Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review 2022 – Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme? Read This First!

If you are looking for an Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, then this the right place! Maybe you have seen tons of websites online promoting this, but not sure is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme? Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit?

Or perhaps you are like many who wonder can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate or not? These are questions that many entrepreneur like YOU have so we will cover them today. Be sure to read this Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 to the very end that way you don’t way you will not regret it later!

wealthy affiliate unbiased review

What To Expect In This Wealthy Affiliate Unbiased Review 2022

Of all of the affiliate programs online, I have noticed that Wealthy Affiliate program at www.wealthyaffiliate.com is one of the easiest to promote. Why?

According to some stats, roughly 137,000 business startups are opened each day by entrepreneurs. But per reports by Fundera, 20% of small businesses fail in their 1st year. How can you beat the odds as a new entrepreneur? No doubt, you need to get online to gain more exposure to your brand and increase sales.  This is where the Wealthy Affiliate program comes into play to bridge the gap with their training.

This Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 will show you how this program helps you to create affiliate marketing websites and make money online. This review will also expose how most users feel about using them that way you get the Wealthy Affiliate pros and cons. In the vent you feel that they are not for you, then there will be some Wealthy Affiliate alternatives.

Disclaimer: This page has affiliate links. If used to signed up and a purchase is made, then we received credit for the referral. No income guarantees are made. This is for informational purposes only. Income potential is based on personal efforts.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate and How Does It Work?

Have you ever referred someone to a business to buy a product or service and they actually bought it? Many of us have told friends and family about movies that we liked, but the movie theater didn’t mail you a Thank You check, right? It never happens, but would be nice.

This in short is what affiliate marketing is in a nutshell. It’s being able to get paid for telling other people about products and services that you really like. You don’t have to be the owner of the product, rather an affiliate.

unbiased wealthy affiliate review

The Wealthy Affiliate program since 2005 has been teaching entrepreneurs the easy way to create websites online without any experience and to make money. From the very getgo, they allow users to setup a FREE account with their Starter Plan which gives you some limited features to start a site. When you create it the site will look something like this below:


As you can see “learnanet” is the subdomain and the platform is called siterubix. This is basically where your site will be hosted online IF you use their FREE version. This is nice for beginners, but if you are really 100% serious about your website online, then it’s best to get a custom domain name.

A custom domain name would be like https://learnanet.com or something that describes your brand or business. My domain name is much shorter and easier to remember. You can get a custom domain from Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

With the FREE version it will allow you to create only 1 website online and supports ONLY 1,000 visitors. This is not much at all especially if your website starts to become popular online and you get visitors globally. This is something that I have experienced on this Learnanet blog.

This is why it is completely worth upgrading to their Premium Plan as this will allow to you to create 10 websites and handle up to 500,000 visitors! This means that your website, blog or eCommerce store will be able to support hundreds or potentially thousands of daily page views.

How Much Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Many ask is Wealthy Affiliate FREE? The answer is yes and no.

There are memberships that you can select from: Starter and Premium. Each membership offers its own individual benefits to users. Most beginners get started online with their FREE Starter plan first to test the waters.

However, for those entrepreneurs that 100% serious about making money online and want to take it to next level, then Premium Plan is for them. Review this chart below to get a quick overview of the major features and benefits of using the Wealthy Affiliate training courses.

wealthy affiliate unbiased review

As you could see with this side-by-side comparison, the Premium is only $49/month has more unlimited features for users. If you get started today with them here at www.wealthyaffiliate.com, then you try out Premium for only $19 on your first month!

Wealthy Affiliate is really for beginners online to affiliate marketing who also have never created a website online. Something unique is that from the very beginning they have modules that walk you step by step through the process of creating your site online. These Bootcamp modules are really in place to teach you everything that you need to know about affiliate marketing.

These modules will teach things like selecting a niche, how to promote affiliate marketing using free advertising sites, selecting appropriate affiliate programs to join to make money online & more!

How is Wealthy Affiliate reputation? To make sure that this was a Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, I wanted to shared with you some external sources. This way you can make a solid about getting started today or not.

Wealthy Affiliate Review BBB

If you look at their report with the Better Business Bureau, then you see that they have an A+ rating here. On their report you will notice that they have only 10 complaints over the past 3 years all of which have resolved. So overall, you can see that they are very responsive and customer service driven.

