms such as Bluehost, Hostgator or Siteground, iPage’s is very unique. See below.

So if you are familiar with these previous hosts, then you will see that you have access to the same SEO features, although different using back office called control panel.

Unlike these aforementioned, iPage does not have cpanel which is a bit of a downer. Their control panels have many basic features that allow you to do the same things, however different from the typical cpanel backoffice with WordPress that most are accustomed to.


What are the Pros of iPage Hosting?

One of the #1 things that you will notice about them when comparing to others is that they are super inexpensive at only $1.99 per month. This I have to be affordable for all pockets.

Besides free web hosting, there is only one other web host cheaper than iPage.

At 3 years, this works out to be only $71.64 or $23.88/year! In my personal findings while comparing the hosting accounts that I have, this is the best value. Many web hosting providers online charge this per year, but you get this for 3 years of hosting!

As mentioned above iPage offers a 30 day money back guarantee on hosting plans. They also have:

  • 1,000 of FREE templates
  • FREE domain registration
  • $100 in Google and $100 Bing ad credits
  • FREE security tools like Sitelock (to protect your site)
  • FREE WordPress building tools
  • FREE Email addresses
  • Unlimited domains
  • eCommerce
  • Daily backups
  • Good 24/7 customer service
  • SSL Certificate to secure your site

As mentioned above, their customer service is good.

Any Cons of Using iPage Hosting?

Although I am convinced that they good for beginners who want to start a new website, there are just a few cons that you need to know. So far starters, you already know that the hosting plans start at $1.99 per month which good.

Although you get a 100% refund if dissatisfied within the 30 day window, it doesn’t any add-on services. Also, there is a $15 non-refundable fee for your domain. This is good if it’s a great domain and want to transfer it to another host, but a lost if you no will use it.

Also, let’s say you the introductory deal at $1.99 per month and buy hosting for 36 months, when you renew it will revert back to the normal rate of $7.99 per month! Wowza, that’s 4 times the rate slightly over Dreamhost at $7.95!

But hey at least it’s not WP Engine pricing!

When it comes to uptime they are pretty good, but could be better. But no web host is 100% perfect when it comes to this. Some boasts 100%, 99.99, 99.98 % uptime, but that’s not always the case. Some months are good with others are not so good. iPage is no different, but a good host for the price point.

However, web hosting companies like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator are way better for uptime.

Freebies & Some Other Features

Ok so in this iPage review, let me talk about some more freebies I discovered that iPage will give many freebies and other features.

To get your new site off to good start online you will get access to $100 Adwords credit, $50 Facebook & $50 on Yahoo and $100 Bing networks. I have used all of platforms and it’s definitely worth it. Once you optimized your site and pages, I think that these are great to use to get some quick traffic & exposure to your website after it goes live.

iPage Hosting Review Pros and Cons Conclusion: Should you get started with iPage? 

Should you start a website with iPage web hosting? Absolutely!

As mentioned throughout this iPage web hosting review their web hosting is super affordable for all budgets, reliable, secure and great to start your new website. I definitely recommend that you give them try today, but of course that’s just my opinion if you are on a small budget for your business. Remember that they do have the 30 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

The iPage web hosting is pretty straight forward and easy to understand with the $1.99 per month plan. Frankly, there is not a lot to get you confused with just one main plan for shared hosting. There are no other web hosts that can compete with iPage comes to pricing. But of course with web hosting there are far more factors to consider collectively such a features, speed, uptime, customer support, etc. What I am saying is that only you can decide to start a website today or not…

In this iPage hosting review, I have tried to give you all of the basics to consider to determine if iPage hosting plans are for you or not for this coming year.

Now I have a few questions that you can answer below. Before reading this iPage review, have you ever tried them before? If so, what do you think about your current or past experience? Time to hear your thoughts below..


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