Uhaul Truck Rentals Review: Why We Never Use Uhaul Again! Read this first!

It’s not often that one must move, but when you do then most think of renting a truck or van to do so.. Uhaul has been around from decades and we have used Uhaul truck rentals several times, but my last 2 experiences have made us just go to their competition!!!

What to Expect in This Uhaul Truck Rentals Review? 

Today I will tell you about our experience using their services and what we think about today.

If you are thinking of using Uhaul truck rentals to move, I think you better read this review first! When it comes sharing experiences online I am not one to bash companies nor focus on the negative, but when a company makes a clear mistake and blames you for it, then that’s a problem:(

Today I wanted to share 2 experiences that me and my wife had while using Uhaul truck rentals. I am firm believer that we all have bad days and that we deserve a second chance, but sometimes customers lose trust in companies and decide to go elsewhere.

Our Uhaul Truck Rentals Experiences..

Some time ago, me and my wife rented a Uhaul truck to move some items between 2 states. We booked everything online as usual, but decided to drop off the Uhaul to a different location from the pickup location. If you have ever rented a Uhaul truck before, then you know that this is not uncommon. After the service rep printed out our rental contract and all, we left with our Uhaul truck.

However, something interesting happened after finishing with the truck. We were driving using GPS to the drop off location that was listed on the uhaul.com which for some reason DOES NOT EXIST?? Me and wife are like..how is it that a location is listed on a website that actually doesn’t exist?

What do we do to drop off this truck? We contacted the Uhaul customer service and the rep claims that we have it all wrong and says that they will charge us $$ if it is not dropped off X address (address that doesn’t exist). This would have equated to leaving on the side of the bypass. Why?

Through our research, it turns out that the Uhaul office was closed down and the building was no longer at this given location. However, this was not updated on the uhaul.com website. We decided to drop it off at the next closest location which took us out our way and guess what? You would think that these guys would consider this inconvenience. No, nothing. They were going to charge us for dropping at another Uhaul location. It’s irritating when you when you speak to a “rep” on the phone who tells you that a place exist that doesn’t exist? Empty lot.

Another Bad Experience..

Our second experience occurred in Virginia using Uhaul truck rentals. This time, versus booking online, we decided to CALL Uhaul customer service and speak to a live person. The female representative quoted us a price over the phone that we thought was a deal, but we would have to drive a distance to get it.

We located this Uhaul truck dealer who rang us up and all and noticed that the price printed differed a lot from what was quoted over the phone. The quoted price was $118. The cashier rang the reservation up at $128 vs $118 + other charges which brought it to about $169? We asked the cashier why is it not $118 as promised? He replied that this is way it comes up in the computer and can’t change it?

We contacted Uhaul customer service to complain about this matter. The representative said that the difference was supposedly for taxes and this money can not be refunded? You mean to tell me that for a $118 truck rental it has that much in taxes? It doesn’t make sense at all. If you quote a customer a price by phone and give a confirmation for it, then we should be charged that amount and nothing more. I expect to pay takes on items anywhere I go, but how does this service jump from $118 to $169?

Thinking about these experiences and other reviews found at BBB, Consumer Affairs, and PissedCustomer.com make me appreciate one thing that someone has always told me.

“Going CHEAP is not always the BEST way”.

Do you agree with this statement? I’m sure you do if you have had a similar experience.

Sometimes it’s better to spend more money upfront on quality if it means you will get the service right the first time. Going the cheap route trying to save money and cut corners only finishes with headaches as was our case. Having to move is already stressful enough, but dealing with bad customer service is a headache.

It actually cost us more money to book using Uhaul truck rentals than if we would have gone with their competitor Penske that actually was closer to us. Sometimes you want to be loyal to a brand that you know, but that’s not always the best decision.


After all is said and done, we finished our move and are all settled in our new place. But what I must say is that when a company has customer service that doesn’t respect its customers and doesn’t reveal or disclose information that may help a consumer to make better informed decisions, then it is not good.

Uhaul truck rentals was our preferred go to truck rental product in the PAST, but now we will look to other truck rental companies going forward. Uhaul, you have lost a good customer:(

After this reading this Uhaul review, what have been your experiences using Uhaul truck rentals? Have they been favorable or do you have an experience to share with us? Your thoughts below…