Namecheap VPN Review 2020 – Best VPN Hosting of Not? Read this first!

If you googled or searched for a good Namecheap VPN review and made it to this blog then you pat yourself on the back! Why? Perhaps you want to create a website host an app and curious about using Namecheap VPN hosting. How is it? Keep reading this review!

Millions of people just like YOU search each and everyday for reliable VPN hosting services for their businesses. Is that your case? If so, then I have some good news. I too have searched for quite some time for reliable web hosting that provides all f the essential website builders for entrepreneurs. Thankfully, I found it and this Namecheap VPN review 2020 will show you exactly what I discovered!

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. If used, you will receive a discount on web hosting and I may receive a referral. This helps me buy my favorite cookies and cream ice cream:)

Before you signup with Namecheap VPN hosting, keep reading to discover the good and bad that I feel you should know FIRST! By taking out this time to do your due diligence, you will save yourself a headache and also lots of MONEY! You do want to save money, right? Of course! Every small business owner wants to save money and resources. So this is how you will learn why I recommend using Namecheap VPN hosting to make your website today!

namecheap vpn review

What To Expect In This Namecheap VPN Review

Of course if you search online you will notice that there are probably thousands of Namecheap reviews out there. However, the only difference is that in this review of Namecheap VPN hosting you will get the truth that includes details that others leave out. This review will give a complete picture of exactly what to expect with their web hosting, customer support, uptime performance on servers and more.

How did I get started with Namecheap web hosting? When I got started online, I used to buy all of my in the beginning at Godaddy. However, I later made a change and decided to divorce Godaddy and marry Namecheap. Why? I saved ALOT of Moola by doing so! Simple. Namecheap domains were only $8.88/year versus $17.99 at Godaddy. But also, I noticed that prices at Namecheap for shared web hosting, WordPress, reseller hosting and VPN in general way also cheaper than Godaddy. You get the picture? That’s why I decided to get started with Namecheap.

However, you should know that are 3 things that matter MOST to amongst others when it comes to any web hosting provider out there. One, the provider MUST have great 24/7 customer support. Second, they MUST be affordable for beginners and third, have great solid uptime performance. After much research and personal usage, I quickly came to see with my own eyes that Namecheap VPN hosting excels in these 3 areas!

Namecheap VPN Review: The Costs of VPN Hosting

The costs that you will view here in this review represent up to 68% discount OFF of Namecheap VPN hosting packages. These special deals are subject to change at any money, so I recommend that you take advantage of them NOW before the prices go up.

As you can see above with the graph, there a 3 VPN hosting plans that you can choose from:

  • Month to Month Plan [$2.99 per month]
  • 1 Year Plan [$2.88 per month]
  • 3 Year Plan [only $1.88 per month – BEST VALUE]

Which of these Namecheap VPN hosting plans is best to create your website today? Only you can decide. I have created several websites over the years and I know for a certainty that it is always best to buy more web hosting upfront versus going month to month. This is better for the obvious being you will save more money both on the front and back end on renewals.

  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 24/7 customer support
  • no logs kept of browsing history
  • unlimited devices
  • 1000 servers in 75+ locations
  • website builders
  • Private Email FREE for 2 months
  • more than 400 TLDs to help you pick your brand name

How Is Namecheap Customer Support?

In the year that I have been using their web hosting and buying domains, I can say that there customer support is really nice. It’s 24/7 and their staff is very knowledgeable about WordPress. Their chat and email support is really fast and great at solving issues quick. As a blogger who has created several websites over the years, having great customer support is extremely important. I think that this is something that you will appreciate when you get started with Namecheap VPN hosting.

How Reliable Is Namecheap VPN Hosting?

Another aspect of this Namecheap VPN Review that I wanted to discuss is uptime. What is uptime and why is it important? Uptime is the percent or amount of time that your website is visible and available on time. You should be concerned about this figure because it will determine how much money you make or lose online. If your website experiences downtime, then this means that your potential visitors or customers can’t find you online when they are searching Google, etc.

