LiveGood Reviews 2024: Is Livegood A Pyramid Scheme or Legit? Read This First!

If you are looking for unbiased Livegood reviews, then you have come to the right place! Maybe a friend or family told you about the company and their health & wellness products. Or maybe you saw an ad or video somewhere online promoting it, but not sure is Livegood a pyramid scheme or not? Is Livegood a scam or legit?

Or maybe you are someone asking…can you make money with Livegood? These are all valid questions that many entrepreneurs like YOU have so we will cover them all today. Make sure that you read this Livegood review 2024 to the very end or you will regret it later! See also why hundreds of thousands of people are calling Livegood the best fastest growing & best network marketing company in the world 2024!

livegood reviews 2024

DISCLAIMER: Livegood products have not been evaluated by the FDA. The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or condition. The information on this site is intended for informational purposes only. It is recommended to consult with your doctor or medical provider before using any dietary supplement. No health or income guarantees are made. Income potential is determined by personal results.

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What To Expect In Our Livegood Reviews 2024?

Although there are tons of affiliate programs on the internet, I have noticed that Livegood MLM here at is a super easy program to promote for beginners online. This is important to know because most home based businesses require or expect you to have experience to make money. And most don’t provide adequate training for newbies who have never done affiliate marketing online. The result? Failure.

According to some SBA stats, some 627,000 business startups open each year by entrepreneurs.. However, in 2021 Investopedia stated that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 50% within 5 years and 65% within 10 years.

How can you avoid failing or giving up in your business? You need to learn how to continuously maximize exposure to your business using various methods to thus increase your sales or commissions. This is where Livegood steps in with their amazing training and automated systems that help bridge that gap especially for beginners online.

Our Livegood reviews 2024 will explain to you more about the company, common questions that sincere business seekers ask, and how to make money online.

  • What is Livegood all about?

  • Is Livegood a Pyramid Scheme?

  • What are the products offered by Livegood?

  • Do Livegood products really work?

  • How is Livegood Compensation Plan?

  • Are there any marketing resources offered by Livegood?

  • Can you really make money with Livegood?

  • Conclusion…. Is Livegood a scam or legit company?

Lets get started.

What is Livegood all about?

Have you referred someone to a business or service and they actually bought it? We have all done it in some form or another. We told family or a friend about a restaurant or movies we like, the reality is that the restaurant or movie theater didn’t mail you a Thank YOU check, right? Of course not!! It never happens, but would be great.

This is a quick explanation of what affiliate marketing is for beginners. It’s a simple means to be paid or rewarded for sharing products or services that you love with others. You don’t have to create or own the product to make money. You can simply be an affiliate.

Livegood is a health & wellness company that was formed in April 2021 by Ben Glensky. He has headed several other successful money making opportunities like Valentus, Skinny Body Care just to name a couple.

We all want to live healthier lives, right? We are all on the run each and every day leading super busy lives with work, family, etc. Despite how busy we are day to day, our most valued possession that we MUST take care of is our HEALTH. With it, we can accomplish many things. Without it, we are super limited and will not be able to accomplish the most important things in life.

Livegood health and wellness supplements have YOU in mind. You can purchase them by visiting their official website here I think that the Livegood products are for people who want to improve their health and/or make some money from the comfort of their home.

You may have purchased expensive health & wellness supplements or vitamins in the past. However, the true difference that sets LG products apart is their affordability, high quality and true effectiveness. They have over 20 high in demand products such as multivitamins for men and women, anti-aging creams and serum, CBD oils, Super Greens, Super Reds, inflammation management, essential aminos, natural energy supplements for athletes to boost energy, sleep aids, pain relief creams and more!

livegood product review

Livegood affiliates share products with family, friends and others that want to improve their health. Perhaps you are reading this Livegood review because you want to lose some weight or improve your health. Or maybe you are curious about doing affiliate marketing or a home based business opportunity because you are struggling check to check and want to make some money starting today.

Watch this previous Livegood review video below that I created to see why you get started right now!

Update for December 2023: Nearly 890,000 people have joined Livegood in 12 months to become members, will you?

Is Livegood a Pyramid Scheme? Is Livegood Legit?

The interesting thing that I have noticed is that many people BEFORE fully researching or checking something out, they call it “Livegood Scam”, “Livegood Pyramid Scheme”, etc. This is NOT a SCAM and is 100% legit! I have ordered products from the company and can confirm this.

It is a real company based in Jupiter, Florida. Livegood is a health & wellness products based multi-level marketing opportunity. Being an MLM, a person can earn money by sharing products that they like with others.

What Livegood offers is a membership that allows customers to get super discounted quality health & wellness products that are high in demand. We all have memberships, be it at Sam’s Club, Costco, etc. There we pay a low fee to get access to better deals on food, gas, etc. The only difference is that Livegood actually pays YOU when you share it with others. That’s it.

So being that they do offer real products to customers I can not call this a pyramid scheme. The reason is because a pyramid scheme does not offer real products to people. Pyramid schemes don’t offer money back guarantees or ways to contact customer support if you have questions or need help.

Livegood actually DOES have great customer support that responds with great products that can be purchased and shipped internationally. They also offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all of their products which makes it risk-free. This is something that is really hard to come by online, but Livegood is a legit company.

The independent distributors are the lifeline of the company who earn money when customers buy the products. However, you can make money from home selling Livegood products without recruiting distributors through fast commissions. To find out how, keep reading this Livegood review!

