Namecheap Complaints Reviews 2024: Why Some People Hate Namecheap? Read this Review first!

Are you wondering if Namecheap web hosting & domains are for you or not? Although there have been Namecheap complaints by users, today we will tell you why some people hate Namecheap and what you should do!

What To Expect In This Namecheap Complaints Reviews?

Today, I will share with you in this Namecheap review who they are and what I personally think about their web hosting and domain sales. You will also learn about some typical Namecheap complaints that some users have about their services. Although virtually ALL web hosting companies have unhappy customers, with this info today you will now if Namecheap is good for your business or not.

How I Was Introduced To Namecheap?

namecheap complaints reviews

As a blogger online I have come across many web hosting services and domain name registrars. If you want to create a website online, you can’t go too far without reading or seeing some ads about Namecheap.

I have been online for several years and in this time I have built many websites and blogs. For the longest time I have always preferred using Godaddy to register and buy domains. This was due to it being the most widely known & largest domain registrar globally.  To date, I have purchased nearly 30 domains through them so I know how the process works and what the costs are.

However, recently I made a change to Namecheap. Why? Due to costs mainly. Most domain names at Godaddy costs anywhere from $15 – $20 bucks per year for a .com. Then at checkout, you have the option of getting domain privacy for an additional $7.99/year per domain.

Some time ago, I saw an ad from Namecheap advertising cheaper domains and web hosting! They also offer WordPress Managed hosting, Windows hosting and Reseller hosting if you prefer them over shared web hosting. In addition to this, I discovered that this very necessary feature domain privacy (whoisguard) is actually FREE at Namecheap! This feature I always get with all domains to protect personal info online.

Something that I appreciated about their affordable web hosting services is that support a higher volume of web traffic. This is something that is very important especially when your website grows online and gets lots of visitors that are searching for your products or services.

Prices start at only $3.88/month up to $11.88/month for their WordPress hosting services.

namecheap complaints reviews

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase

For me this was a no brainer in the beginner to save money. Basically, no matter what web hosting provider you use, you can point your domain’s nameservers to the host after buying it FIRST from Namecheap being domain privacy is free of charge. This is probably one of NC best features over Godaddy.

[NOTE: If you want to learn how to buy domains, this video here is helpful]

I discovered also that the average prices for Namecheap are usually in the ballpark of $5 – $8 each depending on your TLD. So that presented a huge savings for me being I love to create multiple websites for personal use and other customers.  So when it comes to purchasing web hosting and domains, I personally don’t have any Namecheap complaints. I think that they have good hosting which has performed pretty very well for me online. Also, I think that for buying domains they are probably the best domain registrar that you will find online when comparing them others.

Even if you want to buy expired domains or purchase them with Namecheap autions you will notice that they have the best deals.

But how about you? What has been your personal experience using Namecheap? Let me know below in the comments to also inform others.

Namecheap Complaints Reviews: What People Think About Their Domains & Web Hosting

When you search online for good Namecheap reviews, you will get mixed feedback. However, on this review I will give you the good and the bad. Why? Because my viewers and followers trust me and I want to maintain that trust. So although I have not had any bad experiences or complaints about Namecheap’s services, I wanted to share something new with you today.

Namecheap is one of the only web hosting providers online that doesn’t have a direct phone numbers to call for customer support. In fact, their support is 100% chat based. Hostinger and Dreamhost are other web hosting providers who don’t phone-based customer support. For some users, this has been a huge issue being that they are not able to contact and speak to a live person. Although I have never had any issues with their chat support, this is something that most hate about Namecheap.

Namecheap Hosting TrustPilot..

trustpilot namecheap reviews


According to reputable websites like, you will see that NC has an excellent reputation there. For example, based on the 15,247 Namecheap reviews left by their customers have given them a 4.2 rating out of 5!

You will notice that..

  • 71% say that it is excellent
  • 9% say that it is great
  • 3% say that it average
  • 2% state that Namecheap is poor while..
  • 15% rate them as BAD!!

Better Business Bureau..

When you take a look at the Namecheap BBB report here, you will notice many Namecheap complaints also. [BBB link will open another tab] There you will see that they have a D- rating based on 137 reviews over the past 3 years.

Also if you checkout social media like Twitter, Reddit or Facebook you will see both positive and some negative Namecheap complaints there by users. Many have been longtime users of their web hosting services and have never had any unresolved issues with them. They feel that they are super helpful with customer support and have a great product. However, some say that they do not like it all.

