Uber Driver Review 2020: What You Should Know Before Joining! Read this First!

Are you looking for a legit money making opportunity from home? If so, then you are probably considering becoming an Uber driver and want to know what to expect before joining the company. If that is the case, then keep reading this Uber driver review 2020 to find out!

What To Expect In This Uber Driver Review 2020?

In today’s Uber Driver review I will tell you all about how Uber works, if you can really make money from home or not! Also, I will share with you my personal experience on the road as an Uber driver. There will be nor bashing in this review, just an honest perspective of what you should expect on the road.

How I Heard About Uber

Some time ago, I was looking into the Uber driver opportunity to make some extra money in my spare time. I heard about it initially from my sister who worked with the company for some time and told me to give it a try. She didn’t make any big promises nor hype about the money making side of things and I’m frankly glad that she didn’t. She told straight up that it was a cool side part time hustle that I could use to make some quick money if done right. That sort of peeked my interest and got me to check it out.

At the time she was sick and unemployed, so the idea of working for herself whenever she wanted to just simply worked for her situation. I too accepted a new responsibility of caregiver for my dad so making some extra money on the side just made sense.

I downloaded the Uber Driver app from the App store and did the quick sign up with Uber online. Now the truth is that the entire process took about 24 hours including doing a background check, uploading insurance documents, and registrations before I was able to get on the road. This is what every new applicant must do to become an Uber driver.

Next, let’s get to money part of this Uber Driver review that you probably are more interested in.

Can You Make Money Driving Uber or Not?

[See our disclaimer page. We make NO guarantees about income potentials. Your income will depend on your personal efforts and undetermined other factors.]

Yes you can make money, but you should know the following:

  • The best way to make money as an Uber driver is to work either in the mornings from 5am 9am or evenings from 5pm12am. Although you can make some decent money all in between the sack, these hours tend to be the best times to drive on the road being there is more demand for calls.
  • Also Uber drivers are encouraged to drive in “hot spots” or busy locations as indicated on the Driver app. This may increase your call rate and income potential.

When I worked with the Uber opportunity, I usually did it about 4 nights a week around my previous schedule to support my dad. The cool thing was that you could turn on the Uber Driver App anytime you wanted. Also, you are not obligated to work any specific amount of hours. It’s all up to you and that was one aspect that I loved to helped me to care for dad.

How much money did I make driving for Uber? Honestly, it was hit and miss. I made an average of about $200$300 USD per week during the summer months driving roughly 10-15 hours per week. That was my average. Yours may differ.

It all depends on you, where you drive and also the time slots. But for me at that time when I was driving it was a great source of pocket change to keep going.

Uber will also pay you if you refer other drivers to them. This is NOT network marketing or MLM or nothing crazy. When you refer someone and they complete a specific number of trips on the road, then Uber will send a one-time bonus.  So this is another way that you can get paid by Uber.

I must say that my initial goal was NEVER to recruit or nor share the driving opportunity with others. I just wanted to drive part time.

[NOTE: This Uber driver review does NOT contain any affiliate or referral links at all. This is just for informational purposes]

But as with anything you try that’s new to you, you may experience some problems. Let’s talk now about a few that I encountered in this Uber Driver review 2020..

10 Unavoidable Problems Uber Drivers Have 

The following problems that I have personally experienced when driving for Uber. These may not be yours, but it is something that all drivers have experienced at some point or another. These are 10 things that I think you should know BEFORE getting started with the Uber driver opportunity.


