Mochahost Live Support Review 2024: Is Mochahost Support Good? Yes, but See Why Here!

When creating a site online it’s super important to have great customer support. With this said, is Mochahost live support good? Yes it is, but let me explain to you why in this Mochahost review!

I have been using Mochahost WordPress hosting for quite some time and wanted to write a brief honest review to help you to answer this question.

If you are interested in creating a simple website or blog, then I also put together a step-by-step WordPress tutorial for beginners below. This tutorial will help you:

  • Get your FREE domain name for LIFE
  • Select the right web hosting plan for your needs
  • Install a WordPress theme appropriate for your current industry
  • Install WordPress plugins & more!

I think that these are simple things that every beginner online needs to know to launch a website successfully online. No coding or html experience needed at all.

So let’s get back to Mochahost live support.

Mochahost has been offering web hosting services in the industry for over 20 years. The company is located in the heart of Silicon Valley San Jose, California. Currently, Mochahost powers over 1,000,000 sites with clients globally. A wide range of hosting solutions are offered such as:

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Java Tomcat Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting Plans
  • Linux & Windows Virtual Private Servers
  • Linux & Windows Dedicated Hosting

Although most beginners online tend to buy shared web hosting plans due to costs, you have a wide range of selections at your finger tips. What I love about them it that as your website grows over time with more page views, you can easily scale up as needed.

mochahost live support

How To Contact Mochahost Live Support

As mentioned before, Mochahost support is offered 24/7. They have well over 1,000,000 clients that host websites on their servers. 

If you need to contact Mochahost live support with questions or need help with your site, you can call 1-888-81 MOCHA or 408-351-0116. You can also contact chat support, submit a ticket or email them at [email protected] or [email protected].

Another very helpful tool that is available that is very resourceful is their Knowledgebase. This is a great alternative to Mochahost live support to lookup things IF you’re a reader & prefer it versus actually speaking to someone. It’s basically like a forum where you can find how to tutorials and answers on everything under sun Mochahost. It’s very helpful and I highly checking it out when you get started today with Mochahost web hosting.

Some Article Topics Are:

  • Getting Started
  • Control Panel
  • Domain Registration
  • Domains & Sub Domains
  • e-Commerce
  • FTP
  • Billing & Order Questions
  • Databases
  • E-mail
  • Internet Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & more!

How Fast Is Mochahost Live Support?

Overall, Mochahost live support is pretty fast and reps are very knowledgeable with WordPress, Linux, Windows and other operating systems.

I personally have always liked to send emails and use chat support being I’m always on the move. However, some people prefer to call Mochahost support by phone which is fine also. Whatever the case, if you need help, then you can always get in touch with customer service.

What Do People Think About Mochahost Live Support?

To make sure that our Mochahost reviews are honest and unbiased, I wanted to include some external sources. This way you see not only my personal opinion, but also what others thinks about using Mochahost web hosting in general.

First off, you should know that the Mochahost live support is offered 24/7. It’s offered via phone, email and chat system for your convenience. This means that you can get in contact with a rep quick to answer questions and resolve issues with your website. Since I started my account I have had great experience with Mochahost support.

On Facebook, they have a huge following if nearly 36,000 people that follow and like their page. Mochahost will post update there on the FB page for users and you can see reactions to it as well.

According to 2,214 Mochahost Trustpilot reviews, they rate 4.8 out of 5 stars which is a excellent score by users. There you will see tons of Mochahost reviews about their Mochahost support, their web hosting pricing, reliability and more. Overall, users rate them pretty high based on their experiences.

mochahost live support


Mochahost Complaints

Although Mochahost is an amazing web hosting provider that is super affordable for creating websites, you will find some Mochahost complaints online.

The truth is that ALL web hosting providers online have complaints of some sort by current or past users. This is just something that shouldn’t surprise you. Why?

No matter the business type, you will NEVER be able to satisfy all people even if it was free web hosting. I have see that even with free web hosting providers people still complain. My conclusion? Just pick a host and create your website online.

Why do I mention all of this in our review of Mochahost live support? Because all of the reviews on this site are honest and you should have a balanced view of ANY web hosting provider before getting started online. If you are looking for the positive or negative in something, then you will certainly find it.

For example, if you look at some other super popular web hosting providers like Namecheap and Bluehost, they both have been around for decades. Although they have amazing performance on servers, you will find complaints online by users.

