What is Domain Privacy Protection and Do I Need It? 13 Reasons to Get Domain Privacy Today!

You may be wondering what is domain privacy protection? Do I need domain privacy? This is something that comes up at checkout, but should buy it or not? Millions of people just like YOU who want to start a blog or create a website online ask these same questions. Why is it important? Nearly 1.9 billion records with personal data was compromised during January 2017 to March 2018. 75% of data breaches was caused by hackers. Also, in 2020 over 1,000 cases cases of data breaches exposed personal data of over 155.8 million people in the US. 85% of data breads were financially motivated.

All of these stats just show the importance of protecting our data. Today in this review, I will shared my personal experience of how domain privacy helped with my sites!

What To Expect In This Domain Privacy Review

Today I will go what is domain privacy protection in simple terms. Next, I talk to you about the benefits of having it and what happened when you DON’T get it on domains at checkout. And lastly I will show you some great places to get it for your website before you go live. Ready? Then let’s do this?

What Is Domain Privacy Protection?

Before you start a blog or create a website online, there 2 things that you need to do this. One, you need a buy a domain name and thereafter purchase web hosting. When you checkout, your domain register will offer this typically as an optional add-on or upgrade. But what is it?

I like to think of domain privacy protection as a local phone directory such as the Whitepages. When you get a home phone, your phone company can block or remove your info from WhitePages so that people don’t call you. The way it works is that for a small yearly fee, they will keep you unlisted from any directory.

When you buy a domain name from ANY registry online, your information AUTOMATICALLY becomes available on the whois directory which is like the Whitepages for websites online. It says who owns the website, where you live, your phone number, blood type and the name of your first born:)

Domain privacy protections guys will basically add an additional layer of security to website, blog or eCommerce store online. It’s like putting an extra pair of latex gloves to protect your personal data.

13 Reasons Why You Need Domain Privacy Protection At Checkout

The following are just a few of many ways that you can safeguard and protect your business with this feature on your domains.

  • It will mask your first and last name
  • Your physical address where you live so people don’t send you junk mail
  • It also privatizes your phone number so people don’t call trying to sell you things you don’t want nor need
  • Your email address is also masked to prevent spam-related offers and emails.
  • It will help business protect data at risk with email phishing-related scams
  • Whenever you buy a domain name, so-called SEO experts from out of the country will email you offering web design services, etc. Often these emails don’t typically have a contact phone nor address of the sender
  • Unwanted web traffic from scammers and hackers
  • It prevents domain name theft
  • It protects your business against scams
  • It decreases your chances of getting hacked or info stolen online
  • Some domain name registrars charge more for this feature after checkout
  • Using a proxy, it redirects any inquiries through your web host first so that the sender doesn’t have your info.
  • According to some stats, Cyber attacks, unauthorized data use and data breaches can cost a business well over $3.5 million.

There is only one real reason why people would not get domain privacy protection.

  • You have a domaining business and looking to buy and sell domains for profit. Some people who do this online may want others to see their info on the whois directory and contact them if the domain is for sale. But again, you can still run the risk of being contacted by scammers who see your info on whois.
  • NOTE: If you are domaining, it’s best and safer to use a mediator or marketplace such as sedo.com, godaddy auctions, etc to sell domains. Just a suggestion. These marketplaces serve as escrow and will transact sales for you this way you don’t get scammed.

How I Heard About Domain Privacy?

I have been creating WordPress websites online for several years. I first hear about it when I began buying domains at Godaddy. Many of the domains that I purchased initially didn’t have this protection on them. I thought that I was saving money at checkout and the truth is..I was! But in exchange for what? A headache and tons of unsolicited phones from who shot John and people wanting to sell this and that. I would get emails EVERYDAY from people whose first language was not English try to sell me SEO services and web design.

The truth is I don’t need any SEO services from any experts and especially from those who send emails that don’t have names or contact info. They simply want you to respond to their emails if you are interested? What kind of professional service is that? I don’t need any help or SEO experts being my blogs and websites online perform very well and rank very high in the search engines. Think about how you made it here today? I am here answering a very important question of do you need domain privacy which brought you here. This is due to some great search engine optimization.

But going back to what is domain privacy protection and getting off this rant. I noticed something very interesting over time. Every time I created a new website online and I didn’t purchase domain privacy protection, my phone and email were flooded. On the other hand, when I purchased it the calls and emails completely STOPPED! Yaay!

So guess what I started doing for EVERY domain that I purchase now? You guess it! I make sure that I have domain privacy on them whether I am creating a WordPress website for me or for someone else.