uber driver review 2020

  1. GPS issues/incorrect address locations for Uber riders. Sometimes the GPS takes to a location where the rider is not located. You arrive and wait and the rider calls you throught the app to ask where are you and upset that they are waiting. Or sometimes it may take you a longer route to rider’s destination and they question why you are taking this route? You have no control over this as the app directs you.
  2. You don’t get paid to drive to a rider’s location. [You only get paid when the rider is inside your car on a trip)
  3. The Uber driver app freezes up sometimes and earnings don’t display temporarily.
  4. Uber says that drivers can cash out earnings up to 5 times daily. [Not true. Sometimes you must wait until payday to get money.
  5. Too many security issues with app. Frequent false unauthorized login attempts texts sent to me.
  6. Random photo ID checks that you must do at any given point before driving. [Maybe they forgot what I look like or something? Not sure. It has happened at least 3 times to me] Others on Uberpeople.net mentioned their experiences with this ID check. But the end result is for security reasons.
  7. Rude riders want things you can’t do. If you don’t do what they want, they give you low rating. One driver wanted me speed, I said no and they blamed me for being late. NOTE: Uber drivers shouldn’t break the law for riders. They should call for a ride early and allow for traffic and other unforeseen circumstances that drivers can’t control.
  8. Too much wear and tear on your vehicle. Some riders slam your doors and think they own you and your vehicle.
  9. Drivers can’t really control money making potentials. [All depends on # of hours driving, hours of the day & locations, surge times]
  10. Destination mode works sometimes. You can set route towards a specific destination, but sometimes Uber will send you calls that may take you in the opposite direction. But also sometimes you may not get any calls at all with this restricted.

Now these are just some of the negative points that I wanted to mention that you should expect as a new Uber driver should you decide to start. This comes with the job. However, the truth is that EVERY JOB or HOME BUSINESS will come with something that you don’t like or is not so hot. Driving for Uber is not the exception. You could and may experience the same for Lyft.

All in all, Uber IS a great business opportunity to work on the side that really serves its purpose.

Using The Uber Driver App

I want to state upfront that Uber is a great company and has worked really hard to improve and perfect the driver app. It has had its bugs and quirks like any other app that you download from the store. But it gets the job done.

Navigation: You have the option of using your preferred navigational app for work. In the past, I have used Google Maps and even Waze sometimes. But now they have a GPS already integrated in the app for use by drivers.

Surge Times:

uber driver review 2020

You may see this term on our app. During super busy times of the day, Uber pays out more during what they call “surge times”. The driver app will indicate specific areas where you can earn more money.

How To Get Paid By Uber?

There are several things to must know before becoming an Uber driver. Uber pays its drivers a base fee depending on the type of car you have and also a rate per mile. Drivers have the potential a few extra hundred dollar or more a week or month depending on how much you drive. I have heard that if a driver does about 60 riders per week, he could potentially make about $50,000/year.

NOTE: These results are NOT guaranteed, nor typical and will depend on several factors.

You should know that Uber charges a service/booking fee for each trip that you do. This is deducted when trip is finished and displays under your earnings tab.

Also, something else that I wanted to discuss briefly are canceled trips by riders. This is something that drivers can not prevent nor control.

If you arrive to the rider’s location or within close range, Uber pays out $5 USD. However, as mentioned before this is still considered a “booked trip” so a service fee is deducted. The payout is $3.75 USD. However, if you just start the trip and the rider cancels, you get nothing, zilch, rien, nada:( You get the picture.

If you decide to get started, you can get paid by weekly direct deposits or by uploading your debit card for quick daily cash outs.

NOTE: [Weekly direct deposits are hit Wednesdays and they are always on time every time. However, you should know that you will be charged 50 cents each time you use the cashout instant pay feature for earnings to your debit card. But is free to transfer funds if you have their GoBank card.  If you work the day and want to paid instantly, then by using this feature it will arrive to your account within minutes depending on your bank.]

The helpful video shows how instant pay works:

Should You Drive With Uber Or Not?

The purpose of this Uber Driver review is not to tell you what to do. I will state that Uber is 100% legit and a good source of extra money to make ends meet. If you are looking simply for something extra to do after work or on the weekends, then it’s great. Some do it part time, while others full. It’s really up to you. I just wanted to give you my personal experience as an Uber driver and some things to keep in mind BEFORE joining.

It’s important to remember to put money aside for taxes as you will be an independent contractor. Check with your CPA about ways to save money and things you can and should write off. [NOTE: I’m not giving any legal advise]

If you decide to start driving with Uber or even their competitor Lyft, it’s important to know about some common mistakes that drivers make. This might help to ease some of the unexpected frustrations that ridesharing drivers experience.

What Do Other People Think About Uber?

