If you are looking for the best free web hosting deals to create a website online, then you should get Siteground free web hosting today! There is an AMAZING deal for beginners that you have to take advantage of right away before it ends! Many people are asking how can I get free Siteground to create a website? Keep reading this review to how to create your Siteground website within minutes!

What To Expect In This Siteground Free Web Hosting Review?

siteground free web hosting

I have been using Siteground web hosting for roughly 3 years and I absolutely love their services. I just heard about an amazing deal that is great for beginners & experienced users wanting to create a website online.

When it comes to free web hosting, I have never been a big fan of it. The reason is because you often ads or banners that are placed on your website that steals your visitors attention. Also, in many cases with most free hosting providers there is a lot of downtime and restrictions placed on users. This is something that may costs you in long run a website owner.

However, this Siteground free web hosting deal is totally different. How different? You will not have to worry about Siteground placing unwanted ads, banners and restricting you will all of the resources that you use. In fact, you will actually be able to create a self-hosted WordPress website on their servers that will give you full control of your business.

Checkout this quick video below with all of the details on how to get started with this Siteground Free Trial!

siteground free hosting

How Is Siteground Web Hosting?

When it comes to creating websites, blogs or eCommerce stores, there are literally THOUSANDS of web hosting providers to choose from online. However, you should know as a newbie that not ALL are created equal. What do I mean by this?

Web Hosting is basically broken down into a few categories: free web hosting, shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Dedicated, Managed WordPress hosting and VPS hosting and Reseller hosting.

Now in the case of Siteground, there offer all of these types of web hosting. However, what is amazing as you saw in the video is that they are running a flash sale that allows you to get 3 months of Siteground Free Hosting! This is a Siteground only comes around once a year typically around Black Friday.

When you get started today, you will be able to test out their web hosting before paying! No other web hosting provider that I have seen lets you do this.

How much does Siteground web hosting normally costs? 

Although I did a Siteground WordPress hosting review not too long ago, today I will just focus on their shared hosting plans.

There are 3 that you can select from: Startup, Growbig and Gogeek.

As you see with this graph, the Startup normally starts at $14.99/month, Growbig at $24.99/month and GoGeek at $39.99/month. There introductory rates are only $6.99, $9.99 and $14.99 respectively.

However, Siteground is something totally different where you can get started today and receive 3 months of FREE Siteground Hosting!

I am currently using their GrowBig hosting with my personal account. I have been able to several WordPress websites online with my account. The reason I chose the GrowBig hosting plan versus the Startup hosting plan is because it allows me to hosting unlimited web hosting online. This means that if you are doing affiliate marketing or simply have several project online, then this is really ideal for it.

Of course, the GoGeek hosting will allow you to addon multiple domains as well, but Growbig was more of what I needed online. So if you just need to 1 website, blog or eCommerce store online, then just get started with their Startup today. You can always scale up whenever you are ready.

siteground free web hosting

Siteground Customer Support 

Something that I wanted to highlight in this Siteground review is that most typical free web hosting providers online do not have good customer support. Being that they are providing you with free hosting, there is not much of obligation that they have to you.

However, when you get started with this Siteground free hosting deal today, you will have access to awesome 24/7/365 customer support. Siteground offers support to clients via phone, email and chat. Anytime you have questions or need help with your account or website, you can definitely contact a rep super quick for a resolution.

In fact, Siteground’s customer support is so awesome that are recommended as of the top 3 best web hosting providers by WordPress.org.

siteground free web hosting

Also, if you consider what reputable websites like Trustpilot you will also be impressed by their excellent customer support, website speed performance and security.

Based on over 9,492 Siteground reviews, they have been rated by users with a 4.7 out of 5 stars.

siteground free web hosting

This is something that you just can not find online with most providers that offer free web hosting services. This is why I think you should at least try them out today to create your website.

Siteground Money Back Guarantee

Siteground offers clients a 30 day money guarantee on their web hosting services. This means that if you don’t like it, then you can contact customer support for a refund. Many web hosting providers online like Bluehost, Dreamhost, Namecheap, Hostinger, and Scala hosting offer 30 day money back guarantees.

Some even extend longer such as Hostwinds and Pressidium with 60 days. Inmotion hosting offers 90 days while Dreamhost gives 97 days. Mochahost even goes as far as offering a 180 day refund policy.

However, although these Siteground competitors longer money back guarantees, none of them will give free web hosting to create websites. Also, none of them have higher WordPress performance, uptime, security or better customer support than Siteground.

Siteground web hosting beats their competition in all of these areas and more. This is another reason why I recommend all beginners online wanting to create a website today to try the Siteground free web hosting deal. You will not regret it! You only have until November 25, 2021 to take advantage, so do it now!

Siteground Free Migration?

Do you currently host with a provider that you don’t like and want to move your website to Siteground servers today? If so, then signup with Siteground free hosting here and request a FREE site migration from customer support. They will take care of everything and the process is quick and seamless.

You will be glad that you migrated your website over to try Siteground web hosting services.

Is WordPress Free With Siteground?

Yes it is 100% FREE!!

In fact, once you get started today with your preferred Siteground free web hosting plan, they will even help you install WordPress on your domain name.

Why use WordPress? According to Search Engine Journal 39.5% of all websites online are powered by WordPress.

WordPress is a CMS platform that can be easily install in your control panel today. If you are a beginner online, it does not require the use of html or coding to do it. Siteground will walk you step-by-step through the process of installing WordPress, plugins, free WordPress themes and more! no other web hosting provider does this for its clients.

This is another BIG reason why I highly recommend that you signup with Siteground free web hosting to try it out today.

Conclusion – How Can I Get Free Siteground Today?

I know that today you wanted to know does Siteground have free hosting? It’s not often that this happens, but this is one of thosecrazy moments here.

Until November 25, 2021, you can grab either the Startup, GrowBig or GoGeek hosting plan and get 3 Months of Free Siteground Hosting!

Siteground guys has been around a very long time and are WordPress experts with an excellent reputation in the web hosting industry.

Today you will partnering with a web hosting provider that has great uptime performance, great security,  and 24/7/365 customer support. Also, you get access to all of the tools and resources that you will need to build your website from scratch.

Tell me what type of website do you want to create today with your Siteground free web hosting? Which of their 3 hosting plans doing you think will be best for your online business? Questions? Let me know your comments below!

Have an amazing day and I hope that you have much success this year with your business online!


siteground free hosting

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