PocketMoneyCash.com Review – Scam or Legit? Read This First!

A Honest Pocket Money Cash Review

If you are considering PocketMoneyCash.com with the possibility of making money from home, then you better read this brief Pocket Money Cash Review first before giving any of your personal information on this website!

Today I happen to be surfing CL trying to help out a friend of mine who was looking for a job when I came across a money making advertisement for an internet job.

What is PocketMoneyCash.com?

Pocket Money Cash, online at pocketmoneycash.com is a scam looking website online that supposedly offers unlimited jobs positions, making up to $500 per day and up to $10,000 a month requiring no experience at all. Per their website, it takes 5-10 minutes and a person can make money every 10 seconds performing these “unknown tasks” on the internet. Need I say more?

What is interesting that leads us to conclude that Pocket Money Cash is a scam is the whole way the website is setup. The only contact info on the pocketmoneycash.com website is an email address provided for support. Second, the style and way the site is written has a lot of grammatical errors. The site provides no actual real information about what type of tasks or work a person will do on the internet before signing up. What’s even crazier is that a person has to reach high payout of $300 to receive payment for work done via Paypal, Cheque, Money Gram, Payza, Moneybookers, or a by bank transfer at the end of the money.

Any seekers of real and legitimate money making opportunities should be leery about sites like Pocket Money Cash. While you are reading the Pocket Money Cash review, please ask yourself the following questions…

  • Why should anyone promote any products, services or affiliate links and have to build up $300 before getting paid?
  • How long does it really take a person to generate those $300?
  • What exactly will I have to do to make money with this company?
  • Why can’t I know what job I will be performing BEFORE I signup for an account?
  • If I need help or customer support, is there a phone number to speak to a real person?

Not only is there no company info on the pocketmoneycash.com website, but also none of these questions above are answered on the site which for me spells like a scam. So to conclude, please save your time and energy. Do not signup or promote something that is vague & likely will not work nor make you any money.

Thank you for reading this brief Pocket Money Cash Review. I hope that is was helpful to make a wise decision.

If you like this review and have already tried Pocket Money Cash, what have been your personal results, if any? Your comments below.


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14 thoughts on “PocketMoneyCash.com Review – Scam or Legit? Read This First!

  1. i signed up for pocketmoneycash and made 300 in about in hour but what they dont tell you is that you have to do mu
    ltiple surveys to get the cashout form . the worst part is i dont think the surveys end. i just gave up and give a big F U to pocket money cash .com made me love an hour of my life spam my whole facebook friends list and gain false hope for a real money making website

    1. @ Real guy23,I am sorry that this happened to you. When things sound to good to be true, most likely they are not. I am glad to say that I do not recommend pocketmoneycash. I hope that you find a legitimate means to make money from home.

  2. Same thing happened to me,thought I made $1000 ,never ending bs and never got to a cash payout.sent numerious emails and no one replies.I will never try online work again.waste of time!!!

  3. Ya to good to be true. Same here. I thought it was real too but then I try to find for a review first and found this.

    Thank you for your helpful info. 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  4. Well I reached $335.00 and it prompted me to request a payout but first complete a short survey. It also says congratulations you can cash out now- will take 30 days to process or reach $800. And get the money same day. Well I logged on the following morning, and my tablet says unknown address!!! What?!! Yep, there is no longer pocket money cash, its changed its name to cash and task.

    1. That’s terrible Kerry. I hate scams and that’s why I wrote this review. I hope that you find something legit to make money from home.

  5. I made over $800 in two hours and had to do multiple surveys as well before the funds was to be distributed. Doing the surveys never unlocked the the money. I think it is bs and the website needs to be tooken off the internet. Would have loved to get the cash I had earned. It’s a joke. Needs to be removed.

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  7. I made 300$ in an hour, but every time I click on the withdrawal form, there’s an error.. and their contact email appears to be fake…

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