Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan Review (2022) Overpriced or Just Right?

Are you looking for the best managed WordPress plan to host your site? Perhaps you wonder if the Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan is for you or not? The you should keep reading this Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan review now!

As a blogger, I have looked at several managed WordPress hosting over some time and Pressidium is definitely on our top list to use. In this review today, I will share with you everything you need to know about the professional hosting plan BEFORE getting started. It’s common that some hosting providers over promise and under deliver. Is this the case with Pressidium? Keep reading this Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan review to discover the answer!

Pressidium is a managed WordPress champion that has growing strong since 2014. They are on your mind today obviously as well as thousands of that have already joined to use their hosting.  Why? Pressidium is known primarily for its Enterprise infrastructure and designed mainly for websites with lots of web traffic. In addition to their architecture, they are on top of security with their hosting plans. We will talk more this later in this review.

pressidium professional wordpress hosting plan review


Pressidium Professional Pricing Overview: 

  • $125/month billed annually or $149.90 month to month
  • 10 WP installs
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Great for 100K visits per month
  • 20 GB Storage
  • Expert Support for DevOps Engineers
  • No Dedicated Account Manager
  • Get CDN, SSL Certificate, SSD, & Daily Backups
  • Free Site Migrations


For more details, go here to Pressidium now!

pressidium professional wordpress hosting plan review

Who Should Use Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan?

Hundreds of companies, corporations, tech startups, universities, large digital agencies and Forture 500 companies already use Pressidium managed hosting services.

All of Pressidium plans including the Professional hosting plan are for people that are serious about their web hosting. It’s not for beginners online that are looking for shared web hosting. It is a fully managed WordPress hosting provider and that’s all they specialize in. I think that it would be best for techies and advanced WordPress users.

If you are looking perhaps for a simple shared web hosting with some unlimited features that is less expensive, then I recommend you tryout Siteground Startup plan for only $6.99/month. However, the GrowBig plan is better in my opinion being it’s great for creating unlimited websites online and starts at $9.99/month. I have personally used it to create 12 websites online! Also it comes with a 30 money back guarantee. Of with this shared web hosting provider, you will save a significant amount of money each over Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan! But it’s just another option for creating WordPress websites online for your business.


To get started with Siteground right now now, go here to!

However, if you want managed hosting on rock solid servers & super fast page loads, then stick with Pressidium Professional hosting plan!

The awesome thing that you receive with Pressidium is a personal “dedicated account manager”. With this,  your customer support responses are super fast than you will ever find with shared hosting providers.

I think that the Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan is best for websites that receive droves of monthly traffic. This particular plan handles up to 100,000 monthly visits. Most websites that use shared web hosting & receive this volume of traffic tend to crash servers and slow down speeds. This is one of the huge benefits of using managed WordPress hosting versus shared.

If you currently have a website that doesn’t have at lots of traffic, then maybe you should get started with the Personal Plan first. This will allow time for your website traffic to grow over time and easily scale up. However,  if you do have a lot of web traffic coming in and want to migrate your site, then it’s definitely for you.

Site Migrations

If you want to start using the Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan today, but currently host with another provider that you hate, Pressidium will migrate your site for FREE! It’s a hands off process that is seamless with no downtime. Many providers charge for this service, however Pressidium will move your website to their servers completely FREE!

WP Engine Growth Plan vs Pressidium Professional Plan: Who Wins?

There is only one thing that both WP Engine & Pressidium have in common. They both offer managed WordPress hosting that doesn’t have unlimited traffic. There are caps on each and this is what clients are paying for essentially.

For example, when we look at the 2nd tier of both companies, this is a brief overview:

pressidium professional wordpress hosting review

WP Engine Growth plan

  • $115/month
  • 100,000 monthly visits
  • 20 GB storage
  • 5 sites
  • 20 GB Bandwidth

Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan

  • $125/month
  • 100,000 monthly visits
  • 20 GB storage
  • 10 sites
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

In the above the above comparison, you can obviously see that Pressidium professional plan is $10 MORE than the WP Engine’s Growth. However, you also notice that with Pressidium, you can host 5 MORE sites than WP Engine.

Also you will notice that there is  “Unlimited Bandwidth” with Pressidium versus only 20 GB with WP Engine Growth.

The Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that the Pressidium Professional WordPress hosting plan offers MORE value than WP Engine’s Growth plan. So if you were looking for these same features for website creation and have high volume traffic, then Pressidium would be a better fit.

NOTE: Some other WordPress Managed Hosting that support high volumes of traffic to consider in addition to Pressidium are Dervims, Kinsta and Liquid Web.

Money Back Guarantee on Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan

The cool thing about all of Pressidium’s plans including the Professional is that they come with a 60 day money back guarantee! This is more than the average 30 day refund policy that most web hosting services offer. However, there are some who go beyond this threshold though.

pressidium professional wordpress hosting plan

Inmotion Hosting gives 90 day MBG and have packages starting at $2.99/month. Details here at!

pressidium professional wordpress hosting plan

Dreamhost Hosting has a 97 day MBG and packages start at $2.59/month. Details here at!

Also, Mochahost goes as far as offering a 180 money back guarantee!  However, you get far more VALUE with Pressidium.


With this Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan review, you now know what comes under the hood before signing up here.

When it comes to performance, we will have to give Pressidium an A+ for the hard work in maintaining 100% uptime on servers. Also they have a special were you can get 2 months FREE on annual plans. With servers on 5 continents and a great team of IT developers and software engineers, you are partnering with a solid managed WordPress hosting company.

If you represent or have a large business, corporation or agency who has or will have high volumes of monthly web traffic, then the Pressidium Professional WordPress Hosting Plan will be great for your web hosting needs.

To migrate or get started creating your new website right now, please visit here:!

Pressidium® Managed WordPress Hosting


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