Plexus Worldwide Reviews 2022: Is Plexus Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme? Read this first!

Welcome to My Plexus Worldwide Reviews!

If you are reading our Plexus Worldwide reviews you are probably asking is Plexus Worldwide a pyramid scheme? Or maybe you want to lose some weight and want to try Plexus Slim? Millions of people just like YOU are either looking for legit ways to make money from home and quit their jobs or lose weight. If this is your case, then you MUST read this Plexus Worldwide review first! If you don’t read this, then you will regret it later!

Disclaimer This Plexus Worldwide Review is for informational purposes. The owner of this website is NOT a member, ambassador, nor consumer of ANY products offered by Plexus Worldwide. So you can rest assured that this is a 100% unbiased informational review for you. Also, NO medical advice is given regarding the Plexus Slim safety of products nor shall be taken as such. Please consult with your physician BEFORE using any new regimen. No income claims are made about Plexus.

What To Expect In Our Plexus Worldwide Reviews?

Today in our Plexus Worldwide Reviews you will receive all of the information that you need to know as a distributor before joining Plexus Worldwide.

You will learn more about one of their main products “Plexus Slim“and what I think about this program for those who may want to lose weight. If you want to learn about the benefits of using Plexus Slim, then this review is for you!

What is Plexus Worldwide Anyway?

The company Plexus Worldwide with it’s official website at has been in business for quite some time & based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Maybe you ask is Plexus an MLM? Yes they are a multi-level marketing and direct sales company. What do they specialize in? They make a combination of dietary supplement products that are said to aid with things like weight loss, cleanses & detoxing, helping constipation and even intestinal tracts.

Supposedly, many who have used their products have lost weight and also experienced life changes. Have you? Leave your comments below! Thankfully you stopped by to checkout our Plexus Worldwide reviews first.

What is Plexus Slim? 

Plexus Slim is one of their main products that has generated a lot of buzz online from people wanting to lose weight.

plexus worldwide reviews

Likely if you are reading our Plexus Worldwide reviews, you were approached by a friend or family member promoting their weight loss products.

Or perhaps you yourself are overweight and trying to drop some pounds & came across their website and curious about using their Slim products. Even some of you have seen ads online or again a friend or family member wanted you to join their business to make more from home. Let me know below in the comments area why you are here.

On any note guys you are here because you need answers NOW before making a decision about company. Don’t worry I am not here to sell you on making money with their business nor weight loss products. This review of Plexus will show you the good and bad do you know what you should know BEFORE spending your hard earned money!

Is Plexus FDA approved 2021?

So whenever I consider using a supplement, I’m always interested in the research behind the products. With this said, many want to know are Plexus products approved by FDA? The short answer is no they are not. Why?

Being that Plexus Slim are considered health and weight loss supplements, they are not regulated nor approved by the FDA. This means that they don’t have to prove that they are effective or safe to be sold on the market.

With this said, it is always recommended that you consult first with a health care professional or physician before starting a new regimen. This way you can see if a health supplement that you are interested in will have side effects or perhaps interact with medications if applicable.

Just because some nutritional supplements promise certain health benefits, it’s always good to do your personal research first. I say this because some distributors that represent other companies may sometimes exaggerate or hype up tainted weight loss products and try sell consumers to buy. This is deceptive and can cause harm to consumers. This is why it is so important to do research and due diligence before trying products promoted online. So again, I was emphasize that Plexus products are NOT FDA approved.

The following FDA video explains how they view health supplements that promise weight loss. It shows some good points for consumers to think about before buying any diet regimen.

Plexus Worldwide Reputation & Complaints

Plexus Worldwide has a lots of testimonials of satisfied customers that use their dietary supplements. Have you had a personal experience using Plexus Slim products? If so, then please share your Plexus Slim review below in the comments area. This is one video testimonial that I found on Youtube.

On another note, it’s also really good to see that BBB Plexus reviews say. The company has an A+ rating on their BBB report. You can check it out to learn more.

When considering the size of this company in comparison with other Multi-level marketing companies like it, I think that is a really great rating. There will always be good & bad feedback. As you will notice on the BBB report, some consumers have complained mostly about the 60 money-guarantee. There seems to be a lot of confusion (including myself when viewing their site) about how in the world their money-back guarantee works.

