Millions flock to affiliate marketing each year. It’s an amazing way to share products and services that you already love, yet get paid for doing it. However, maybe you ask what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing? How does affiliate marketing work anyway?

Many have tried it in the past, but have failed terribly. Perhaps this has been your case? If so, then it means that you need to know how to learn affiliate marketing like the pros. If you do, then this way you can generate monthly commissions with ANY program online that you join.

Something that I think you should do is create an affiliate website or blog first. It’s not 100% required to make money, but it will increase your conversions as a beginner doing affiliate marketing online. I have been able to create several WordPress websites including this one. I would like to hold your hand and explain what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing. The process easy and you will learn it today.

what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing

What Affiliate Marketing Products You Will Promote Online

When I first got online years ago, I didn’t really know how to make money online. With affiliate marketing, I learned that it would be way easier IF I focused on one item versus several different products. To help narrow this down I figured out that I needed to think about what I was most passionate about. This is what I recommend that you do too.

For example, if you love to cook a specific food, then you can focus on specific affiliate products that teach people how to cook.

If you are the type that loves weight loss or working out, then you can help men or woman find ways to lose weight. You can promote affiliate marketing products that are centered around this topic.

Essentially what you are doing here is figuring out what is your niche. A niche is basically a way to provide solution to a very specific problem that a searcher has.

To be successful in your niche you will need to become an investigator and do some research. This means that you will have to see who is your competition. If you are very knowledgeable in a specific area, it would be good to promote something related to your expertise.

Watch this affiliate marketing tutorial beginners below. This explains what is affiliate marketing, doing due diligence and how to find products.

Do You Need A Website To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

The short answer to this question is no. In fact, you can join any affiliate program that you want to make money online without a website.

On this blog, I promote several web hosting affiliate programs. Some have affiliate payouts once per referral, whereas others pay affiliates a recurring commission each month. When you create your affiliate website today, I recommend getting a nice mix of the two.

These are some great ones to consider for making money online are:

Other Affiliate Programs To Try Online:

No matter the case, you do not need to have a website or blog at all as an affiliate marketer. There are many ways that you can make money online. Something that you can do to find more affiliate marketing programs that interest you is to perform a quick Google search.

Also, being that you can be an affiliate marketer without a website, you can take advantage of social media platforms like Quora, Reddit, Instagram or even Facebook groups. Why? Millions of people flock to these sites everyday to get answers to questions about everything under the sun.

Consider something very interesting that shows why you do not need a website to be an affiliate marketer.

According to some quora statistics and facts, up to until January 2020 there were roughly 200 million users per month. By the end of 2020, their traffic grew to 300 million. I mention these stats because you can answer questions that people have and then leave an affiliate link at the end for them to click. I have generated a lot of web traffic and affiliate marketing commissions using this FREE method.

You can make great use of video marketing. There are different platforms that will allow you to promote affiliate links. The most popular one is Youtube. After I created my blog online, I started promoting affiliate programs on Youtube being it provides 100% FREE traffic. You can create videos using long tail keywords that are centered around your niche.

I recommend using sites like Bitly, Pretty Link or even Click Meter to convert your affiliate links into tiny urls. There are many benefits of using a url shortner when posting it online. Versus using the long-stringed affiliate links that you will receive from your affiliate programs to promote, you can use the tiny urls.

Of these 3 url shortners, I actually love Click Meter more being it provides more benefits and resources. For example, they allow affiliate marketers to:

  • Tract Sales Conversions
  • Cloak Affiliate Links to Protect Commissions
  • Helps To Boost Sales & Commissions
  • Custom your links with your domain names
  • Use Vanity Links that increase SEO
  • Get 99.99% Uptime Performance [Links Hosted by Amazon AWS servers]
  • Run Split Tests
  • Used By Over 100,000 Big & Small Businesses

amazing Tracking Tool for Affiliate Marketers
When people watch you Youtube videos, you can tell them to click on the affiliate link below in the description to get started with the product.

So again, you do not need a website to be an affiliate marketer or make money online. But you do need to have a willingness and drive to want to promote your affiliate marketing programs using alternate methods.


 How To Create A Successful Affiliate Marketing Website

There are basically 2 things that you will need to be able to create a successful affiliate marketing website online. The first is a domain name. Second you need to look for the best web hosting provider. Keep reading to see which host I recommend for beginners online.

