Review 2024: Is Managed Hosting Worth It? Yes But See Why!

If you searching for honest reviews and made it here, then it means that you are curious about using Rocket WordPress hosting to make a website today. There are several top performing WordPress hosting services, but is pricing really worth your time? Yes they are! But see why by reading this review FIRST before buying it! If you don’t, you will regret it later!

Millions of people just like YOU are beginners online with shoestring budgets wondering if is Rocket hosting really worth it or not. I have searched for a long time to find super reliable managed WordPress hosting services that have fast page loads and great resources for web developers, bloggers, eCommerce store and small businesses. After much search, I finally came across one and our reviews will show you what I found!

Also, there is a really nice deal if you act today. If you get started today with Rocket it will cost you only $1.00! Yes you read that right. For only $1 buck you can get online today with your website within minutes. Also, you can get 50% OFF 3 Months! I will talk more about how to do it shortly.

Before you signup with, I will expose the good and the bad in this review that you MUST know before getting started. If you read this review to the end you will save yourself both time and lots of money on your managed WordPress hosting services. review


What to Expect In This Review 2024

I would like to mention off back guys that I opened an account recently. As for hosting services, I was using another provider and decided to look around. I got an email to checkout Rocket WordPress hosting. I decided to visit their official website to see what they offer for websites. Then I did some research and due diligence to really determine if I would sign up with them or not.

To my surprise, I discovered not only that Rocket managed WordPress hosting was affordable, but also super reliable. I am guessing that this is part of the reason that you too are looking under the hood with this review 2024, right? You got it!, although new as I learned is primarily known for their WordPress hosting platform, control panel, blazing fast speeds and page loads. But if you are reading our reviews, you probably want to know if buying their WordPress hosting is really worth it or not? I had do a test FIRST to be able to write a nice review for you today.

In this review, I will go over the real costs, customer support, refund policies, security and uptime performance. Also, I will even compare some Rocket competitors to help you to see how superior Rocket managed WordPress hosting is to others. By considering these points, it will help you to see why Rocket is a great host to build your new website today.

The Managed WordPress Pricing Plans review


As you could see above in the graph above, there are 4 Rocket managed WordPress hosting packages to select from to create sites.

The Starter plan is only $30/month to month ($25/mth if billed annually)

I think that this is the best hosting plan for newbies to managed WordPress hosting. This will allow you to create 1 WordPress website. As your website traffic and page views increase over time, then you can scale up to the next tier when ready.

  • It handles up to 250,000 visitors
  • 10 GB of storage
  • 50 GB Bandwidth

The Pro plan is only $60/month to month($50/month if billed annually).

This will let you create up to 3 WordPress websites online. This is better I think if you have a few projects online.

  • It handles up to 1,000,000 visitors
  • 20 Gigabits of Storage
  • 100 GB Bandwidth

The Business plan is only $100/month to month ($83/month if billed annually). This will let you you build 10 WordPress websites.

  • It supports up to 2,500,000 visitors
  • 40 Gigabits of storage
  • 300 GB Bandwidth

The Agency plan is $200/month (166/month. This will allow you to create 25 WordPress websites online. [This is the plan that I have now]

  • It supports up to 5,000,000 visitors
  • 50 GB of Storage
  • 500 GB Bandwidth

I did a quick video below to show you how simple the interface is for Hosting.


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You will be happy to know that Rocket has an average 99.99% uptime or better which is crazy amazing! This is well above the average performance and hard to find with most WordPress manager hosting. It basically breaks down to about 8.6 seconds of downtime. review


Your uptime performance is especially important for maintaining higher Google rankings. Websites with bad uptime have lower SEO rankings.

When you Googled today for review, this website was up and running. That is what you should expect from ANY web hosting provider. However, this is not the case for most shared web hosting out there.

It’s interesting that back in 2013 Amazon reported a lost about $66,240 every minute they were out of auction. Also, according to a report their lost was an estimated $2 MILLION! I know CRAZY, right?

Why do I mention this? Because when it comes to driving web traffic from Google and the search engines, your web hosting provider DOES matter. You need a reliable web hosting provider. If not, then you will lose revenue.

