TakeEasy Review 385-244-4646: A Scam or Legit? Read this First

So if you are reading this TakeEasy Review, likely you are received a call or two from 385-244-4646 wanting you to use their lawn services for supposed properties that they have. At least, that was my case this past Saturday! If you have gotten a call from TakeEasy and wondering if it’s legit for lawn care services or not, then keep reading this TakeEasy Review!!

What to Expect In This TakeEasy Review

In this review, I will tell you more about what about TakeEasy and the company, how I heard about them and if you should or not use their services.

How did I hear about TakeEasy?

Actually this past Saturday October 13th 2018 I received an unsolicited call from a David who has some “local properties” that apparently he thinks that I am interested in maintaining. This David called from 385-244-4646. I am guessing that if you are this review you got a call from this same phone number or one similar, right? What was your personal experience? Tell be below.

What To Do?

Well the first thing I did was go over to my good old friend Google to see what he had to say. It turns out that there’s not too much info online about TakeEasy outside of some remarks from 800notes.com and the 68 complaints filed on Better Business Bureau.[Referenced links will open another tab]

According to the Better Business Bureau, TaskEasy provides:

“SaaS-based intelligence applications to deliver a fixed price-based platform for purchasing common residential services such as lawn care, snow removal, house cleaning and more. These online tools assist customers to audit the quality of the work and for contractors to reach a larger customer base and to be paid more quickly”.

When I checked out their official website at www.takeasy.com, it looks like pretty straight forward one page website. Not my cup of tea though. And being that I didn’t order anything from these guys nor understand why this “Davis” is calling me from a Utah phone number saying that he has some local properties that he needs help with? No, this is not for me.

What you can do if you have not already done so is block these guys on your phone. Also, signup for the Do Not Call List if you have not done so already. If they don’t respect your privacy you can file a complaint here.

Should You Use TakeEasy Lawn Service or Not?

The purpose of this TakeEasy review is not to tell you what to do. But being that we live in the era of beware, it is something to think about.  I personally would expect that there should be more information and reviews online for a company that has been in business since 2013.

This company specializes in paring contractors with individuals looking of lawn care services. Although this idea and concept is not new, I don’t think it is a SCAM. This type of service can be done by yourself. If I needed lawn care services, I could look at my local classifieds or even get recommendations from friends or people that I personally know. This idea kinda reminds me of Once Driven.

Even if you are a person that has a lawn care service and need leads, you can generate your own leads by placing ads in local classifieds or even by starting a website to attract customers online. I don’t personally see any real reason for paying a third party to find me a local contractor when I can do this myself.

But looking at feedback on the BBB, some people speak very favorably of TakeEasy lawn services and have really benefited from their referrals. Has that been your case? If so let me know below.





















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