How Good Is Accuwebhosting? Read this Accuwebhosting Review 2024 First!

Wondering how good is Accuwebhosting good to create a website online today? If so, then this Accuwebhosting review is for you! When it comes to web hosting it can be super hard to find the right one to create websites. We have tested many web hosting services over the years. Some were great, while others were not. What do we think about Accuweb? Read this Accuwebhosting review 2024 FIRST before wasting your money on their services!

What To Expect In this AccuWebHosting Review?

Although there are several Accuwebhosting reviews, these are primarily from people who don’t actually use their services. This Accuwebhosting review is 100% honest. By writing this review today, I have absolutely NOTHING to gain, but your trust.

Ultimately I just want you to find the right web hosting for your needs online. It won’t hurt my feelings at all if you don’t get started with them. But they are an amazing web hosting providers for beginners wanting to create a website. After finishing this review, you will know everything that you need to know to start your site.

Today we will go over some key points:

  • Who is Accuwebhosting?
  • The Pricing of Web Hosting Packages
  • How is Customer Support?
  • Uptime Performance
  • Accuwebhosting Competitors
  • How Good Is AccuWebHosting & Is It Recommended?

Accuwebhosting: The Company

You may not know much about Accuwebhosting, but the company got its start in the web hosting realm back in 2002 and is based in New Jersey, USA. It was founded by Rahul Vaghasia. Currently, the company services over 55,000 websites with clients worldwide. Their main focus is providing Windows web hosting.

They have a nice following of users on Facebook and Twitter. Although small in comparison with most of its competitors online, they seem to climbing the ladder. Their official page is

How Much Are Accuwebhosting Packages?

One of the things that we want to state off back in this Accuwebhosting review is that they have a wide range of web hosting options for all budgets. If you are beginner online and have never created a website, then they definitely have something for every taste. They offer Shared hosting, WordPress hosting, WooCommerce, VPS hosting, Forex hosting, Windows hosting, Dedicated hosting, Reseller hosting and more!

For the purpose of this Accuwebhosting WordPress review, I will focus more on their shared hosting as most beginners tend to get started using these plans. This way you can see how good is Accuwebhosting with costs if you have a tight budget.

So if you are a newbie online, then perhaps their shared website hosting may be best for your situation. This maybe the case especially if you have never created a website online before and also on a tight budget? Their web hosting starts at only $3.99/month if you purchase 3 years of web hosting upfront. If you do not want to purchase 3 years of web hosting upfront, then there are some alternatives to consider:

  • 1 Months of web hosting @ $8.99/month
  • 1 Year of web hosting @ $89.88
  • 3 Years of web hosting @ $251.64

So you can obviously see that the more web hosting you purchase upfront, the more money you will save online on that backend. Once you decide which plan and term you need, then you will need a domain name. A domain name will be simply the name of your website.

For example, this website domain name is You can either purchase your domain name directly at Accuwebhosting which is more expensive, or use a cheaper registrar like Namecheap. They usually costs about $9/year, but sometimes you can grab awesome deals for only $5.98/year.

Once you get your domain name, then the next step would be to create your website using a simple user-friendly software like Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress. There are a lot of other software that can used to create websites online, however WordPress by far the absolute best to use for beginners online with ANY web hosting provider.

This video that we found online shows Accuweb hosting users how to install WordPress on your domain using Softaculous. Let us know in the comments area below if this video tutorial was easy for you to follow.


You will notice that they have VPS hosting which is designed for those needing their very own virtual private server. With 100% SSD storage, it’s pretty secure. However, VPS hosting is not for beginners at all. It’s for those who have been online for a long time and have lots of page views already. As a beginner online creating your first website, you don’t have this yet. So it may best for newbies to start out with their shared hosting for WordPress which tends to be a little easier on the pockets.

