iPage Hosting Review: Is iPage Good or Not? Read this First!

ipage hosting review

iPage reviews are all over the net. Some reviews are good, others not so good. Today, my iPage hosting review will not be fluffy, rather I will keep it simple and to the point!

If you are starting a new web site or wanting to migrate your current domain, then you are probably wondering is iPage any good or not to host with. If that’s the case, then I am here to help you answer that in this post today.

What should you know before I start this iPage hosting review? One, I know that you have a lot of things to do so I don’t want to waste your time. Second, I am not an employee of the company, thus this quick review that I am giving you will be simple and unbiased providing you some quick details and info to help make a good decision if iPage is for you or not..

With that said, let’s dig into this iPage hosting review..

I put together a brief Youtube video with an overview of what iPage offers you. Hopefully after watching the video you will have more if about them to see where to start to build your new website.

Although small, they have been a leader in the web hosting industry for over 2 decades. Today in this iPage hosting review, we will focusing on how good this company is for your web hosting needs and how to get started building your website today!

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iPage Cost

The next thing that I want to cover in this iPage hosting review are the cost. Yeah this is important to talk about.

As seen in this brief iPage Hosting Review  video above, they are one of the most affordable, reliable web hosting services on the net that offers a number of cool features to build your new website from ground up.

When compared with many other web hosting services, the iPage hosting plans are going for $1.99/month (normally $7.99). That’s a 75% savings!

Most other web hosting competitors like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator just to name a few usually start around $3.95/month which is still not bad, but run slightly more than iPage when drawing cost comparisons for web hosting.

So, if you are just starting out and and good host that is cheap, but quality, then iPage hosting is a great option to consider. When looking online, I haven’t many others that can top that price point for what you are getting.

Is iPage Good for WordPress? 

So how does iPage WordPress work? If you are not starting a blog, then you can stick with their $1.99/month deal. When it comes to their WordPress, there are 2 plans basically to select from: WP Starter & WP Essential.

WP Starter is a basic plan for $3.75/month has some limited features, whereas the WP Essential gives you more features like faster speed, enhanced security, and WordPress express support for $6.95/month!

These rates are pretty good for iPage WordPress hosting specific when compared with others like Bluehost at $19.99/month (supports 1 million visitors), Hostgator at $3.48/month, Siteground at $2.95/month or even Inmotion Hosting at $6.99/month just to name a few.

How is iPage Customer Service? 

iPage has great 24/7 customer support for it clients at 877-472-4399. As you get started and login into your control panel, you will see that they offer step-by-step video tutorials to help you through the process of setting up your website online.

What is the iPage Refund Policy? What You Should Know..

Next in our iPage hosting review we want to discuss the iPage refund policy be how it works.

It is quite simple to understand as other web hosting companies. If you are not completely satisfied with iPage web hosting, they will give a full refund of hosting fees as part of their 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

However, just a side note that you should know. You can see that I have italicized “hosting fees” for a reason. The refund does not apply to domains & most add-on features.

Also, if you register a domain with them, there is a $15 non refundable fee that covers their costs & ensures that you keep the domain name that you registered and take it to another host of your choice.

These are just some really important points that you should remember about the iPage refund policy in the event you make a request through customer service.

My iPage Hosting Review Conclusion

Let’s recap..

When you consider iPage, they have been around a little over 20 years, since 1998 in fact. This shows that they are a very stable web hosting company and know what they are doing when it comes to hosting websites.

Building your new website with one of top most affordable web hosts in the industry is a great idea and I highly recommend them. The signup process is very easy, straight forward and their platform is very user friendly.

As you will notice there are tons of web hosting providers on the net with a wide range of features, scalability and pricing. However, when it comes to finding the cheapest web hosting out there is nobody who can top iPage hosting’s $1.99 per month deal!

They actually dominate this area when comparing major iPage competitors like Bluehost, Siteground and Hostgator tarting at $3.95 per month.

To get started building your new website today, just visit the official iPage website below.

=>> Click Here To Visit the Official iPage Web Hosting Website <<=

Disclosure: This page contain affiliate links. When clicked and a purchase is made, the owner of this will receive a commission. This is how I pay the bills. This doesn’t affect your purchase at all. You can get the best discount by clicking on them.

After reading this brief iPage hosting review, what did you like most? Did you learn something new that un didn’t know before? It’s your time talk below…

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