LegalShield Business Opportunity Review 2021 – A Scam or Legit? Read this first!

If you are reading this LegalShield business opportunity review, you probably want to know is Legalshield a legit business? Can you really make money with LegalShield or not? Perhaps a friend or family member approach you wanting to buy their legal services membership. Should you? If you asking yourself these questions, then YOU are NOT alone! Thousands of work-at-home seekers just like YOU ask these same questions. Keep reading this review to find out what you MUST know first, if you don’t then you will regret it later!


legalshield business opportunity review

Disclaimer: This is an honest LegalShield business opportunity review. This for informational purposes only and no income guarantees are made. This website is not affiliated nor a LegalShield representative. Contact your attorney for legal advice.

What to Expect in This LegalShield Business Opportunity Review

Hey guys in this LegalShield business opportunity review today I will going what you should know about the company. I will how I heard about LegalShield, how is works, the costs, and what I really think about them. The truth is that most LegalShield business opportunity reviews don’t give you the full truth because they want to sell you on it. Since we are NOT affiliates, we do care if you get started with or not. I will give you the good and bad that you MUST know BEFORE spending your hard-earned money on this opportunity.

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Who Is LegalShield?

Have you ever needed a lawyer or attorney? Have you ever felt discriminated against? Stopped by a cop and treated unjustly? Have you received a speeding ticket out of state and couldn’t return back to the state for court? Have you ever needed to prepare a will? Do you need to do estate planning? Review contracts for a lease, mortgage or other binding agreement? Have you been audited by the IRS? Do you need a divorce lawyer or one for criminal law or trial defense services? Have you been a victim of identity theft?

legalshield business opportunity review

If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, then you should definitely get LegalShield legal services today! This is precisely what LegalShield does for people just you and me every day.

You see since 1972, LegalShield [previously known as Prepaid Legal Services] is an American based company in Oklahoma. Their legal services and memberships are offered through employers as a add-on benefit or via independent representatives.

One thing that you must understand is that the independent representatives that offers sell or share these legal services are NOT lawyers nor attorneys. They do NOT offer legal advice. LegalShield representatives simple share these HIGH DEMAND legal services & savings with others.

legalshield business opportunity review

One thing that I love and admire about the company is their mission. Being that justice you receive usually depends on how much money you have in your pockets, LegalShield goal is to help bridge everyone to the legal system. This is great being it doesn’t matter the costs, you can still talk and have access to lawyers just like the rich 24/7/365. This access to the their legal network is available not only in the 50 states, but also in Canada and UK. [Terms and conditions here]

How I Heard About The LegalShield Business Opportunity

A really great friend recently told me about the LegalShield business opportunity and services. Also, I remember that my parents [now deceased] had their services years back and absolutely loved their services. So this is something that has always been on the back of mind.

As most of you who come to read this LegalShield business opportunity review today, you want to make money. Maybe you lost your job or simply looking for a legit way to supplement your income. It’s possible that you may even want to replace your current income and dump your job. Let me know below in the comments area. Whatever the case, you are here because someone told you about either the LegalShield membership or business opportunity.

The friend of mind who told me about the opportunity was simply looking to supplement his current income. He works a full time of over 25 years, but noticed that things are changing on the job scene. Is this your case? If so, then I can certainly understand why you are looking for another source of income.

Is LegalShield A Legit Business?

Yes it it! It is a 100% legit business and opportunity for any and everybody who is 100% serious about changing their current situation. Is that you? Only you can answer this question. You either want to do something BETTER with your life than what you are doing right now or will continue to spin in the same circle.

As mentioned before LegalShield is NOT a new around the block company. They have been around since 1972. Many of the work at home opportunities online try to hype people up with their products or services. However, this is NOT the case with the LegalShield business opportunity. They offer a REAL product that MILLIONS use each and everyday backed by a REAL compensation plan.

Over the years I have come across several companies that promise a lot, but don’t match up with LegalShield.

Some examples are SkinnyBodyCare, Motor Club of America, Plexus Worldwide, Perpetual Income, 25Dollar1Up, and Valentus Coffee just to name a few.

However, LegalShield in my opinion is completely different. They have been in business for over 4 decades and are more reputable than the latter. This is why I recommend in this LegalShield business opportunity review that you get started with them today. But you are probably wondering how to make money from home when you get started today with the LegalShield business opportunity?

Can You Make Money With LegalShield?