Also, they have Reseller hosting which is really designed for people want to sell web hosting to others for profit. With this type of plan Accuwebhosting will outsource a specific amount of Windows space that can be sold to others. Again as a beginner online, you will not need this type of web hosting either being you are not creating your web hosting business.

Accuwebhosting Hosting Review Trustpilot: How is Their Customer Support?

Another important thing to consider to determine how good is Accuwebhosting for you or not is their customer services.

Accuwebhosting has 24/7/365 customer support via phone, email and live chat. This is good in the event you need to contact a rep to resolve issues with your website. The Accuwebhosting phone number is 877-767-4678. In addition to their around the clock customer support, they have created a nice forum for discussions. Clients can use this forum as a means to search for resolutions to problems or issues they be experiencing with their web hosting or websites.

Interestingly, they have a pretty neat Youtube channel filled with tons of video tutorials for clients to learn the technical aspects of their Window web hosting. I think that this is really awesome especially for those who prefer to do things versus having to hire developers. We have found that many of Accuwebhosting competitors online do not provide helpful self-guided video tutorials or these types of resources for clients.

Now something interesting that we want to highlight in this Accuwebhosting review are their ratings. On respected websites like Trustpilot, you will find they have an excellent profile rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. Although there are some complaints from Accuwebhosting customers, this is the overall breakdown of ratings on their profile by Accuwebhositng customers:

Accuwebhosting Hosting Review Trustpilot

  • 70% say they are an Excellent web hosting provider
  • 13% say Great
  • 4% Average
  • 2% say Poor
  • and 11% of Accuwebhosting reviews say they are Bad

Some complaints are regarding their Accuwebhosting FREE WordPress hosting that they offer. Some claim that clients MUST leave 2 positive reviews for them to be able to use it. I don’t think this is right, do you? I think that if it is really FREE web hosting like they say it is, then a person should be able try the service FIRST, right? Then write a nice Accuwebhosting review IF you actually like it or not. However, on the other hand you will also find that there a TONS of positive Accuwebhosting Trustpilot reviews where customers say they absolutely LOVE the free hosting and NEVER had any issues with it.

Why do we mention all of this to you? First, I want you to know that ALL web hosting providers online have complaints about things that clients like or don’t like. Some are good while others are not. The truth is that you can please everyone no matter how much you die trying. Why do I say this?

You can go to any restaurant and order an item on their menu. The dish already has its ingredients in it which are displayed on the menu before ordering. A customer wants to add something to it or change it completely, but the restaurant is not able to do it. A customer as a result might complain that the restaurant is bad, but is this really the case?

Accuwebhosting is a rock solid company with excellent customer support. This review of Accuwebhosting is unbiased and we want you to make a good business decision that you will be happy with later. I know that you will be happy with them, but you have to make your decision today.

Before I create websites with ANY web hosting provider, I always try to think first about the type of complaint and see what measures did the company take to resolve it. Some people might complain about something and not state what resolution was offered to them. This happens with virtually every business or merchant that exist be it online or offline.

However, overall we still recommend using Accuwebhosting to create websites and feel that they do a great job.

is accubwebhosting good

How is Accuweb Hosting Uptime Performance?

Next, we need to cover uptime and website speed performance. This is another very important area to look at to determine is Accuwebhosting good or bad to create sites online. Why is it?

In short, it is a measure of how much time your website appears online for visitors with they search for your website. For example, you amazing searched to find a unbiased Accuwebhosting review and want to know how good is Accuwebhosting? Thankfully, you found this review pop up in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. Why? Awesome uptime performance with the WordPress hosting that we use.

Accuweb seems to average about 99.9% which is about standard in the industry. There are 12 data centers around the world which is more than most web hosts.

  • US
  • Canada
  • France
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • India
  • Netherlands
  • UK
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Japan

On Trustpilot’s website that was referenced earlier, some customers also complained about Accuwebhosting speed & server performance. Sadly, there were many occasions where their servers were down often and client’s websites were offline. This is not good for a number of reasons.

