Nestify Reviews 2024 – Why 4.7 Rating for Nestify Managed WordPress Hosting? Read this first!

What do well known companies like Walmart, Berkeley, and Petsmart have in common? They all host their websites with Nestify hosting. Should you? In this Nestify reviews 2024, I will show you why they along with TONS of other public companies, private businesses and non-profits use Nestify hosting. Also, you will see why YOU should use their WordPress managed hosting services right now to create your websites online!

Are you wondering if Nestify Managed WordPress hosting is best to create your website today? If you are reading this Nestify Review, you probably saw an ad about them and curious about their platform. If this is the case, then you are not alone.

Millions of people just like YOU each and every month are searching for the fastest managed WordPress hosting with the best performance. It is true that there are many Nestify reviews online, but this Nestify reviews 2024 will give you the good and the bad that you MUST know BEFORE buying!

nestify reviews

What To Expect In This Nestify Reviews 2024? 

There are many managed WordPress hosting providers that promise the world. Today in our reviews, you will learn what makes them different from the masses. 

I decided to write this Nestify review to show why I give a 4.7 out of 5 stars. Hopefully this straightforward review will help you to see if Nestify is a good marriage for you or not. If so, then you can divorce your current web hosting provider that you hate and migrate over to them today!

Today, you learn more about the company, their managed WordPress hosting plans, their refund policy, customer support, and uptime performance on servers. These are some important to me as a blogger and entrepreneur and no doubt you will agree too. After going over this info, you will have your questions answered and get started creating your website today using WordPress.

Disclaimer: This post has affiliate links. If clicked and a purchase is made, learnanet may receive a modest referral or credit. This lets me enjoy my delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwiches:)

Nestify Reviews: Who Is The Owner Of Nestify?

Nestify, at hasn’t been on the block for as long as some of the best WordPress hosting services out there such as LiquidWeb, Kinsta, Dreamhost or Pressidium. But they are definitely doing an exceptional job and are definitely worth checking out! 

Who is the founder of Nestify?

Vishal Deshpande,the owner of Nestify opened the company’s doors in 2014. The company is based in Austin, Texas, USA and has several global data centers.

Since then, they have been focusing their blood and sweat on providing top notch managed WooCommerce & WordPress hosting services. And I must say that they do it very well! 

Although a small company, Nestify hosting is prominently known for building an infrastructure for Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies. The awesome thing about their managed WordPress hosting is that it is powered by AWS Graviton processors and optimized for speed.

Nestify is part of the open source community and currently worth about $8 million as of the Q1 of 2020. Now that you have an idea of what is Nestify, let’s talk costs and benefits of their WordPress hosting below.

Nestify Pricing – How Much Does Nestify Costs? 

Which Nestify WordPress hosting plan is best for you? 

When it comes to creating websites using managed hosting, everything is done for you. This will essentially will save you a lot of time with the management of your websites online. Nestify has awesome security to protect your websites 24/7/365 which gives you peace of mind.

However, as for which plan is best to start with, this will depend solely on your personal web hosting needs.

For example, their starter package WP-VPS-1 only cost $9/month. When considering most managed WordPress hosting providers, this is pretty cheap and saves you money.

So if you are a beginner with Nestify hosting, I recommend that you use their Starter plan and then scale up as you need with your account. The great thing in addition to all of the SSD storage & Ram you receive is that you will have the ability to add multiple domains and host unlimited websites. Also, all of their WordPress hosting plans support unlimited amounts of visitors. This means that you will not have to worry about page views and websites crashing with spikes.

nestify reviews

However, if this will be your very FIRST website online and you have NEVER built a website, then I don’t recommend Nestify.

Although they do have FREE site migrations, I think it’s better to get started with a cheap shared web hosting like Hostinger, A2 Hosting or Hostgator if you are a total beginner online. Thereafter, you can have your website migrated for FREE by the Nestify team.

Shared web hosting competitors like Hostinger run $1.99/month, A2 Hosting $2.99/month and Hostgator goes for $2.75/month. These 3 are not “managed WordPress hosting”, but are cheaper if you are a newbie online.

Does Nestify Offer A Free Plan?

Unfortunately, Nestify does NOT have any FREE plans for their managed WordPress hosting services. This is not something that you will typically find amongst reputable providers. However, there is a Nestify FREE trial here that will allow you to setup your site right now and test them out first.

I like that Nestify hosting will at least allow you to try it before buying a hosting plan. Most web hosting services online do NOT give a trial. You simply have to pay upfront for your web hosting package [Example. 1, 2, or 3 year term]. You may like or may not. Depending on your experience you can either stay or request a refund within 30 days which most hosts offers.

