25 Dollar 1Up Genuine Review 2023: Is 25 Dollar 1Up Fake or Real? Read this first!

Wondering if 25 Dollar 1Up is fake or real to make money? If you are reading this 25 Dollar 1Up genuine review, likely you saw some crazy ad on craigslist or some other place online. Or perhaps a friend or family member is pressuring you to signup. Whatever the case, you are here because you really want to make some money from home, but want to know is 25 Dollar 1Up legit or a BIG SCAM? Keep reading this review to see what I discovered! If you don’t, then you might regret it later!

25 dollar 1up genuine review

Disclaimer: This is a 100% honest unbiased 25 Dollar 1Up Genuine Review. This blog is NOT an affiliate of 25 Dollar 1UP website. No income guarantees are made. For informational purposes only.

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25 Dollar 1Up Genuine Review

Today I will answer this question and more regarding this money making opportunity. If you have just lost your job or looking for something to supplement, then 25 Dollar 1UP might sound very appealing. 

Recently I came across an classified ad on craigslist under their small business section. It read..”$125 commission paid instantly to your paypal” 

Did you see a title similar to this or something more attractive? Of course their was an affiliate link in the ad that brought me to their website www.25dollar1up.com 

Now when it comes to working online, many legit biz opps do pay affiliates using Paypal. I love and trust Paypal being I use it all the time. However, when I saw this ad, I had to see if it was a company that I could really trust. So what I decided to do as is some due diligence. Why? Because I don’t like being lied to and I’m sure that you don’t either, right? So when a money making opportunity like 25 Dollar 1Up promises someone that they can make “$125 instantly, you want to know if it’s true or not. In most cases, I have found that it’t not true at all and involves MORE than they think to get it. 

Hopefully this 25 Dollar 1Up genuine review will give you the answers to your questions regarding this biz opp. 

How Does 25 Dollar 1UP Work?

When you really review their website, they state that it’s a simple system that helps you to build your brand online. I think that every marketer, entrepreneur or small business owner needs is looking for something like that. But while this may sound great, there is an investment involved for those interested in the doing the business.

If you are looking for a legitimate work at home business that actually works, then 25 Dollar 1Up opportunity is NOT for you. This business to be honest doesn’t even have a real tangible product that is shipped. If you decide to get started, you pay a fee to then receive copies of ads that will then be reposted by YOU online. You will get a replicated website that resells the 5 packages that the company offers on the website. You are buying what some may call a digital franchise

Legitimate digital franchises will basically require little to no overhead. Also, they allow you to resell a product that a company offers for profit.  

As for 25 Dollar 1Up, they sorta fashion the same idea more or less of offering you a franchise. They only difference is unlike your typical brick and mortar franchise, it will not cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to get started. 

With this said, they offer 5 packages that you can select from to get started them:

  • Gold is $25
  • Platinum is $100
  • Diamond is $250 + $50 Software Fee
  • Enterprise is $500 + $25 Software Fee
  • Elite $1000+$100 Software Fee

Each level comes with different benefits and add ons. It appears these are ONE time fees and are not recurring. This is something that is unique from most MLM, network marketing or home based businesses online that require you to purchase a product each month. Some examples of good opportunities that require recurring monthly dropships online are Valentus, Plexus, and MCA.

However, as you scale up you are basically paying for MORE INFORMATION that according to 25 Dollar 1Up will help brand yourself better online. Not true at all. 

The startup costs range from $25 – $1000 as you see above. Affiliates can then resell the same info to their audience. Your commissions received are determined on the level on which you got started in the program. This is basically how the money side of things work according to their website. 

25 Dollar 1Up Genuine Review: Why This System Is So Attractive?

I think that a money making opportunity like this is particularly attractive for a number of reasons to beginners.

For starters, MILLIONS of people have lost jobs and need income. Are you one of them? I so, then BEWARE!

Second, some affiliates of the company make it sound so easy to make money online, but this is NOT true at all. Seeing this you may want to supplement your current income or even quit your job out right. But don’t do! It is 100% SCAM!

Likely you saw a Craigslist ad or posting with this stuff and it caught your eye. There seems to be a lot of ads, postings and videos of promoting it online. That’s why you are reading this 25 Dollar 1Up review right now. I highly commend you for stopping to do your due diligence first. Some people are not as smart as you and just on board due to excitement. I am glad that you didn’t do that yet! Most people who don’t research lose hundreds or even thousands of dollars! 

Although the 25 Dollar 1Up products seem to provide legit information, some affiliates out there like to hype things all up in their videos or classified ads. This happens to be the case with just about ANY home business or affiliate marketing. Don’t believe all the hype guys. 

Keep in mind that EVERY legitimate money making opportunity will require REAL work to see some REAL benefits. So if you a beginner online joining just for the money aspect of things, don’t do it because you will let down and deceived. Let me tell you that 25 Dollar 1UP is 100% SCAM that you must avoid completely!

The truth is that to be able to make real money with ANY product online, you need affiliate marketing training. This way you can learn some of the best practices for successful with affiliate marketing. You need to know how to be a pro at marketing products online using things like email marketing. These are things that beginners will NEVER learn from 25 Dollar 1UP. As a result, you will NOT be successful at making money with the 25 Dollar 1UP compensation plan. You will LOSE all of your money if you signup 25 Dollar 1UP.