[NOTE: AVOID Scams like Six Figure Empire, High Profit Check System and EPS Prosperity Hotline]


Livegood Products Prices and Ingredients

It is said that some 53% of shoppers say they do research to make sure they’re getting the best deal. This is probably what made you do some research online and brought you this Livegood product review.

All of the ingredients are said to be all natural and of the highest quality. Although there are over 15 Livegood products, this Livegood review will go over some of them. When you compare their pricing with some major brands online, you will realize that you will save up to 75% with Livegood products!

Livegood E3 – Retail $28.00/bottle / Member price $18.00

Are you an athlete or someone who needs energy? Do you always feels tired and exhausted? If so, then maybe you should try E3!


  • Vitamin C
  • Thiamine
  • Ribloflavin
  • Niacin
  • Vitamin B6
  • Vitamin B12
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Proprietary energy blend

Each bottle comes with 30 servings and it’s recommended to take 1 scoop with 8 ounces of water. The cool that’s really different with Livegood E3 is that it only has 30 calories, there is no sugar or artificial sweeteners or flavors, no jitters, and it’s gluten free.

This is one of things that I really like about E3 is that it’s not filled with tons of sugar! Most energy drinks that i have tried in stores sometimes have up to 70-80% sugar in them. There are natural ingredients used in the E3 energy drink which deliver better results.

Instant Youth – Retail price $24.95 / Member price $14.95 

Do you want to reduce the appearance of aging, lines, bags under eyes and wrinkles? We all do! What if you could do this within 90 seconds? Then you should try Instant Youth! Nobody wants to look old. This is an anti-aging cream that quickly removes the signs of aging.

instant youth

Ageless – Retail price $24.95 / Member price $14.95 


Both of these products promote your body’s natural regeneration of collagen. Something that helps in this regard of 12 extracts of the world’s richest vegetables and fruits. These provide skin-rejuvenating results that last up to 4-6 hours. So if you’re looking for a natural way to fight aging and having a younger appearance, then try Instant Youth & Ageless today!

Livegood Organic Coffee for Weight Loss – Retail price $28.95/ Member price $17.95

Do you want to lose weight, but just not sure how to do it? Maybe you have tried several programs in the past, but wasn’t successful at meeting goals. If this was the case, then it’s not your fault. This is why you should try the Livegood organic coffee!

Why? For starters, EVERYONE loves coffee and starts their day with it. Maybe you drank some coffee this morning. Maybe you are drinking some brown stuff right now as your reading this Livegood review. Let me ask you…did you lose any weight with it? Probably not. That’s why you should start drinking this weight loss coffee right now!

Benefits? It helps with weight loss management for fat burning, mental clarity and focus, supports a healthy mood and more!


  • Organic Acacia Fiber
  • Organic Proprietary Mushroom Blend
  • King Trumpet
  • Shiitake
  • Lions’s Mane
  • Turkey Tail cultured on organic whole wheats
  • Organic Maca Powder
  • Organic Guar Gum
  • Organic Caffeine from Coffee (100 mg)
  • Organic Green Tea

There are 30 servings per container and is recommended to take 1 scoop per day with 6-8 ounces of hot water.

Livegood Organic Super Reds – Retail price $29.95 / Member price $18.00

Have you wanted to improve your cardiovascular health, circulation, sexual health, brain and cognitive functions? If so, then you need to try out Livegood Super Reds!

Livegood Super Reds Ingredients:

  • Livegood Red Proprietary Blend
  • Organic Alfalfa Grass
  • Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder
  • Organic Beat Root
  • Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder
  • Organic Hawthrone Berry Extract
  • Organic Aronia Fruit Extract
  • Organic Oak Grass Juice Powder
  • Organic Spinach
  • Organic Pomegranate
  • Organic Grape Seed Extract

Each container comes with 30 servings. It’s recommended to add 1 serving to 8 ounces of water which equates to about 1 scoop.

Livegood Super Reds Reviews 2024

Check out this video to learn more about the Livegood Super Reds ingredients and what are Super Reds for? This video that I put together will teach you more about the health benefits and sources for your research.

What are Super Reds For?

Livegood Super Reds are an energizing polyphenol superfood blend that aid your body in maintaining stability and energy levels. We all need energy. They promote good heart, circulatory and brain health.

According to WebMD polyphenols help to manage blood pressure levels and keep your blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting good circulation. They also help to reduce chronic inflamation, another risk factor for heart disease. Polphenols can reduce and aid in control blood sugar levels. There are many foods high in polyphenols, however you can take advantage of them right now with the benefits of Livegood Super Reds.

Click Here To Buy Livegood Organic Super Reds Right Now! 

Livegood CBD Oil – Retail price $28.00 / Member price $18.00

Are you looking for the highest quality CBD oil with the faster absorption and maximum benefit? If so, then you need to try out Livegood CBD Oils!


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
  • MCT Oil
  • Vitamin E

There are 30 servings per bottle. Take 1 dropperful by mouth as needed which equates to about 1mL. You can choose from 750mg or 1500mg in Natural or Peppermint Flavor. It is best practice to start with low dose and going slow to determine your CBD dose. You want to let the oil sit undisturbed under the tongue or between your cheek and gun to increase absorption. 

Livegood Essential Aminos – Retail price $29.95 / Member price $19.95

Are you looking for the best ways to support muscle strength, boost stamina and recovery and promote energy and focus? If so, then you need to try out Livegood Essential Aminos!


