Livegood Training 2024: How To Be Successful With Livegood Affiliate Marketing

Wondering about what type of Livegood training is offered to Livegood affiliates? If you want to know how to be successful with Livegood affiliate marketing, then you MUST get started with the right team today and get training you need to grow your powerline and business!

I have business in the network marketing and affiliate marketing field for several years. Check the following recommended tips to help you have success with the Livegood affiliate marketing opportunity and start making money in minutes!

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How To Join Livegood Business?

If you haven’t done so already, I personally invite you to get started right now with the Livegood business opportunity here:

When you click on the link above, you then watch a 5 minute video that explains the benefits of using Livegood products and business opportunity. You will then pre-enroll by entering your name and email to then take an free tour of the Livegood marketing system. Once you upgrade to become a member and affiliate, then you will be able to get paid each week.Once you join on my team, I will help you promote your business. This way we can build our teams a lot faster and we all make money together.

Reasons People Fail With Livegood Network Marketing Company

It should be mentioned that in the course of about 14 months, over 1,100,000 people have joined Livegood! This is absolutely AMAZING to hear stats like that and to know that the company is doing something right.

However, the truth of the matter is that although the Livegood network marketing company is doing everything right, some people will fail at network marketing if they lack certain skills. This is the outright truth and someone has to say it. There you have it.

When people fail at something though, they often say that it doesn’t work and then call it a Livegood Scam or Livegood Pyramid. However, this is not the case if hundreds of thousands of people are actually having success with the business opportunity. What is causing your failure? It could be many things.

Why do people quit MLM? People quit and fail at network marketing in general due to a lack of belief in the product or company. I think that is due largely to not actually being a product of the product. This is why I highly recommend that you first take a Free tour of the site and then try out their products on a 90 day trial here at

When you take time to order and try Livegood products, then you will experience the benefits of using them. Once you personally see results, then this will increase confidence and conviction and then motivate you to share it with others. Yes, the Livegood business model, powerline and matrix are amazing, however the products are what drive the business opportunity!

Another reason that people fail with Livegood network marketing is due to fear of rejection or fear of what people might think. The reality is that although Livegood products can benefit everyone’s health, they may not be interested. It’s also true that millions either hate their current JOBS or have been victims of layoffs and unemployment. Although this may be the case, only people that are serious will make the necessary changes in their lives.

As an Livegood affiliate, your job is simply to share the Livegood business opportunity and products with them and let the marketing system do the work for you. Again, if a person is 100% serious about changing their economical situation, then they will make the right decision. If not, then just keep it moving to the next person. You need to understand that you are looking for people who want to be spoon fed! You are looking for people that want to go to work immediately to start making money from day 1!

The truth is that every prospect or lead will be worth your time. However, if you focus on your personal financial goals and actually helping people, then this will help you to keep growing business no matter what response you receive.

Livegood Training: How To Be Successful With Livegood Affiliate Marketing

If you are a beginner online, then you may not have any experience promoting affiliate marketing products or network marketing. The great thing about this is that Livegood business opportunity is really easy to promote and doesn’t require any experience at all. Why? Livegood provides you all of the tools that you will need to promote and their videos do all of the telling and selling.

Of course, there are many free advertising sites to promote affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter if if you are young or a senior entrepreneur, You can make money and by sharing Livegood products with others both off and online. How? By following some the best practices for successful affiliate marketing.

Where should you start? If you don’t already have one, I recommend that you create a Youtube channel. Why? According to some stats, although the world population hit 8 billion, Youtube only has about 2.85 billion active monthly users.

What does all of this mean for you? Opportunity. Wide opportunity to create a Youtube to promote your Livegood business and products to a HUGE untapped market! Also, Youtube is 100% FREE to use and allows you attract high targeted leads that are looking exactly for what you sell.

Another reason that you should use Youtube is you won’t have to make a list of your family and friends like most traditional home businesses online recommend. You can gain access to MILLIONS of people both locally and globally that are searching for you.

To see an great example of what I am talking about, checkout one video that I created where I did a Livegood review. It got a lot of views on Youtube and generated several preenrollees and paid signups!

Livegood Marketing System & Livegood Marketing Tools

So just like with any job, you can carried it out if you have the right tools.

