Livegood Powerline Reviews 2024: Livegood Powerline Scam or Legit? Read This First!

Can you make money with Livegood powerline? Or are you simply wondering is Livegood powerline a scam or legit? Perhaps you saw an ad somewhere and want the truth before getting started today. The idea of powerlines with MLM and network marketing companies is not a new concept at all. However, keep reading our Livegood powerline scam review to determine if it’s really worth your time or not! Why? Millions are calling Livegood the best network marketing company in the world!

livegood powerline reviews

Disclaimer: Our Livegood powerline reviews contains some affiliate links. We have tried the products and business opportunity and created this review for informational purposes only. No income guarantees are made. No health claims are made. Products have not been evaluated by FDA and not designed to treat, cure or diagnose conditions. Your personal results will depend on recommended use and application of material.

What To Expect In Our Livegood Powerline Reviews?

I am really glad that you decided to click on this Livegood Powerline Scam Review. Some affiliate marketing reviews online don’t give you the good and the bad to consider before joining the company. When I first heard about Livegood at, I took time to do my personal due diligence and research just like YOU did today. It doesn’t if you found this Livegood Powerline Scam Review on Google, Yahoo or Bing, one that is certain is that nobody wants to be scammed or let down.

How did you hear about Livegood? Did a friend or family member tell you about the Livegood company? Let me know below in the comments. Whatever the case, you made a smart decision by searching online for an honest Livegood Powerline review. Maybe you have tried home based businesses in the past and failed completely. Maybe you have lost money, was frustrated and decided to quit MLM. This is common among some and is definitely not your fault.

With this said, this review will not hype you up nor convince you to join the Livegood business opportunity. We will not convince you about how awesome the Livegood products are. Why? Since they launched in Dec 2022, over 845,000 people have already joined Livegood to try their health & wellness supplements and make money from home. They are getting results as we speak. Will you join today?

livegood powerline scam review

What Kind Of Company Is Livegood?

If you have purchased a product or used a service that you like, perhaps you told someone about it. Maybe the product helped you a lot and the service rep was really nice and helpful. If your friend or family member decides to buy or use their service or product, this means that you have referred the company new business.

This brief example is what is called affiliate marketing. It’s a simple way to share things that we love with others and receive a THANK YOU from the company. This is exactly what Livegood company does for people globally. Livegood products are high quality health & wellness supplements that are super affordable and costs a fraction of what competitors charge. You could get up to 75% OFF when you buy Livegood products.

livegood products

The Livegood business opportunity allows beginners to join and have an opportunity to get paid 6 different ways. The company ships their products internationally and even offers a 90 day money back guarantee. Since Livegood launched in December 2022, they have seen exponential growth with again over 845,000 people who have joined in 11 months! The company has exploded and extending this amazing opportunity to anyone wanting to make money from home. Will you today?

Check out this previous video that I did a few months ago to get an overview of Livegood products! See all of the wonderful benefits of using their health & wellness products and the huge savings members receive in comparison with competitors.

Update as of November 2023: over 845,000 people joined Livegood! 

You can take the FREE tour by clicking below right now!

livegood powerline scam review

How Does The Livegood Powerline Compensation Plan Work?

As mentioned in the beginning of our Livegood Powerline Reviews, powerlines are not new in the networking marketing or MLM industries. However, of all of the MLM companies that I have come across over the years, the Livegood compensation plan pays out more money to its affiliates when compared to competitors. In fact, you have the ability of making up to $2,047/month without sponsoring anyone!

There are 6 ways for you to earn commissions with Livegood in their 2 x 15 matrix:

  • Weekly Fast Start Commissions
  • Matrix Commissions
  • Matching Bonuses
  • Retail Commissions
  • Influencer Bonuses
  • Diamond and Crown Bonus Pools

This video with the CEO Ben Glinksy will explain how the Livegood compensation plan works.

What is your next step? Well first off you need to get started right now and signup with Livegood! Once you get started, then you receive a few automated marketing systems that will do all of the presenting, selling and follow-up for you so you don’t have too.

Below you will see one of the Livegood affiliate landing pages that you will receive today after you signup with Livegood. Your only job is to send people to this landing page. There they will watch a 5 minute video that explains the benefits of using the Livegood products and making money making money with Livegood business opportunity.

