Trustpilot Review 2022 – Is Trustpilot Trustworthy or Scam? Read this first!

If you are reading this Trustpilot review, likely you have come across this website wanting to know is Trustpilot trustworthy? Perhaps you need more info on a product or service before buying it. Have you ever been scammed before in the past or simply just wasted your money? Millions just like YOU look to websites like Trustpilot to get unbiased answers. But is Trustpilot a good website for this? Keep reading this Trustpilot review to see what I discovered about this website!

trustpilot review

Disclaimer: This is an independent honest review of the Trustpilot website. No medical, legal, or professional advice is given on this website for users, nor shall be taken as such. No affiliate links here.

What to Expect in This Trustpilot Review:

In this Trustpilot review, I will tell you about the company Trustpilot, how it works, customer feedback and finally what I think about them based on my research. You will hear the good, the bad and the ugly about this website. Also, you will learn is Trustpilot a good website to use to research companies, products and services BEFORE spending your money.

What is Trustpilot Anyway?

According to Wikipedia, Trustpilot at is a Danish consumer review website founded in Denmark in 2007 which has reviews of businesses worldwide. An estimated 1 million new reviews are added to the website each month.

Basically it’s a platform where you can enter just about any company under the sun to research them. There are several categories such as:

  • Business services
  • Construction & Manufacturing
  • Electronics & Technology
  • Health & Medical
  • Beauty & Well Being
  • Money & Insurance
  • Vehicules & Transportation
  • Travel & Vacation
  • and MORE!

When you enter the name of the company or domain name in their search bar on their main page, it gives reviews from people that have had experiences with the company. The Trustpilot reviews that pop up are time stamped with 1- 5 star ratings. Some reviews that you will see are good while others are outright bad. This is great in my opinion being that you are seeing the good and bad of a company and this can give you a bigger picture of what to expect.

If you are new to the Trustpilot website, they have a big social presence also on social media handles such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Linkedin.

Also they have raised $55 million for online businesses and consumer advertising campaigns according to BusinessWire.

How I Heard About Trustpilot?

Although I have used Trustpilot website check several times to research web hosting services for my viewers, I remember the first time I came across their website. I was looking into a company called JustAnswer Expert that supposedly lets consumers connect with experts in different fields to ask & answer questions.

The idea according to them is to save consumers money online. Through some research online, I realized that JustAnswerExpert was not a reputable company.

I have also used them to research weight loss products, health & wellness, money making opportunities, multi-level marketing, mystery shopping jobs and more to see if they were legit or just scams. If you are interested in those things, you should checkout Trustpilot also to see what others think.

How Much Does Trustpilot Costs?

For consumers to do a Trustpilot website check it is 100% FREE to use for researching company profiles & to see reviews. However, if a business wants to be listed with them, they offer freemium services.

For example, a company can claim their profile page, invite and respond to reviews online for FREE. However, there is a subscription for businesses that want to promote their profiles and marketing content and reviews for $199/month USD.

Should you use Trustpilot Website Check or Not for Research?

The purpose of this Trustpilot review is not to tell you what to do. This is a personal decision that only you can make. I use it very often and love it being that it has saved me A LOT of money and headaches. But again, it’s your decision.

The Trustpilot team does combate fake reviews that people try to post on their site so that their site will remain honest and unbiased. This is something that every legitimate company should do to protect its users.

The truth is that we buy products all the time from online respected and reputable retailers like Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, nobody seems to question the validity of these “verified reviews” found on these websites or others, right? Nobody says or claims that they are fake reviews.

Complaints are complaints and honest reviews are honest reviews. Again, most companies including Trustpilot try to fight fake reviews for the benefit of all users. People have bought and will continue to buy products with these respected merchants based on customer reviews.

I think that the fact of the matter is that people look to gather reviews from different sources to help make informed decisions in this shaky era. Why? We all want to know if a product or service really works & also what others think about it before diving in to buy it. Nobody wants to be scammed or disappointed and a good way to avoid this is by researching online for unbiased reviews.

When you look at the Trustpilot BBB profile you will notice that they have an A+ rating based on customer feedback and user experience. They got a 4 out of 5 star rating based on Trustpilot reviews left. Will you find Trustpilot complaints? Sure. Every company online has something that people don’t like and Trustpilot is not the exception.

Trustpilot Review Conclusion…

In my opinion, there are several things that you should do BEFORE buying products, services or online shopping from unknown companies. I recommend being skeptical and researching some things advertised online that you may be interested in purchasing. This way you make sure you don’t lose your money or get scammed!

Is Trustpilot trustworthy? YES it is!

Trustpilot is a good website to use to find honest reviews online and is 100% legitimate. I have personally used their website as one of many tools to research products and services that I have purchased online & it has saved me a lot of money and unnecessary headaches! I am happy that I came across their website online and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

On various outlets you will notice some people may not like the website. I guess this is the case with ANY website online. Some people will LOVE it, while others don’t. Obviously, Trustpilot is not the exception to the rule.

If you hear about a company out there promoting a product or service that sounds to good to be true, why not cross check & research it on Trustpilot or another source BEFORE buying it to see what others say?

Finally verdict?  

While doing research online, I DO recommend using the Trustpilot website based on my personal experience using it. I hope that this review has helped you to make a good decision and also avoid a headache as many have also.

Thank you for reading this Trustpilot Review.

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  1. Trustpilot isn’t trustworthy unless you give them all of your social media information. I sent in a review of a service we used, but they wouldn’t accept it because I don’t use social media like Facebook or some other platform. When I attempted to tell them I don’t use social media and certainly don’t get my news from Facebook, they turned down my honest review. If it’s anything like Yelp!, it’s a pay to play system that trolls your data. My experience has been that they really aren’t that reliable.

  2. IMHO Trust Pilot reviews are, to a substantial degree, fake. People, actors, or bots are posting reviews on, in some cases, scam businesses, and Trust Pilot is used to create the image that they are legit. Not all reviews are lies, but too many of them are and this belies that they are trustworthy. The writer should have checked reviews of Trust Pilot itself. The complaints are numerous. I myself have been scammed, because of a choice I made trusting Trust Pilot. Later I find that they took down my review because it was ‘fake’, which I find ironic. If a company agrees with a review on Trust Pilot, then it’s all good. But if they disagree with the review, Trust Pilot will take it down, basically, at the companies request. Wouldn’t call that trustworthy.

    1. Thank you Dewy for sharing your opinion on Trustpilot. Interesting viewpoint that you have there. Would you mind sharing which review that “Trustpilot” took down from their website and what product or company scammed you that you referenced?

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