If your website is down or offline, then this means that you nobody is seeing your business and thus you are LOSING money. Also, websites that have frequent downtimes create bad impressions on your potential clients. But this is something that potentially every web hosting could face, however some web hosting providers experience it more than others. We mention this because this could make or break your business and definitely you should consider BEFORE getting started with Accuwebhosting services.

This website is always up and running online and gets ton of web traffic as a result. That’s why you are reading this Accuwebhosting review 2024 due to our awesome uptime performance of our web hosting provider. To see who we use on out our website, click the banner below now and get up to 90% OFF!

Accuwebhosting Money Back Guarantee 

How good is Accuwebhosting with their refund policy? Just like most web hosting providers online that you might come across, Accuwebhosting offers a 30 day money guarantee. This is quite standard in this industry such as with providers like GreenGeeks, Bluehost, Hostpapa, Scala Hosting, DomainRacer, JavaPipe or Namecheap WordPress hosting just to scratch the surface.

In the event you have issues and feel with Accuwebhosting and feel that they are not right for you, contact them for a refund and migrate your website to another provider. There are tons of other reliable options in this review.

However, something that I wanted to share with you in this Accuwebhosting review are some Accuwebhosting competitors that extend longer. The following are web hosting providers that I found online that give you more time to decide if their service is for you or not.

For example, Hostgator and FastComet give their customers a 45 day refund policy and their web hosting starts at only $2.75/month.

HostwindsWPEngine and Pressidium helps entrepreneurs create WordPress websites online with Managed hosting both offer a 60 day money back guarantee to clients. WP Engine will give you 4 FREE months of hosting. To try them out, click below now!

For example, A2 Hosting which I feels offers faster page loads and speed performance than Accuwebhosting gives clients an ANYTIME money back guarantee. If you are interested in checking out A2 Hosting, their web hosting starts at $11.99/month, but if you click this special link here, you will get 75% OFF Now @ $2.99/month!

Another option for web hosting at $2.59/month is Dreamhost. They offer a 97 day money back guarantee. For more details, go here now to

Mochahost which has some cheaper web hosting starting at $1.59/month gives clients a 180 day money back guarantee! Besides A2 Hosting and Dreamhost, perhaps this is the longest refund policy policy that you will find on the web. For more details on Mochahost, go here now to

How Good Is Accuwebhosting Free WordPress Hosting? Do We Recommend Them?

Let us reiterate that this Accuwebhosting WordPress review is not here to CONVINCE you about buying their web hosting.

Is Accuwebhosting good for you? Do we recommend using their web hosting? YES they are a great host! Why?

When it comes to recommending a web host or any service to others, there are several areas to look at: Costs, Security, Customer Support, Uptime Performance among other areas. Accuwebhosting is competitively priced and overall does a really great job in these areas.

Some clients have mentioned their websites being deleted without notice which doesn’t sound good or being forced to write positive reviews BEFORE using their FREE WordPress hosting. The Accuwebhosting FREE WordPress hosting supports 5000 visitors, however thereafter you will have to upgrade.

All websites will grow over time with traffic, so if you decide to try them, then keep this in mind with the FREE Accuwebhosting. But other than that, it’s great for  beginners to start with online.

AccuWeb's Free Web Hosting

Accuwebhosting Alternatives and Competitors

To make sure that our Accuwebhosting reviews are 100% honest, we wanted to give you some good alternatives and competitors to Accuwebhosting. This way, if you don’t get started with them, then you can try one of them below to create your website today.

These options below are great for Managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting and support high traffic websites. They will also be great for FREE migrations from your current web hosting provider. If you are interested in doing a pay as you go hosting, then these 3 are also great for that as well.

Nexcess has some amazing Managed WordPress plans that normally start at only $19/month. However, if you get started today you can save 50% OFF your first 6 Months! This brings it to only $9.50/month! Get started with the Nexcess 14day FREE Trial here at

Kinsta is premium WordPress starting at only $30/month. If you get started with them, you can 2 Months OFF their annual plans. To get started with right now, go here to

Accuwebhosting Review Conclusion

We know that you want to create a website today and wanted to know how good is Accuwebhosting. You have read what we think overall in this review.