  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • L-Citruline
  • L-Lysine
  • L-Carnitine
  • L-Valine, Isoleucine, Leucine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Methonine
  • L-Threonine
  • L-Histidine
  • L-Tryptophan

There are 30 servings per container and each serving equates to 9.56 grams. There is no sugar, gluten, GMO and it’s vegan friendly. It is recommended to mix 1 scoop of powder in water up to 2 times/day. It’s preferred to do this 30 minutes before a workout and again throughout the day as a refreshment. Essential Aminos are a great healthy alternative to sodas and sugary drinks.

Livegood Collagen Peptides – Retail price $39.95 / Member price $27.95

Do you have problems with your skin, hair and nails? Do you struggle with your weight?  If so, then you need to try out Livegood Collagen Peptides

Collagen is the abundant protein in our bodies according to Harvard. It is used to make connective tissue which is a major component of bone, skin, allows our cells to give our bodies structure and strength, muscles, tendons and cartilage. This is clinically proven to improve joint conform, function and mobility. It also helps to slow down the aging process, help maintain blood glucose, and more!


  • Amylopectin Chromium Complex
  • ApresFlex (Boswellia Serrata) (has been used for centuries to treat various chronic inflammatory diseases)
  • Sunflower Lecithin
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Sugarcane Extract

There are 30 servings per container and each serving is 13 grams.

Livegood Sleep Patches – Retail price $24.95 / Member price $14.95

Do you have problems sleeping at night? Do you wake up in morning still tired? If so, then you need to try out Livegood Sleep Patches

The natural ingredients absorb directly through the skin and bloodstream to high quality restful sleep. This is something that we all need each and every night to most productive each day. A good nights sleep.


  • Melatonin
  • Inositol
  • Scullcap Herb Powder
  • 5HTP
  • Gaba
  • L-Theanine
  • L-Tyrptophan
  • Valerian Root Powder
  • Chamomile Flower Extract
  • Liquid Lavender Oil
  • Cosmoperine

How to use: You will remove the patch from packing and apply to an area that had little to no hair. You should clean and dry this area before application. It is expected to receive effects of the Livegood patches within 30 minutes of use. After 8 hours, remove and discard the used patch and do not reuse it.

Livegood Methylene Blue Nootropic – Retail price $19.95 / Member price $12.95

Do you have problems concentrating? Memory and mood issues? Would you like to improve your focus and cognition?  If so, then you need to try out Livegood Methylene Blue Nootropic

The natural ingredients are plant-based cellulose (pullulan) and do not contain any sugars, filters, junk. There are many studies suggest that Methylene Blue extends your health span. It can help improve mitochondrial function and respiration, oxygen consumption, ATP consumption, and glucose consumption. It has the ability to lower stress, aid in severe depressive illness among other health benefits.

Methylene Blue has been seen to help in reducing post op pain, chronic shooting pain, migraine headaches, chronic lower back pain, and more. It will not have any affect on your teeth.


  • Pullalan
  • Organic Mint Flavor
  • Stevia
  • Organic Vegetable Glycerin
  • Xantham Gum
  • Arabic Gum
  • Organic Sunflower Lectithin

How to use: Each box will have 15 oral dissolving films to be used every other day for a 30 day supply. Wet you mouth before using. Next, open the foil and place one film on your tongue and allow it to dissolve. Your mouth will turn blue immediately due to the brillant blue salt. No worries, this is totally normal and expected. It’s also normal to see blue or green urine for up to 2 days.

Suggestions: Withing 30 minutes of using Menthylene, it’s recommended to seek natural sunlight for atleast 5 minutes of exposure. The best time to use it is in the morning and especially beneficial for those who practice intermittent fasting.

Note: Do not use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or have a G6PD dificiency. You should consult a physician if you are using a MAOI or SSRI medications often used to treat depression.

Try out Livegood Methylene Blue Nootropic Here

Livegood International Wellness Package

Are you looking for the best way to save the most money with Livegood health & wellness supplements? If so, then I recommend taking advantage of their new International Wellness Package which allow you to bundle 6 supplements:

  • Bio-Active Complete Multi Vitamin-for Men or Women
  • VitaminD-K2 2000
  • Ultra Magnesium Complex
  • Organic Super Greens
  • Organic Super Reds
  • Factor 4 Anti Inflammatory

When you purchase these 6 products all together, members can get for only $89.95. However, the retail price for non-members is $129.95. This package comes with FREE shipping and can be sent internationally!



Livegood Refund Policy

Another thing that I wanted to mention in this Livegood reviews is their stellar refund policy. Something amazing about all of Livegood products is that they all come with a full 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee!

Many competitor health & wellness products online which tend to be more expensive typically only offer you 15-30 day refund policies. However, this is a huge PLUS to tryout Livegood products for 90 days yourself today!

To request refunds on memberships, an email must sent to [email protected] along either your name and/or ID number on the Livegood account.

Livegood Products Reviews … are they really effective?

For starters, Livegood Products are health & wellness supplements which are NOT medicine. There are many scientific studies conducted about the plant-based natural ingredients found in their products.

You should know that weight loss or dietary supplements are not evaluated by the FDA. They are not intended to treat, diagnose or cure. They are not required to undergo rigorous trials. So with this in mind, although most Livegood clients have received great results, your results may vary. On any note, it’s always great to consult with your doctor or a medical physician before trying any new dietary regimen. This way you know if it’s right for you or not.