YES you can! However, versus me explaining this to you, I like how Darnell Self breaks it all down in this video. Here you will get an overview of why the LegalShield memberships, how it works, and the costs. Finally you will learn how to get paid DAILY with the LegalShield business opportunity and why this biz opp is so HOT right now.

legalshield business opportunity

So after watching this video presentation, are you ready to start making money? If so, great! But there is a secret to success that beginners like YOU may not know. What? Although the LegalShield business opportunity is 100% legit business and will make you money, the fact is you will need training.

When you get started today with the business opportunity you will receive affiliate websites, videos with autoresponders. As you send prospects to your videos and they opt-in to your landing pages, then their autoresponders will followup with them. If prospects buy from your websites, then you get PAID!! The great thing is that the videos that they give you explain everything to prospects so you don’t have to.

But what’s the problem? The problem is that most beginners don’t know anything about how to market products and drive web traffic to websites. The more page views you can drive to their landing pages, the more exposure you get to the LegalShield membership. And the more exposure you get, then the more conversions which means more moolah in your bank account!

So how do you achieve this? You can have the absolute BEST product with HIGH DEMAND for it. But if you don’t know how to share it with others with the right resources, then you will NOT make any money with it.

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Is LegalShield A Multi Level Marketing Company?

Now some people ask is LegalShield a multi level marketing opportunity? The answer is short is YES. The answer is yes because you can get paid daily and earn monthly residuals not only from your own efforts, but also from others.

There are 2 ways to build your business online. Your focus might be on introducing the membership to individuals or families or businesses with employees. However, some people who want to build faster will also shared the LegalShield business opportunity with people who are looking for a legit way make some extra money. Either way, you continue to get paid as long as the individual keeps the membership. You decide how many hours you want to work the home business. You have complete control of how much you make or little.

Something that I wanted to highlight in this LegalShield business opportunity review is they are not like your typical multi level marketing companies out their. Why do I say this? They don’t hype you up nor chase you down. I love this.

Many network marketing companies chase you down just for the commission, but LegalShield representatives don’t this. I think this is why they have been around for so long and have maintained their excellent reputation, unlike other companies online.

Frankly, this is the way I think ALL work at home opportunities should be. When it comes to making real money from home or online, the truth is that it’s a complete waste of your time to fool with people who are NOT 100% serious about making a change. Some people SHOULD work a JOB because they may not have what it takes to succeed nor the guts to try something new that might completely change their lives. Is this you? Only you can answer this question. Be honest with yourself.

Is LegalShield A Good Company To Work For?

Unlike most work-at-home or multi level marketing opportunities out there, non have been around for as long as LegalShield. Many come and go. LegalShield has been around for over 40 years and has maintain an awesome reputation online. You are about to partner with a very stable company that Over 4.4 million members of their legal services spread across US, Canada and UK.

To help you to really understand why they are a good company to work for, in our LegalShield business opportunity review, I wanted to share with you what some respected sources say.

Better Business Bureau

We all are familiar with the BBB. When you checkout what the BBB report says about the company LegalShield, it’s quite impressive. There they have an A+rating based on all of positive feedback from users of their legal services.

Consumer Affairs

Also with Consumer Affairs, the LegalShield reviews reveal a 3 out of 5 star rating based on feedback.


On Trustpilot, their profile reveals a 3.8 star rating out of 5 based on LegalShield reviews left.

I just wanted to share these ratings with you that way you will have a bigger picture of their legal services. Again, the LegalShield company has been business over 40 years and has maintained a great reputation.

LegalShield Business Opportunity Review Conclusion

So what’s my final verdict on them?

I know that you came here today to learn more about the company and how to make money with them. Although there are many multi level marketing, network marketing and direct sale companies out there, LegalShield is definitely one that I can say is 100% legit business. This is is not something that I can say about all companies. If you are looking for a legitimate means to work for yourself, but not buy yourself, then they have great customer support, teams and network to assist you.

However, I wanted to be frank with you in this LegalShield business review. You should join today ONLY if you are SERIOUS about changing your current financial situation. I say this because some people complain complain complain about not having money, but they don’t do anything to change their broke state. If you are serious about doing some different this year with your life and want to get paid DAILY, then I highly recommend using their legal services & business opportunity.

It’s not often that you will come across a 100% legit business opportunity that has everything under one umbrella. A great product backed by a great compensation with a reputable company. The decision is yours.

To close out this review today I have a few questions for your guys. How did you initially hear about LegalShield? When you get started with the membership today, how will start using it? Are you getting started with LegalShield business opportunity to supplement or replace your current income? Have you ever tried a home based business in the past and if so, how did it go? Drop your comments below as I would love to hear your thoughts!

Thanks for reading this LegalShield review today. I hope that you guys have amazing success in your business this year! Also, I hope that you and your families stay safe and well during this pandemic!