Mochahost web hosting is more affordable than both Namecheap and Bluehost with a longer refund policy. They also have a 180 day money back guarantee versus just 30 days as the industry standard.

Mochahost Reddit Reviews

If you pop over to social media like reddit, then you will find some mixed Mochahost reviews from people who have complained about websites experiencing issues with downtime issues or with refunds.

A question was Siteground better than Mochahost VPS hosting? This was from a user of Mochahost VPS hosting that said he had fast pages and was simply curious about Siteground shared web hosting. Interesting, many on the thread agreed that Mochahost VPS was not only better on speeds and performance, but also better than Siteground pricing. The user stayed with Mochahost VPS Hosting 🙂

Despite these Mochahost reddit reviews, overall they are still a really amazing web hosting provider for beginners online.

I mention these reviews from Trustpilot, Facebook, and reddit so that you can have a bigger picture of Mochahost live support.

Again, EVERY web hosting provider online will generate some type of a complaint from users. Many times what I have noticed is that versus calling the provider to fix it, they post a negative review about the company. By this time the reputation is damaged.

Mochahost Uptime Performance

Some people ask…is Mochahost a reliable web hosting company? Is Mochahost fast? Yes it is!!

These are really great questions to answer before getting started with ANY web hosting provider online. Before writing this Mochahost review, I had to setup an account to test how reliable and fast it was online. Why?

Well we all know how important website speed performance is in Google’s eyes. It’s is so important that it is one of many top Google ranking factors. So if it matters that much to our friend Google, then it also should matter to you.

Most web hosting providers online have only 99.9% uptime performance on servers. This is good and is expected in this industry. However, the amazing thing that I discovered about Mochahost is that they have a 100% uptime performance on their servers.

If you know anything about web hosting, then you know that this is quite unheard of and hard to come by. In fact, when it comes to shared web hosting, Dreamhost at only $2.59/month is the only other budget host that I know who has a high 100% uptime performance like Mochahost.

But ultimately, uptime performance shows how reliable a web hosting provider is online with its servers. When websites are up this means that your website is gaining exposure online and people can find your products and services. However, if your web hosting provider is not good, then you could lose potential sales.

Thankfully, Mochahost web hosting is super reliable on their servers in comparison with many of their competitors online.

How To Create WordPress Website Using Mochahost

So now that we have discussed Mochahost live support, now it’s actually time to create a website. To launch any website, blog or store online you will need a domain name and of course select a web hosting package.

This video will show beginners step-by-step how to create a WordPress a website using Mochahost web hosting. In it you ill learn how to install WordPress, pick themes, plugins and more!

mochahost live support

Mochahost Live Support Conclusion

No matter the web hosting provider that you decide to use to create your website online, it MUST have great 24/7 customer support, great security, uptime performance and be affordable for all budgets.

In my experience I can state that Mochahost live support is really great and very knowledgeable with their hosting solutions. They have really great security to protect websites online and have 100% uptime performance guarantee.

As for pricing, Mochahost web hosting is probably the cheapest that you will find online starting at only $1.95/month. On top of this, they offer the longest money back guarantee of 180 days! This is just something that you will not find anywhere.

If you are beginner online wanting to create your first website, then they an amazing budget host to use. If you already have a website and would like to migrate it over to Mochahost servers, then take advantage of their FREE site migration service. You can select from their shared, WordPress, VPS, or Dedicated hosting to build your site.

If you have any questions at all, you always contact Mochohost live support 24/7. If you have question about this Mochahost live support review or the hosting itself, then you can drop a comment below.

On any note, I hope that enjoyed this review today and that you have much success online this year going forward 🙂

Mochahost Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Mochhost headquarters?

Mochahost corporate office is currently located at 108 W 13th Street, Wilmington Delaware 19801. Their direct phone number for contact are 518-250-6166 or you can email them using [email protected] or chat support.

Who owns Mochahost?

Unlike most web hosting providers online, Mochahost is not owned ny Endurance International Group or Newfold Digital. Rather in June of 2019, a private equity investment management firm called Cloud Equity Group acquired Mochahost. This purchase was publicly announced in July of 2019. Cloud Equity Group is primarily interested in privatedly owned web hosting and cloud based companies adn Mochahost fit that criteria.

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