Wealthy Affiliate Review Trustpilot

Another way how to honest product reviews online that are unbiased is Trustpilot. If you checkout their profile you will notice that they have excellent reputation there per Wealthy Affiliate unbiased reviews by users. They have 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars. This is really amazing in comparison with other money making opportunities online.

According to the scale:

  • 92% of users said that Wealthy Affiliate is Excellent
  • 2% of users said that it was Great
  • 2% of users said it was Average
  • <1% said Poor and
  • 3% rated Wealthy Affiliate as Bad

So here you can see that users really love enjoy using their platform and find a lot of value with their courses and training.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Trustworthy?

Again, WA is 100% legit to use to learn affiliate marketing. They have been in business online for for a long time and have a excellent reputation in the online community. There are over 1,400,000 members in joined their affiliate marketing Bootcamp from 193 countries worldwide.

No matter where you look online you will find a positive Wealthy Affiliate review by users. With a lot of products online these days, it’s really hard to find programs that actually work for users. It’s really easy to understand from the very point you land and navigate their website www.wealthyaffiliate.com.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros And Cons

There are a lot of Wealthy Affiliate reviews 2022 online, however most of them don’t highlight both the pros and cons. However, my Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review will give you both that way you can get both sides.

If you get the FREE version, remember that you can only create 1 website online and that you will not have a custom domain name. Per Google, an effective domain name is short and doesn’t have any dashes or numbers making it easier for your visitors to read and remember online. It’s also better for ranking higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

So if you are 100% serious and want your website to rank higher in the search engines, then Premium plan is the best way to go.

Some Other Cons of Using FREE version:

  • Live Support for first 7 days only
  • No private access to owners Kyle & Carson
  • No Feedback or Engagement Platforms
  • Slower page loads
  • Images not automatically compressed [Alternative WordPress plugin SMUSH]
  • NO caching [Alternative WordPress plugins LiteSpeed Cache or Surge]
  • No website backups
  • No Instant DNS
  • Only get access to 10 Affiliate Bootcamp lessons [70 lessons with Premium]
  • Only supports 1,000 website visitors
  • No Keyword Research or SEO Tools [I prefer using RankIQ being it’s best for bloggers & small business owners]

One of the huge pros of using Wealthy Affiliate courses is that they are jam packed with so much value and information that all beginners online absolutely need. It’s like going to a virtual affiliate marketing university with lots of people supporting you. The training was created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.

This definitely justifies the costs of their Premium Plan and is highly recommended IF you want to take your site to the next level. The courses are self-paced and can be done at your own convenience.

Is Wealthy Affiliate A Pyramid Scheme?


wealthy affiliate unbiased review

Now let’s get real. Many people before researching or looking into it just call it a Wealthy Affiliate Scam. These same people think that it is just a pyramid scheme out to take your money. Those that think that are completely far from the truth! This is NOT a SCAM. Why?

If you look at the Wikipedia pyramid scheme definition, it refers to “business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products. Does this describe what is Wealthy Affiliate and how it works? Absolutely not! Why?

The entire premise and focus of their courses is to show you how to create websites online that make YOU money. Yes, there is an Wealthy Affiliate program that users can join if desired, but it is 100% optional and not require to use their Bootcamp courses.

As mentioned before, we all at some point or another have REFERRED people to businesses based on products or services that we love. These might include insurance, dentists, movies, restaurants, mechanics, Amazon, Walmart, etc. The fact that we referred or told them about it is a form of affiliate marketing. However, the only difference is that these companies received new clients, but did NOT send you a Thank You check for referring them.

I explain it this way because some people can get quit confused start to call it a “Wealthy Affiliate Scam” or “Wealthy Affiliate Pyramid Scheme“, etc. Sometimes when people see that a company is willing to pay you for sending new business to them, they automatically think it’s a SCAM.

[NOTE: AVOID Scams like Six Figure Empire, High Profit Check System and EPS Prosperity Hotline]

Wealthy Affiliate offers a real product that people actually need who want to break away from their 9-5 jobs. As mentioned in the beginning of our Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, some 137,000 business startups are opened everyday. To start ANY business online, you need to receive some specialized education and training a build a website. Wealthy Affiliate modules provide the know-how to help achieve your goals.

Again, you are NOT required to recruit anybody once you sign up with Wealthy Affiliate. Whether you get started with the FREE version or Premium plan will essentially be up to you. This will will determine what your personal needs are and if in fact you want to learn how to build high authority website with high SEO rankings or do affiliate marketing in your preferred niche.

