Skinny Body Care Scam Review – Why I Divorced Skinny Body Care!! Read this First!

Today we will completely expose this Skinny Body Care Scam for what it really is!

If you were thinking about joining Skinny Body Care, then you better stop and read this review FIRST before wasting any of your money!

Perhaps you are curious about SBC due to a friend who told you about them. Or maybe you saw one of their famous videos on their Youtube channel. Whatever the case, don’t be fooled by these guys! They almost got me!

There are a lot of reps that want to get you into the company whether to buy their weigh loss products or to promote the business opportunity and just leave you hanging!

So before you try this opportunity or buy ANY of their its wellness products there is some that you know.

What to Expect In This Skinny Body Care Scam Review

In this Skinny Body Care Scam Review today I will not be selling nor recommending ANY personal products to you. I was an old distributor for them some years, but QUIT. So this review will be 100% honest and unbiased for your benefit. I will tell more about this scam and why you should avoid if you really want to make money or improve your health.

Skinny Body Care Scam?

If you don’t know much about Skinny Body Care, their weight loss products can be found at

Ben Glinksy is the founder behind the Skinny Body Care wellness company and this guy has been involved in a number of money making opportunities such MyWorldPlus, Pro Wealth Solutions and others.

MyWorldPlus was a company that he started that provided supposed discounts for shopping and savings with merchants. Where is MyWorldPlus today? Out of business!! The official site is offline!!

So when it comes to creating new companies this is definitely NOT something new for Ben Glinksy. But it maybe new to you so watch out!

So Why This Skinny Body Care Scam Review Today?

Well, as I mentioned before I used to be a distributor for about 10 days total until I decided to do more research based some additional info I found after I joined.

I contacted the Skinny Body Care customer service via email as this is the only way you get someone and request a refund on the product. And by the way the product that I ordered was Skinny Body Max which was nasty. I couldn’t down it and it didn’t work for me.

Secondly, I am writing this Skinny Body Care Scam Review because these guys continue to email me over and over again although I have unsubscribed, discontinued my membership! These guys are crazy!! I have gotten 8 emails since January 9th, 2018!! Crazy!!

Supposedly Ben Glinksy, per 3 of these emails that I received wants to reach out OLD REPS to give them another chance to take advantage of this supposed wonderful business opportunity? NOT! No thank you buddy. Not interested. SBC is in NOT for me nor for anybody who is serious about making money money from home.

These are 2 videos that were sent to me in emails that I received.

[Personal home videos recordings promoting some new matrix…]

Crazy right? Yupo!


And even if you are not looking to make money from home with SBC and yet just simply interested in their weight loss products, let me give you a secret!

You can get the same products online at AMAZON way cheaper!! I mean for the same Skinny Fiber Pills product that they sell for $59.99 on their site, you can get for them for $19.95 on AMAZON!! This represents a 300% savings on the product if you really just want to lose some weight.

If you don’t believe me, then just go to save at AMAZON:

I have also noticed that you can get other Skinny Body Care products also for way cheaper.


I say that the Skinny Body Care Scam is centered around the business opportunity. Being that the company pays out huge commissions to its distributors, the weight loss products are way overpriced on the SBC site.

The reality is that if you have a real problem, you can not pick up the phone and speak to a live person. YOU MUST EMAIL THE COMPANY. Very impersonal experience.

When I got started with company, I felt abandoned and without support. People on the top make money off of you, but I realized that they are not so interested in others, just another commission.

This is something that I learned only after fact that is very typical with all of Ben Glinksy’s present and past companies:(

And for this reason I couldn’t stand behind this company nor promote its biz opp if we still can call it that. In my opinion, this Skinny Body Care Scam should be avoided at all all costs. You could do better with something else that’s really worth your time and money.


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