Is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company?

If we have hosting for our WordPress site, do we need a domain name?

Yes, you do need to buy a domain name in most cases. Let me explain to you why.

Think about your domain name as the address where you live. When a person enters your address in a GPS, it takes them directly to your address. When people type in your domain name into their browsers, your web hosting servers will redirect your visitors to your website online no matter their physical location in the world.

So with a domain name, it would be like telling someone you live in a certain neighborhood (website idea), but not telling them EXACTLY where you are located to find your house.

The another option that some web hosting providers offer is a “subdomain”. Let’s say for example with my website Learnanet I had a subdomain such as,, etc.

Another example of this would be, Weebly or Blogspot. All these providers will allow you to setup a free site using a subdomain versus your very own professional domain name. If you use free web hosting services like these, then your site name might look something like:


A web hosting provider may offer these typically for free when you signup with a temporary url, however they are not really great for your SEO efforts and authority. Also, they don’t have a professional look at all.

Using a subdomain can make it extremely hard for your visitors your entire website name being that they’re really long. Having your very own personal professional domain name, you will be not using a temporary subdomain. Also, you will have flexibility to do whatever you want with it online and not have limitations with site traffic and resources.

Is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company?

Another question that comes up with beginners online creating websites are…Should I separate domain and hosting? or Should I buy domain and hosting from same company? 
These are really good questions. The simple answer to this is NO. It is NOT mandatory at all to purchase both at the same place. 
Think about where you buy your food. You don’t have to buy ALL of your food in the same place, right? Of course not! You can buy it from wherever you want depending on best prices.
The absolute easiest route to building a site online would be to just simply everything in one pot. This would mean buying both your domain name and web hosting with the same provider. Many providers have tempting offers such as “FREE Domain Names” for 1st year, etc.
Although it is nice to get something freebies, I actually prefer to keep my domain name and hosting with 2 different providers. Why?
  • If you have problems with your web hosting company and you want leave, you can always do FREE site migration to another provider.
  • If you decide to leave your provider, you will maintain complete control of the domain name and will not lose it. Your domain will not be locked nor prevented to transfer.
  • Often companies give a FREE domain name only for your 1st year. If you buy the domain from the same company, it’s possible that it may cost more your 2nd year.
  • It’s ALWAYS recommend to do personal or offsite daily backups of your website. The reason is because IF the web hosting provider gets hacked or there is a data breach, your domain and website data are protected. WordPress backups allow you to restore your site with ANY provider with a few clicks.
  • If you have both your domain & web hosting in same place and company doesn’t perform daily backups, then you might lose your domain & site data in these cases.

Of nobody every expects that these things will happen and in most case it will not IF you take the time to update your website or have some type of Managed hosting.

What are the requirements for hosting a website?

Being that this question is pretty broad, I will break it down into some simple elements to see what to look for in a host. This way you will learn about many of the basic things that are needed to get started today: Domains, Web hosting, CMS, uptime performance, and security.

Domain Names

Purchasing a domain name is probably the very first and most important thing you will do. Why? It will represent your brand online and should be something easy to remember. Mine is a .com, but you may want to get a .net, .org, .info, .biz, etc.

There are several places called domain name registrars that will sell you a domain for cheap. My number one place to buy domains today is Namecheap. I used to buy them previously over at Godaddy as you will see in the video below, but I stopped due to increased domain prices.

All Namecheap domains come with Free WhoIsGuard (domain privacy protection) that protect your privacy and typically costs about $8/year. On some occasions I have purchased some for $1-$6 USD!

Now they do sell web hosting for all types, VPN services and more! If you are looking for the best on domain names, then I think that Namecheap domains are the best place to start to save the most money online.

Uptime Performance

The uptime performance of a web hosting provider is a measurement of how reliable their servers are online. For example, you performed a simple to learn is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company? You saw this website in search results and clicked right through to check out this post. The reason you are here reading this review is because my website has amazing uptime performance.

This is exactly what you need in order to operate successfully online with your business. The reality is that if people can’t find you online, then your business WILL lose money and sales. Many web hosting providers that I have come across have really bad uptime performance and are not really reliable.

There are a few that I highly recommend for beginners and advanced users online that have rock solid uptime performance 24/7. You can check out a few of them below. They are great for shared hosting and Managed WordPress hosting services.

Web Hosting

The web hosting provider that you select can make or break your business online. Affordability and resources are important, however reliability is extremely important and should NEVER be overlooked. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a shared hosting or a Managed WordPress hosting for high traffic websites.

To learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of using shared hosting vs Managed WordPress hosting services, watch this video below.

Google has mentioned how important on page experience is for SEO rankings . So having a web hosting that provides great website speed performance will definitely contribute to higher rankings and better on page experience.

Many web hosting providers offer a standard average of 99.9% uptime performance. This means that your website may be down or offline for about 10 minutes per week. I recommend grabbing web hosting from providers that are not only super affordable, but have higher uptime performance on their servers.

Namecheap WordPress hosting, that I mentioned before is a really good option for beginners online with web hosting starting at only $3.88/month. With this you can create up to 3 websites online with 20 GB SSD and it supports up to 50,000 visitors/month. This is more than beginners will need online.

Is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company?

They offers a 30 day money back guarantee on web hosting packages.

Build your website with Namecheap!

Another great web hosting provider that has fast page loads and awesome customer support is A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting has web hosting starting at only $2.99/month if you want to create 1 website online. It’s ideal for beginners also with 100 GB SSD. So this is 5 times MORE storage than Namecheap web hosting.

Is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company?

Another thing to mention about A2 Hosting is that they offer an ANYTIME money back guarantee to clients.

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Siteground WordPress hosting starts at only $6.99/month to create 1 website online. Their beginner Starter package supports up to 10,000 visitors per month and comes with 10 GB web space.

The Siteground Growbig hosting plan now supports up to 100,000 visitors and the GoGeek hosting plan supports up to 400,000 visitors/month. This a huge increase in traffic allowance in comparison to before and support even faster page loads with server level caching!

should i buy domain and hosting from same company

Siteground has super fast page loads and excellent customer support. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Highly Recommended Managed WordPress Providers:

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To Tryout LiquidWeb Nexcess with 14 Day Free Trial Click Here:

To Tryout Nestify WordPress Hosting With FREE Trial Click Here:


Security is extremely important and you MUST select a web hosting provider that takes it seriously. Websites are hacked everyday and you must take measures to protect your site data. According to some 2020 stats, over 300 million people were affected by data breaches and cyberattacks.

It’s always to have daily WordPress backups of your site. Also, your web hosting need protection against malware, brute attacks, DDoS attacks and spam.

Many web hosting providers will provide FREE SSL certificates which are pretty standard in the industry. Google has also mentioned the importance of these so Chrome won’t mark your website as unsecure in results.

The web hosting hosting providers that I have mentioned above have really rock solid security and will keep your data safe online.


Today you wanted to know is it mandatory to buy domain name and web hosting from same company? The obvious answer is NO!

The process of creating a simple website is not so hard as you think. All you really need initially is a domain name, a reliable web hosting provider and a CMS platform or website builder to do it. However, as you have seen today in this consideration, you have 2 options that you can choose from. Either you will buy your domain and hosting with the same company or you will keep them completely separate. The decision is 100% yours to make at the end of the day.

What will you decide? What do you think will be best for your online business? Let me comments below.

We have reviewed some of the most frequently asked questions from beginners online. What other questions do you have that were not answered here today? Drop them below please. Also please share this post online and link to it on your website! Have an amazing day!


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