WP Engine Affiliate Program Review 2020 – Legit Or A Scam? Read This First?

If you guys are reading this WP Engine affiliate program review you are probably asking yourself..if I can really make legit money with WP Engine or is it just a scam? Or perhaps if their managed WordPress hosting are really better or not? If this is the case, then site back and relax because what you will learn today will blow your mind!

What To Expect In This WP Engine Affiliate Program Review

Today in this review, you will learn all about the affiliate marketing program that WP Engine offers. We will touch on affiliate payments and what we really think about it. Hopefully by the end if this review you will exactly if they are legit or not for today’s entrepreneurs who want to make money online.

Disclaimer: I am not WP Engine affiliate and do NOT receive any income nor incentives from this company. No income guarantees are made, nor shall be taken as such.

wp engine affiliate program review

What Is WP Engine?

WP Engine is one of many WordPress managed hosting providers that you will find on the internet. That’s really all that they do. So if you want cheap shared web hosting, then they are not for you. Maybe you see our resources page for some better suggestions. Their web hosting packages range from $35/month$290/month as pictured below. Based on the web hosting packages that are offered, the WP Engine affiliate program pays $200/referral per their website.  All of this might seem very attractive for bloggers and entrepreneurs that want to make money online, but think again. Keep reading to find out why..

WP Engine Affiliate Program Review

Just as with ANY web hosting affiliate program out there, it’s all about your marketing. If you don’t know how to market and share it with others, then you don’t make money. When it comes to marketing, you can use just about any method to do it such as ppc marketing with Google ads, Bing Ads and Yahoo. Blogging works also to get the word out by means of reviews like this WP Engine affiliate program review. You can place your affiliate links in your your blog posts, in forums and other networks to drive traffic. When someone clicks your affiliate links or banners and make a purchase, then you make a commission. However, in many cases as you will see below, it’s not even recommended!

Why I Don’t Recommend WP Engine Affiliate Program or Managed WordPress Hosting

Although WP Engine has been a few years and offers managed WordPress hosting, I don’t think they are the best WordPress hosting for your money.  Also, I have noticed over some time that their reputation and customer has gone downhill. The pricing for web hosting has increased significantly, however don’t seem to offer more value for consumers. When you look at respected websites such as Trustpilot you will notice that clients complain about these same things. In fact, when you see their report as of 3/22/2020 you will see ratings by clients:

  • 66% say that WP Engine is Excellent
  • 3% say Great
  • 0% say Average
  • 8% say Poor
  • while 23% say that WP Engine is BAD.

By looking at these stats, my personal experience and also the increased costs of their managed WordPress hosting, I feel that it’s not even worth it. However, if you are just in it for the money and don’t care about having good customer support and affordable prices, then go right ahead and join. I am not an affiliate so it wouldn’t matter to me.

Another reason that I don’t personally recommend their affiliate program or WordPress hosting is because many affiliate have not been paid for referrals. This as a result has created a lot of buzz online by genuine marketers that actually work really hard for their referrals and send WP Engine business.

One website that mentions something that actually happened to me is on Bloggerideas. There you will see several comments of ex affiliates that have lost tons of money and have not paid for their word. Yet, their account were suddenly closed and thereafter had a hard time contacting customer support to collect. Do you want to market or represent a web hosting provider who doesn’t pay its affiliates? I wouldn’t and thus do NOT recommend their services to others.

There are far better web hosting affiliate programs that way more reputable that actually PAY their affiliates for their hard work. As part of this WP Engine affiliate program review, I wanted to share with you some great ones that you are looking for additional streams of income for your blog. These web hosting services are not only more affordable, but also have way faster page loads and performance than WP Engine.

Things To Keep In Mind If You Join WP Engine Affiliate Program

Whether you are new to affiliate marketing or not, there are several things that you should know about this affiliate program BEFORE joining. I don’t recommend it, but anyway..

For starters, you must have an account with Shareasale to promote WP Engine. Shareasale is the platform that tracks your web traffic stats, affiliate links and manages commissions generated by WP Engine.

Secondly, you should that know that being that WP Engine offers a 60 day money back guarantee on their managed hosting services, this means that you DON’T get paid until AFTER this period ends. Typically with Shareasale, payments are issued on the 20th of each month via direct deposit or check. This is something that you personally may not like being that you must wait longer to get paid by WP Engine.

But again, you should consider that fact that many past affiliates of this program have complained online about NOT receiving commissions or payments from WP Engine.

Typically with most web hosting affiliate programs it is against their terms to bid on trademark keywords or use them in your domains for your marketing. It is known that WP Engine has removed affiliates off of their platform without notice and kept commissions generated. However, on the other side of this coin there are many websites online that still promote their affiliate program using these very same keywords, yet still are affiliates. I have personally seen some on Google that still surprise me. How does this happen? I don’t know. I guess some affiliates might have authority to use ppc marketing with these trademarked terms, while others don’t? What do you think? Have you seen this in search results? Let me know below…

It’s true. There is no uniformity or equality with the WP Engine affiliate program. I too was removed from their affiliate program being they said I used keywords in PPC campaigns that they claim are prohibited. Not true. Yet, just as you googled for this WP Engine affiliate program review you can also search online & will see tons of so-called coupon websites that bid on trademarked keywords or have them their urls.

Should You Use WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting Or Not?

Knowing what I know now and what I have just shared with you, I don’t recommend using WP Engine at all. Why? Again, the truth is that there are far more faster managed WordPress hosting providers with better customer support that I have shared with you above. The WP Engine alternatives that I have come across have a way better reputation online with users and are definitely worth your time.

WP Engine pricing has really skyrocketed recently, yet their managed WordPress hosting packages haven’t added any additional value. [Example, Starter plan went from $29 to $35/month]

Wrapping Up This WP Engine Affiliate Program Review..

If you are still looking for a legit way to make money with your website, I hope that you got the point clear with this review of WP Engine affiliate program. Whatever you, DO NOT join this affiliate program. If you do, then you risk not getting paid for your hard work as has happen to me and others who have worked hard to promote them.

You deserve to get paid for your hard work and I think it’s better to promote companies that have affordable products that people actually want. I think that it is better to stick with more reputable companies out there versus just promoting something for the money. What do you personally think? Have you used WP Engine managed WordPress hosting before? Have you promoted the WP Engine affiliate program recently or in the past and also had issues getting paid? If so, let me your thoughts below.