Their products are very costs effective and will save you up to 75% versus buying them else! So they are definitely worth trying them out today.

How Is Livegood Compensation Plan?

The Livegood compensation plan has been revamped and pays even MORE money than its competitors online. There are 6 main ways to make money in the Livegood MLM:

  1. Weekly Fast Start Enroller Bonuses
  2. Matrix Commissions (Paid Monthly)
  3. Matching Bonuses (Paid Monthly)
  4. Retail Commissions
  5. Influencer Bonuses
  6. Diamond Bonus Pool

The comp plan is not hard to understand. The cool thing is that you don’t have to buy products or do autoships to make money. This is typically required of affiliates in most other MLM companies online. I actually love the products and personally use their Super Reds and Organic Coffee.

Depending on your personal goals, you can make a little bit slowly or make money really fast IF you take it seriously and go to work! The decision is YOURS and you have complete control over your income potential. This is NOT a JOB and nobody will fire or lay you off if you don’t show up or don’t clock in at a certain time. You control your time and schedule. Work when you want to whenever you want. You are the boss.

The Livegood compensation plan is laid out in the following video.

Livegood MLM – Can you really make money with Livegood MLM opportunity?

Of course! In fact, I think the Livegood MLM business opportunity is probably one of the easiest programs that you will ever come across! I have seen several home based opps over the years and I certainly know one that works! You can do this from ANYWHERE in the world and there are NO autoships required unlike other business opportunities. It requires a startup of only $49.95 [onetime $40 setup +$9.95]. Thereafter, your monthly membership is only $9.95. That’s it.

  • As with all multi-level opportunities, you MUST work hard to really make money from home. If you are beginner online then you must learn the best practices for successful affiliate marketing. If you don’t, then you will quit MLM.
  • You also need to learn how to brand yourself and promote affiliate marketing with FREE methods. This way you can drive traffic to your affiliate links for conversions.
  • Learning SEO and video marketing are great ways to share the products and business online. You can do this by writing Livegood reviews based on your personal experience with products or biz opp.
  • Billions of searches are made everyday and people are looking exactly for what you are selling. You just need to learn how to put it before them.
  • Statistically, if you expose your products to 100 targeted people, then 1-3% will convert. Teach your team to do the same and your biz will explode. The Livegood business opportunity and products are available internationally.
  • The objective is to expose as many people to your business to make money. With LG, you can earn money by spillover. This is additional way to make money from the efforts of others that are on your team. Many pyramid schemes promise this, but don’t deliver. As mentioned before, Livegood is not a pyramid scheme.
  • You can read about how to get free page views and drive traffic  to any product of your choice.

 Livegood Reviews 2024 – Marketing Tools.

  • Livegood MLM gives you free affiliate websites that have lead capturing ability. The system does all of the followup for you so you so you don’t have to. The automated systems sends emails encourage preenrollees to lock in their position before their Thursday cutoff. This create lots of urgency being that the company is putting PAID customers under you to build your powerline.
  • There are few problems that I see with this. One, the landing pages are really great, but they don’t have good SEO. If they did, then you would have arrived directly to an affiliate’s page first versus to our Livegood reviews.
  • Secondly, although you drive traffic to these landing pages, you don’t own the leads, Livegood does. So if you got started with Livegood then you might consider using an email marketing system that allows you to build your own lists to keep these leads. This way you can keep contact with leads over time whether they buy your products or not. Again, this is optional and NOT necessary. You WILL make money with the Livegood Powerline automated system.
  • I have seen that the company does some amazing affiliate training via Zoom on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. There are some great Facebook groups also that provide helpful support to affiliates.
  • Their back office keeps track of all of your commissions and checks are issued weekly via direct deposit or i-payout for international affiliates.

Livegood Pros and Cons

There are a lot of Livegood reviews 2024 online, however most of them don’t highlight both the pros and cons. But I wanted to make sure this was an unbiased Livegood review and give you both sides of the coin. This way you can learn what are the benefits of Livegood memberships to make a solid decision today.

Benefits of Livegood Membership:

  • Super low entry fee for Livegood business opportunity [1-time $40 + $9.95]
  • Awesome for beginners
  • No experience needed
  • No ongoing monthly autoships required like other MLM companies
  • No volume requirements
  • Save up to 75% with products
  • Company can ship products internationally to ANY country in the world
  • You can work your business full or part-time from anywhere
  • 90 day refund policy

Cons of Livegood Membership:

The following are NOT much of cons depending on how you view them, rather something to think about if you are completely new to network marketing:

  • You can make up to $2,047.50/month without enrolling a single person, BUT this may take you a year or 2 years to reach. If no recruiting  or sponsoring is done, then your checks will be based on spillover of those placed under you. You will make smaller commissions if you’re only depending on spillover, but it DOES work. It is definitely worth it being you are only paying $9.95/month as you build recurring income over time. Spillover usually occurs when your upline (whoever recruited or sponsored you – ME) places customers or affiliates under your Livegood powerline.
  • So let’s suppose that you paid the super low monthly membership fee of only $9.95/month for 2 years. This would give you a total of roughly $238 USD. By this 2 year mark, you could be potentially making up to $2,047.50 of monthly recurring income. This is a great investment over time for a large return! However, there are no guarantees just to be honest.
  • If you are not patient and want money NOW, then you need to share and build your powerline. I will help you to do this ONLY if you signup under me using the links on this page. If you are patient and do not want to promote or build a powerline, then simply signup as member and affiliate today and just wait and watch your residual income grow overtime.
  • There is no phone support, just by email. Customer support is very responsive and super helpful.