Why do I share all of these Namecheap reviews with you today? Well for a few reasons as mentioned before. One, because you should know that virtually EVERY web hosting provider online that you want to create websites with has complaints by past or current users. You can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. Someone will not be happy with something that you do or don’t do. You can’t expect perfection from ANY web hosting provider no matter how much or little you pay for it. I say this because I have tried several different web hosts that are way more expensive than Namecheap and their customer support still was lacking.

Second, I share these different Namecheap reviews from other users because you work hard for your money. You should spend it where you will get the absolute best value for your buck. I will show you where below..Keep reading..

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Namecheap Trustworthy?

Yes Namecheap is 100% trustworthy! You may not know that Namecheap has been in business since 2000 and is based in Phoenix, Arizona.

They are the second largest ICANN-accredited domain registrar after Godaddy with over 11 million registered users and 10 million domains.

There are not too many places online that you will not see or hear something about Namecheap hosting and cheap domain names sales. This is what they known primarily online and helping beginners save the most money on websites.

Is Namecheap A Russian Company?

A question that many people seem to ask apparently is Namecheap a Russian company? I have even seen people ask is Namecheap a Ukranian company? The answer is a simple flat NO! As mentioned before, Namecheap is a US based company that sells cheap domain names and web hosting services.

Who is the CEO of Namecheap? It is owned by Richard Kirkendall who is their President and Chief Executive Officer. Due to the size of the company however, they do have employees globally. This is in place for the obvious to serve the needs of their clients globally who buy their domain names and web hosting services. This is not uncommon at all. Many web hosting providers have footprints with employees worldwide although they are an American company.

Should You Use Namecheap Personally to Create Websites or Not?

The purpose of this Namecheap review is not to tell you what to do. Namecheap is super cheap for buying domains and also for creating websites with their web hosting. If you are a total beginner and newbie with a tight budget, you may be thinking of using it for primarily these reasons. But if you want to use a web hosting provider that is not only cheap but also more reputable than Namecheap, then I highly recommend using Siteground web hosting today!

I have personally been using their web hosting for 2 years & they are way better than Namecheap with faster caching & server performance, uptime, security and 24/7 phone based support.

For beginners, I recommend using the Startup hosting plan to create 1 website online for only $6.99/month. However, I personally have been using their Growbig hosting plan for just $9.99/month being that it allows me to create unlimited websites. I have created 12 other websites using GrowBig.

If this is something that you are seriously interested in right now, then you should get started with Siteground by going to their official website by clicking here:

With Trustpilot, Siteground has a 4.8 star rating based on 16,174 customer reviews which is amazing!! This is a huge contrast with Namcheap’s customer experience. This is why I recommend using them to build and create websites and blogs online for your business.

Siteground has FREE site migrations and will move your current website to their platform for you today! So if you currently host with Namecheap and want to move right now, then take action now!

Checkout this older video on Youtube that I put up!

Namecheap Complaints Reviews Conclusion..

Although Namecheap is not a scam, they do have lots of mixed opinions by users ranging about their customer service, uptime performance, and billing issues. Of course, this is not the case for all, but some have had bad experiences.

Whether you are currently hosting with Namecheap or thinking of using their services and made it to this page, you should make a sold decision that you will be 100% happy with.

There is something that I want you to remember before you create your website. You should remember that no matter the web hosting provider online that you use to create your website, they will have complaints. If you are searching for them, then you will find them.

However, during my time online having created several WordPress websites, my overall question is what has the provider done to resolve my issue? Are they reliable and an affordable web hosting for beginners? Do they have all of tools and resources that beginners need to build their sites online? If so, then they are a good fit for your business website online.

I personally highly recommend using Namecheap hosting for beginners who have never created a website or blog online. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to experience great results online with your business.

After reading our Namecheap complaints reviews, what do you personally think about using Namecheap domains and web hosting? What has been your personal experience with them in the past, if any? Let me know your thoughts below please..






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    1. I’m not sure I was frauded in this manner however it had scam written all over it after I purchased the domain name and then after logging in again it had trouble locating my name and purchase and even after I’d done a screenshot of the receipt online it was magically missing as well. Then I get an email on my gmail weeeeeks later that I had needed to “register” my domain name IMMEDIATELY for it to be valid mine etc….

      A waste of 40 some odd dollars. Worthless

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