Nestify, on the other hand will not only give you a FREE Trial, but on top of that a 60 day money back refund if requested! What other shared or Managed WordPress hosting provider online do you know does that? Nobody. Only Nestify hosting!

Nestify Security & Infrastructure

nestify reviews

Another thing to mention in our Nestify reviews is security. We all want and need websites that have measures in place to keep data secure.

One thing that contributes to the great security and infrastructure of Nestify hosting are their AWS Graviton processors that they use for their platform. Although they are a small company, I think that this is something else that really sets them apart from other managed WordPress hosting providers.

What are the benefits of using AWS Graviton Processors? They are built by Amazon Web Services and use 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores to deliver the best performance for cloud workloads running in Amazon EC2.

Something that is interesting that makes using Nestify awesome is that with Amazon EC2 they provide the deepest and broadest portfolio of compute instances.

Another awesome thing about AWS Graviton processors is that they deliver a major leap in performance and capabilities. All of this just means that it makes Nestify managed WordPress really optimized for FAST speeds.

  • Free SSL certificates
  • Compatible With All 3rd Party SSL Including EV Certificate-Based SSL
  • SSD Storage
  • Staging
  • Manual On Demand Backups
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Security Scans
  • Protection Against Malware, DDoS Attacks or Brute Attacks
  • Whitelist IP Addresses

How Is Nestify Hosting Refund Policy?

You will get a 60day money back guarantee on Nestify managed hosting. This is great considering most web hosting services like Flywheel, KnownHost, Javapipe, Scala Hosting, and Kinsta typically only offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So you would say that this is more than enough time to look under the hood and take them for a test drive.

Some hosts like WP Engine, Pressidium and Hostwinds also give a 60 day refund policies just like Nestify.

However, to be transparent in this Nestify Managed WordPress hosting review you should know that some web hosts extend even longer.

For example, Inmotion hosting gives clients a 90 day money back guarantee.

Dreamhost is another host recommended by who offers a 97 day refund policy.

However, Mochahost, a shared web hosting provider beats them all with a 180 day money back guarantee!

Why do I mention these competitors in this Nestify review 2024? Again, I want to be completely transparent and 100% honest with every review on my website.

I think that Nestify excels in many areas that make it worth wild to join today. But, I also wanted to share what other providers that offer WordPress hosting services give in the way of money back guarantees.

What I LOVE About Nestify Hosting?

There are a lot of amazing benefits of using Nestify Hosting to create your websites online.

  • 7 Day FREE Trial No Credit Card Needed
  • Great for Developers, Bloggers, eCommerce
  • Automatic backups & core updates
  • Daily Security Website Scans with DDoS & Malware protection
  • Website Firewall [WAF]
  • Nginx and PHP7
  • PHP Support
  • Staging Environments
  • API Access
  • WP-CLI
  • Raid-10 & SSDs are used to store files and databases
  • Content Delivery Network [CDN]
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • AWS Graviton Processors
  • FREE SSL certificates
  • Full Page Caching
  • Fewer DNS Lookups
  • No Hidden Charges/ Overage Fees
  • Excellent Customer Support

How is Nestify’s Uptime Performance?

If you are currently using a shared hosting for WordPress right now, then uptime performance may be why you are checking out Nestify hosting. This is the case that I have found with many online. The reason is because with most shared web hosting [Not ALL], uptime performance on servers is an issue. Let me know below in the comments why you reading our Nestify reviews.

What I love about Nestify managed WordPress hosting is that it has blazing fast page loads and performance than your typical cheap shared web hosting providers.

Managed hosting with faster page loads, website speed performance and rock-solid uptime are HUGE factors that improve your SEO rankings.

Website uptime is extremely important because it measures how often a website is online and visible to searchers in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If your website is UP, then you are making money. However, if your website is DOWN, then you could be losing hundreds or even potentially THOUSANDS of dollars!

Why do I mention this in our Nestify reviews? Because it’s extremely important to buy web hosting that has proven to be super reliable and dependable. The reality is that there are THOUSANDS of web hosting services globally. But not all of them are reliable and have rock sold uptime. However, Nestify does have awesome performance and maintains an uptime guarantee of 99.95% or higher.

So how much does 99.95% translate to in English? It means that you might experience a daily average of about 43 seconds of downtime. This is virtually nothing in my opinion. You could make a quick cup of coffee in your Keurig in 43 seconds.

This is not much downtime in comparison to a lot of Endurance International Group owned companies that have experienced potentially HOURS of downtime.

Thankfully, Nestify does an awesome job in this area and this is another reason why I highly recommend using their  Managed WordPress hosting services.