Once they take a free tour of the site and signup as member or affiliate, then you get paid!

livegood powerline reviews


livegood powerline scam

livegood powerline scam review

How Does Livegood Rank Qualifications Work?

There are 6 different Livegood Rank Qualifications that determine where you fall in Livegood compensation plan.

  • Bronze [2 personally enrolled]
  • Silver [10 personally enrolled active members, plus a total of 20 members on your team]
  • Gold [30 personally enrolled active members, plus a total of 100 members]
  • Platinum [100 personally enrolled active members, plus a total of 500 members]
  • Diamond [3 separate Enroller Tree Legs with Platinum affiliate, plus a total of 2500 members]
  • Crown Diamond [must have a total of 50,000 members on your team with no more than 10,000 counting from individual Enroller tree Leg]

Each of these 6 ranks can be reached depending on how many people you sponsor into your business or have on your team. Although you can make rank by individually sponsoring, you can reach it perhaps a lot faster by helping your teams reach their goals.

Keep in mind that there are no monthly volume requirements nor autoships with Livegood business opportunity. The more people you help on your team, the more money you will make in the long run.

Is Livegood Business Legit or Scam?

The Livegood business is 100% legitimate money making opportunity. However, it’s not for everyone. Let me explain why in this Livegood Powerline Scam Review.

People call a SCAM or Pyramid Scheme anything that they think is too good to be true. Anything that they haven’t actually researched personally they think is a SCAM. However, this is not true at all. I often call a JOB a SCAM. Why? You work everyday like a slave with the PROMISE of a pay raise that never comes. You work really hard for a JOB and your boss gives you a hard time just to take 1 day off of work or some well-deserved vacation time. You should be able to get a pay raise or take a vacation whenever you want, right? You should not have to be locked into a JOB that you hate.

[NOTE: Avoid SCAMS at all costs like: High Profit Check System and Six Figure Empire

Who is Livegood Powerline For? 

Livegood is really ONLY for those people who are 100% SERIOUS about changing their lives and financial situation right now. It’s for those people who want more time freedom and no longer want to be tied down to a JOB that they hate going to everyday. It’s for people who are willing to work hard while learning something new that they may have never tried before. Livegood business opportunity is for those that don’t want to make any excuses about what people think they can’t do or what they think will not work.

Again, the Livegood affiliate program is a 100% unique home business that has exploded and people from all walks of life internationally have joined for a great reason. It is very user-friendly and offers a 90 day money back guarantee on all products and business. The question is…will you join today?

Another great place to find reputable place to find honest feedback is with Trustpilot Livegood Reviews. There you will find tons of Livegood product reviews with customers that love their health supplements. Also there are Livegood business opportunity reviews of affiliate who confirmed how legit the company and their personal experiences.

Let’s be real. When it comes to making money online with any MLM powerline or downlines, you will encounter scams. However, Livegood Powerline is proven and 100% legit. It pays affiliate each week on Thursdays via direct deposit. It will make you money from home if you are willing to work hard and use teamwork, take advantage of FREE affiliate marketing training and automated systems.

When you get started today on my Livegood team, I will help you to sponsor your first 2 people by sending targeted traffic to YOUR Livegood affiliate links. I will insert my new teammate’s links into our Livegood Powerline reviews and on other posts and videos on a rotation.

My Livegood reviews on this site get a lot of targeted web traffic from the search engines like Google,Yahoo & Bing so it’s a win-win-win situation to help you. When people preenroll and then upgrade using your link, then you will get paid. You will make your money back and be on your way to building your business online!

livegood powerline

livegood powerline scam review

Livegood Powerline Scam Conclusion

I know that you came here because you wanted to know is the Livegood powerline a scam or legit. Thankfully you made a great decision by doing some research online and found our Livegood Powerline Reviews.

Livegood is 100% legit and is NOT a SCAM! It is the fastest growing and hottest home-based business internationally. Over 845,000 people have jumped aboard to join Livegood from December 2022 to November 2023. That is exponential growth that the company is experiencing which means a HUGE opportunity for you in an untapped marketing.

Thousands of people are preenrolling each and everyday and then upgrading to take advantage of this opportunity to make money from home. Will you?