Livegood Customer Service  – Livegood Trustpilot

Also when you check out places like Trustpilot, you will see that the company has an excellent rating based on customers who left Livegood reviews.  The following are some of many comments from customers that have used Livegood products:

  • “Ordered the organic instant coffee, E3 and the plant based protein shake and love them all”
  • “Great company with reliable products with high quality”
  • “Livegood is outstanding”
  • “Feeling so good thanks to their quality products”
  • “I absolutely love this company. AMAZING PRODUCTS!!!! Will definitely use them for LIFE!!!
  • “Finally found a legit business”
  • “Livegood is an excellent for provided high quality, bio-active, and organic supplements to its customers. Customer is very professional and solution focused”.
  • “A home business for everyone”
  • “Excellence in rare form”

You will find many more positive comments left by customers about the company. Why do I share all of these pros, cons and positive feedback above in our Livegood reviews 2024? Because just as I mentioned in the beginning I wanted to make sure that this is an unbiased Livegood review. This way you can get the good and the bad and thus make an informed decision that THOUSANDS of people just like YOU have already made.

Livegood Is The Best Network Marketing Company In The World 2024

Watch this video below right now to see why Livegood opportunity is the best network marketing company in the world and wht you need to join our team today!

Livegood Reviews 2024 – Things To Remember Before Joining Livegood MLM Today

Livegood is 100% legit and is a great company for those looking to build a home based business part-time or full-time. You can make money from ANYWHERE in the world as long as you have access to the internet.

When you join Livegood today, remember that although it is preferred, it is NOT required at to buy products to make money with Livegood.

The company does not tolerate spamming others when marketing Livegood products. Also, it’s great that when sharing products with others that you make disclosures. The FDA does not evaluate dietary supplements and they are NOT designed to treat, diagnose or cure.

Affiliates MUST adhere to Livegood policies and procedures. Although affiliates can potentially make a lot of money by sharing their products, they should NOT use hype or misrepresent the company to entice people to join or buy products.

[Excerpts from Code of Conduct]

Affiliates Must:

  • Conduct themselves in an ethical and professional manner
  • Sell the company’s products in accordance with the compensation plan
  • Make it clear that success in the Company’s compensation plan is based on product purchase and not sponsoring
  • Represent the compensation plan only as prescribed by the company
  • Be truthful in their representation of the Products and will and will make no Product claim that is not approved and/or supported by official Company publications
  • Affiliates will not engage in deceptive, unlawful, or unethical business or recruiting practices
  • Affiliates must not make misleading sales or earnings claims or guarantees

These are some of the main points that I noticed that Livegood expects from affiliates that promote their products to others. Of course these same things are expected from just about all home based businesses or affiliate marketing opportunities online.

Something that I have learned over the years working online is that if your products are really great and effective, then there is no need to CONVINCE people of this. People today can save up to 75% OFF with Livegood products or go pay MORE at Livegood competitors online.

As an affiliate, you need to give people a reason to buy from YOU. Conducting yourself in a professional and ethical manner on and offline will definite help people to see the superiority of Livegood products and quality.

The products sell themselves. You just have to let people know that they exist. Being that they have a 90 day money back guarantee, I recommend that you try out their products to see for yourself. This way when you experience personal results, then you are convinced that they work.

Livegood Reviews 2024 Conclusion

So whether you wanted to know if Livegood was a pyramid scheme or wondered if you can really make money in the Livegood business opportunity, this review was for you. Livegood is NOT a scam and is a 100% legitimate money making opportunity for all of those who are 100% SERIOUS about changing their lives. Is this YOU? Only you can answer this question.

As of December of 2023, nearly 890,000 people joined Livegood as members and literally thousands are preenrolling for FREE and then upgrading. Will you? You should!

No doubt there are many home based business opportunities online that you will come across. Some are good, while others are straight up SCAMS! This is why I wanted to write this Livegood review to let you know what they offer.

Through my personal research and experience online, I wanted to cover some frequently asked questions. The program does work and it is 100% legit! The mere fact that you are here reading this Livegood review shows that you are not only interested, but serious about making a financial change in your life today.

Working a 9-5 JOB is NOT for everyone. You can continue to work a job everyday that you hate or make a change starting today! The costs of living no matter where you live is increasing everyday and I’m not just talking about eggs.

Whether you are unemployed, looking for something to supplement or completely replace your current income, Livegood is a rock solid company to partner with. You just have to take it seriously and go to work!

The thing that I really love about their program is that you don’t need any prior experience nor have to be an expert. The videos and automated system do all of the explaining so you don’t have to. They do provide training for affiliates and there is really great team support in place. When you join Livegood below today, I will help you make money on our team.

This is a real home based business opportunity that is changing the lives of people from all walks of life. You could be next. Remember that this is an INTERNATIONAL opportunity that allows you to make money from ANYWHERE in the world!

If you are 100% serious about working from home right now and improving your health, then you need to get started right now. This is #1 legitimate way to make money working from home. Again, you don’t need any experience at all and you will be working with great team support. What are you waiting for? Get started today with your very own home business. Start making the financial and health changes in your life that you absolutely deserve!

After reading our Livegood reviews 2024, what questions do you have? What personal financial or health goals do you have once you get started today with Livegood? You can drop your questions or comments below.