There appears to be 4 different categories under which your money back guarantee depends: Preferred Customers, Retail Customers, Ambassadors, Ambassadors Customers.

Plexus Worldwide requires an individual requesting the refund to return unused product to the “ambassador” if they purchased it directly from them for a refund, or to the company if purchased directly.

Also, you will notice on that there are 123 Plexus Worldwide reviews where past users complain about billing issues, being overcharged, not to able to get refunds and also having a hard time canceling the service.

However, on Plexus Worldwide has a 3.4 rating out of 5 stars.

Are there any lawsuits filed against Plexus? Interesting in my research I saw an interesting press release that mentioned over 800 consumer complaints received by FTC. There were some lawsuits and false social media claims by some distributors. Some promoters claimed people could payoff college debt while making oodles of money working park-time.

Why do I mention all of this in our Plexus Worldwide reviews? Because this is an honest review & my readers count on this. Also, when a product is promoted by someone, you should know what current & past users have experienced with it. By considering this, it will help you to gauge how things may be for you should you decide to use it. Furthermore it will let you know if the company is reputable or not.

Also, I want to highlight in out Plexus reviews that all MLM, direct sales companies have complaints. This is the nature not only for them, but for just about ANY company online. If you are searching hard online for Plexus Worldwide complaints, then you will find it. If you are looking for the good, then it will be found also.

What Are the Side Effects of Plexus?

When you conduct research online using our friend Google you will find out that there are some mixed Plexus reviews to consider.

For example, some have experienced Plexus Slim side effects. Users reported experiencing gas, bloating, nausea, constipation, and stomach aches. Source:

Healthline also mentions that being that Plexus Slim contains caffeine, it can cause dizziness, anxiety, insomnia, and headaches if too much is taken.

Also, the FDA sent a warning letter to the owner of Plexus Slim regarding some safety concerns.

When it comes to ANY new weight loss regimen that you want to start it’s always good to check FIRST with your physician. Also, if you decide to use their weight loss products, always use as directed.

My 2 Cents On this..

I personally don’t have anything against MLM, Networking Marketing or Direct Sales companies.

Many companies out there actually do offer high-in demand weight loss products & services that have true value with great customer support.

If I was a potential consumer for Plexus Worldwide or Plexus Slim products, I would like for the procedure on their 60 money back guarantee to be easier to receive & have the same time frame for all. Again, although I would like to lose some weight, I am not a customer of Plexus Worldwide for good reason.

Some users have had positive results while others have experienced some side effects. This is your decision to use Plexus Slim products or not.

How Much Does Plexus Slim Costs Per Month?

You will notice on their official website that Plexus Worldwide has several weight loss products for clients to lose weight. Prices range from $19.95 for their 3-day Challenge pack & go up to $89.95 + subscription for their Hunger Control or Microbiome Activating products.

So if you decide to get these products you will have to commit going forward to paying these high prices. This is not really my deal. I would like to lose weight, but I don’t want to have to pay each and every month on autoship for a membership to lose weight. Do you? If don’t want to do an autoship and just want to try it once, then I recommend getting here now on Amazon.

If not, there are other legit weight loss companies such as Valentus that are better. They have weight loss products that are coffee-based. They currently ship to 100 countries. To learn more about their weight loss coffee, checkout this Valentus review.

Is Plexus a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

Plexus Worldwide is NOT a Scam. It is 100% legit company that has been in business since 1979!

However, it is a network marketing company that has affiliates or distributors who promote it. With some ads online, you have to do your due diligence before trying it. Some affiliates do a good job sharing it with others, while others do not do so well. That’s why I am glad that you made it to my website today and found our Plexus Worldwide Reviews!

Hopefully this review will save you not only a lot of money, but also a headache if you don’t have it already. You can thank me later.

As an entrepreneur myself, I realize that it is hard to find legitimate work at home opportunities. I am sure that you agree with this especially if you have been searching for quite some time. Also, you might find it hard especially if you have tried something and failed it in the past. But the great thing is that Plexus Worldwide company is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to make money from home the legit way.

How to Make Money with Plexus Worldwide Business Opportunity?

So how much money do you make selling Plexus? For those of you who are reading our Plexus Worldwide reviews, then we will cover this now. Remember that the owner of this site is not a distributor of Plexus no receives any compensation for this review.

