Namecheap WordPress Tutorial 2022 – How To Install Namecheap WordPress to Create Websites

If you are reading this Namecheap WordPress Tutorial, then you want to learn how to create a WordPress website using Namecheap? If you want to learn how to install WordPress using Namecheap, then today is your day! I will walk you step by step through the process of creating your own website or blog without any html or coding knowledge.

Millions of beginners online just like YOU are looking for easy ways to start businesses online. One of the easiest ways to do this is by starting a WordPress blog, website or eCommerce store. All of this can be done by using Namecheap web hosting.

namecheap wordpress tutorial

Disclaimer: This page contains affiliate links. When used, I receive a modest referral commission. This allows me to provider FREE Namecheap WordPress Tutorials like this one. Best discounts provided by using these Namecheap links.

What To Expect In This Nameheap WordPress Tutorial

When you consider some of the best web hosting providers online, I think that Nameheap WordPress hosting is the cheapest and best for beginners. In today’s Namecheap WordPress Tutorial you will learn why I recommend using Namecheap, how to install WordPress, plugins, adding pages, posts, ssl certificates and more!

What is Namecheap Anyway?

Namecheap is domain name registrar primarily known for their super cheap domain names. They are the second largest domain name provider in the world following Godaddy.

They offer shared web hosting, WordPress hosting called EasyWP, VPN, reseller hosting and more.

They have domain names usually starting at about $8.88 per year. There are even domain names that you get for only 99 cents HERE! This is a HUGE savings over Godaddy which charges about $17-$20 per domain!

Also, I love that Namecheap provides FREE domain privacy protection called whoisguard. This protects private info such as your name, address, email and more from hackers, spammers, unsolicited phone calls and emails. This is why I recommend using them versus Godaddy to save you money.


Once you think of your domain name that will represent your brand online, then you need to grab some web hosting. If you are a beginner online, then likely you only need to create 1 website online. However, if you are doing affiliate marketing, network marketing or have several projects online, then you may have need to add multiple domains.

namecheap wordpress tutorial

There are 3 Namecheap web hosting plans that could be used to create your WordPress website online: Stellar, Stellar Plus and Stellar Business.

The Stellar hosting allows you to create up to 3 websites online with 20 GB SSD Accelerated disk space. The unmetered bandwidth that you receive is great to process lots of web traffic and page views.

The Stellar Plus and Stellar Business both allow you to create unlimited websites online with Namecheap. These plans are great as I mentioned before if you have several projects online.

So basically before you can start learning how to do a Namecheap WordPress install, you need a domain and web hosting. These 2 things are the only 2 basic real costs that you will need to create a WordPress website online.

How To Install WordPress On Namecheap

Next, to learn how to install WordPress on Namcheap, watch this Namecheap WordPress Tutorial. This will show you step-by-step how to create your blog with any knowledge of html or coding.


Money Back Guarantee

Namecheap offers  a 30 day money back guarantee on their web hosting services. This means that if you are not content or would like to migrate your website, there is a refund policy which makes it 100% RISK-FREE. This is awesome for any beginner online who wants to start a business and make money from home.

Also there are FREE site migrations if you want to move another website to Namecheap servers that is hosted with another provider.

SSL Certificates

Google made an announcement about the importance of having SSL certificates. These are great for creating eCommerce stores or if you want to sell products on your website.

In the Nameheap WordPress Tutorial video I showed you how to install a SSL certificate easily on your website. Namecheap does this for you automatically when you create your WordPress website. However, you can also install it for FREE by using this cool WordPress plugins like Really Simple SSL.

Namecheap Uptime Performance

Something that I wanted to cover also in this Namecheap WordPress Tutorial for beginners is uptime.

Uptime basically tells you how reliable a web hosting is online. It shows you how often your website is available or visible to visitors trying to find you online in the search engines.  Thankfully, Namecheap has an awesome uptime guarantee of 99.9% or higher.

namcheap wordpress tutorial

Why am I talking to you about uptime performance? You should know how reliable a web hosting provider is before getting started online. What you should know is that if your website is visible online, then your business is making money online. However, if your website is DOWN, then it means that you are LOSING money. Period. So this is very important to know for ANY web hosting provider online.

I have been using Namecheap for a long time and they are super reliable with great performance on their servers. Also they have really fast loading websites which is great for improving SEO rankings. This is another BIG reason that I HIGHLY recommend using them for beginners like YOU online.

Think about how you made it to my website today. You came here because you wanted to know how to create a WordPress website using Nameheap. Due to some great SEO, you found this Namecheap WordPress Tutorial today. The video above showed you how to install Namecheap WordPress on your domain.

But when you really think about it, you are reading this Namecheap review because this website has awesome uptime performance. This is the same high level of uptime performance that you will experience when you get started with Namecheap today.


Thank you so much for watching the Namecheap WordPress Tutorial above. I hope that this Namecheap review today helps you to have much success not only creating your WordPress website, but also with your business online this year! Start making money online today by creating your website right now!

I have a question for you before I let you go…

Have you ever tried to create a website online before? If so, what was your experience and which web hosting provider, CMS or platform did you use?

I love Namecheap web hosting services and I know that you will love them also when you get started today!


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