Why Is Hostinger Slow? How To Speed Up Your Hostinger Website

Are you wondering why is Hostinger slow? If so, then is a really great question to answer because speed is a Google ranking factor. So if this is important to them, then it should be super important for you. To learn ways how to speed up your Hostinger website today, keep reading this article!

Why Is Hostinger Slow?

If you have noticed that your Hostinger website is running slow, then there are 2 decisions that you can make. This will be applicable to ANY web hosting provider. Either you fix the problem or find another web hosting provider.

However, the reality is that it doesn’t really matter which web hosting provider you are with, it needs to be addressed. If not, then you could be potentially losing hundreds or thousands of dollars in income.

I have tried several different web hosting providers over the years that were shared hosting or Managed WordPress hosting. Some tested were good, while others were not at all. Keep reading to end to see some Hostinger alternatives.

One thing that I discovered is that if there was a problem with site speed and I wondered why my website is slow, it usually was due to something that I caused. Likely you have done something simple that can be reversed and changed to fix it. For this reason I have put together this brief post to help you some reasons for slow loading websites.

I have had an account with Hostinger WordPress hosting for over 5 years and have really enjoyed using their web hosting. I recommend them on this website and also on my YouTube channel for beginners being Hostinger is good for blogging on a budget.

There are many things that can contribute to this and it may not be Hostinger. On any note, see why it’s important to fix for any host according to Google.

Slow Loading Websites According To Google

When creating a website online, most people look for a web hosting provider with a good price, customer support, security and great resources and tools. Although these things are extremely important, they don’t actually affect your overall SEO rankings.

However, something that does affect your SEO rankings are websites that load slower than normal. What is considered normal or an expected website page load?

Well according to ThinkWithGoogle, a study showed that a 1 second delay in mobile load times can impact conversions by 20%. Also research shows that 53% of people will abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

What does all of this mean? Well, in a nutshell it means that people are very impatient and do NOT want to wait for slow loading websites. So why is Hostinger slow and what can you do to fix it?

Common Reasons For Slow Loading Websites

Although it is true in many cases that a web hosting provider could be causing the reasons for slow websites loading, there are several other factors to consider.

The following list are some of the most common causes that might get overlooked. These things are great to consider fixing to help improve website speed performance.

So when you ask yourself…why is Hostinger so slow, it could be the case that Hostinger may not be the actual cause of your website issue. There are many Google PageSpeed rules and recommendations that could be implemented.

Let’s recap some mentioned in the video above.

  • Render-Blocking JavaScript Is Delaying Page Loads
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Your website doesn’t use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Unminified CSS
  • Too many page view or web traffic for your hosting plan can cause slower speeds
  • No caching / Need a caching plugin
  • Website Design or WordPress theme not mobile friendly
  • WordPress theme badly coded
  • Lots of flash content on your website
  • To many ads or banners on your website
  • Too many big images that are zipped or compressed

So if your WordPress site is not fully optimized, then some of these reasons for slow website loading could be the root cause.

How To Check Your Page Speed

Now that you understand many of the common reasons for slow loading websites, now it’s time to see why is Hostinger slow.

A great way to figure out what is slowing down your site is by getting over GTmetrix. It is one of the best tools online to help you speed up your website. It shows Lighthouse metrics and Core Web Vitals.

Although they have a PRO version, you can signup to do a FREE Basic Analysis with GTmetrix. Once you type in your domain name in their search bar, it will scan your website and then deliver results. The results will reveal things that need to be fixed with your website. By implementing these suggested changes one by one this will help to speed up your website.

You can see a screenshot of a previous test that I ran on my Hostinger website Learnanet. The video above reflects some additional changes that I made which gave it even FASTER page loads.

why is hostinger slow

Another great FREE way to check your website speed is by using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Just as with GTmetrix, you can enter your domain name in the search bar and it will give results of some things to improve website speed. I ran a quick PageSpeed Insights report and scored a 91 on desktop. There were several suggestions that this Google report made and when implemented, I saw improvements.

Pingdom is another great place that will also let you check site speed. It will let you run test from 7 different locations:

  • Tokyo, Japan [Asia]
  • Frankfurt, Germany [Europe]
  • London, United Kingdom [Europe]
  • Washington D.C. [USA]
  • San Francisco [USA]
  • Sydney, Australia [Pacific]
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil [South America]

When you test your Hostinger website speed performance from different locations, it will help you to see how fast your website is for visitors. You can also monitor 24/7 servers, web applications, uptime performance of your website and more.

After you the test from your desired, Pingdom will product a report with suggested improvements to increase website speeds. They have a 14-day FREE trial and thereafter Pingdom pricing starts at $10/month for annual plans or $15/month-to-month.

One of main changes that I need to do was minify CSS, use caching, decrease image sizes and add a content delivery. As for CSS, I have found that LiteSpeedCache works great.

I was able to find another awesome WordPress plugin that works out of the box and doesn’t require ANY configuring at all called Surge. If you install this cache plugin, you will see immediate results for faster page loads.

The next thing that I needed to do was get a content delivery network.