No doubt there are many network marketing and MLM opps online today that you may encounter. Some are okay, while others should be avoided completely! I have personally tried and tested many of them over the years and had no success. In fact, with many opportunities I spent hundreds of dollars on startups and have lost money. However, Livegood is completely. It has a super low startup of only $49.95 [$40+ $9.95]. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee and you will get up to 75% off health supplements and they ship internationally.

Livegood is the first user-friendly opportunity that I discovered that actually cares about beginners online and provides them with the tools and resources needed to succeed online. When you get started today you will be working on our Livegood team and we will help you to build your business online. Why? When I help you, then I make more money! This is why we should help each other to reach goals. Most MLM or network marketing opps that I have seen online don’t really care about you nor will help you succeed after signup. However, Livegood is different!

The setup process takes just a few minutes to do and from their you will be plugin into the system to start building your Livegood poweline together! Working together is the absolute best way to make the most with the Livegood compensation plan.

Of course, remember that it is not a requirement to purchase any Livegood products to make money with the Livegood powerline. Although if you do purchase products, then you can share your pursonal experiences with others by doing videos or writing Livegood reviews about the products used and results.

Before you get started below, tell me in the comments area about some of your goals that you want to accomplish with Livegood. Have you joined another MLM or network marketing company in the past, if so then which one? How did it work out for you? Thanks again for reading our Livegood Powerline reviews today! Get started making money right now the Livegood business opportunity below!

livegood powerline scam review

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Livegood powerline legit or scam?

The Livegood powerline is 100% legit. It’s based on compensation plan that thanks you every time you share Livegood products and they are purchased through your affiliate links. Livegood offers high quality health & wellness supplements that are in demand. People globally are looking for affordable ways to improve their health and Livegood allows to save up to 75% off supplements.

Livegood works on a membership basis just like any membership that you have purchased from Amazon, Costco, Sams club, etc. The more people that signup for the membership, the more money is generated. The Livegood membership is only $9.95/month and can be canceled at anytime. So the Livegood powerline is a legitimate way to make money becasue it ONLY pays you when someone joins as a member and affiliate.

What is the Live good business model?

The Live good business model is pretty easy to understand. It is legit MLM business opportunity that offers 6 different ways for individuals to make money from home. This is acheived by sharing Live good products with others which are health & wellness supplements. When people buy the products as customers or become affiliates and members, then you get paid. Paid day is every Thursday via direct deposit to your bank.

Live good business model uses what’s called a 2 x 15 matrix compensation plan called the Livegood powerline. This compensation plan is set up to allow only 2 people to be placed on your first level. Any other affiliates or customers that join the business opportunity or buy Livegood products will placed below you going 15 levels deep. This model also benefits individuals on your team who may benefit from what’s called spillover.

Even if you do NOT personally sponsor or recruit anyone, spillover allows you to make up to $2,047/month over time. This is NOT an overnight get rich quick scheme, rather a process lets you build your residual income slowly over a 1-2 years to reach this amount. However, if you are someone who wants to not only improve your health, but also your wealth, then the Livegood powerline & compensation plan is a great to help you reach your goals.

What is Livegood marketing?

Livegood marketing involves taking advantge of all of the tools and resoures that the company provides affiliate to generate commissions. Once you become an affiliate and member, Livegood will give you FREE automated affiliate websites that even do all of the follow-up for you so you. This means that you don’t have to sell or convince people to join the Livegood business opportunity or buy Livegood products because the system will explain everything. The main key to success with your Livegood affiliate marketing will be to send targeted web traffic to your links. This can accomplished by using free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing, video marketing, blogging, social media, classifed ads and other platforms.

When people arrive to your Livegood affiliate site, then will opt-in first as preenrollees. They will be able to watch a 5 minute video and then take a FREE tour of the Livegood site. Once they upgrade paying the 1-time $40 + $9.95, then you get a paid a fast start commission on the following Thursday via direct deposit. Another key that will contribute to your success with Livegood marketing is to work as a team and this will help you to make more money.

What is Livegood Powerline number USA?

There is no Livegood Powerline number USA. If you have questions regarding the Livegood powerline pay plan and matrix system, then the best way to get questions answered is by emailing customer service using [email protected] or by contacting your sponsor or upline. If you do not have a sponsor yet, then you can get started right now by visiting the official Livegood website here: On our Livegood powerline reviews you will find a nice detailed video that explains exactly how the Livegood Powerline works and how to make money using this pay plan.


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