This is another aspect of your business that you will not have worry about at all. Rocket has rock solid uptime performance. I think that Rocket truly understands how important this is and I am glad to have account with them.


To insure that your visitors have a great experience, has an inbuilt Content Delivery Network that promotes super fast page loads. It will serve your content from over 200+ Edge locations globally. This means that it doesn’t where your visitors come from, they will be able to access your websites easily. This allows for full page caching and lower latency. Their Edge servers are optimized for speed and powered by Nginx and blazing fast PHP. There was an amazing case study conducted with a site getting over 1 million visitors that had no issues processing with Rocket hosting. review

There are more great benefits of using a CDN. In addition to promoting fast speeds and preventing website crashes, they also help to block brute attacks and provide DDos protection. With this said, there is NO need to purchase a CDN externally being you receive one built-in with you get started with Rocket managed WordPress hosting today. Also, you will have NO need to install any WordPress plugins for caching.  All is this is already built in and done for you under one roof.

To learn more about the problems CDNs solve for websites, checkout this nice interview below with owner Ben Gabler by Kalicube Tuesdays. He is been in the web hosting industry for some 17 years and gives personal experience of using content delivery networks and bandwidth.

How Does Keep Websites Secure Online?

So now let’s talk about security in our review.

According to Patchstack, an estimated 30,000 websites are hacked every day. Why do I mention this stat in this Rocket managed WordPress hosting review? Because if you don’t select the right web hosting provider, you stand to be apart of this statistic. Having solid around the clock security is something that you should never overlook with web hosting. So with this said, what does Rocket do to protect your websites?

This is something that I was looking for before I opened my account with Rocket. I discovered that they have a wide ranges of measures that are taken to protect websites online. Notice some things below that are already in place. And by the way you will not have any need to install or bog down your website or resources with ANY WordPress Security plugins.

  • 24/7 Malware Scanning/Patching
  • Automatic WordPress Backups
  • Automatic Bot Protection
  • Website Firewall [WAF]
  • Brute Force Protection
  • Weak Password Prevention

Did you know that Rocket will remove malware for FREE? This is something that they do even when you migrate your website to their platform. And by the way they have FREE site migrations so if you want to move your website today, do it now!

I mention hack & malware removal because this could costs you alone hundreds or even THOUSANDS if you had to pay a web developer! But when you get started today with Rocket managed WordPress, this will be covered.

Another thing that Rocket does that is great is provide you with FREE SSL certificates. These are great for number of reasons. They are great to have especially if you thinking of create eCommerce stores or websites that sell products online. Another reason is because Google is forcing websites to have them. Thankfully understands this and provides these to you.

Pros and Cons of Hosting

  • Automatic Updates
  • Powered By NGINX
  • SSH Access
  • PHP 7.4
  • Simple Control Panel
  • Faster TTFB
  • FREE CDN to serve over 200 locations globally
  • [WAF] Website Application Firewall to block hackers
  • Multisite Support
  • Git Intergration
  • Excellent 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email Customer Support
  • Free WordPress Migration
  • Impressive 99.99% Uptime Performance
  • Hack & Malware Removal
  • Staging Environments

What I Don’t Like About Hosting

As a managed WordPress hosting service, they are awesome page loads and server uptime performance.  I say this it is hard to find in every web hosting provider so this is a HUGE PLUS. However, there a few drawbacks that are not deal breakers, but worth knowing before signing up today.

For example, when you go to official website you will notice that Rocket managed WordPress hosting doesn’t give you a domain for FREE. This is NOT too common for most managed WordPress hosting providers. However, it is pretty typical with many cheap shared web hosting providers like Namehero, Verpex, Bluehost, GreenGeeks, Hostgator, or Dreamhost just to name a few. But when you really think about this it is not a big deal at all.

Domain names at any registrar costs roughly $15-$20 per year. Whether Rocket doesn’t give FREE domains so this is something that you have to get perhaps at another domain name registrar. I recommend using Namecheap to buy a cheap domain name and then point it to nameservers.

