WP Engine Web Hosting Review [2020] Is WP Engine Worth it? Read this First!

Are you considering WP Engine web hosting to create a website, but not sure if it’s really for you or not? Some ask..Why use WP Engine?  or Is it really worth the money or not? These are questions that MILLIONS of people just like YOU want to know. Read this WP Engine web hosting review FIRST before signing up to see what I discovered! If you don’t, you will regret it later!

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What to Expect In This WP Engine Web Hosting Review?

In this review, you will learn more about who WP Engine is, the pricing of their managed web hosting packages. Also, you will learn more about their uptime performance on their servers, customer support and finally what I think about WP Engine web hosting in comparison to their competitors.

I have been online for several years and during this time I have tried several web hosting services. Some have been shared web hosting while others where managed. WP Engine is a dedicated “WordPress specific” managed hosting service. This means in a nutshell WordPress is their main focus and all they do.

Some web hosting providers offer a wide range of different web hosting services, but don’t really focus or specialize any one field. This is one thing that really makes WP Engine web hosting services unique from others in this same playing field. I will discuss shortly a few other competitors and they differ in this WP Engine web hosting review.

Why Use WP Engine Anyway? 

As a blogger, I know how important it is to find a good and reliable web hosting company to create websites. So I know and understand where you are right now. You simply want to make sure that decision that you make is a good one and that you don’t feel sorry about it later. That’s why when I saw many WP Engine web hosting reviews online I had to ask myself that very question before signing up..Why use WP Engine? So I went on a search too get answers to this very question with some research..

Well some time I decided to do some hard research and really give WP Engine a try back in January 2017. Since then, there have been some slight changes with their pricing as you can see below with the 2 charts. And with these price changes there has been a lot of feedback from past clients that have left WP Engine to look for alternatives.

wp engine web hosting review

The New WP Engine Plans

wp engine web hosting review

Let’s review first what they offer quickly.


  • Is great to just 1 website
  • Only costs $35/month
  • 50 GB bandwidth
  • Can handle up to 25,000 visitors each month
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free CDNs


  • Allows you to create 5 websites
  • Only costs $115/month
  • 200 GB bandwidth
  • Can handle up to 100,000 visitors each month
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free CDNs


  • 15 websites
  • Only costs $290/month
  • Can handle up to 400,000 monthly visitors
  • 400 GB bandwidth
  • Free Site Migrations
  • Free CDNs

The pricing above reflects month to month web hosting.

As you could see above, the WP Engine pricing for their managed web hosting have INCREASED quite a lot! However, the VALUE of what WP Engine offers with their managed web hosting packages has NOT increased.

Also, many past users have complained & shared feedback about overcharges for website hits, bad customer support, lots of site downtime and more. [Sources Matthew Woodard, ShoutmeLoud, WebhostingSecretRevealed]

Even at respected websites like Trustpilot.com, there is a lot of feedback there as well regarding how WP Engine.

  • 66% of people said WP Engine was Excellent
  • 3% said that they are Great
  • 8% said that WP Engine services are Poor
  • 24% say that they are Bad

So the prices have increased, but according to the stats, it appears that users are no longer happy with their web hosting services.

So as part this WP Engine web hosting review, I wanted to share a few competitors of WP Engine.

WP Engine Alternatives and Competitors..

When you perform a search for the best WordPress hosting, you will no doubt come across many to create websites online fast. Take a look at these a few that also provide managed WordPress hosting services that compete with WP Engine web hosting.

NOTE: Although these competitors may be cheaper, they may not be more reliable than WP Engine.

Cloudways, a cloud based managed host with 60 data centers globally starts at only $10/month. They currently offer a FREE TRIAL HERE on their cloud services.

Dreamhost premium managed hosting has a 97 day money back guarantee & starts at only $2.59/month. Click here www.dreamhost.com for more details!

A2 Hosting – starts at $3.92/month. A2hosting offers a 30 day money back guarantee with turbo servers. Click here www.a2hosting.com for more details!

SiteGround – starts at $3.95/month & offers a 30 day money back guarantee with free site transfers and SSL certificates. Click here www.siteground.com for more details!

Kinsta – starts are $30/month with 20 data centers globally. Kinsta offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

Liquid Web has cloud managed hosting plans starting at only $29/month. They also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

As you can see, there are many WordPress hosting options to create websites. Should you use WP Engine web hosting services? I honestly must say I don’t recommend using  them your business.

Why? When WP Engine first started out, they were super reliable and had fast page loads and good server performance. Of course, speed is extremely important especially for SEO rankings and also user experience. However, all of this has changed with their platform and also had an affect on clients.

Why do I mention this? Choosing the right hosting company is probably the most important decision that you will EVER make for your website and business. I believe that you can be cheap with your web hosting and yet sometimes suffer later. Or you can pay a little bit more now for a rock solid reliable host and not have to worry later.

The reality is that downtime affects your website many ways. Your website will lose money, SEO rankings drop, bad user experience and more. But if your website is up, then you are making money online and ranking higher in the SERPS. It’s that simple and really easy to understand. So in this WP Engine web hosting review you should understand that it’s important to chose well when it comes to where you host. You should not settle for less performance.


wp engine web hosting review

So you may or may not know, but as your website grows online your web traffic will also. When this happens and you experience spikes in web traffic, CDNs will be your best friend and there are many reasons to use them.

When you search for web hosting online, a reliable one should have FREE CDNs. A CDN is a Content Delivery Network and they are super important because they avoid your website from experiencing downtime or crashing due to surges and increased traffic. They also distribute your website’s content across the globe no matter where your visitors come from.

Many web hosting providers online charge for CDNs, but I have shared with you above some of the best managed WordPress hosting alternatives to WP Engine that you can use.

WP Engine Refund Policy

WP Engine web hosting services offers a 60day money back guarantee. This is longer that most web hosting providers out there. Most only give you 30 days. However, Dreamhost, mentioned above is only $2.59/month and offers a 97 day money back guarantee! Go here to www.dreamhost.com

In fact, you will not find a more reliable managed WordPress hosting provider online that offers a longer refund policy. Although WP Engine feels really confident  with their 60 day offer, Dreamhost takes it a step further with with 97 days.

WP Engine Web Hosting Review Conclusion

As I mentioned in this review, WP Engine was a super reliable web hosting service to create your business websites, however no longer is.

As a blogger, I realize how hard it is for most people to find a web host that’s actually affordable and reliable. Sometimes it’s equally hard to find a web hosting provider that has all the resources you actually need. Thankfully, I have used many web hosting companies over the years and know which ones actually work and have great uptime performance & customer support.

As mentioned in the beginning, I simply wanted to provide you with some true value and help you to see what WP Engine offers. Also, I wanted to show you some better ways to save tons of money on your business by using web hosting that is reliable with great reputations.

As you could see with this WP Engine web hosting review, WP Engine plans are not cheap and don’t offer that true value that you can get with other hosts. I hope that you enjoyed this review and found it helpful. If so, share it!

So what do you personally think about WP Engine web hosting plans? Have you used them in the past? If so, what was your experience with them? Give me your comments below..