Where Can You Get FREE Domain Privacy Online? 

The truth is that just about every company that offers web hosting or sells domain names online will have this optional feature. Where can you buy it?

The Godaddy domain privacy protection costs $7.99 per year for each domain.

I have purchased it at Godaddy on several domains in the past, but I have noticed that many Godaddy alternatives have it also. Also, I stopped using Godaddy all together due to their pricing that increases every year.

Bluehost domain privacy protection for example is about $9.99 per year per domain. It is an optional add-on as you can see below at checkout.

what is domain privacy protection

But I highly recommend that you get their Plus hosting. Why? because when you do then you will get Bluehost domain protection for FREE! It is TOTALLY worth it being they have excellent customer support and fast WordPress hosting performance.

Bluehost web hosting is great for beginners online who want to create websites on a budget. They have a 1-click WordPress installation to get you online quick. You don’t need any coding or html experience as they great website builders. Once you pick your domain, select your web hosting you need, then you can check this option if you use Bluehost web hosting. I have even have step-by-step WordPress tutorials that you can watch if you like. Drop me a comment below if you want to learn how to build a simple site using Bluehost today!

Get 60% OFF Bluehost web hosting right now by clicking the banner!

Domain.com who has some really good web hosting sells it for $8.79 per domain you purchase.

I guess I could on and on showing you places where you could buy it. But we don’t have time for that right? According to stats, there over 330,000 web hosting hosting providers in the world charge for this protection.

Where To Get Free Domain Privacy Protection? 

Now that you fully understand what is domain privacy protection, hopefully you DO see the need and true benefit of having it. Frankly, I personally would not build a website or blog today without having this protection added first. And you shouldn’t either.

Recently, I discovered a few places online that have not only super reliable web hosting, but also will give you this feature for FREE! Yes, I said it. You can save this money and buy yourself a nice Chick-filet combo.

NOTE: I personally like the #3 Spicy Chicken Deluxe combo just in case you want to know. It’s my favorite, but don’t tell anybody:) and You?

As I mentioned before, when I first got started online, I went to Godaddy for everything. But later I said bye bye daddy and went on a search to find some cheaper solutions. If you are a beginner online you are probably looking for ways to save money in your business too, right?

That’s why I got married with Namecheap being I realized how much cheaper their domain names were in comparison to Godaddy. Making the transition over to Namecheap was easy and saved me an average of $10 on each domain. Godaddy domains run about $17.99 now whereas Namecheap domains are $8.88. Whatever domain you purchase at Namecheap you will get FREE domain privacy protection [whoisguard].

As I was into creating websites using WordPress, I started to realize that they also have Stellar shared web hosting, WordPress hosting, and even VPN. It doesn’t matter the hosting package that you use with Namecheap, any domain that you purchase will FREE domain privacy for LIFE!

Build Your Website with Namecheap - Get Privacy Protection Free Forever


Dreamhost here at www.dreamhost.com is another awesome web hosting provider that has been around since 1997. Being that they are recommended by WordPress.org, they are great to use for creating WordPress websites.

what is domain privacy protection

In addition to getting free domain privacy protection, Dreamhost will give you also a free domain with is another savings to you! What I love better about Dreamhost over Namecheap is that the web hosting performance if much faster and on top of that, they give you a 97 day money back guarantee!!

Namecheap is great, but Dreamhost is a better fit for beginners. They give you more time to try out their web hosting services online. This will help you to get a good feel for their performance with your business website. I think they are great whether you would like to create just 1 website online or multiple websites. I prefer the ability to be able to create unlimited websites, but you may be different. On any note, I wanted to share them with you today being I know they care a lot about online security and offer the domain privacy.

Domain Privacy Protection Conclusion..

So is domain privacy protection worth it? I think you know the answer to this question by now and see the reason that you shouldn’t checkout without having this feature added. If you really care about web security and protecting your business website and good name online, then this is an easy answer.

To date, I have purchased over 30 domains online so I know what works and what doesn’t. I also know where to find great online deals and discounts on web hosting, domains and tools that you will need to save money for your business and excel online. If you want to know more, feel free to drop your comments below and I will be happy to provide additional in on tools. In the interim, you can checkout the resources page.

Now let’s turn over to you. What type of website are you creating online? Will you buy domain privacy today to protect your website data online? You better get it!

Now that you understand what is domain privacy protection, I hope that you enjoyed this review today. If you have any questions about this post or creating websites and blogs online, feel free to drop a comment below..








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