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Rocket.Net Trustpilot

I like to think of managed WordPress hosting like reserving a 5-star hotel. You are paying for quality, true comfort and a top notch service that caters to your every need.  For this, you should expect to pay more. However, if you go with a cheap shared hosting provider, it could be like getting a 2star hotel. Yes, it’s much cheaper, but less comforts with little to no amenities.

If you checkout the Rocket Net Trustpilot reviews, you will notice that their profile has tons of positive unbiased reviews from clients that are extremely happy with their hosting. They have a 4.9 out of 5 star rating which means that they have superb customer support. Most of the feedback on Trustpilot talks about how fast their customer support is and how super reliable their WordPresss hosting is online.

If you are currently hosting with another web hosting provider that you don’t like, then now is the time to migrate over to Rocket servers! It’s a very smooth process and easy to do once you get started below.

rocket net trustpilot

Rocket hosting customer service is amazing and really fast at responding by phone, email and chat which is something good to look for.

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How To Promote Your Website

When it comes to creating ANY website online you have to promote it for others to know that it exist. There are many ways promoting your website and next I wanted to share some ways to get page views fast.


Once you create a website, you can start blogging by covering topics that people are actually searching for. For example, you guys here to this blog because you wanted to know more about the benefits of using Rocket WordPress hosting services. So as a result you used some long tail keywords like “ Review or Rocket WordPress Hosting Review“. As a result you made it here to this page, right? That is the power of blogging online and sharing your products and services with people that are actively searching in the search engines for what you offer.


Forums are another great way FREE way to increase web traffic to a new website. There are so many forums online that you could tap into, but one that I like is Quora. Now you may or may not know that Quora is a platform that ranks super HIGH in Google. Just about every query in Google has a result or page from Quora. This is the because people go there to ask questions about any and EVERYTHING under the sun.

So depending on the products or services that you offer, you can jump on Quora and answer questions that people have centered around your business or industry. On the backend you can leave a link to your by hyperlinking it in your Quora response. The benefits of this is that the viewer will then click on the link and then arrive on your website which gives it more exposure. If it is picked up by Google, then this could potentially mean hundreds or even tens of thousands of targeted visitors making it to your website.

Video Marketing

Another great way to gain more exposure to your new Rocket website is using video marketing. There are lot of video marketing platforms that you can use to drive targeted visitors such as Vimeo and YouTube. The good thing about it is that is 100% FREE. The best of the best to use is YouTube of course being it is owned by Google itself. Any videos that uploaded to this platform can rank really fast on Google’s 1st page. Don’t believe me?

Just a quick experiment to show how true this is and how you can promote your new Rocket website online. Open another tab and google the keywords like “ reviews”, “Rocket WordPress Hosting Review 2023” and the like. You will notice that I am on Google’s first page.

Secondly, people in addition to Google go directly to YouTube to search for everything under the sun. They treat it as another search engine. So this is why I highly recommend that you add YouTube your marketing strategy to get more customers to business.

It really doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, web developer, agency, non-profit, private business or corporation Youtube is a great way to promote your Rocket websites online. Review: Alternatives To Consider

To switch channels a little bit I wanted to share some Rocket WordPress hosting alternatives that offer some similar managed features. vs Kinsta

Kinsta for example has managed WordPress hosting that is built on Google Cloud with 35 data centers. They have similarities as for website speed performance just like hosting.

Kinsta plans start at $20/month which is the same as Rocket managed WordPress hosting if paid annually. They both offer 30 day refund policies. Both Starter plans let you create 1 website with 10 GB of storage supporting 25,000 monthly visits. However, you notice that when comparing vs Kinsta, Starter plan allows you to receive up to 250,000 visitors per month! 

For 4 Months Off Kinsta right now, click this special link here! vs Nexcess hosting

Another competitor of is Nexcess hosting. Now they have some managed WordPress starting at only $19/month and great for developers. With some 8 data centers, they also offer Nginx, Free SSL, CDN and NO web traffic limits which is a PLUS and advantage over

Nexcess is owned by Liquid Web and have really fast page loads, server performance, rock-solid security and customer support also.