To learn more about how affiliate marketing works in general and why companies like Wealthy Affiliate would be great to add to you portfolio. This video shows why everyone should be doing affiliate marketing and some ideas to consider to make money online.

To try Hostinger Web Hosting with up to 80% OFF, go here www.hostinger.com

Is Wealthy Affiliate An MLM?

No, Wealthy Affiliate is not multi-level marketing. Again, you do NOT have to spend lots of wasted time and energy recruiting teams or downlines to use their services like Motor Club Of America, Legal Shield business opportunity, etc.

There is no hype at all and you are not required to promote them to use their services. You get access to video tutorials for their Bootcamp. Their main deal is providing training for entrepreneurs to learn how to build websites online. I think that this is a great skill that everyone should learn how to do.

However, if you are wondering can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate, then maybe you should try out their Wealthy Affiliate program. It’s also 100% FREE to join and they actually give you affiliate links and banners. They even tell you how to promote them online. When people signup, then you get paid.

To receive payments you must have Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, then it’s FREE to get an account. The Wealthy Affiliate program tracks all of your clicks, referrals and recurring commissions.


Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives

To make sure this was a Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, I wanted to provide some of the best alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate. This is in the event you feel that their FREE or Premium plans are not for you.

You could promote web hosting services with the Bluehost affiliate program that pays $65/referral or Liquid Web affiliate program that pays up to $7,000/referral!

However, on any note, if you are new online and want to really be successful with affiliate marketing, then the following courses are amazing to try today.

BYE 9 to 5 Course

One of the fastest ways to drive traffic online for ANY affiliate marketing product is to use Youtube. You is owned by Google and the second largest search engine following Google.

BYE 9 to 5 Youtube Automation & Monetization course created by Jordan Mackey is the absolute best training for all entrepreneurs to go viral on Youtube and easily sell products without any experience at all. This program shows you how to make on Youtube without showing your face and more!

The BYE 9 to 5 Course comes with FREE Training & a 60 day money back guarantee. This makes it 100% Risk-FREE!

 Super Affiliate System Pro

When it comes to affiliate marketing especially for high ticket items, John Crestani is the king with this on Youtube. You can go too many places online and not hear something about his successful training and webinars. How to promote affiliate marketing using FREE methods online.

The Super Affiliate System Pro is a training program with videos, software, and checklists. If you are willing to apply his methods step-by-step, his promise is to take beginner affiliate marketers from zero to over $5,000 with 6 weeks or less.

The Super Affiliate System Pro by John Crestani comes with FREE Training & a No-Risk 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to create an affiliate marketing website online, you basically need only 2 things: a domain name and web hosting provider.

There are several web hosting providers online that can used to build your website. If you are looking for the cheapest way with the best resources, uptime performance, customer support and security, then use Hostinger Hosting for affiliate marketing.

When it comes to web hosting, you will find that Hostinger hosting is the most affordable for beginners online creating their first website online. Their beginner plan will allow you to create 1 website. If you need to add multiple domains in cPanel and create unlimited sites online, then you can try perhaps their Premium or Business plans.

Either way, it’s a good way to to create a simple website, blog or eCommerce online with a custom domain name without spending $49/month for Wealthy Affiliate Premium.

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2022 Conclusion

Whether you simply wanted to know is Wealthy Affiliate a pyramid scheme or wondered can you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate, this review was for you. Wealthy Affiliate is not a SCAM and is a 100% legitimate money making opportunity. There courses have helped over 1,400,000 people globally including me!

There are several money making opportunities online. Some are great, while others are not so great and are outright SCAMS! This is why I wanted to write this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review to show you what they offer.

Through my research and personal experience I wanted to help answer some frequently asked questions. As you could see with this review, the main focus of their program is to help you learn how to create profitable affiliate marketing websites online. With their video modules, they walk beginners by the hand show how to pick a niche, build a site and promote it online using FREE traffic.

This programs works and is 100% legit! The mere fact that you are here reading this Wealthy Affiliate review 2022 proves that what they teach is very effective. The thing that I love most about it is that you don’t have to be expert nor have any prior experience with html or coding. They have great customer support and a community within the Bootcamp there to answer your questions.

If you are 100% serious about working from home & looking for a legitimate way to make money online, then get started right now for FREE!

After reading this Wealthy Affiliate unbiased review, what questions do you? If you have any questions, then you can drop them right below, I hope you have much success this year going forward your new business online!

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