So each and every Thursday and Friday, FREE Livegood training is provided for affiliates. These Zoom sessions that later uploaded to Youtube that way you can replay them as needed. On these calls you will be able to hear from the CEO Ben Glinsky, Director of Network Marketing Nauder Khazan, Pharmacist Ryan Goodkin and Fitness Trainer Lisa Goodkin with the experience that they bring to the table.

It’s also a great opportunity to learn how to be successful with Livegood affiliate marketing directly from the top leaders in the company. It’s a really great way to stay plugged into the system and build your team.

How To Build Your Livegood Powerline

To help you to build your Livegood powerline in the matrix, the company will give you several fully automated websites. Some are specifically for customers to buy Livegood products and the one imaged below serves as a lead capture page. This landing page is the best Livegood affiliate marketing system to use being that collects prospects name and email and then will automatically follow up with them for you.

This Livegood marketing system helps to automate the entire process by letting prospects to pre-enroll for FREE tours and then upgrade to earn weekly commissions.

livegood affiliate marketing

This way Livegood will handle and process all of your leads and send them messages encouraging them to upgrade before Thursday cutoff period. However, you are would like to keep these all of these leads and prospects to follow up with them yourself, then I recommend using either ActiveCampaign, Aweber or GetResponse email marketing.

These platforms will allow beginners to create FREE landing pages that way you will be able to collect these leads and follow up with them over time. I think this is good in the event your prospects don’t signup immediately. However, perhaps after cultivating a relationship with them using your email marketing, they will convert and you can always monetize your leads.

To tryout ActiveCampaign now, go here:

To tryout Aweber now, go here:

To tryout GetResponse now, go here:

How To Be Successful With Livegood Affiliate Marketing Using Social Media

According to Backlinko, Facebook is the largest social media platform used online with more than 2.85 billion monthly active users as of 2021.

As of April 2023, Instagram has 1.682 billion users. Quora reported over 300 million monthly users, Twitter had 330 monthly users, and Reddit 1.660 billion monthly users just to name a few.

Why do I mention all of these different social media stats in this Livegood training? For starters, they all 100% FREE platforms to use for promoting Livegood products and Livegood affiliate program.

The real key to driving page views is to answer questions that readers are asking that are related to perhaps health and wellness or making money. In addition to our friend Google, millions of people live these in the social media platforms and are looking for ways to improve their health and wealth.

How should you promote it on these platforms? What you can do is strive to be helpful by providing resourceful answers to questions that people ask and then on the tail end you can leave a backlink to your website point to your Livegood review.

With many social media platforms, it’s best to send people to a landing page first versus to affiliate links as some platforms may not allow links. You can test this to see what results you get. Once the visitors clicks-thru, then they will be able to learn more about the Livegood opportunity and products.You can promote your links on pages like Youtube, Quora,, Tiktok and more!

How To Track Your Livegood Success Online?

Another way to help you to be more successful with Livegood business opportunity is to track your results. Why?

Well if you get sales and conversions, how will you know what cause them? Whether you are using FREE or paid methods, if you don’t setup tracking then you won’t know what’s working and as a result you will waste time and resources.

When you signup with Livegood, you will have to log into your Livegood backoffice to access your “Statisticstab. From here you will see “Source Statistics” that will basically list how many website hits, pre-enrollees and upgrades that you have received. However, to really pinpoint and narrow down where website visitors are coming from, you can use the following source code.

Now when you using this link about, please leave the word “SOURCE” capitalized. However, you can replace the “ABC” with whatever you want it to be. You can plugin Facebook, Quora, Youtube, xyzblogpost, etc. This code should be something that easy for you to remember and allows to track your leads and conversions. When people click these links, then it will be recorded on your “Source Statistics” page.

For example, for this particular Livegood training, I am using the source code “livegoodtraininglearnanet”. This lets me know that visitors that click-thru, submit info and then upgrade came from this Livegood training review.

These simple Livegood marketing system tools will help you to better manage and promote your Livegood business.

Now to take it even a step further, what you can do is use a url shortner such as bitly. This will help especially if you are creating Youtube videos and want to include an affiliate link in the description portion of the video. This way prospects can click on a shorter link that’s less messy and easier to remember.

An example of this would be:

Once the person clicks on the bitly link, it will then redirect them back to your Livegood affiliate page to take the FREE tour.