While Nexcess hosting doesn’t offer a $1 first month deal like hosting, the DO offer a 14-Day FREE Trial which I think a great for testing it out.

Get started now with 60% OFF & 4 Months OFF by clicking this special link here! vs Cloudways

Cloudways is another managed WordPress hosting provider that has 60 days centers. They have plans starting from $10/month to $80/month. They offer a FREE TRIAL and even let you select which of servers to build on: Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Google Cloud, and AWS.

To start your FREE Trial on Cloudways, click this special link here!

There are many Rocket alternatives that I could mention in this Rocket managed WordPress hosting review, but we could be here all day and I ain’t got time for that. But again you can see how their WordPress hosting at compares with others.

But I still highly recommend due to their rock solid uptime performance on servers and ability to process high volumes of web traffic. vs Hostinger

If you are total beginner online, then Hostinger WordPress hosting may be a better fit for you starting at only $1.99/month. This is a lot cheaper for those on a budget and will allow you to create 1 website online with 50 SSD storage. However, as your website grows with traffic, then I recommend upgrading perhaps to their VPS hosting starting at $3.99/month.

Signing up with Hostinger web hosting would be a more viable option for you IF you are looking to save money. However, if you are more performance driven and looking for faster page loads, better uptime & security, then signing up with hosting is best option. Both offer the same refund policies. Hostinger only has email & chat support, but offers faster phone, email & chat support.

To get started with 80% OFF Hostinger web hosting, click here now: vs WPEngine

WPEngine is another amazing Managed WordPress hosting provider that is known for it fast page loads and excellent customer support. Some benefits of WPEngine is that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee with 4 months on annual plans. Both providers have 1st tiers that give the same amount of GB storage and bandwidth with the same amount of WordPress installations permitted.

Also,when you compare vs WPEngine, they both have the same uptime performance of 99.99% on servers which is super reliable. The huge advantage where beats WPEngine is with the amount that it handles on each web hosting package.

For example, WPEngine Startup plan which is only $20/month will only handle up 25,000 visits. However, Rocket,net Starter plan handles up to 250,000 monthly visits and is only $25/month. So although WPEngine is cheaper, provides an overall better value and performance.

Refund Policy for Hosting

You should know that if you decide that Rocket managed WordPress hosting is not for that there is a 30 day money back guarantee. This is quite standard in the industry for most web hosting providers. But honestly, I think that once you get started with today, you will love their platform. Review Conclusion: Should You Create A Website with Today?

Of course! is an amazing managed WordPress hosting platform with all of the resources that you need to create and manage your website today. Although new, they have proven themselves to be leaders in this industry when it comes to blazing fast page loads, fast professional customer support and great security. It’s really truly hard to come by all of this under one hood, but definitely has it all for you and does an amazing job.

So after reading our review you realize that they have awesome WordPress performance and are very competitive. Unlike the majority of managed WordPress hosting providers, I think that makes it super easy for any and everybody with a pulse to get started online. You can get started right NOW for just $1 on your first month if you click this special link here! You can’t beat it with a stick, really.

Also, another reason that I HIGHLY recommend creating your websites with them today is that they are small company. The huge advantages of hosting with smaller companies is that they care MORE about customer service. This is something that many competitors online DON’T have, and really drop the ball on this. The more bigger companies get, the more they forget what got them there. I think that Rocket has it crystal clear and it’s noted with their response time by reps.

In a world were cyber threats, malware, and DDoS attacks are a constant worry, it’s great to know about all of the rock solid secure measures that Rocket WordPress hosting has in place to protect your websites 24/7/365. With FREE SSL certificates, Website Firewall [WAF], malware scanning, brute force protection, automatic backups and more! I think that when you have a great hosting company that is affordable, scalable, with great performance and support, it’s definitely worth trying out their services today!

Keep in mind guys that you will have a full 30 day money back guarantee. you have absolutely nothing to lose. Get started today! They have a great special limited offer for only $1 that will not last long. You have nothing to lose by trying it out right now!

Simply click below to get started creating your website right now with hosting! I hope you much success online and thank you for reading this review today!

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