When you get started right now with their Nestify FREE TRIAL HERE, you will began to experience this same reliability that your online business depends on everyday.

The Reality..

As a blogger online that has used several web hosting providers over the years I must say that ALL web hosting providers experience “some downtime”. Downtime planned ahead IS necessary to maintain servers of ANY web hosting provider. And obviously Nestify hosting is not the exception. I just want to be honest in this Nestify review.

But as as managed WordPress hosting provider, they do an amazing job in this area and I highly recommend using them.

More Reasons To Use Nestify WordPress Hosting To Create A Website?

Let me tell you that the purpose of our reviews is not to CONVINCE you about how awesome or reliable Nestify is.

I along with THOUSANDS of other small business owners, private businesses, non-profits, agencies and public companies already know and recognize this. Big companies like Walmart, Berkeley and Petsmart trust Nestify WordPress hosting to process and manage their data and website traffic. Why not you?

What you need to do right now is try out Nestify so that you can prove it to yourself! You don’t have anything to lose. But again, you don’t have to take my work for it! They do have a 60 day money back guarantee and they even allow you to do a Nestify FREE Trial here! But again, at the end of the day it will be totally your decision to get started with their Managed WordPress hosting or not.

Nestify Reviews 2024 Trustpilot

I mentioned earlier that Nestify has excellent support. In fact, according to Trustpilot Nestify reviews you will notice that people rave about their customer support. Based on the 5-star rating scale:

  • 92% of customers say Nestify hosting is excellent
  • 3% say they are great
  • 0% say average
  • <1%% say good
  • 5% said that they are bad

Why do I shared Trustpilot Nestify reviews 2024 with you today? This way you can have a bigger picture and see what others think about their customer support. Overall, you will see that customers are extremely satisfied with their Managed WordPress hosting.

Nestify Alternatives

I must admit that Nestify hosting is an amazing managed WordPress provider with BLAZING FAST page loads and uptime performance. However, there are many competitors that compete in this same ballpark that are also very reliable.

To make sure that our Nestify reviews are honest and unbiased, I wanted to include a few below that specialize primarily in Managed WordPress Cloud hosting. This way you can see how they these Nestify alternatives and competitors really compare with what they offer.

nestify reviews

For example, Devrims Managed Cloud hosting is another provider that is a great Nestify alternative. The Devrims fully managed hosting starts at only $10.95/month in comparison to Nestify at only $9/month. Also, it is pay as you go hosting and allows you pick all of the resources needed to build it from ground up. You can use either AWS or DigitalOcean for servers.

I created a really nice quick video online that shows you how to deploy a website using Devrims using their FREE Trial. It will also show you how to setup your own server and applications.

I think that overall Devrims has better customer support, page loads and uptime performance. They  offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

To get started right now a 6-day FREE Trial on Devrims , please go here:

Cloudways is another great beast that offers a FREE Trial on their managed WordPress hosting similar to Nestify. The only difference is that their cheap tier is $10/month versus Nestify hosting at $9/month.

What’s nice about Cloudways is that they have 60 data centers globally and allow you to select between 5 servers to build your website: AWS, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

To get started right NOW with a FREE Trial on Cloudways, go here:

nestify reviews

Kinsta mentioned above also specializes in Managed WordPress hosting starts at $30/month versus Nestify hosting at only $9/month.

Although Kinsta Starter plan is more expensive than Nestify, they also work on Google Cloud with 28 data centers globally. With Kinsta hosting you will also get FREE CDN, SSL certificates and support Nginx for higher volumes of web traffic than Nestify hosting.

To get started right NOW with 2 Months FREE on Kinsta, go here:

nestify reviews

Liquid Managed Cloud hosting is another provider that is a great Nestify alternative. The Liquid Web has fully managed VPS and Dedicated Server hosting. Something that really stands out about is the rock solid security and 100% uptime performance on servers. They also have customer support that answers under 1 minute which is faster than Nestify hosting. There are 22 edge locations in over 130 countries with FREE CDN.

Currently, they have some really nice deals on their hosting. To save 75%OFF their VPS Hosting, click here. To save 50% OFF of their dedicated server hosting plans, click here.

nestify review

HostStage Hosting is another Nestify competitor who also specializes in hosting for internet & digital marketers. They offer shared web hosting, SEO web hosting, dedicated server & VPS hosting solutions. Hosting starts at only $3.95/month with a 30 day money back guarantee. They have really great customer support, page loads and uptime performance.

They have data centers in the USA & Europe & also offer FREE content delivery networks, SSL certificates, and support Nginx for high traffic websites.

To get started right NOW with HostStage Hosting, go here:

Nestify Managed WordPress Hosting Review Conclusion

As you guys could see in our Nestify reviews, their WordPress hosting is super affordable, fast, reliable, and secure with great uptime performance.