Bitly also provides a tracker for clicks so this is another method to monitor where your web traffic is coming from to maximize your efforts and see how to be successful with Livegood affiliate marketing.

How To Boost Google Search Rankings With Best SEO Keyword Tool For Livegood Website

livegood training

If you don’t have one already, then tyou need to create a blog or website online to promote your Livegood business to targeted audiences. If you already have a website online right now, then you need to make sure that ranks high in Google search results. How can you do this? Well what I am about to share you will not learn this with any other Livegood training online.

To really stand out from the masses, you need to do keyword research to find the best keywords that have the least competition online. This technique will drive tons of targeted to your Livegood website for FREE directly from the search engines! Although there are many, the best SEO keyword tool to boost Google search rankings that I have found is RankIQ!

RankIQ is an absolute time saver that will help you to create attractive blog post titles, perform advanced keyword research & analysis for specific niches, competitor analysis, website audits, monitor your rankings and more! It will help you to create content that ranks on the 1st page of Google. This will increase web traffic to your Livegood website and in turn get more opt-ins that upgrade. Once these targeted leads and prospects upgrade, then you paid by Livegood.


livegood affiliate marketing

Why should you use RankIQ to promote Livegood MLM? For starters, if you are beginner online you will fail online if you don’t understand how to market and brand yourself online. Then end result is that you will fail and quit MLM just like others who give up so easily.

Secondly, when you compare other popular SEO Keyword Tools online like Ahrefs, Semrush and Surfer, they costs a lot more, yet do not provide the same value. If you get start right now RankIQ, then you will get it for 50% Off and it will only be $49/month! This is an amazing deal and great investment help explode your Livegood business online.

To try out RankIQ right now to improve your Google SEO rankings on your Livegood website, visit here:

If you want to successful with Livegood affiliate marketing, then you must be willing to use the absolute best tools online to drive targeted web traffic to you. The key to success with Network marketing, MLM or any legit home based business opportunity is not to chase or convince people to join. You must learn how to market effectively online and those that are serious will find your website and join. The RankIQ SEO Keyword tool is an amazing way to achieve this goal and really get an edge online with Google search rankings.

Conclusion: Somethings To Keep In Mind About Livegood Opportunity

When you get started with the Livegood opportunity, you should remember that this is a marathon and not a sprint. The things that you do everyday overtime will help you to build long-term monthly residual income in your Livegood business.

Next, don’t expect overnight success. I define success as doing one thing and getting results. All you have to do is duplicate your efforts and show others on your team how to do the same. If you strive to help others, then your business will grow and explode overtime.

Stay away from all of the hype when it comes to making money. Livegood opportunity is an amazing business, but you don’t want to attract the wrong people to your business who really don’t want to work.

Some people are looking for handouts and think that money will just fall out of the sky. When it doesn’t work the way they think it should work, they will feel let down and then call it a Livegood SCAM. People that are quick to call a SCAM without first researching it should just keep their JOB. Don’t waste your time with these people. You’re time is much more valuable.

The business opportunity and Livegood products are is easy to share with people off and online. Don’t overpromise, just strive to over deliver and lead by example.

Remember that just as with ANY real legitimate business opportunity, it will take some time to learn how to promote Livegood business especially if you are new online. Don’t be discouraged especially if you’re new to affiliate marketing. Keep working at it and don’t give up!

Never forget that you will be working on a team. If you get started with me using the link below, then it means that you will be on my team and can reach me at anytime for help. I will here to help you build your Livegood business.

Although it’s not required, I recommend that ALL new affiliates try out the Livegood products! This way you can become a product of the product and speak first hand about the benefits. They ship to over 200 countries globally and come with a 90 day money back guarantee!

You can write Livegood affiliate program reviews or create Youtube videos based on your personal experience to share with others online. This way they can follow your journey and want to join you and buy Livegood products from you!

I hope that these tips help you to see how to promote Livegood business and be successful online. Of all of the network marketing companies, Livegood has the lowest start-up costs for beginners and doesn’t require any autoships on products! This provides a huge advantage over competitors in this industry.

What other questions do you have regarding Livegood training or Livegood marketing system? Please drop your comments below. If you havent done so already, get started below right now!



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