Many people online have complained and stated that they lost money by signing up. For example, one user mentioned losing $2,500 on 25 Dollar 1UP. Another quora page that I found shows several 25 Dollar 1UP BIG SCAMMERS. Some Youtuber claimed that he made over $17,000 in 30 days. Another SCAMMER claimed he made 1,000,000 commissions in 2 days? Another guy claimed that he made $12,000 in 5 months by generating FREE leads on Tiktok. 

All of these claims are straight up SCAMS and this is why I would NEVER recommend this program. Stay away! If it’s too good to be true, then it’s definitely NOT true. 

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25 Dollar 1Up Competitors.. 

Next in this 25 Dollar 1Up Genuine review, I wanted to talk about some competitors.

There are lot of high ticket programs that also sell you information in the form of digital franchises.

25 Dollar 1Up sorta reminds me of another money making program SCAM called Six Figure Empire.

With Six Figure Empire, the hype was placed on the claim that you can make $10,000 every 14 days. Some companies make claims like this and encourage sincere hard working people like YOU to give MORE and MORE of your money just to make money. However, there are a few things that Six Figure Empire lacks. 

Real money making opportunities shouldn’t require you to spend more money to make money without providing actual value.

If in fact the products are that good and in high demand, then they should sell themselves. This is something that most people don’t think about when considering home based business opportunities online. This is an area where Six Figure Empire fails.

Secondly, according to the 25 Dollar 1Up compensation, you will supposedly earn 100% commissions on the same level that you have joined. However, this is NOT true! 

However, the deal is that you MUST know how to promote and market online any opportunity if you really want to make money. This is something that beginners don’t know how to do. However, if you know how to market online, then you can make some legitimate money online with it. 

If you are new online and would like to receive some FREE training online right NOW, then there is a really great opportunity that shows you how to make money the legit way. I recommend that you check it below. 

25 dollar 1up review 

Do I Recommend 25 Dollar 1Up Products To Make Money?

The purpose of this 25 Dollar 1Up Genuine review is not to tell you what to do. This is a decision that you can make. I personally DO NOT recommend it at all!

Although 25 Dollar 1Up not network marketing or MLM per say, you are still required to drive web traffic to your affiliate website to make sales. I personally would not join an opportunity like this nor recommend it to beginners. If you are advanced affiliate marketer who already has a big following online or knows how drive traffic and page views.

Why do I say this? What you are really selling in this business opportunity is information that helps people learn how to market and brand themselves. You have to pay for a package BEFORE you can actually start make money with the 25 Dollar 1UP compensation plan. You can not any make money with their products.

I have been online for several years and the information that they resell can be found anywhere online for FREE. 25 Dollar 1UP gives you video training on stuff like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube marketing in their Platinum level. They show you how to add on autoresponders to follow up with your customers which is great. If you want to do this yourself, then I recommend using GetResponse email marketing. But again, you get all of this for FREE with tutorials online. 

If you really want to make money from home with a 100% legit home based business, then I think you could checkout LegalShield business opportunity.

The LegalShield membership offers legal services that benefit millions of people. Unlike 25 Dollar 1Up, it has been around for nearly 50 years and is offered in 3 countries including the US. So it’s definitely a legit money making opportunity for entrepreneurs that offers a real product that people can actually use everyday.  

However, my #1 recommended home business opportunity for beginners online is Livegood. Livegood have been around for quite some time and has literally exploded online! More than 650,000 people have joined them in 9 months globally! They offer high quality in demand health & wellness products with up 75% OFF! They even offer a complete 90 day money back guarantee! Click below to take a FREE Tour of Livegood right now by clicking below!

25 Dollar 1Up Genuine Review: Conclusion

I know that you clicked thru to my website to see if 25 Dollar 1Up is fake or real? It’s not often that I say this, but this opportunity is 100% SCAM and you will not make any real make money online with it.

Will you find other companies online that provide the same or similar info packs? I am quite sure that you will. But what you want to really look at is the reputation & how much value that you are really receiving with the product overall.

Also, something else that I think is extremely important to know before getting started is the company’s reputation. What do other people think about the company? Have other people been SCAMMED online by the company? If it’s the case, you will definitely find feedback about it.

However, it’s interesting that there is a lot of hype about how much money you can make. But you must be careful with hype online. This is great to see especially with ANY money making opportunity that you are interested in promoting online. But again at the end of the day, it is YOUR decision to join it or not. I have not joined nor will I and I don’t recommend it at all. 

My focus is helping entrepreneurs learn how to market & create WordPress websites to brand themselves online. My goal is not to sell you a digital franchise or any franchise for that matter.

I wanted to write a 25 Dollar 1UP Genuine Review to inform you about some things that I feel every beginner online should consider BEFORE joining an opportunity like 25 Dollar 1Up. This way you can save time, money and a BIG headache if you don’t really know how to market online. 

There is a company that I prefer over them that actually provides 100% FREE Training for beginners online. You have nothing to lose at all by taking a peek below! Will you? 


After reading this 25 Dollar 1Up Genuine review, what are your personal thoughts? Do you think this money making opportunity is what you are looking for? Have ever you ever worked from home before? If so, what company did you work for, and what was your experience? I would love to hear your feedback below in the comments area. 

If you found value today in this review, please share it with others on social media or link to this website! I would really appreciate it! Whether you get started with the 25 Dollar 1Up website or not, I hope that you have a very successful year online and that you find the opportunity that your heart desires. Stay safe during this pandemic! 


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