I hope that you have much success in your endeavors this year in your business and going forward 🙂

Frequently Asked Questions About Livegood Reviews 2024 (FAQ)

What is the Livegood MLM company? Is Livegood an MLM?

Livegood MLM is a very unique opportunity that has literally exploded online in the past months. Over 890,000 have join the company thus far globally and Livegood distributors have big money from home sharing their multivitamins with others.

Although Livegood doesn’t require affiliates to buy products or sponsor others, they can make money faster versus waiting on spillover. Also, unlike most MLMs online, Livegood doesn’t have any hard goals to reach for distributors and there are NO AUTOSHIPS.

Is Livegood a good legitimate business?

People ask is Livegood business legit? I can certainly understand why you would ask this question. There are so many work-at-home opportunities online that promise a lot, but don’t deliver the desired results. In many cases, they turn out to be scams and people lose their money invested.

Livegood is a good legitimate business that has a real products with customers all around the world. The owners have been in the industry and are well known with a long track record. Livegood business opportunity doesn’t require hundreds or thousands of capital upfront to get started. It’s only 1-time $40 + $9.95 to get started working from home. This is backed by a full 90 day money back guarantee.

You can find tons of positive Livegood reviews 2024 on Trustpilot to see what people think about the business opportunity and multivitamins. Of course with any money making opportunity there are no income guarantees. However, if you are willing to work hard to build your business by sharing the Livegood products with others, then you will definitely reap the benefits of it. When you get started today, you will join a team that is there to help you succeed online. The company also offer 3 free marketing websites for Livegood distributors and training each week.

Is Livegood pyramid scheme?

Pyramid schemes use a lot of hype to convince people to join or spend money. Pyramid schemes do not have any real products nor offer contact info for customer support. Livegood is NOT a pyramid scheme at all. Livegood has over 15 real health & wellness supplements that have really impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world. They are a real company based in Jupiter, Florida with a great reputation. They have great customer support and also offer a 90 day money back guarantee on all Livegood products.

How was Livegood established?

The company leaders are Ben Glisky, Ryan Goodkin, Lisa Goodkin, and Nauder Khazan. You can’t go too far and not hear these names in the industry. They have over 20 years experience in the healthy & wellness field and network marketing industry.

Although the company is based in Jupiter, Florida, USA, they have customer globally that receive Livegood products shipped right to their door. Of course the Livegood multivitamins are not designed to cure, treat or diagnose ailments. However, users of their products have reported amazing results and thus feels moved to shared it with others.

With the products being the main drive of the company, Livegood has positioned itself on a fast track giving individuals an equal opportunity to change their health and financial wealth. You can be a sole member or an affiliate and there are NO AUTOSHIPS. You can order a product if you want or simply share it with others.

What are the benefits of Livegood products?

Livegood has several health & wellness products that have been proven to enhance your health. Although no exact guarantees can be made, users have had very positive results. Many have been able to manage and lost weight in record time. Some other benefits of Livegood products are: immune & cardiovascular support, promotes healthy aging, healthy heart function and support strong bone density.

Other Livegood multivitamins promote build lean muscles, sexual health, brain and cognitive function,energy, focus and clarity, packed with antioxidants, promotes natural regeneration of collagen and more! All of the Livegood products have high quality ingredients for only a fraction of the costs that larger competitors charge.

Why join Livegood?

You should join Livegood as a member and an affiliate for 2 reasons. First, you will be taking steps to improve and enhance your personal health with the benefits of Livegood products. Secondly, as a product of the product, you will be move to take to others about it. As a result you will paid handsomely in the form of fast start commissions paid each Thursday, recurring monthly commissions in addition to other bonus pools that you will qualify for.

Another awesome reason to join the Livegood business opportunity is because it has a super low startup in comparison to other companies online. It only requires a one time $40 + $9.95 USD. If you refer 2 people, you have your investment back into your pocket. If you get started with the link below, then I will help you reach that goal. Keep in mind that Livegood offers a 90 day money back guarantee no matter which country you live in. This is unheard of! Most MLM, home based or network marketing opportunities don’t offer this. This is another reason to join Livegood today. You have nothing to lose.

How do Livegood returns work?

Being that there is a complete 90 day refund policy, you can see do Livegood returns with this time frame. To do this, you will need to send an email to [email protected] along with your name and/or ID number. You can mail your empty bottle to: Livegood Returns 1201 Jupiter Park Dr. unit 5 Jupiter FL 33458

Once you have returned your product, then you will get a refund of what you paid.

Are Livegood members required to buy products?

It is NOT a requirement at all to purchase Livegood products nor do sponsoring to make money from their business opportunity. This is one of the huge benefits of the Livegood business over it’s competitors.

Many MLM and network marketing opportunities have very expensive products & often require autoships so that they can pay distributors or affiliates. Livegood members can make money whether they purchase products or not. When you get started with Livegood today, you will have complete control over the product order process by accessing your dashboard. Livegood members can buy products from any country.

How to make money with Livegood?

The first step to making money from home with Livegood is to become a member and affiliate. You can do this by paying the one-time $40+ $9.95 below. This will not only give you access to up to 75% discounts on products, but provide you FREE training and several promotional websites to being able to effectively market Livegood. When your preenrollees upgrade at only $49.95, then the Livegood compensation plan will pay you $25 for each referral as a Fast Start Commission. Payday is every Thursday and you get direct deposit to your bank account or via i-payout.