Whether you are looking for fully automated Managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce Hosting or hosting solutions for your agency, Nestify has all of the resources you will need to launch your website today.

Also, it goes without saying that having great 24/7/365 customer support is a MUST have with any web hosting provider online.

Although Nestify is new in comparison to other WordPress hosting, they really pride themselves on customer support. As a blogger, this is something that I always look for FIRST in a web host and I think Nestify excels in this area and will exceed your expectations.

If you are hosting right now with another provider and want to leave, then take advantage of a FREE site migration to Nestify. Once you get started with them, their tech support will migrate your website to their servers.

I want to thank you so much for reading our Nestify reviews today. Which Nestify Managed WordPress hosting plan will you use today to create your website? What do you think overall about Nestify in comparison with their competitors? Let me in the comments below.

Get started today with Nestify FREE TRIAL NOW and started building your website within minutes!

Nestify review

Frequently Asked Questions About

What is Nestify?

For someone looking for an alternative to your typical shared hosting providers on the market, then Nestify is great for building sites online. It’s main focus is to drive and deliver high performance results for bloggers, agencies, businesses,e-commerce stores and publishers. If you have been using shared hosting for quite some time and tired of the slow performance and bad uptime, then Nestify is a better fit. They support high traffic websites and make it easy to scale up.

Who is the founder of Nestify?

The owner and founder of Nestify is Vishal Deshpande. He opened the business in 2014 and it currently has under 50 employees.

Is Nestify really great WordPress hosting?

It great not only for WordPress, but also for Magento and Joomla. With most web hosting providers online, you only get good performance by installing 3rd party cache plugins. The awesome of using Nestify Managed WordPress hosting is that there is no need to install any cache plugins or coding. This is because of the server performance, endpoints, content delivery networks in place. Their WordPress hosting is more secure with 24/7 protection against DDoS and brute attacks.

Any Nestify Reviews Complaints?

Nestify Managed WordPress hosting has high rating of excellent performance per the vast majority of users. However, as part of our Nestify reviews 2024, we wanted to include some feedback from users from Trustpilot. There you will see a very small number of users who have left some Nestify reviews complaints. Some have mentioned having CDN errors, server issues, and unhelpful customer service. Another user mentioned that they have unreliable backups due to a website that hacked whereas another mentioned having billing issues.

How should you view web hosting complaints? All web hosting providers online have generated some type of complaint due to something that users don’t like. Obviously, Nestify is not the exception in this game or industry. I always like to analyze a complaint to from where it stems. For example, if some says that Nestify customer service wasn’t helpful, is it that they didn’t provide ANY solutions or simply didn’t give the client everything that they wanted? Sometimes clients ask for things that a web host doesn’t offer and then complain.

Is the complaint a result a user intalling too many WordPress plugins which essentially will cause ANY website online to load slower or bog down servers? Are the WP plugins installed really secure and did these cause the website to be hacked? Although you may read some Nestify reviews complaints, this doesn’t necesarily mean that Nestify Managed WordPress hosting is responsible or the cause for these issues.

Is Nestify worth it?

In my opinion, I that when you come Nestify pricing and high performance with many of their competitors in this same space, they outperform them by a long shot. You not only get a 7 day FREE trial today, but also a 30 day money back guarantee. Another point is that they have faster customer support that is really knowledgeable. I think that this is really important especially in the event you need help.

Many shared web hosting providers online may offer WordPress hosting as an option, but when it comes to answering questions specifically about it, most customers service rep may not be as knowledgeable in all areas. The awesome thing about Nestify hosting is that this is all that they focus on with their managed services. They have automatic updates which keep your website(s) secure online and also saves you a lot of time from having to do it yourself.

Another thing that makes Nestify hosting worth is the affordability starting at only $9/month. Also, there are no hidden at all and you can host unlimited websites with ANY plan. As you scale up with resources, your storage will increase and your Nestify website will handle unlimited visitors. In my experience online, this is something very hard to find on the 1st tier of any web hosting provider for so an affordable price. This is why you should get started right now with your 7-day FREE Trial!

Is Nestify a good company?

Yes, Nestify is a good company to host websites, blogs or even eCommerse stores. They support high volumes of monthly web traffic with tons of resources provided with web hosting packages. So if are hosting right now with another provider, then you can a FREE site migration to their servers. Overall, Nestify customer service is excellent and provides support 24/7 to clients. You will have your option of data centers to build on and enjoy fast page loads, strong uptime server performance. Also, another reason why Nestify is a good company are their very affordable prices and rock-solid security.



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