How To Speed Up WordPress Website Using Hostinger CDN

why is hostinger slow

There are many benefits of using a CDN. They not only provide additional protection against brute & DDoS attacks, but it will also promote faster page loads. How?

When a visitor tries to visitor your website, a request is sent to your sever. Now depending on the location of your visitor will determine how long it takes the server to complete that request and load your page. The further away your visitor is located from the server or data center, the longer it takes to deliver the content.

People become so impatient that they don’t want to wait even 2 seconds for page loads according to a study. So using a CDN just makes sense to promote a better page experience.

It’s always recommended that you select a data center that is closest to your visitors with ANY web hosting provider. What’s awesome is when you signup with Hostinger, there will be 10 data centers globally. You can grab a CDN in your hPanel dashboard or go directly to Cloudflare to signup for one. The only difference is you will have to configure it all by yourself if you get it outside of Hostinger.

Having a content delivery network will basically shorten the distance a request travels by using various CDN endpoints or POPs. Cloudflare is great to help tap into these endpoints and promote faster website site performance. This will allow your Hostinger website to handle higher volumes of web traffic without crashing online.

The great thing that I love about using Hostinger is that they do offer FREE CDNs. However, you have to activate the Hostinger CDN through hpanel for it to work as mentioned above in the video. So if you are asking why is Hostinger slow, then this could be one the main causes.

How To Increase Website Speed With Image Optimization

Although images are great to use for content to keep a visitor engaged, if they are too big then images can affect site speed. A great way to remedy this is to install a WordPress plugin to reduce, zip or compress image sizes. If you do this, then it will help to better optimized your images and decrease load times.

There are many FREE plugins in your dashboard that will do the job, however one that has worked for me is SMUSHIT. Although they their FREE version does the trick, the PRO version has even more features to image compression and increasing page loads.

Some other WordPress plugins to checkout that help with optimizing site speed, faster page loads, Gzip compression, minification and lazy load of images are:

The idea with plugins is to install one and retest your site speed using GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom. Once you see the improvements, then you this will help with bounce rates and a better page experience with visitors.

Hostinger Alternatives

I know that you wanted to figure out simply why is Hostinger slow with page loads. As mentioned before I have been using Hostinger web hosting for over 5 years on Learnanet and several other WordPress sites online.

I have had really great experiences and highly recommend it for beginners and anyone how wants to save money online. They are super affordable for creating websites, blogs or eCommerce stores.

However, if you prefer to just do a FREE website migration to another provider, there are plenty of other fish in this digital sea that will host your website.

Below you find a few reputable recommendations for both shared web hosting and Managed WordPress providers. All of them have money back guarantees along with great tools and resources.

Shared Web Hosting Recommendations:

Accuwebhosting is a hosting provider that has plans starting at only $2.99/month. They also have VPS, Dedicated hosting with good uptime performance, security and customer support. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee.

More details here www.accuwebhosting.com

FastComet has shared SSD Cloud hosting starting at only $2.95/month. They also offer SSD-based VPS & Dedicated CPU servers with good uptime performance, security and customer support. They offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

More details here www.fastcomet.com

A2 Hosting has shared web hosting starting at only $2.99/month. They are known mostly for their Turbo servers. They offer an ANYTIME refund policy with their packages.

More details here www.a2hosting.com

Managed WordPress Hosting Recommendations:

These Hostinger alternatives are great for handling higher volumes of traffic in the millions and support Nginx. They have several data centers globally and really best for more experienced users online.

Devrims is a great Managed Cloud WordPress hosting provider that has plans starting at $10.95/month. They allow you to pick from over 20 data centers globally and build sites using service providers like DigitalOcean and Amazon Web Services. They offer a 6-day FREE Trial and pay as you go hosting.

To get started with Devrims, go here www.devrims.com

Nestify is another Managed Cloud hosting provider with plans starting at $9/month. They offer a 7-day FREE Trial and servers are built on Amazon Web Services. It’s also a pay as you go hosting provider with 63 data centers globally.

To get started with Nestify, go here www.nestify.io 

Kinsta is more robust Hostinger alternative that specializes in Managed hosting on Google Cloud platform. Their plans start at $25/month and they can support websites with higher volumes of traffic.

Kinsta has 29 data centers globally and offers a 30 day money back guarantee. You can get 2 Months FREE on annual plans.

To get started with Kinsta, go here: www.kinsta.com

Conclusion: Why Is Hostinger Slow

As you can see to find out why Hostinger is slow there are many things to consider. There are several reasons for slow loading websites and it may not be a result of Hostinger servers. This can be an issue that you could experience with ANY web hosting provider online.

Today you learned how to to check your page speed and also a few simple ways how to improve page loads on WordPress. What are my recommendations as a user of Hostinger web hosting?

Once you pick a platform and test your WordPress site speed, look at the results that you receive in the reports. Look at all of the suggestions that you get from GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, and Pingdom. Each one of these will reveal some key things that you can fix without having to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to a web developer.

Now that you know some possible reasons why Hostinger is slow, which one of the suggestions mentioned above will you apply first?

Or are you thinking about migrate your website to one of the Hostinger alternatives mentioned above? Let me know thoughts either way below in the comments. Please share this online and link to this website! Have a great day!


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