According to some distributors online, Plexus Worldwide has weight loss products back by a great business opportunity. I have taken a look at their compensation plan and it is quite robust. You are paid based on volume of products sold and helping others to build teams. I think that essentially every network marketing or mlm opportunity is setup in this way. The more you help you others, the more money you can make online.

However, as we all know the health & wellness industry is super saturated and thus hard to promote products using mere replicated affiliate websites. Something that I have learned over time is how to create leads and drive traffic to websites. This is something that you will need to learn if you join Plexus Worldwide or ANY company as distributor and really want to make money from home.

You will have to learn how to market yourself online by starting your own website. Once you start a website it would be good to use email marketing to build list. This will start with selecting recommended resources and also learning SEO.

If you made it to my site today by searching on google for “Plexus Worldwide Reviews”, and I am not even a distributor of Plexus Worldwide, then that should teach you something about my marketing. You must learn how to market online, get page views, and build relationships with visitors to then convert them. These are things that you will not learn as a distributor of Plexus Slim.

You must get the right training so that you will be successful online with Plexus Worldwide or ANY home based business. Is this what you want? If so, then I invite you to checkout a 100% FREE training that walks you step-by-step to success online.

Plexus Worldwide Reviews – How to Buy Plexus Slim & Other Products?

To purchase any of the dietary supplements, Plexus Worldwide recommends that you purchase them directly from their official website with a distributor who sells them.

However, let me tell you a secret…

If you really want to tryout Plexus Slim right now, yet DO NOT want to do an autoship or subscription, then you can get it directly on Amazon here. Distributors don’t tell you this because they want to make recurring commission off of you, but you can actually get the same product on Amazon also. I know guys, I am awesome ain’t I? You can thank me later below.

Reddit Plexus Reviews: Why Is Everyone Leaving Plexus?

In conducting research for our Plexus Worldwide reviews, I noticed that many people seem to be quitting Plexus on reddit. It appears that some users initially were interested in using their weight loss drink. Based on lots of hype, some got started with products, yet didn’t experience any weight loss nor health benefits.

Another reddit Plexus reviewer was pretty irate and stated “Plexus destroyed my family“. Others complained supposedly that  Plexus reuined their marriages and that was misinformation shared on facebook. A family member joined because they were told that they just needed 5 more people to join to make back their $120.

I also even saw that reddit user audramckell went to the extreme of making a false statement that Plexus cured their diabetes. Of course after stating this it sparked an avalanche of angry responses from others who were really disturbed by such claims being there is no cure for diabetes.

These were just some of many reddit Plexus reviews that you find in threads. Again why do I share these social media reviews with you? You should know that Plexus Worldwide is a 100% legitimate company. However, the problem in this industry is that “some bad distributors” or “ambassadors” who want to make a fast buck give companies a bad rap. This is eventually what moves people to call it a Plexus scam or pyramid scheme when in fact this is due to people promoting it.

Other Competitors of Plexus Slim

In this industry, there are many Plexus Worldwide competitors online.

You can buy amazing dietary and weight loss supplements with well known reputable companies like Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic if you go here on Amazon. While there you can also checkout some other really great weight loss & detox products for men and women such as Keto Fat Burn and Fat Burner Thermogenic.

On the other hand, some legit work-at-home business opportunities to consider that don’t require selling health supplements are Legal Shield, Motor Club of America, Perpetual Income 365, and 25 Dollar 1up .

My Conclusion on Plexus Slim and Products

I know that if you want to lose weight, it can be extremely hard to find the right product. In our Plexus Worldwide Reviews, we must conclude that through our research Plexus Worldwide is 100% legit and does have great products that really work for weight loss if used correctly.

However, as with any weight loss supplement, consumers should remember that they are just that, supplements. They are there to supplement what you are already doing to lose weight and not to replace it. Also, you should know that they do NOT treat, cure or diagnose.

Have you ever tried any of Plexus Worldwide products such as Plexus Slim? Did you lose weight and if so, how much? How about their home business? Did you make any money or not? Have you tried other weight loss products or businesses in past? If so, what was your experience?

It’s your time to shine now. Let me hear your comments below please and thanks again for reading our brief Plexus Worldwide Reviews today! I hope you much success online this year!


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