Mochahost WordPress Hosting Review 2024: Is Mochahost Good? Read This First!

Are you wondering is Mochahost WordPress hosting good or not to create websites? Should you use Mochahost today or just get a hot mocha drink? lol. These questions and more will be answered in this Mochahost WordPress hosting review 2024! So I want you to STOP what you are doing to give me your full and undivided attention! If you don’t, then you may make the biggest mistake of your web hosting life!

What To Expect In This Mochahost WordPress Hosting Review?

mochahost wordpress hosting review

Today, I will go over the company, the Mochahost hosting plans and then tell you what I personally think about them.

People everywhere are curious about how reliable they are, so I thought that I would share with you our Mochahost WordPress reviews. Today you read the good, bad and in between. With it, you will be able to decide if Mochahost is the coffee to drink or not!

Disclaimer: This Mochahost WordPress hosting review contains affiliate links. When a purchase is made using these links, learnanet receives a referral commission. This doesn’t affect your pricing, rather offers the best discounts & savings and let’s me buy my favorite mocha drinks:)

Mochahost – The Company

If you don’t know already Mochahost has been around for a very long time and is based in the Silicon Valley area of San Jose, California. Top tech and web hosting giants reside there also but won’t mention any names. But MH specializes in web hosting, web design, e-commerce & internet promotion services. They are known mostly for the crazy cheap web hosting plans that start at only $1.95/month.

To date, they state on their official page at , they state that they maintain over 1,000,000 million websites online. That is huge chunk of the internet space that occupy websites hosted by Mochahost!

So if you were to start a website today you could grab everything under one roof. But in addition to this Mochahost review, you should you also what past & current customers think and some other things to consider..

Mochahost WordPress Hosting Review: The Mochahost Hosting Plans

If you are looking for shared web hosting, which most beginners are if you want something cheap, there are 3 Mochahost hosting plans to choose from: Soho, Business, Mocha. All offer a 60% off discount currently at the time of this post. [It may change]


  • 100% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free SEO Tools
  • Unlimited Free SSL certificates
  • 1 Free Domain for Life
  • Free Website Builder
  • 450+Web Apps such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc
  • Unlimited Disk Space & More!

Which Of Mochahost hosting plans Is Best For You?

Only you can answer this. At only $1.95/month anybody could afford that with the Soho hosting plan. The Soho hosting plan is best for beginners in my opinion. I think that it provides exactly all of the resources you will need to get your 1st website.

The Soho plan allows you to create 1 website with lots of web space. However, if you are a network marketer or have a home based business in affiliate marketing & need to create multiple or unlimited websites, then perhaps their Business or Mocha tiers may be better as these will you to create unlimited websites online. 

Try this plan here:

Hostinger WordPress hosting is the web hosting provider that Learnanet uses & has pricing starting at only $2.49/month!! For more details on what Hostinger WordPress hosting offers, please click below.

Money Back Guarantee

They have a very risk free money back guarantee on all of their hosting services. No need to wait in a long line for service. You can get started right now and launch your website in minutes!! Get started with Mochahost right now! 

mochahost wordpress hosting review

Most web hosting companies give a standard 30 day money back guarantees.

Some other very common and well known providers used by small businesses that are great for creating WordPress websites are:

However, there are some web hosting providers that offer more than normal. For example:

Interestingly, Dreamhost a California based WordPress hosting provider since 1997 beats these former mentioned hosts by offering an outstanding 97 day money back guarantee!

Although there are Mochahost competitors, you can clearly see in our Mochahost WordPress hosting review today that they blow them all out of the park with their web hosting services!

Mochahost WordPress Hosting Review: The Uptime

Knowing your website’s uptime is extremely important. If your website is not online, then you are losing money and potential customers. This is why it’s so important to monitor your website uptime. If you don’t then your website ranking will suffer in search results and this will ultimately affect your business. So this is why you should only web hosting providers that have super reliable servers that keep your website online.

Mochahost promises 100% uptime performance to its customers. This is a great promise, but is it true? Yes and no.

You should know that “ALLweb hosting services experience some downtime on their servers each month. This downtime in most cases is programmed ahead for maintenance which could vary to a few minutes or couple of hours. Also, it could be things out of Mochahost control such as malware & DoS attacks, issues outside the network & event problems caused by clients or 3rd parties. All of these things for ANY web hosting provider would require some “downtime”.