I think that the Livegood business is the best MLM opportunity because there are 6 ways to get paid and really easy to promote even for beginners. The key to make money with Livegood is to work together and help your team. When you help your each new member of your team get 2 people and duplicate this process, your income will start to grow faster and explode.

Of course you can make money with Livegood using spillover, but this is not fast income. It’s better to start actively sharing the Livegood products with others with locally, online with social media, blogging, video marketing, etc. The main idea to drive web traffic to your landing pages that preenrollee for the FREE tours. Thereafter, if they upgrade, then you get paid.

What is the influencer bonus with Livegood?

The influencer bonuses are one of the 6 major ways to make money with Livegood business opportunity. These bonuses are based solely on the higher volumes of personal retail sales. This method will literally skyrocket your income with the Livegood compensation plan. Depending on the amount of personal sales that you drive, you could potentially make up to 100% in total commissions on personal customers.

Although it’s not required for affiliates to buy or autoship products monthly, referring customers helpe build a long term recurring income for customers who likely will reorder. Being that you referred them, you get paid every time they order from Livegood. This is a great source of income especially for customers who are just excited and convinced about using Livegood products for health benefits. If you are the type of person with a big following already online, whether through email marketing, Youtube or social media, you could potentially make tons of influencer bonuses with Livegood especially if your lists are targeted.

 What are the benefits of Livegood membership?

When you become a member and affiliate of Livegood, you will gain access to up to 75% OFF on Livegood vitamins and supplements. This presents a huge savings when you take advantage of their high quality products. These products can be shipped anywhere in the world and also come with a 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee. There are products that are great for energy, weight loss, brain and cognitive function, cardiovascular support, CBD oils for adults and pets, multivitamins for both men & women and more!

Who is the CEO of Livegood?

The current CEO of Livegood is Ben Glinsky. He along with his team of nutritionists and marketing specialist run the Livegood company. Ben Glinsky has been around for decades in the MLM industry and has launched several successful business opportunities. He really understands how to help beginners online experience success with all of the tools and resources that his company Livegood offers.

What are the ingredients in Livegood?

Livegood has over 20 health & wellness supplements on their product line. All of the ingredients are of high quality and all natural with various health benefits. Of course, no health products with Livegood or any wellness company are evaluated by the FDA. They are NOT designed to treat, cure or diagnose conditions. It’s always best to consult with a doctor or physician if unsure about some products.

Some Livegood ingredients promote weight loss, while other focus on improving cardiovascular health, bone density, muscular & joint health, improving digestive systems, sexual health, pain relief, healthy energy and mood, improving sleep quality and more! Users of Livegood products should always take the recommended dosage mentioned on bottles.

How do I cancel my Livegood membership?

Once you place your order today, you will have a 90 day money back guarantee on any purchase made. If you decide that Livegood is not for you during this 90 day period, then that’s completely fine. You can ship your product back to their warehouse and get a refund for your purchase. To cancel your Livegood membership, you can simply send an email to [email protected] to cancel your membership.

What is the history of Livegood?

Although Livegood is based in the United States, it has reps and customers globally. Livegood CEO Ben Glinsky has been around for decades and has headed several successful MLM opportunities generating millions of dollars for affiliates. Livegood focuses mainly on one issue that faces literally billions of people arounf the world, vitamin deficiency. Other leaders that stand behind the Livegood company are pharmacist & health practitioner Ryan Goodman, director of product education Lisa Goodman, and director of network marketing Nauder Khazan.

How do I email Livegood?

If you have any questions about the Livegood products, shipping or business opportunity, you can always contact the company using their official email address for customer service: [email protected]. From there, a rep will answers any questions or concerns that you may have regarding Livegood.

Are Live good products organic?

All of the Livegood products are all made from the purest natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients of Livegood products are of the highest quality and plant-based. They have over 20 health & wellness supplements that provide benefits for things such as cardiovascular health, pain management, weight loss management, sleep quality, memory anhancement and positive moods, anti-aging, skin, hair and nail support, bone, joint and muscle health, stress support, digestive support and more.

What is Livegood company main website?

Livegood has a few websites online that are used to either purchase their health & wellness supplements or to make money from home with the business opportunity. For those that would like become only customers and save up to 75% OFF products, then Livegood company main website to visit is right here

However, for those that would like to become affiliates and make some money from home working with a team and get paid weekly can visit this Livegood official website here Any purchases that you make on their websites comes a 90 day money back guarantee. The Livegood company is currently shipping Livegood products to over 195 countries worldwide.

Is Livegood the best network marketing company in the world 2024?

Yes, Livegood has beenr rated at the fastest growing and best network marketing company in the world for 2024. Unlike many other MLM home businesses, Livegood MLM does not require ANY monthly autoships, sales requirements or volume quotas. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on startup costs. You can get started today for only $49.95 and can work this business from anywhere in the world qith 6 ways to get paid.

There is no need for prior experience as there is FREE Livegood training to teach beginners how to do network marketing the right way. Also, another reason why Livegood has been voted as the best network marketing company in the world for 2024 is because of their low-costs health & wellness products. Members can save up to 75% off products and ship them anywhere. Their products offer a 90 day money back guarantee while most other network marketing companies do not offer refunds to clients. This makes the Livegood network marketing company 100% risk-free.

Any questions not answered in our Livegood reviews 2024? If so, drop them in the comments section please.

To get started right now with the easiest and most profitable way to make money from home, click below!