A domain name is simply the name of your website or blog. For example, my blog is called For a small monthly fee, a web hosting provider will let you rent space on a server that stores your affiliate website data, content, pictures, etc. Your web host will make sure your site is secure and available online 24/7/365 especially when people are searching for you online.

For example, this affiliate marketing blog learnanet is hosted my Hostinger. They give you a FREE domain name along with your web hosting plan. There are 3 shared hosting plans to select from called Single, Premium & Business.

If you are serious about creating your affiliate marketing website today, then I highly recommend that you use either the Premium or Business hosting. I say this because with affiliate marketing you need to have the ability to add multiple domains to create multiple websites for different niches. However, if you want then you can create just 1 website for only $1.39/month.

The Premium shared hosting plan is only $2.59/month and the Business hosting is only $3.99/month. It basically cost less than a good cup of coffee to host your website each month online.

Hostinger offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Overall Benefits Of Using Hostinger:

  • Super Affordable For Beginners Online
  • Great 24/7/365 Customer Support
  • Super Reliable Uptime Performance
  • Free Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificates
  • $150 Google Ad Credit To Promote Your Affiliate Website
  • Free Email
  • Can Create Multiple Websites, Blogs or eCommerce stores
  • 30 day Money Back Guarantee

what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing



Write Crazy Amazing Unique Content

After creating an affiliate marketing blog or website, the key thing is to start writing some crazy amazing content that drives page views that converts. To do this, you should study your audience BEFORE writing.

For example, if you google “how does affiliate marketing work“, you will see questions under the “people also ask” section provided by Google at the top of results. This will show some of top searched things that people ask and actually search for on Google. If you can create unique content centered around what people are searching, then you can rank for these terms.

what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing

Something that you will notice in addition to the search results are LSI keywords that appear at the very bottom of the page. These are basically words that are centered around your main topic that you originally searched for online. As you can see with my screenshot that I took with my phone below these are all long tail keyword phrases related to affiliate marketing.

what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing

Your content should answer exactly what your reader is searching for online from every angle. You can do this by sprinkling some LSI words throughout your content as you answer your readers question or problem.

Something that you will notice is that the most successful affiliate marketers online often write longer content. Why?

According to Google RankBrain algorithm, longer content is a factor that contributes to a to higher SEO ranking. Frankly, the more dwell time a reader spends on your website, this tells our friend Google that your website is a good fit for the keyword searched.

When people click your affiliate links or banners and make a purchase, then you make money. When people love your content, then they will share it online with others. Do you understand more how you can get web traffic to your site? This is basically how to make a profitable affiliate marketing website online.

What Kind Of Website Do I Need For Affiliate Marketing?

In my experience I have found that although it’s not required to be an affiliate marketer, you should create a simple blog using WordPress online just like this one. This way you will get more exposure to your links and banners which means more potential sales.

I recommend that beginners use WordPress because it’s easy to build the site without experience with html or coding. When you get started with Hostinger for example, they can install WordPress on your site.

Thereafter, you will start publishing content on your WordPress to drive targeted web traffic from the search engines and other means. You can add your affiliate banners on your website just like the ones I have on this WordPress blog. These can easily be placed in the header, the left of right sides of the page, or inside your posts. It’s really easy to do by using the WordPress widgets on your dashboard. If you need help, please leave a comment below or contact me.


I know that you wanted to know what kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing. Although you can be an affiliate marketer without a website, today we talked some benefits of starting a blog to help maximize results.

One big take away that you should never forget when you consider affiliate marketing for beginners is that success does NOT come overnight. What do I mean by this? What I mean is that you MUST put in the work to see real results. If you are willing to create a niche that you are passionate about and promote your affiliate links and banners, then you will make money online.

Now once you decide what you focus will be, then you can start promoting some of the highest paying affiliate programs. The reality is that it takes the same amount of effort to sell an expensive affiliate product versus a cheap product.  The key is to learn how to do SEO marketing and how to write crazy amazing content that people are looking for on search engines.

Think again about how you made it here it today. You wanted to know how does affiliate marketing work step by step? Do I need a website to do affiliate marketing? What kind of website do I need for affiliate marketing? All of these questions were answered in this blog post and that’s why Google has ranked it on its 1 page. If you want to get FREE training to do the same with your affiliate marketing website, then click below!


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