Target Keurig K50 Review: Best Coffee Maker for Coffee Addicts? Read this first!

Everybody likes to start the morning off right! I like to start mine with my Target Keurig K50 coffee maker! If you are thinking of buying this coffee maker from Target online, read my Keurig K50 review first!!

Me and my wife are like coffee addicts and you are too! Don’t lie. You know that you are that’s why you are here looking for a great coffee maker, right? I know and that’s why I decided to share this brief review today. Me and my queen went looking for a good deal online for a nice coffee maker. We looked around at different places online and finally labeled it down to the Target Keurig K50!

target keurig k50 review

Keurig K50 Review: How Much Does It Cost?

Initially, we saw it in Target stores for like $110. To be honest I have never thought of spending that much for a coffee maker. But we are always looking for cheap deals on different products and especially for quality. This is something that we use a lot and of course coffee is one of those things you just got to have DAILY!

Thankfully, we found this Keurig K50 online at Target for only $89.99! This was an amazing deal and huge great savings online here.

This particular model is great and very light weight. I like that you can make different coffee cup sizes: 6, 8, or 10 ounces. I can pop a k-cup in this baby quick and be out of the door in about 30 seconds! So I really love this Target Keurig K50 coffee maker.

I can’t say how many times we use this thing every day..but we love it so much and wanted to give you a quick review of this Keurig K50. In addition to this one, Target does have some other great deals online that we don’t see in stores. 

If you want to buy this very Keurig K50 coffee maker right now online at Target or checkout some other awesome deals and specials similar to what we found, go now here to!

In addition to the online savings, you also get FREE shipping when using your REDcard or when you spend $35 or more! That is the way we normally buy things from Target online..If you don’t already have a REDcard, you can find out more info about getting one today by clicking here.


I wanted to this make this Target Keurig K50 review very short and sweet. Just wanted to let you guys know what we really think about this particular Kerig coffee maker. There are many others online on sale as well that you can definitely checkout below. This coffer maker will come with come k-cups to get you started so if you to add on some you can also do that at checkout. I hope that you enjoyed this review!

You Can Order It Online By Clicking Here at!





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