Accuwwebhosting has been around for quite some time and is an okay web hosting provider. However, we don’t recommend them for beginners online for creating websites. Today we have reviewed their costs, customer support, uptime performance, and security. Overall, Accuwebhosting does a really great job in these areas and for this reason we recommend using them for beginners.

There is something that we want you to know before buying web hosting online for your business. We have tested several web hosting providers over the years and realized one thing. It doesn’t really matter how much you pay for your web hosting, if the customer support and uptime performance is not good, then it means that your business will suffer online. As mentioned before, when your website is down, then your online business is LOSING money. However, if your website has good uptime, then this means your business is MAKING money online & gains more exposure to your brand.

We mention all of this because you are obviously creating your website online to make money. If that wasn’t the case, why are you reading this Accuwebhosting review today? Millions of entrepreneurs just like YOU are looking for reliable web hosting providers to start and expand their businesses. Is that YOU? We hope so. If so then, you need to get started with an affordable web hosting provider that will always keep your website online.

To get started right now creating your website for only $3.99/month, click the banner below!

We want thank you so much for reading this Accuwebhosting review 2024 today. Now that you know how good is Accuwebhosting for creating sites, I have a question for you. Have you used another web hosting provider in the past? If so, what was your experience? Please let us know what you think below in the comments area please.

We hope that you and your family are safe during this pandemic and you have lots of success online this year!

Accuwebhosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Accuwebhosting FREE WordPress hosting worth it?

Yes, it is absolutely worth using to create WordPress websites online. Although most free web hosting providers use banners and ads to offset the costs to customers, Accuwebhosting FREE WordPress hosting doesn’t do that at all. I think that this is great because if a free web hosting company uses banners or advertisements forcefully placed on your site, then your visitors might click on these and be taken away from your website. This means you just lost a potential sale and customer. So I love that the resources are limited, Accuwebhosting does not use ads or banners for any web hosting plans.

The FREE WordPress hosting plan allows you to create 1 website with cPanel including 2 GB SSD Storage, 30 GB bandwidth, 768 MG RAM, and DDoS protection. Being that it’s free, it only handles up to 5,000 monthly visitors. This is really for beginners online who may have tight resources and looking for a quick way to launch a small website, blog or eCommerce store.

As a beginner, you probably will not have much web traffic anyway in your first few months so this works great. However, over time as your website grows online and gains more traction, then it will be necessary to upgrade to handle the web traffic. The great thing is that the Accuwebhosting WordPress Startup plan starts at only $3.99/month and will let you create 5 websites handling up to 100,000 visitors per month. This WordPress Startup plan is a great deal for the amount resources and web traffic that it supports when comparing it with other competitors online. However, if you are cheap and on a shoestring budget, then starting with the Accuwebhosting FREE WordPress hosting plan makes sense and is definitely worth it!

Is Accuwebhosting good?

Yes and let me explain. To determine if a web hosting is good or not, you should weigh them based a few factors. Are Accuwebhosting prices affordable? Is Accuwebhosting safe? How is their customer support? Is it fast and are they experienced professional when resolving issues? How is uptime performance on servers? These are some very basic things that you should consider before getting started with ANY web hosting provider online. This is why I wrote this Accuwebhosting review to answer all of these questions.

Accuwebhosting is a provider that is super reliable on servers with rock solid uptime performance and fast page loads. They have 24/7 malware scanning, DDos protection, daily and weekly website backups, Free SSL certificates, server firewall, Free SpamExperts and more. Accuwebhosting has excellent 24/7 customer support and reputation online with customers and their web hosting is super affordable for beginners. This makes them a reputable web hosting provider that we recommend using online to build sites.

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