Thankfully, Namecheap has maintained really solid uptime performance on their servers of 99.9 or better. This is another reason why I recommend using them for creating websites online to bloggers and small business owners.

namecheap vpn review

Website Migrations

Do you currently hosting with another provider that you hate and want to divorce today? If you have been experiencing problems or issues with your web hosting provider, why not make a switch today? Namecheap VPN hosting plans are a great alternative and offer free site migrations and transfers of your website to their platform.

How does the website migration work? If you want to move your site to their platform, it is quite easy to do. As you are opening your account by clicking here you need to enter the domain name that you want to transfer. You will then be prompted to enter some info about domain privacy & your EPP code. You can get this code by logging into your current web hosting dashboard. After this is done, you will be able to initiate your website transfer to Namecheap’s platform from your current web hosting provider. Or if you want, you can simply put in a ticket to Namecheap support and they will move the website for you.

Benefits of Using Namecheap VPN Hosting

There are many benefits and advantages of using Namecheap VPN hosting to create websites and host apps. One of things that initially attracted to Namecheap in the beginning were their super cheap domains. You see I used to buy domains at Godaddy, but now I save about $10 bucks per domain at Namecheap!

Also, I love that Namecheap gives you FREE domain privacy. I think that EVERY business owner, blogger, entrepreneur MUST have this feature. Why? It protects and privatizes your info online from hackers and people who want to sell you things that you don’t need. Without this domain privacy protection called whoisguard your phone WILL ring off the hook and you WILL get TONS of unsolicited emails. Godaddy charges $9.99 per year for each domain and Bluehost charges [.99/month] $12 each year!

Another benefit is are the costs of their VPN hosting plans. Plans are as cheap as only $1.88 per month! This is cheaper than other brands such as Bluehost, WPX hosting, WPEngine, Kinsta, and others just to mention a hand full.


Best secure VPN service

Namecheap Refund Policy

I mentioned earlier that Namecheap offers a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This means that if for odd ball reason you feel that their VPN hosting services are not for you, then you can request a refund. They have really great customer support and are there to answers your questions.

However, as part this Namecheap VPN Review, I wanted to share with you what some of Namecheap’s competitors offer in this same area. When you think about 30-day money back guarantees, this is the industry standard for most web hosting services.

For example, some others such as Siteground, Bluehost, A2 Hosting, LiquidWeb, Coolhandle just to name a few all offer 30 days. However, Hostgator gives 45 days. Inmotion Hosting offers 90 days while Dreamhost gives a 97 day money back guarantee. However, another host like Mochahost blows them all out the park with an amazing 180 day refund policy!

Why do I share all these competitors with you in this Namecheap VPN Review? For a few reasons. One, all of my reviews are honest. If you appreciate honesty, let me know leaving a comment below.

Second, although I absolutely LOVE Namecheap’s domains and web hosting, there are other web hosts that extend longer and I feel that you should know about them also.

Namecheap VPN Review

Of course there is a lot of competition out there when it comes to VPN hosting. But as you could see clearly in the review, there are lots of advantages and benefits of using Namecheap VPN hosting over other hosts.. They are not only the cheapest around that you will find for VPN, but also super reliable with great uptime performance on their servers.

I have been using Namecheap personally for quite some time and absolutely LOVE their web hosting services. Also I love that they offer free domain privacy protection to clients. This is great protection that EVERY website needs to protect against hackers and spam.

I know that selecting a good web hosting service can be hard to especially if you are a beginner online. However, let me tell you that if you make a wrong choice, then you WILL pay for it later and your business online WILL suffer. I know this by experience and for this reason I put together this review to help you guys to see the value that you get from Namecheap across the board. Hopefully you will get started today with Namecheap VPN hosting.

Thank you guys for reading this Namecheap VPN Review today. I hope you much success in your business online.

namecheap vpn review