Postal Job Placement Services Review 2021: Legit or a Scam?

Postal Job Placement Services, online at is a website that has tons of classified postings all over Craigslist.

Although I still believe that Craigslist is and always has been a great FREE place to advertise, some may use it in the wrong way. I have seen some very deceptive ads claiming that this company has positions open for individuals who want “postal jobs” and that they should contact them right now to fill positions. Don’t do it!!

You can see an example below.

postal job placement services

This ad that I saw used an image with the website which simply redirect to another url

Note Update: Their website is now offline when visited per one of our commentors below. Wonders..

This site claims that they help you to find a job with the US Postal Services. The catch is that they charge a FEE as a deposit for a job seeker to be able to use their services. However, there is no guarantee that you will in fact RECEIVE a job with USPS.

This company is NOT an affiliate of the USPS, rather claims to provide tips and guidance that per them will help job seekers for postal jobs to find positions. Postal Job Placement Services say that these postal jobs pay $21/hour and that a person can make up to $70,000 per year without any experience with the USPS.

In my opinion, that is a lot to promise considering they are NOT a real affiliate nor representatives of the USPS. How can someone guarantee such a sizable income?

It is true that government jobs have great benefits with great salaries, however it is best to speak with someone directly involved in the hiring process who can guarantee such a high salary.

There are other websites online that have similar urls which promise job placement with the USPS for a FEE. I think these services should be avoided completely.

How to Get A Postal Job? What To Do?

It’s quite simple. Don’t use any so-called “agencies” or companies that say they will get you a job with the USPS. It’s a complete lie and they will just take your money and leave you hanging dry. They take all of your information, but thereafter you are stuck with no guarantees.

If you are 100% serious about working with the USPS and are looking for available opportunities, you should go directly to the source which would be their official website to apply at This is the only legitimate location online where you can find real postal jobs. If you go directly to their official page, then you can find out more about their benefits and currently opportunities.

How to Avoid Postal Job Scams Online

Having a postal job has been a real dream for some due to the money and great benefits that come with it. However, as you can see there are also many postal job scams online that you need to be aware of. If you want to avoid getting scammed online, then I HIGHLY recommend that you do some research FIRST before giving your personal info to strangers.

If you should come across an advertisement from an unknown website that promises the world and everything under the sun, then you should research to find out what others think first. This way you can see what experiences others have had with the company. Reading other reviews will also let you know if people have been scammed as is the case with many money making websites online that promise all, but don’t deliver.

Check out this article on How to Find Honest Product Reviews honest here. There you will discover some very solid tips that have helped MILLIONS of people to avoid getting scammed by some money making opportunities online.

Also, you should consider what the FTC and BBB say about these types of classified ads and why they are not good to respond to. Click here. One of the important things on the FTC site that you will appreciate is that these government jobs areĀ FREE and that a person should NOT have to pay a deposit to get a job.

Legit Ways To Make Money Online

Although you are looking for postal jobs placement services with the USPS, there are many great legit ways to make money. Have you ever thought about making money online? You can learn how to create income online at your own pace. This is exactly what I do and its works very well. How?

If you have an idea that provides a high demand product or service that millions of people are looking for online, then you have a business. You just have to find a simple way to share it with others.

Recently, I came across a really nice program that walks beginners like you step-by-step through the process of creating income online. And the best about it is that you can start this FREE training RIGHT NOW by clicking the banner below!

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Postal Jobs Placement Services Conclusion..

Most people who may need money and are really desperate might overlook this or simply may not be aware. However, you should know that if ANY job out there is truly legitimate, then it should be FREE to apply or signup.

Don’t fall prey to these postal job scams that you may see online. Do your research first to find out if the advertisement is legitimate or just a SCAM! By doing so, you will save your a HUGE headache, frustration and more importantly your hard earned money!

Remember to go directly to the source versus using a supposed alternative website that claims to help people. The official website for the USPS is

I hope that this Postal Jobs Placement Services Review has saved you some time and money and also helps you to land a REAL job directly with USPS.

What did you think about this review today? Did it help you to avoid a financial pitfall? I always invite comments below and thank you for reading this post! I hope you much success in finding a job or making money from home!

6 thoughts on “Postal Job Placement Services Review 2021: Legit or a Scam?”

  1. I paid for this…. Took all pre assessments and now I try and go back to the testing area and nothing. I cannot contact them by phone that’s in the email reciept. What can I do now???

    1. @ Paula, I am very sorry that you lost your money. This is why I wrote this review to warn others about this company that I saw on craigslist. I always think that it is a good idea to Google a company’s name + reviews to see what others think before buying services. This is what I did to research this company and I discovered it to be a scam.

  2. The site worked and was really helpful although they said over the phone it was 35$ and it ended up being 3 payments of that 35. It promises a sign on bonus of up to 1000$ but since being hired the site is down and the number says it can no longer be reached.

    1. @ Matthew, it’s for this reason that I wrote this review to warn others about this site and that it is a scam in my opinion. I saw this on craigslist and knew right off back that it was a scam. Sorry that you lost money on this. I wish you well on your endeavors to find a legit work at home opportunity.

  3. Marco del Kampuchea

    They also charged me 90$ for this same reason, but the site is no where to be reached now. So sad i lost my money.

    learnanet thank you very much for this warning, it will save many other people from this scam.

  4. Same with Paula, i also paid $95.00 with the guarantee to pass the USPS exam, unfortunately, i got no time to push thru but when i tried to go back for the testing review, i can not reach them anymore..anyway i learned my lesson..can we not trace this people and have them pay for the scam they have done to us?

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