7 Killer Tips To Boost Your Website’s SEO with Video Content

If you have a website, then you might know what SEO is. Having a website is not enough, you have to rank it higher on the search engine result page then only it can reach a huge number of people. There are various techniques and killer tips to boost the SEO of your website. One of them is video content. 

The video makes up 64% of internet traffic, and according to CISCOs Visual Networking Index, it will increase up to 84%. The spending on video advertising will also double in the next four years. These numbers show the potential of video marketing. Moreover, it is also the best way to communicate with the audience. 

We have mentioned the tips that you can follow to boost website SEO with video content. Today, with a busy schedule and lesser retention span, people love to watch videos rather than reading content, so having a video on the website and text content is also important. Follow these steps and get the best result out of it. 

1. Add Captions To Your Video 

Any kind of text is the key to SEO, and not just for viewers. It also will be helpful for the bots to find the video easily. There are more chances that the viewer will prefer the video with captions than the video without captions. It will be also useful for the viewer to watch the video in public and more helpful for deaf people. 

Crawler bots have the work of selecting the information from the websites. Having captions will increase searchability. This is the space to use more keywords. 

2. Post The Best Video On The Website 

You can add as many videos as you want on one page, but Google selects one video per link. This is why you should add your best video on the page. It would be advisable to use a good video maker to create high quality videos that have a professional appeal in them.

These tools are readily available for free and can work wonders especially when you are on a low budget. Google crawler is programmed so that it will stop after finding the first video, which means that other videos will not get the crawler’s attention. So while selecting the video to put on the page, you should check the following factors. 

  • Mobile-friendly videos will have a higher chance of getting more views. Other factors such as length, dimension, and loading speed can impact this. 
  • Your video will rank higher with a good and clear description, title, tags, and keywords, so focus on this also. 
  • Search engines select the video of high quality, both content-wise and viewing quality. 

3. Use Thumbnail 

You may have heard the idiom “don’t judge a book by its cover”, but some people judge a video by its thumbnail. The image on your video before it starts tells a lot, or we can say that the image on your video is the decision-making factor for viewers whether to start the video or not. 

Having a thumbnail to your video will double your visibility and traffic. Moreover, you should use the thumbnail that will excite viewers to watch the video. According to many studies, thumbnails that have a human subject on screen have 30% more chances of being played. Use a video maker to make an attractive thumbnail that will also reflect your brand. 

4. Generate High Quality Backlinks 

The main goal of any top-ranking video is to generate high-quality backlinks. These backlinks will come from viewers who are sharing your video on so many other platforms. Your content must be interesting because no one wants to share the video to their family or friends which is not interesting. Your video must have a reason to share. Moreover, viewers can share the content which has:

Educational content: Videos with educational content are also popular and get shared. Moreover, your video must have authenticated information which will be helpful for the viewers. 

Emotional content: If viewers will connect with your video emotionally, then there is a higher chance that they will share it more because they also want others to feel the same as they are feeling. But it does not mean that your content should be sad. Rather, it should be a real story or the story of the struggle to which anyone can relate and feel that this is the same story as mine. 

Humorous content: Memes are at their peak in today’s time, and people are sharing them a lot with families and friends. If your content is humorous and makes someone laugh, it will get shared. 

5. Take Third Party Hosting Sites To Your Advantage

More often, businesses try YouTube or other third-party sites to host the video. For a moment you may benefit from it, but this practice is not good for the long term. The main focus of SEO is on increasing the traffic to your website. If you host on your domain, then your website will also get shared whenever your video gets shared.

If you are hosting on a third-party provider, don’t forget to include your website link in the description. It will not have the same effect as hosting on your own domain, but still, it will give a chance for viewers to reach your website. 

6. Provide Sitemap On Your Website 

Sitemaps are also an important factor in boosting SEO with video content. It seems hard, but it is an easy practice. If you or your team don’t have a grasp on HTML, try to bring an outsider in for this work.

Adding a sitemap is like adding an alternate language for a search bot to read out your video. The sitemap includes all the basic details about your video like title, description, content location, duration, and so on. If you want to gain more traffic than your competitor, then you should not miss this factor. 

7. Do Keyword Research 

Keywords are one of the important parts of SEO, but any keyword will not help you. Once you have posted a video on the website, you can use analytics to understand which keyword is making a difference. Moreover, before posting the video, you should also do keyword research to have an idea of which keywords are popular in your industry. 

Keywords are the key factor in any SEO strategy. There are two types of keywords: short-tail keywords and long-tail keywords.

According to one study, the keyword with at least 4 words gets 50% of searches. You have to do research for both types of keywords and which type of keyword will be suitable for your industry. 

There are so many platforms available where you can do keyword research and get to know which keyword is getting how much traffic. 

Wrapping up 

Video is one of the best marketing strategies and the popularity of video is growing day by day. Instead of reading a piece of content, people love to watch videos. Moreover, after watching the video, one can remember it for a long time.

Text content is also important for websites and you should add video content wherever you think it is necessary. As a result, people will not get bored on your website by just reading text. It will also be helpful for ranking higher in the search engine results. It is also affordable for local businesses. 

tips to boost your website's SEO with video content

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