Mochahost, per their website states that if your website is down outside of normal activities your account web hosting could be credited up to 5% the monthly fee. I think that this is pretty fair and a good consideration for their clients. Frankly there are not many web hosts, if any that offer credits on services except Dreamhost

mochahost wordpress hosting review

As for Mochahost server locations, they have some very advanced Dell PowerEdge servers. They are very secure and super reliable for website hosting. To ensure lower latency there are data centers and content delivery networks  with Cloudflare. These are throughout their network of over 137 locations in 50 countries sprinkled across 7 regions.

  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Asia
  • Africa
  • Middle East
  • Oceania 

mochahost wordpress hosting review

Mochahost Live Support

To make sure that this Mochahost WordPress hosting review were honest and unbiased, I wanted to include some excellent ratings from an external source. Per my research and investigation online of the 2,719 surveyed regarding Mochahost web hosting on TrustPilot:

  • 86% say that their web hosting is excellent.
  • 8% say it is good.
  • 1% said it was average service
  • <1 rated it as Poor
  • 5% said it was bad

Overall they have an excellent reputation online with clients. Looking at these results this clearly tells you that vast majority love to use Mochahost web hosting. A very small percentage are discontent, but that comes with every web hosting company. This helps you to see that Mochahost live support is very responsive and reliable if you need to contact them. This is really important to know before getting started or buying web hosting to create a website.

In the event you need the Mochahost phone number to contact customer support, it’s 1-888-81MOCHA. I like that Mochahost support is 24/7 and you can even open tickets by emailing them [email protected].

Mochahost cPanel Login / Control Panel Access

When you get started today you will receive several emails from customer support once your account is setup. One of the emails will have credentials for your Mochahost cPanel login or control panel as it is referred to. This is really where the work starts with the creation of your website online. 

In this brief video, I will show you how to access your Mochahost control panel and review all of the features and resources that it offers you. Thereafter, you should feel more comfortable using it especially if you have never used cPanel before with previous providers.  After you watch this video, keep reading to learn more about creating your WordPress website with them today.

Site Migrations

Do you currently have a website that is hosted with another provider? If so, you take advantage of the FREE site migration service offered by Mochahost to move your site to their servers. It’s a very easy process and you can get started today. 

Do We Recommend Mochahost?

Do we recommend using Mochahost web hosting to start a website online? Of course! But don’t take our word for it!

The purpose of this Mochahost WordPress hosting review is not only to give you a cheap web host that will save your business hundreds of dollars, but also one that is super reliable. The truth is that you will find tons of web hosting services online that will let you create a blog or website. However, not all of them are as reliable as Mochahost.

Reliability is extremely important because if your visitors or customers can’t find you online, then this means that you will LOSE money$$. So that’s why I highly recommend using Mochahost to make a website for your business. They have 100% uptime performance on servers which is really hard to find online with other web hosting providers.

As you can see this Mochahost review provides you with some simple and straight-forward info that will help you to make a firm decision today. You will have to see for yourself by getting started right now!

Remember that you will have a complete risk free trial on their web hosting services! 

The video below will show beginners step by step how to create a WordPress websites using Mochahost.

Mochahost WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

How to get started with Mochahost WordPress hosting? To start your website today you should first go to their official website by clicking right here:! Here you will then select which web hosting plan that’s best for your needs. Remember that if you want to create just 1 website, then the Soho plan for only $1.95/month is probably best for you.

However, if you need to create multiple or unlimited websites for your small business & need more resources, then it will be best to use either the Business for only $3.48/month or Mocha plans for only $5.59/month. These 2 hosting plans in my opinion are great if you are doing network marketing, affiliate marketing or perhaps a developer. Basically if you will need to create several websites and add multiple domains for your business online, then this is an awesome fit!

So just a recap. Mochahost is an amazing web hosting provider that is super affordable for beginners with great customer support, security, and rock solid uptime performance. Remember that they have a money back guarantee on their web hosting and will give you a FREE domain for life! 

Before I let you go, what type of website do you want to create today? Which of the Mochahost hosting plans will be best for your needs today? Let me know below in the comments.

Thank you for reading this Mochahost WordPress hosting review today! Hopefully the information here has helped you to see what to expect from Mochahost web hosting. You have the information, now it’s time to take action NOW!

To get started right now creating your WordPress website with Mochahost hosting, go here to!

I hope that you guys much success online with your business!! 




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