Next in this Uber driver review 2020, I wanted to share what other people think about using Uber. When you look at Consumer Affairs you will notice that based on 1,335 Uber reviews by users they have a 3 out of 5 rating.

Based 3,810 Uber reviews on Trustpilot, they have a 1.4 rating out of 5. And also when you think about UberEats, another poll revealed a 1 star rating out of 5 based on 13,742 UberEat users.

Why do I share these Uber reviews with you? Because these come from respected outlets where users post their honest opinions. By considering these it may help you to have more of a bigger picture of being an Uber driver.

These reviews on Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot express that actual problems that people have experienced with their customer support, billing issues, drivers and more. These are the type of complaints that you might experience on the road as Uber driver dealing with riders should you decide to join. I know personally that when I drove with Uber, riders for some reason always thought that I could resolve their billing issues. Apparently they had issues and wanted me to help.

The reality is that there is absolutely NOTHING that you can do as a driver to help them with their previous problems. All you can do is be nice, listen and then redirect them to contact customer support.

I also found that many riders were really nice, while others were outright rood and didn’t care at all about you as a driver. Even if you do everything to put a smile on their face and go the extra mile, there will be some riders who will give you a bad rating which isn’t fair.

I remember that sometimes people would ask politically geared questions or just out right inappropiate questions. This is against Uber rules and also just not a good idea. I would just remain quiet and politely state that I have no opinion to avoid the obvious. If you didn’t engage, then people might give you a bad rating.

Why do I mention these experiences? Because they are things that come with the territory and something you will have to deal with if you decide to become an Uber driver.


I no longer drive nor use Uber at all. I started as an Uber driver initially to help support my dad and family, however I stopped driving. Why? I realized that Uber WAS a good side hustle, but it wasn’t something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Also, frankly it does a lot a wear and tear on your vehicule. I have a VW Jetta and I was putting a lot of miles on it. It’s true that I always kept up the maintenance, but still it was killing my car.

Something that I realized is that I wanted to start working from home making money online. This would allow me to spend more time with my family. Is this what you would like also? Would you like to have more time freedom to travel? Now I make money 24/7 creating simple websites online just like this simple one. It doesn’t require that you tear up your car nor deal with riders who slam your doors and don’t even tip.

Now as a blogger and entrepreneur, I teach people online how to start a blog on WordPress so that they too can make money from home. I also show people how to drive THOUSANDS of page views to their website to sell their products and services online. If you are interested in starting your very own blog or website online, then let me know in the comments.

Wrapping Up This Uber Driver Review 2020..

So, what’s the final verdict on Uber? The truth is that Uber is still a 100% legit money making opportunity and great side gig for anybody wanting to make some extra money.

You will NOT get rich or nothing crazy like that, but it’s a good hustle. If you signup, make sure you a specific goal in mind of how much or how long you do it. Use as a stepping to get where you really want to be. That is exactly what I did and now I have achieved my goals.

Ridesharing is a good opportunity that of course replaces the conventional taxi.

Although everyone starts on the same playing field, there are NO raises NOR any room for advancement as a driver. It is what it is. You are kinda stuck. You don’t get any residual income for being nice to people. It’s simply a good side hustle. That’s it. I just want you know so that you don’t get too excited and then feel let down if it’s not what you expected.

Now it is possible that you may still have questions that have not been answered in this Uber driver review 2020. If so, then drop them below in the comments area.

Today, I just wanted to share with you my personal experience as a past driver and some basic things to expect before getting started with Uber. I wanted to be honest and transparent as possible with sharing my experience in this Uber review. Hopefully you have enough information to make a decision on driving or to try another money making opportunity.

You may do Uber for a little bit and then decide to open your very own home business like I did. Now I make money from home doing what I really love doing and that is helping others online. If you currently work a 9-5 day job right now and don’t like it, then you need to make a change now. Now is a great time to start your very own website online. The economy is ever changing and so are jobs if you have one. A great way to supplement or replace your current income is to start working from home right now. There

What do you think of this Uber driver review 2020 today? Did you get all of your basic questions answered and doubts cleared up? Will you start driving with Uber or not? Let me below what you think.