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  1. Is good to invest, but in this case if am registered member can I pay $238 at once so that the company will pay me not until 2years

    1. Livegood pays monthly on matrix starting the second month. Saviour, you can make more money by recruiting and fast starts pay weekly. There is no guarantee on the $2047 as for the exact day or time you will reach this monthly. It could take up to 2 years if no sponsoring or recruiting is done. Your monthly income will grow slowly over time within the matrix with spillover.

  2. I have not seen anything like this in my 30 years of doing business. it is very impressive. I have been in at least 6 MLM industries in my lifetime. I have made money in some and others I have lost money. In today’s world it is a whole “different ball game”. You have to have a different “tool box” to work with and it can be enjoyable when you have a company that is not only looking for “membership fees” and trying to sell members products with a “required amount” in order to stay with them or even get the extra bonuses that are supposed to be paid.
    Very good explanation keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for the info. I searched LIVEGOOD because a friend is recruiting me. We are from different countries, is it possible to recruit even if you are not in the same country.

  4. I am having the hardest time getting to talk to a live person to assist with some technical support issues that my uplines can’t help with. She doesn’t know the answers and can’t direct me to who does. The online customer service has not been responsive to my problem. All my credit cards are blocked and tagged as Fraud with LiveGood (which they are not). I was on vacation out the country when I first tried to sign up but because of the IP address apparently the blocks were put on each card I attempted to use. The lady I ended up signing up with along with my husband has not been able to assist in clearing this. She had me to send her the money to sign me up, but my cards are still blocked. I am back in US and this problem still exist and its been 3 weeks now. I can’t place personal orders, I can’t sign anyone up manually. This is frustrating.
    Another issue is how to have non customers to shop and buy items at retail cost from their phones, it this possible without joining and paying $9.95 each month? My client tried but was not able to do so.
    Lastly, My husband in Nigeria has signed up and has a small team, but the commission that he has received, no one has been able to show him properly how to receive the money. They have give wrong information many times! having him to basically transfer his money to all of the 4 resources Livegood does and its been a month or more and he still hasn’t gotten access to his money! Why doesn’t any of the leaders “Silver” or above able to help and he is just being pushed off.

    1. Hello Alicia, how are you? I understand completely what you’re saying. I will try my best to answer some of your questions as I’m not your upline nor a Livegood customer rep. When I signed up for Livegood some time ago, I was on vacation in Mexico and the same thing actually happened to me also where my card was flagged for fraud being I used a US billing & shipping address.

      I emailed customer support and they requested that I send a copy of the card used and driver’s license to prove that they belonged to me being I was abroad in Mexico. I did this and everything went thru fine and it was authorized.

      Although this process was a bit inconvenient, I actually appreciate that they took this measure to protect me. This is likely what they will request that you do to get signed up.

      As for your husband getting paid, Livegood pays out every Thursday via direct deposit. They pay using direct deposit to US bank accounts or ipayout for international affiliates. Did your husband setup his payment info on his Livegood dashboard in Nigeria? If he didn’t do this, then he will not get paid as Livegood will not know where to send payments. Once this info is submitted, payments are automatically sent to your account and you don’t have to request anything.

      As for your friend who just wants to only purchase the products, they can definitely purchase the products at retail if desired.

      When selecting the desired product and going to the checkout screen, you will see a button that says “login to save”, do not click the button and just continue to the next page to fill the name, address, etc and then your friend will able to pay for the product as a customer and not be charged the recurring $9.95/mth membership.

      I hope these answers help you in some way. I can only how frustrating is it to not receive any help or guidance from your upline. I hope you guys have a great rest of the day Alicia😃!

  5. I’ve have read many bad reviews,of course I don’t believe everything I read but the fact this company have not support and no one to talk to that is very serious!

    1. Jimoh, just as the video and compensation plan explains you will have the ability to make this money without having to sponsor anyone. This works due to spillover.

      Spillover means that a certain amount of people will be placed under you in your power line by your upline and others on your team. Keep in mind that this is NOT a get rich quick process or overnight earnings. It’s a slow process being that you are not personally sponsoring affiliates or selling products customers. If do not sponsor anyone, you will earn very small commissions over time that will build up as monthly residuals. This residual income will eventually hit that amount. This could take a year or 2 to reach IF you are not sponsoring people.

      However, if are 100% serious and really want to reach that amount a lot faster, then you can skyrocket your Livegood business by actually sharing the Livegood products and opportunity with others versus waiting on spillover. This way you will earn bigger weekly checks paid out on Thursdays and monthly residuals based your entire team and organization. So Livegood is a home business where you benefit most by working as a team. You help others and the company pays you for this. Get started today by clicking the above and taking the free tour. Thereafter, simply upgrade as a member and affiliate for only $49.95. This is a one time $40 to setup your account and $9.95. There is a 90 day money back guarantee. Jimoh, I hope this answers your question 😊

  6. Believing that just signing up will fill your bank is not correct. You might get a bit of money, maybe $100, if you join under someone who’s really good at getting others on board.

    But without that, you’ll likely get nothing. Like any other MLM, you must do your part and get others to join too. Start spreading the word and over time, you’ll start to see better results.

    I personally use Super Reds that push down my high blood pressure and get paid because of my own results. All the best

    1. Thanks Daniel for your comment! It is definitely true that everyone must to do their part to see results. Thankfully Livegood as an MLM business opportunity makes things a lot easier for us to promote products with others and work as a team. I take the Super Reds and Organic Coffee and really love them. I hope the best for you 🙂

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